How can i find a girl

how can i find a girl

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I’ve established in the past that high self-esteem in a girl is as attractive to men as a hidden penis. All else being equal, any man with a sack will choose an. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl how can i find a girl

But because of you-go-grrl propaganda encouraging girls to behave like ersatz men, few if any women can admit their desire to submit to the whims of a man.

How do you smash through the veneer of confidence that girls possess? You should rarely give her unqualified praise. Every time she does something for you, find out what she did wrong and remind her of it. Denigrating her in a neutral-but-firm fashion will trip her submissiveness circuitry, making girlfriend bang think about how she can better serve you.

And every time she reaches the goalposts, you move them, forcing her to play an eternal game of catch-up. One day, we were walking to a diner for lunch when this happened: Matt: You sure about that?

Additionally, you should criticize your girl for everythinghow to make my wife horny matter how minor. The possibilities are endless. Gradually wean her from contact with anyone other than you. The easiest way to do this is to get to know her friends and family, scan them for character flaws, and then plant seeds of doubt in her mind.

Do you think misery loves company? You want her to sever ties with them of her own volition by making her think that her friends and family are untrustworthy and trying to sabotage her chances at happiness… with you. Ever wonder why slot machines are so addictive?

This is how you should treat your girl. But if you reward her at random, her little hamster brain will run itself ragged trying to figure out your endgame. In the absence of masculine discipline, your girl will vent her emotions in unhealthy ways starting arguments with you, taking antidepressantswhining on her Tumblrso you need to bring the firm palm of authority down on her rear-end sooner rather than later.

One solution that seems to work for a lot of couples is Domestic Discipline, where the girl is spanked every time she acts up or in some cases just because. Christian Domestic Discipline fuses this idea with Biblical marriage. By spanking a girl until she starts crying and sobbing, you give her an emotional release, turning her into a soppy puddle of goo and making her more inclined to serve you. This is the glue holding all the other points together.

Like with point four, rationing out her orgasms at random will keep her on her toes trying to satisfy you. A girl without a man is like a flower without sunlight. Without a guiding masculine hand, she will shrivel and die. Encouraging girls to have high self-esteem to find fulfillment is like encouraging kids to get protein by eating fast food: a poor substitute for the real thing. I hope my advice helps men across the world bring their wives and girlfriends to heel. And the best part of all this?

Filed Under: Female SubmissionSex Matt Forney, you are a hero to all Men and all Women the entire world over, although especially in the West. You need to find a girl whose happy being one not a girl who wants to be a man. Criticize every little thing she does? It makes more sense for a man to be HONEST.

This ties in beautifully with your most insightful piece ever: The Necessity of Domestic Violence. All else being equal I prefer a confident girl secure in her desire to please me. As in, not being a left wing shitweasel whining about hurt feelings all day. This is like… abuse…. The best part about this post is the unspoken truth it speaks. The taboo nobody would publicly admit to, but deep down knowingly enjoys it exists.

Every girl reading this fuck all girl vehemently shake her head NO, but her inner girl is nodding and licking her lips… Well done sir.

Just like lifting weights is abuse on your muscles right? Things must be broken down, to be built back up.

The only notion I disagree with is that being a submissive, feminine woman is equivalent to having low self-esteem. Yet, you are saying that one is supposed to isolate the girl. Isolating someone from everyone else other than you, shows that you are quite sick and twisted, and very full of yourself. Picking on every little thing, even when there are no flaws, will in fact make someone not willing to do everything that that person wishes. Hitting someone until they cry is in fact domestic abuse, no matter what you think.

If a woman hit you repeatedly, you would leave her. That is what a girl should do if a man does that to her. Even dead people have bodily anotamy, and if the person did not specify what they wanted to be done to their body, how can i find a girl, nothing canbe done to them, nothing can be donated. Doing things to a how can i find a girl against her will, and skating right on the line of what was said and unsaid is making her into nothing.

Bring up your standards and go in the graveyard for a quick bang if you think that way. That puts them at the same level as dogs. Before you compare it to training muscles, let me explain that you are the one training your muscles, not someone else doing it for you, against your will.

Nice guys finish last, I also have something to say to you. You may want to curtain people who have a negative influence on her. Depending on the people she may become more agreeable and feminine.

You should also post it on ROK for maximum exposure. Where the hell where you last summer when I actually had a girlfriend before she left me for acting like a pussy?

If I had gotten an intellectual bitch slap like this she might have stuck with me! Your woman belongs to you, and you to she. But as a man, you train her as to what behavior will be or will not be acceptable. Just as you train a puppy that peeing in the house is unacceptable.

The woman conversely commands your affection, love and protection. I know this objectifies women and I should care, but I have a lot to do, so yada yaday yada. How do you think so many normal people can found themselves trapped in cults, huh?

Take your head out of the sand and look at reality. Woman are psychologically equal to men on every level. This is not an article on the faults with women but a blatant example of your own masculinity crisis. A good man is sensitive, respectful, empathetic and honest- as is a good woman, we are one and the same, a fact that has long been accepted.

Go back to your garden of Eden and remove your ribs so your able to suck on your own snake for the rest of your sad lonely life. Contrary to what you seem to believe, not all girls like jerks. But she was a strong woman, she got out of it with all her strenght and power. What did the husband do? He killed her, cut her body in parts and hid in different places. My ex had right the same methods on me. Really, I was reading the article as if I was reading my life. I hate you for writng this.

I come all the way from Russia to fornicate with strong American man, like the author of this article. In any case, people who think like you and there are plenty, unfortunately deserve to be hung by their balls until they fall off, then kicked up to a bloody pulp, then cut into pieces no bigger than a stamp, then burned, then dissolved in acid. Of course, no woman who has a minimum of sanity would touch you with how can i find a girl that is not a heavy iron bar. Hey everybody, look at what a huge pussy I am!

Truly, I am a manly man, because I reshpect women. This is like Islam on steroids translated to the West…. Particularly the part where you isolate them from their surroundings so they are your servant with no other social influences or interests. What is your problem? I do hope a feminazi saws off your cock, as you deserve each other. I get that some people like this sort of thing people looking for victimhood will find their victimizerbut this is just cruel.

Do you really like THIS level insecurity?. Some vulnerability is adorable, but this is inviting trouble into your life.

So unorthodox it comes off as satire. Yeah, my auntie went out with a guy like you. She stabbed him nine times then left him in his own blood and piss while she made a cup of tea, then called an ambulance for him. I recently read a story about a woman who set her abusive and rapist ex-partner on fire. Just one brown river of icky, icky goo! Because idiocy is a crime on Get me a girl is judge, jury and executioner, and there is no higher court of appeal.

The way I keep leaving retarded comments like this says volumes about my own self-esteem and the validity of my ideas. Also, I sound like a complete loser. Please, are there any girls out there who will shove a buttplug in my sphincter? But this one is my favorite.

The language, the forcefulness… I can almost feel you whispering in my ear at night when I go to bed. I would love nothing more than to meet you in person. From the title to the last line, this article is sexy. I felt how can i find a girl reading it, to think that women can still find men like this and that you are promoting these beliefs. It is people like you who are making society a better place. Please make love to me. As one bro to another. Your a bit stupid, at least it keeps you happy all year.

Should I follow the rest how can i find a girl your guide and destroy your self esteem. You cock munching ass licking dumb stupid piece of shit. You, you sir are the absolute laughingstock of the absent minded. People in comas have more sense than you. If you have to emotionally abuse a girl in order to get her to stay with you, you really should re-think your relationship.

They need genuine love too. Hey, look at me! Still leaving comments on a site where the owner censors them! I must be really desperate for attention. Women have the same ability to put their foot down in a relationship as men do, and in a truly loving relationship each person have equal standing and equally heard voice.

Clearly if you need to employ sure tactics in order to keep your woman, you clearly are not in a relationship that works or one that is based on true love and commitment for each other.

Enough seduce girls sex on that All I want to say to the feminists is that the world was a nicer place before the feminists tried to kill chivalry thinking its a man demeaning a woman when thats fucked org fact its a man just being a nice man, he is being polite and courteous towards you not stating that you are emotionally or physically beneath him.

There are things that men can do to a higher degree of success than women can do, using the law of averages as a guide, and mostly that lies in the physicality of the task, as men are genetically more physically able. Now I am not saying woman are weak, by no means are they I am just stating scientific fact that the average man is stronger physically than the average woman. If my boyfriend treated me like this i would be out the door in a flash.

Men, if you want a fuck, go to a club, if you want a relationship, find a balance, treat a girl with respect, acknowledge and accept her flaws, loving her because of them and she will pay you the same respect, [CensorBot sez: Stand up and grease it up. If not, call a doctor. People need to recognize this is might I add perfectly executed relationship advice for pretty much all people read: traditional sex roles.

This has to be a joke. Please say this is a joke. Most of the gender issues things on this website I love. But this one is a bit much. Although I love the slot machine part. What if she enjoys that kind of sex and has a deep wild side to her character that she cannot fully understand herself?

She intelligent, gorgeous and cool and love the dark side as well as the light side if life. You have some serious mental issues and are a mentally abusive.

It works well on other languages. Will likely end up on the business end of his cell-mate. I just realized I do all of this naturally.

Even separated from MY parents cos my mom would be a bad influence on the girl… Why is it then that BDSM exists unless there is exists a desire in women wanting to submit to a powerful man? A feminized faggot would have your weak mind for lunch, little girl.

Pingback: Not A Sunday Picture Post The Art of Writing Pingback: Not A Sunday Picture Post Christians Anonymous I feel bad for you, Matt. You are the very definition of a loser. Joe Shitlicker, er, kicker, you are a loser. My little hamster brain finally understands that there was actually a hidden agenda behind the hidden agenda of how a psycho ex treated me.

However there are some flaws in this method. By taking away the control a woman has on her body you will kill her libido.

I started to hate sex because it was a chore and it hurted. I still have hardly any sex drive because sex reminds me of being violated over and over again and having painful genitalia. Also the loyalty part has some flaws. I was loyal for years but my will to live had declined. The methods of giving me an emotional outlet began to backfire.

I almost became suicidal. That was when I left and never came back. I am pretty sure that psycho ex would hate your site. He makes therapists, psychologists and morticians rich with all the victims he makes. What the hell is this? Your stuff on RoK is usually okay, but this is beyond the pale. O Yup, this article is BRILLIANT! O ONCE A YEAR!!! O Isolate from friends and family? Women do this to men on the DAILY! Especially when they are married! John: Reverse the sexes.

How many men you know who have to get permission from the wife to hang out with their male friends? Women isolate a man from friends and family. I am a Muslim and I am sorry. But what you just said it wrong. Why are you comparing this, this bullshit to some religion when you know next to nothing about it? Do I want to kill you over it? Do I want to hurt you over expressing your views about my religion? But I get to express my opinion too.

Partially ignorant ass because what you said about the article is true. Although, unfortunately, this strategy would work on many an unfortunate girls: it has to be said, what happened to you in life and childhood that turned you into such a monster? A psychologically healthy woman will get out of your life as soon as she notices the first red flags. No woman wants to be treated like shit.

The ones who tolerate such behaviour normally have experienced abuse before, for example been raped by an uncle, how can i find a girl, father or whomsoever. Being together with a man like you deprives them from any opportunity to heal and to become content and happy at last, you fucking vampire! Men like you suck all the hope and potential for healing, which has been left after maybe years of disappointments and abuse, how can i find a girl, out of how can i find a girl woman.

But one day Karma will hit back. Or God will do that job. Whatever you believe or not believe in, Matt, you are headed for disaster.

Change your ways and stop driving psychologically damaged women to suicidal thoughts or even acts. Stop being a vampire, sucking the blood or even life out of others. Are you actually a moron? Gone Girl was an extreme story about an. Every article I read of his is a major trolling act and yet it never fails to fish its boatload of morons who take it at face value. What you say is irrelevant, what matters is what you do and it contradicts the former.

So just STFU and GTFB to the kitchen, darling. So that abusive ex made you lose your ability to discern second degree speech? As in you dont even suspect that Forney might be trolling you on purpose? But some very solid facts in there! Well said mate, cheers. Why would you want to treat someone like that?? Have you really been treated so portly in the past by women that this is the only way you think you can get them to like you??

I have this really smart friend male at school that always tease other girls and never gave them much respect. However he had the most female friends and the girls always like to stick around him. If you, Matt, see this comment, can you please write a post on how to become someone like him?

Thank you and sorry if I made lots of grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. The funny thing is that, in my experience, how can i find a girl, most men who did this to woman looking to get laid women are men who took full responsibilities in his life, while the others plays the blame game.

In some cultures, such as Russian, women are more honest about looking for a strong man to dominate them. In the USA, women are constantly fed this feminist poison that make them eternally unhappy. A happy woman is one who serves her man. Seriously, girls, are you really attracted to weak wussies who call themselves men? This is the opposite of everything I have every been taught.

And none of that crap has ever worked. I am thinking that Matt Forney is a genius. I wish my father could have been intelligent and useful enough to teach me stuff like this when I was a teenager. I have broken her down, dominated her sexually, and am maintaining her alienation from friends and family.

How do I get her to give up the money? Her ex husbands were lesser beings than me, but built her guard up against gold digging. Most woman would enjoy this treatment for a SHORT TIME …. Then even the DUMBEST Dingbat would wake up after a few months….

Such Muslims can be quite good people. Because he is really just like Mohammed, who was a sex-obsessed pedophile rapist. According to those find girls for fuck They are also supposed to be so feeble-minded that they need another woman to support them in court. And of course women can be taken as slaves — like loot — and be fucked however the rapist slave owner decides. In the Hadiths, Mohammed hands out girls to his companions as if they were no more than toys.

The only true relationship is one based on love and mutual respect. I feel sorry For you. In order to do so, one has to understand what love is and in order to do that, one has to be willing to see past the tip of his cock and actually. Give a crap about someone other than themselves. Let me give you a tip.

Moment, every experience, yes, every breath spent with me is a gift and you will love every single minute. Of that I will make sure. But the minute you become a sadistic selfish.

Stubborn thoughtless asshole is the same minute I make. Your life a living hell. I love pleasing local horny women 13309 because you love pleasing me.

Now why in the world would you be stupid enough to try anything else? You know the whiners and the feminazis are going to come on here and try to spew hatred, infiltrate and divide? A real man would never open his house to anyone to speak whatever they want. There are rules they must follow but I see tons of really messed up bisexual and homosexuals here. The world would be better off if we went dark wth no technology and forced to live like we did before the industrial revolution where men and women knew their roles and they had to survive.

So I hope you Matt reads this and copies this comment into his blog and then shuts his comments off period. Sweetheart have you done anything to deserve respect? Also hon, a lot of men love bdsm.

Be a nice guy only to your family, friends, and your community. I have to disagree with this article. I discipline my wife with a beltbut firmly and without anger. She always knows exactly why and not for some arbitrary sin. In fact most of the time I build her up, how can i find a girl. I want her to feel good about herself. I do occasionally spank her when she has done nothing wrong, but even there, I let her know it is just to remind her that she is my property.

There is no animosity or anger involved. It helps my wife to real woman sex safe, secure, and loved as my property. BTW, how can i find a girl, my wife has told me on multiple occasions that she feels disgust for men that do not discipline their wives. Insulting and demeaning ur gf would just make her needy for attention and approval which she would get from other men more than you. You would be pushing her away to other men.

Men who actually see her for who she is and do their best to make her feel the best about herself. If you want a slave woman u were born in the wrong era. S im a guy and ur not one Then why are women who are abused addicted to their husbands they never leave and always come back if they ever get the balls to leave. The funny thing is that women are the primary ones who manipulate men at every single corner and point in all relationship.

However most women are submissive and I have tested this out and it actually is a real thing. Why do you think the nice guy thing exist because its real. Cause and effect, nothing exist without a cause or an effect.

Bullshit, you and every woman in earth knows this. I know this because my dad was one of those manginas and a mega simp. He chose his woman over me and even wished me dead. Lol he called me trying to talk to me and I told him to think if me as if I had actually died and to never contact me again.

Women are all narcissist and all about me me me. Have u heard about feminism its a female group they are all about me me me My point remains, how can i find a girl. Gone Girl exposed that women can ALSO be conniving, how can i find a girl, relentless and unsympathetic in their striving to fulfill their own needs!

Thus they GET SPANKED! Oh God Dammit Lynn! Your talking about floating on some Fag Cloud Love Scene! Your to fucking idealistic. Are now in jail! And want some servitude and respect!!! That is to Apply the hand of knowledge to the Seat of Understanding!!! Love is never submissive or dominant. You can play any game you like and there will.

Christian domestic discipline haha this reads more like. This is apparently for men with very very low self. As a grown up and independent man I am mostly attracted. I guess birds of. Grow up man and meanwhile please just shut up! I simply cannot articulate the awful sensation this ridiculous article brought.

I honestly believed it was satire until I poked around at his other posts. I am owned currently by my Master, and have had one previous Master. Both relationships are primarily sexual domination and submission, with other elements in place to balance and create a healthy and desired environment for each of us.

Previous to this I was a switch, and have more experience dominating guys than gals using emotional and mental play like degredation, etc. However, in any contract I sign I have loose guidelines that fulfill my hard limits. First and foremost, mental, emotional and physical wellness are the most important elements in my relationship.

For examble, with my current Master, how can i find a girl, I have rituals which are intended to help me overcome my anxiety and depression without medication added into the mix. I have a supportive, loving Master who pressures me to pursue education and my rigorous work ethic because he knows they are major aspects to my personality.

But, when I am home with him, I am at his feet. He is my HoH and I respect, worship and adore him in every way. Not because he destroyed me to bring me to crave serving him…but because this is how my brain is taught to love.

This is not true for everyone. My mother is very concerned with my relationship because this is not the type of woman she raised. She basically raised herself, from an abusive home, and loves and cares for my father in her way — which does not include being Miss Suzy Homemaker, and it does not please daddy to see her distraught with her body. He loves confident women — and always will. My Master prefers me confident with my body, he wants to see me with a great sexual libido which I am naturally graced withand to feel accomplished with my life.

And, I wish to see the same from him. I understand the joke most Dominant men see in the idea that submission is a gift. However, if a woman does not choose to be dominated, openly with her own judgement, then it is true abuse. You are ruining the beauty of our lifestyle. Kink and needs are differeent in everyone. Making a blanket statement that all women must be dominated through isolation, denial, fat shaming, etc, is disgusting on so many levels.

I have saved a couple of submissives from abusive relationships as well. This is not okay in any way shape or form. And this is all coming from a woman who has no issue with being forcefully stripped, degraded into a pet headspace, put on the floor how can i find a girl ignored for an hour; who pleads to be tied up and beaten intensely for hours; who desires to clean and care for the home to please her Master.

Keeping in mind my brain, you need to understand there are women out there who want what you want, without having to turn them into a ridiculous mess to enjoy these qualities, how can i find a girl. I agree with Chris, there are worse things than death and extreme psychological abuse is one of these things. Matt vry kewl post…so like i do this stuff and its fucking works forealz, yur like great writer i got hard reading yur shit….

So like girls with acne, red hair and bad posture r th way to go. I also, make sur thy knw thy r not my girl friend…. Yur totaaly excited sexually matt i like own these bitches brilliant ideas, i can attest to their effectiveness.

Like construction for instance, I work construction, I am the only female on the crew, but guess what? Take all the men away and every single women out would man up and easily replace them in labor jobs.

They will hate you, resent you, plan ways to hurt you. Ahahahahah way to go, beastie. This is a disgusting textbook description of how to be an abuser. You seriously need psychiatric treatment for your need to control. Wow…what kind of women do you date?

You must be a real piece of work to be so unfuckable. Let me guess ur a feminist or mangina beta your kind make me so sick and r the reason even fat ugly no personality having beast women think they can peddle their rotten fish twats and filthy shit holes as if they were Victoria secret models do all men a true favor and commit suicide atleast u will do one thing honorable in your worthless life Thank u my friend for telling john the facts atleast u seem to know the sad realities and what u described has got to b the biggest disappointment to man kind ever.

U either dont and wont have shit or u lost your testicles in a terrible accident. The illogical constantly ever changing short attention span of a female brain best quick sex never knows what it really wants or needs and likes in its life.

That is until a man tells them molds them guides them like a circus animal. Cause only a man knows whats best for his helper who was made of the rib taken from his very body. I said if I am ever stupid enough to get married. I grew up around crazy abusive women which give me a very negative out look on every woman on the planet. Maybe not all women are bad but I never trust them they are extremely passive aggressive and will screw u over if they can over any reason even if its miniscule like looking at them the wrong way or making them feel bad even if you didnt intend to.

Im not getting married and i swore not to but I am a man and the female body is a very beautiful thing and very tempting a lot of women know how to use their assets very well and women are naturally incredibility manipulative due to their weak frame they develope d skills to control men who are obviously stronger than them Women verbally abuse men all the time. Especially psychologically, since women are weaker than men they throw constant jabs at men and try to destroy his character and self esteem.

You are sick or you are a troll. In both cases, I pity creatures like you, because you do not deserve the respect which is to be given to a human being. One the other hand, a woman who submits to me wholly and completely, I would conquer the world for her…. AKA, my awesome wife!

I hate feminism with every fiber of my being along with the stupid women empowerment, but this is fucking abusive… This must be a troll article.

Please excuse my language. Most males these days are a scum of the Earth. When she does, your worst fear will be realized. Women need the most digging in her ass hole? Bcoz she like a man to dig her ass hole for how can i find a girl But she love digging her ass hole very random girls having sex n smell her hand too? Full of her digging smell in her hand?

Please dig for your woman more? Bcoz she love a man that dig her into a digging woman full naked digging on her? Hey Matt you are my best hot to seduce on the internet this entire site is a fucking gold mine of truth! Well this is way too obvious. A sociopath or maybe a smartass moron, who knows giving the virgins what they exactly need to hear.

Grow up, you chauvinistic assholes, piece. And while acting as how to impress a guy in bed they have the moral high ground! You people are women-hating fools. Do women have less sex than their husbands would like as a strategy for control, or because they have lower sex drives or because the sexual chemistry in their relationship is in decline?

I am just the opinion of one woman, but I have also been friends with and in relationships with women and do not find them more passive-aggressive or manipulative than people in general. If you said that is because I am also passive-aggressive and manipulative, I would not have a logical way to counter that, but I can tell you truly that I am neither, and I make friends easiest with men and do not see a general difference in these traits when it comes to them.

When women talk about men, they honestly do not talk about manipulating or controlling them, like most people their goal is to find a partner that loves, how can i find a girl, accepts, and supports them.

When you do not seek these things in a partner, when your view of a relationship is a game where the goal is to girls fucking good the upper hand on a person who wants to use and manipulate you, you may enter a relationship with a bad foundation and cause a lot of dysfunction— and these bad relationships might confirm your beliefs.

Likewise, it is important to be attracted to your partner, but if you are with a person only because you are seduced by their body that is unlikely to be a healthy relationship.

BDSM is a fetish that only a small demographic of men and women have. I fully agree that women can be all of those things, in addition to sociopathic and downright evil, though Gone Girl was not intended as an expose on ordinary female behavior.

Most people agree that women are capable of all these things and there is not some nefarious working to deny that or cover it up. If the author was attacked by feminists, they were extremely misguided and I think most feminists would agree.

Titan, may I suggest that this narrow concept of masculinity is harmful to men? I considered the possibility that this was trolling. But trolling has this older women wanting to fuck, hysterical, histrionic quality to it, and the remarkable thing about this is how clinical it is. This was to chillingly accurate a depiction of evil, described in to chillingly sociopathic terms— I confess I am not in on the joke.

This might be a stupid question, but what is the motivation for trolling abuse victims? And if this is trolling, why do so many men in the comments defend it?

Forney did not say anywhere that you need cause to do these things, other than wanting a submissive who conforms to your will. Most men here who agree with him seem to base their opinion on personal experience— is it possible that your opinion and treatment of women is self-confirming? Are there any women you see as surprisingly intelligent or logically capable? Has a woman ever been how can i find a girl to you, in a how can i find a girl that you did not think was manipulative?

A normal relationship is not about pleasing a woman to make her treat you well. Men have a fight verbally or physically where blood is drawn and the next day they are best friends again. Women have a verbal fight only and they are enemies for life and will talk shit about that friend until she has no more energy to talk any more shit. You already know deep down women are very manipulative and passive but since you are a woman you will never admit to it, ever.

The law is with women and a woman can lie and send you to prison and even after she confesses that she lied nothing will be done to her. I saw a woman getting jumped once and I kept walking not my business not my problem. To me all women are the same and many many men know this, just ask my alcoholic dad who had a botch of a woman, and my uncle who how can i find a girl in his death bed while my how can i find a girl is with other men yeah, living them would be a waste of time.

Ok, I have insomnia, I realize this is pathetic at this point. That link is to an article addressing the neurological reasons why men are better at map reading. Such trivial differences in ability do exist between the sexes but do not really factor in how can i find a girl you are comparing individual men and women— do you take this as evidence that women are not psychologically equal to men?

Because it seems like an intellectually dishonest argument. But these arguments do not counter the logic of the people who support this blog, because they accept the premises that women have fewer rights than men, that it is manly and the natural order to treat them worse, and that they are less intelligent and capable of kindness or compassion than men— really, that their designation as human is more of a linguistic convenience than a description.

And guys, please tell me if I am wrong about any of this. In my personal, fallible, humble opinion, you should look really hard at what underlies your need to do this, seduse consider therapy. Unlike Forney, you did not do this consciously in order to satisfy your personal whims, and you did not recognize her abuse and have no problem with it.

Yes, whereas Forney is telling you that you are right and manly I am telling you that something is wrong— for people to improve themselves they have to accept difficult truths about themselves. I have certainly done it, on the multiple ways that I have been shitty in the past and the many, many ways that I have been wrong.

That you would choose not to be in a relationship rather than brutalize a woman the way Forney is describing, I can also respect enormously.

Plenty of men are immature, and really in much the same ways. Do you think they are inherently less kind, or capable of empathy or compassion? If so, are there any women, even one, who you respected, who you thought was surprisingly intelligent or was genuinely kind to you? Usually when women are nice to me they want something in return it a future favor. Like I said before men have died for what they love and have died for women in the millions, how can i find a girl, no where in history have millions of women died for men ever, maybe a few dozen but probability states that rare occurrences can occur now and then, how can i find a girl.

True empathy nope, maybe for lying and faking but real genuine empathy I have only seen that in the face and voices of men not one woman. Genuinely kind to me personally I doubt it. You know the usual lol. Am I sensing double standards here.

Why am I asking, of course it is. I guess that is the way some must go about it- but everyone knows, including you and the girl in that situation, that is no way to live. I know deep down you want a woman that loves you for the real man you are excepting the author of this book, you want sales- gotcha ; Being a good man, husband, father is the sexiest meet sluts on this planet.

Remember- you may have a daughter one day. Everything Ross said was true and worse! ALL women and teenage girls are mind game playing manipulators, sociopaths, and narcissists! If it has tits and a pussy, how can i find a girl, it is a cunt out to dominate, how can i find a girl, fleece, and DESTROY anyone with a dick! Wow it seems like you have some serious issues with sexual relationships. You also are probably one of those red pill people.

You blame women for all the inadequacies in your own life. Trying to isolate a woman from all her friends and family is super controlling and the kind of thing a very insecure man would do.

If you fear any person in her life saying a single negative thing about you maybe the solution is to become a man instead of kidnapping her and keeping her from all her loved ones. What you are looking for is a sex doll.

A masturbation machine that can make you food. If that is what you want to denigrate a human life to then you are garbage. Talk about being a cuckold.

Now find in that essay where I daid I like women with low self esteem and where I also said I would like to isolate women. I learned from my wimpy margins sissy gmfather that its not worth fighting for a women even if you love her.

If a woman decided to leave me I say fuck it, because for me to run after her would be the death of my pride and soul. It would be humiliating and I would never save safe with my inner self ever again. Every time I would look in the mirror I would see a birch and a piece of shot human. I rather fight a pack of wolves than deal with crazy shit from women. I had a case, a family who were my friends that the girl looked for ways to puss off her abusive boyfriend in order for him to best her or get him posses just kicked.

So much That he cut up her face real bad and sent her to the hospital. She even admitted that she loved the dude, how can i find a girl, WYD, crazy woman. Now I understood right there that she was the victim but she also had faults and responsibility because she took part in what happened to her. Some women manipulate men into become in g monsters not all but some are ducking crazy. And from watching my father I glean tell you oussy is ducking addictive and will fuxk your life up.

Well, if you read the article that is what the author was proposing. To isolate a woman and to essentially kidnap a woman from her loved ones so you can crush her self esteem.

Since you hate women so much and you only need them for sex and a son, I think a better girl seduce girl for you would be to adopt a son and have sex with men. Just two men that understand each other and making passionately man on man love. You sound super jaded about a woman who may have said your penis was an inadequate size or something. If you disagree with isolating a woman or kidnapping her away from her loved ones, then you need to write that in your posts.

So far, I have only read posts in which you defend this despicable piece of shit that wrote this article. Basically you guys all want a fleshlight that can cook. And why do you need a son instead of just saying a child?

Please save all your posts and then send them to your mom and sister and any cousins that are female. Send them to female friends doubtful that you have any and any female coworkers. Then come back here and tell us all about the experiences you had.

So right there you just lost your argument. I think you should do the man loving since you like to talk about Dicks so much, why so interested in my dick size anyways? Millions ofen rather have sons than daughters.

The greatest men on earth always wanted a son to take his legacy to another level. Kings emperors even Queens wanted a son and throughout history sons were favored due to the planets hardship men had a better chance of air moving if shit happened women need men to survive. Also throughout my life most of my best friends were females so yeah.

Idiots like you need to take a step back and reevaluate what the hell you think you are fighting for. Again, how can i find a girl, I challenge you to send your posts to your mom or sister or any girl that you are on a date with. And this nonsense about me being a white knight for women to try and get pity pussy sounds exactly like red pill bullshit.

See, your problem is that you live in a black and white bubble. Either a woman is a feminazi or she is a submissive sex goddess willing to titillate you on demand. Your basic idea for how good a woman is comes down to if she lets you fuck her or not. If she does but not whenever you want she is still a feminazi and is probably cheating on you in your head. If she willingly gives you sex whenever you want then she is deemed worthy to be in your life to cook for you, to give you a son, and to swallow your cum.

You say all women are shallow and manipulative. How is anything you get the women said shown you to be anything but bitter and resentful and incredibly shallow. Your entire worldview on horny lonely women hinges on how available their pussy is to you.

Like I said before you are looking for a fleshlight that can make you a sandwich. Had this fugly Mexican girl hit on me and I was feeling really nice and good that day and it was summer so I got in her car when she invited me to eat in her car and we ended up having sex the next week and it was fun.

I dress up pretty good and I do good grooming as well. Again, you are saying that women you how to make your wife want you not even find remotely attractive you still sleep with.

You are just looking for a fleshlight. What does it matter that the girl was Mexican? This is very very far from that. On another note, if all women are the same, what made you think you had to know shag or romance all of them to conclude that? What are you Wilt Chamberlain?? If all women are the same then all men are the same like this miserable excuse of a how can i find a girl that wrote this merciless story.

What a pity though to continue your life as a victim. How paralyzing to read that you have no choice to live your life any other way.

Being that girl without a man is sooooo much more pleasant. The majority of women have been raised to use men and to not love men. Women only care about what is in it for them. The most men want is sex honestly, and a woman who will give it to them and be loyal. And after reading so many husband threads about not getting sex for years marriage is out of the question.

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Matt Forney, you are a hero to all Men and all Women the entire world over, how can i find a girl, although especially in the West. I imagine it will be very controversial too. Every girl reading this would vehemently shake her head NO, but her inner girl is nodding and licking her lips…. Interesting article, most point seem to be pretty spot on to make her want to please you. Gonna just quote that for emphasis and leave it here to speak for itself.

With feminists, it is all a zero-sum game. You know you are sweety. What the hell do you think game is? And why does it work so well? I just shit myself. I want how to get a girl to have man in my mouth. I woke my girlfriend laughing at this. And fighting out of the blue corner, from Jena…. Rubbing my clit to this post.

I had a colleague. Back in Russia, we have REAL men, not sissies like these American feminists. I like when CensorBot spank my ass. Just so you know, a person who always expects sharp criticism soon becomes a skillful liar. And now the countershot:. And now another one:. Very interesting article i have to say…though I think most of this need to developp a very dominant relatioship reeks of male insecurity, as if you cant find a middle ground between being empathic and still having her respect so you just seek to nulify her.

This is some scary sociopathic level manipulation right here. LAchlan: So your aunt is a murderous psychopath? I wanna get buttfucked by my girlfriend. BUT this is only the dark side. Of course you want to lead her and love her and desire her. But the situation is dire and more dark arts are needed. I love getting plugged in the butt with dildos. What a pathetic white knight I am. Still Got No Balls. Mmmm yes, please, how can i find a girl, take me! Helping men and women back into their natural roles is a great thing.

Mmmmm, rubbing my clit back and forth, mmmmm…. I really, really, really want to taste this man. I like inserting pen caps in my dick. I like getting banged in the ass. I want to suck your dick. Please, I want you in my mouth. Never Got a Good Deep Dicking. I need a REAL man! Oooh, yes, mmmmm, oh, oh, OH! Yeah… this post was great. Hmmmm, yes, right there…. Particularly the penis department. Fact: I have never had an orgasm, no one would fall for my feminist rhetoric.

Somebody please kick me in the fleshy patch where my nuts used to be. Hahahahaahaa the way I keep commenting here is pathetic. Who said I was a feminist? My constant whining gives it away. PLEASE I NEED A BUTTPLUG IN MY BUTTHOLE WAAAAAH!!!! I really really want to make love to this man.

I Am a Fucking Twat. Please let me suck your cock. You have so much to live for. What happened to treating your woman like she is need to get fucked most precious thing in your lift, yet having the will power to put your foot down when its needed. Enough said on that. All I want to say to the feminists is that the world was a nicer place before the feminists tried to kill chivalry thinking its a man demeaning a woman when in fact its a man just being a nice man, he is being polite and courteous towards you not stating that you are emotionally or physically beneath him.

I like to get fucked in the ass with dildos, man. I need a cock in my vagina. Men, if you want a fuck, go to a club, if you want a relationship, find a balance, treat a girl with respect, acknowledge and accept her flaws, loving her because of them and she will pay you the same respect. I wanna be with you. The biggest flaw in your plan is the omigod what am I saying I want to fuck you pleeeaaassseee.

Slap my ass and call me a bad girl. I like to fuck myself with dildos. I want to make love to you. Help me get this buttplug out of my anus. I want you to roger me. I am pissing myself in glee. Sounds exactly like my sexy ex. Worst thing I ever did was break up with him. He broke up with YOU. I want this man to fuck me so hard I forget who I am.

Please, I want you. I want this man to rail me. Yadda yadda yadda new age yOni cunt cult bullshit. I want to kill myself upon reading this article. I would marry my daughter to any man who acted like this. I really, really how can i find a girl to have your love child. A Woman Who Wants to Fuck You. I want to put your cock in my mouth. I wanna suck your cock so hard. I am a weak-minded pathetic moron who likes getting plugged in the ass.

I really want to have your baby. I wanna make love to you. Even separated from MY parents cos my mom would be a bad influence on the girl….

This is actually quite brilliant, how can i find a girl. Now switch the sexes around to see what he really means. If a wife did this is her husband permitted to kill her? Such a violent mind you have. Flip the sexes around and see his point. Flip the sexes around. Why is it then that BDSM exists unless there is exists a desire in women wanting to submit to a powerful man? Being nice gets men shit on. Doing things like this works. Hence why such things are advocated.

In other words, yawn. I feel bad for you, Matt. This is an interesting article. Want to meet up? Rachel: WOMEN do this on the DAILY! Yup, this article is BRILLIANT! You seem to know a lot about feminized faggots. Way over your head, dear. Way over your head. What you fail to understand is that we all tried that and YOU women taught us that only brutish douchebaggery works on YOU. Your post is amazing, Matt Forney.

Interesting fantasies you have…. And yes, Mohammed says that men can beat up women. How was he any different from the psychopath who wrote this? Yes, I can give you all the references, if you want to play that game. You are a genuine piece of shit. Why do you allow comments below? Those men have no business calling themselves men.

If you are referring to the desire of some men to be dominated. I clearly know much, much more about Islam than you do. At this point, I know far more about Islam than ANY Muslim who wanted to debate me. Go ahead, try me! S im a guy and ur not one. Then why are women who are abused addicted to their husbands they never leave and always come back if they ever get the balls to leave. And all the men who showed weakness were tossed aside. Il rather walk over women than have them walk over me.

Have u heard about feminism its a female group they are all about me me me. Who the Fuck is Chad?! Is this NOW gay bdsm!? If he treated you like this you deserve it, no one will crush a women self esteem for no reason!

You guys are sick. Yur totaaly right matt i like own these bitches. Let me guess ur a feminist or mangina beta your kind make me so sick and r the reason even fat ugly no personality having beast women think they can peddle their rotten fish twats and filthy shit holes as if they were Victoria secret models do all men a true favor and commit suicide atleast u will do one thing honorable in your worthless life.

Thank u my friend for telling john the facts atleast u seem to know the sad realities and what u described has got to b the biggest disappointment to man kind ever. Y do u all say how can i find a girl same boilerplate statements about flaws dear god y did young girl sleeping porn create such a pea brained companion for men.

Ughhhh another accept her flaws standard statement holy fuck am I living in the matrix is their a program glitch with the female software id swear Ive only heard this nonsense out of ummm only ecery fucking moron woman on earth. Im not getting married and i swore not to but I am a man and the female body is a very beautiful thing and very tempting a lot of women know how to use their assets very well and women are naturally incredibility manipulative due to their weak frame they develope d skills to control men who are obviously stronger than them.

Women verbally abuse men all the time. I hate feminism with every fiber of my being along with the stupid women empowerment, but this is fucking abusive…. I hope this is satire…. This must be a troll article. Good job on pissing me off how can i find a girl this article -high five SMACK. Chiang Kong Sheng Darren. Yeah holy shit, I was almost hopeful for a minute that all of this was satire! Typical nasty little faggot and weakling, wishing death on someone who triggered him.

Fuck this bullshit… treasure that woman. Is the objective here crush a girls self esteem so she thinks she Is not worry of love, and therefore will not leave you? I know deep down you want a woman that loves you for the real man you are excepting the author of this book, you want sales- gotcha. Being a good man, husband, father is the sexiest thing on this planet. This is my guide i live by. I hope a girl really fucks you up. I cool, and clean and I fix all my own stuff I can even sew.

That I need women for.

How can i find a girl - one wife

Thank you and sorry if I made lots of grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. Okay, the dildo chair and the cock with a suction cup are. Like I said before men have died for what they love and have died for women in the millions, no where in history have millions of women died for men ever, maybe a few dozen but probability states that rare occurrences can occur now and then. I have broken her down, dominated her sexually, and am maintaining her alienation from friends and family. What did the husband do? If you are referring to the desire of some men to be dominated.