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I just released a new guide! Check it out here. Get Funding for Education,Travel, Volunteering, Emergencies, Bills, and more. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website for charity projects and personal causes. People have used the platform to raise money for girl love fuck expenses, animal care, college costs, and more.

You can use GoFundMe to make a personal donation campaign, a charity fundraising campaign, or an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign similar to Kickstarter. How many social shares did their campaign receive? Did they include a video? Pictures in their updates? Over what span of time did they raise the money?

You might be hoping that strangers will find and donate to your GoFundMe campaign, tips on getting the girl, but the sad truth is that the majority of funding on GoFundMe comes from personal networks. Not only will the people in your life support your campaign, but they will also help spread the word to their friends as well.

GoFundMe users should not expect to receive support from strangers. Therefore, outreach to your personal network is crucial! Explain to them why you are doing the campaign, how their contribution could make a difference, and how much you would appreciate their support.

Your social network could include: Friends, family members, loved ones, coworkers, and classmates. Your local community can be the second powerful force behind your personal fundraising campaign. Contacting your local paper, charitable organizations, non-profits, and setting up a community fundraising event can help you expand the reach of your GoFundMe campaign. In order for your story to appeal to media outlets, tips on getting the girl, it must first be inline with the type of content that the outlet produces.

Second, it must resonate emotionally with their readers. I agree — it can be tough to ask your personal network for fundraiser donations. The vast majority of campaigns do not go viral. Be sure to share your feelings about GoFundMe below. Are you saying that as a backer, you would be more likely to back a smaller campaign because you feel like it would have more impact than if the project had such a large goal?

I thought my gofundme project would get shared with ALOT of people your article suggests other than that. I am not asking for myself so perhaps I will not be the majority! I was reluctant to start a campaign as I do not like asking for money,however this house of my Mothers is in dire need.

These past few weeks have been very very tough for me, tips on getting the girl, I am living on ramen noodles and water. Whatever you can afford will help me. Thank you very much! I appreciate you even spreading the word too! Please show your support in this journey to get my masectomy chest removal!

Whatever you donate is going to be matched by another donor organization, tips on getting the girl. When I was in school I was bullied. Kids would spit on me, kick me, put my backpack inside out and tips on getting the girl me down the stairs. So, I withdrew out of high school my first week of junior year and got my GED.

I want to be a teacher. I have anxiety, ADHD and depression. I also have dysphoria. I also got my name changed this year. It is all very expensive. I need help to raise this money. I identify as gay. My sexuality has nothing to do with my gender.

I always knew I was a boy I just never told anyone. In elementary school I would stand up when they asked the boys to stand. I wanted to play sports and play videogames but I was ostracized. Some my family disowned me. I want to help all the transgender kids, even by showing them that it is possible, to dream of a day without dysphoria. Life is too short to be sad. I tried to commit suicide four times. I appreciate what you can do, spread the word.

All I want is equality. And of course, no more moobs. Cuando estaba en la escuela yo estaba intimidado. Quiero ser un maestro. Todo es muy caro. Necesito ayuda para recaudar este dinero. Me identifico como gay. No quiero demostrar mi felicidadmi sexo, mis pronombres o mi nombre. La vida es demasiado corta para estar triste.

He intentado suicidarse cuatro veces. Aprecio lo que puede hacercorrer la voz. Todo lo que quiero es la igualdad. Even though I did I should have went with my instincts. I am a kind and generous person and have gone above and beyond to help those friends in need. I am the type of person that would give you the shirt off my back even if it was the last thing I owned.

In return I have gotten slammed. I have shared my link on twitter and Pinterest too. I guess in all reality if you want to accomplish something you need to do it all on your own. Really the list goes on and on. I was overwhelmed with how much the people I considered friends and have helped out in the past, both financially and with my time, would be so rude to me.

It just goes to show that kindness is not always on your side. Well I for one, as a person who does not know you, think that your campaign is an excellent cause. Anyone who puts you down for trying to make your life a little better needs to get a little empathy. I just posted today, and for a good cause mind you, and I had some pretty high hopes.

There are also GoFundMe campaigns that are picked up by the media and are wildly successful like these: I posted on facebook and people were so mean i had to take. If anyone would please look at my page, tips on getting the girl, I would be so grateful! Break up the huge paragraph into smaller paragraphs to make the text easier to read.

Capitalize the letter tips on getting the girl first words of new sentences. I noticed this after it was posted. I spent a long time capitalizing and spacing just as you suggested, but the finished work wasnt how i wrote it for some reason. Gonna have to fix that later. Pretty disappointed it did that, but thanks anyway for trying to help. She has posted a link to the site on all of her social media sites as well.

I also contacted the societies and clubs she belongs to Eastern Star, Beta Sigma Phi, and Daughters of the Nile and asked if they would spread the word through their membership. I got a response from Beta Sigma Phi saying that they would send an email to their newsletter subscribers, tips on getting the girl, but no increase in traffic has happened yet.

Would it make it more appealing if I worded the site as if the people donating would be a part of the gift-giving, rather than donating for me to give her a gift? Is it worth trying that or are things like this a scam or not worth it? Likely, most of the followers are bots or not engaged. I have only just put my campaign out there and was hoping that it would reach a more public audience. The funds are not for me but actually for a not for profit that I founded. Aim for transparency and accountability with your donor base.

Treat them like investors. You need to reach these people. For more tips on non-profit fundraising see: Hi! Thanks for your response. I actually agree with you, however I have been working with somebody who is on the board of directors for a couple of very well known non-profit organizations, tips on getting the girl.

I am very torn on this because I had a specific target group in mind. I may go with my initial plan because I think that it will draw more donors in. The more specific the better. If you were a well-known nonprofit with an established donor base that is comprised of multiple minority groups — then yes, that would be a good approach.

However, you are trying to acquire a donor base and with the amount you are trying to raise, I would still say to focus on a specific niche and over time you can expand the demographic of your supporters.

I had started a campaign for my little sister just a while ago and our my mother is already saying it was a stupid idea to begin with. But any tips for this particular fundraiser.

The people who are going to care most are those connected to you and your family. This could include friends, professional connections, community groups, etc. I would focus on sharing the story with your local community. The lack of spaces between new paragraphs makes it very difficult to read towards the middle and end.

Are they willing to support you at all? Have you considered creating a video for your page? I would space out the paragraphs in your campaign text. Look at this page and need you publish it to your friends Please read my story and help to spread the word, tips on getting the girl. Breast cancer in men is VERY REAL and affects millions worldwide.

I never knew it existed in men until is was inside of me and now I am a Fighter- Please do what you can. I have one friend on facebook and that is my sister. My mom tips on getting the girl very well known everywhere because she is an amazing musician. I think my hate of social media is finally biting me in the butt. I would also put a space in between each of the paragraphs.

I changed the description and I think everything appears more clear now. How does it appear to you now? I am not sure how to get this out there, or if it is just entirely too selfish for me to do. I seem to not be able to get people to donate but go and just look at my page. Have you done any outreach via email tips on getting the girl your personal network like I discussed in this article? We just want to get out of this terrible apt.

I just atarted mine. I set the amount left of the bills still owed I do not expect to get close to that amount I state. But where do I share? Should I include pics of the bills juat block out the hospital record numbers? How could you share tips on getting the girl pint rest saw someone post that. Have you reached out to people in your social network? Have you considered uploading a video? Just want your opinion on mine please. Mine really has a dual purpose. Spread awareness as well as seek assistance for ourselves.

Have you asked the program to sponsor your housing or will you receive a stipend? Please donate to my nursing school fund!!! I feel like this might be a better project for UpStart where backers would receive a portion of your income until the amount is repaid. Ive emailed a few people and it seems there not comfortable soliciting a campaign for a stranger. Please help me out. Have you used any of the GoFundMe tools I wrote about here?

So i thought it was definetly worth a try to raise capitol for some very important projects! But a tips on getting the girl of that was on our first day in all the excitement. I have been combing over all the funding sites looking for tips to spread the word, and keep the momentum strong. If anyone has any tips, please share. The funding will be to offset open up sexually and staging costs.

Please check out the project at: Any and all support will be appreciated. Have you considered making the handcrafted jewelry part of the rewards you offer on GoFundMe? Its for my Eagle Scout project and anything is very much appreciated! I have had such an outpouring of support from family and friends and now I am trying to reach out even further. Thank you again for the tips! It is hard to finally ask for help. But sometimes we need to put pride aside and fight for our life.

I really hope she does well! I plan on donating as often as I can. So I need some ideas Thank you. Lexus Thanks for the help! I just started a campaign today. I have two weeks to finance a college education, due to circumstances I could not ever have anticipated. This is a great article, I had not thought about outreaching to media.

You could reach out to your hometown newspaper or your school paper and pitch it as a member of the community helping in a foreign country. You may want to come up with more compelling rewards tho or consider writing a blog during your travels. I get tired and embarrased by posting it to my friends.

I just need to pay off my college. There is a lot of opportunity out there! I absolutely agree with this post, and hopefully it will help others reading it, tips on getting the girl. Thanks again for the excellent information. I would love any insight or feedback as I am not sure how much information I should provide. Have you studied any other mobile app tips on getting the girl campaigns? Most will include rewards where the download of the app is one.

I like the video. I am in dire need of financial assistance to help me pay for graduate school. I think that if individuals help me achieve my educational goals, then I can in turn help the community with the skills I am learning to aid individuals who have faced trauma in their lives.

Any fun rewards you could include for pledging? Thanks for the going to try everything…but i stll havent made any money to help me out with my finances.

Where will the money go? What rewards will I get for pledging? Would recommend also reading your text out loud as there are grammar errors. Have you considered making a video?

Have you considered making rewards for the campaign? Maybe postcards or photos? Donate to her please really i dont wannt to lose her : : :. Please and thank you very much. Over the years I have helped so many people and now that I need helpless than ten people are willing to help me. It is discouraging and humbling at the same time. IF anyone would be willing to help me outside of my circle i would be ever grateful. Any donations are greatly appreciated. I believe this article will help!!

I had to save her life! She is not just a dog to me — she is my furry daughter! Please share and help if you can. Any other feedback on what I can do in these last few weeks? Have you considered offering any rewards like photographs, access to your travel blog, postcards, etc to broaden the appeal?

Finding a lot of great tips here, looking to boost my campaign to help get me and my wife back on our feet. Please help me study! The husband had his hours cut back, and has been unable to find alternative full-time employment yet.

The wife has had unexpected medical bills that escalated far beyond their ability to pay. Their insurance provider has come up with excuses as to why certain things are not being covered.

They are good people. When they were able, they often helped others on a regular basis. They have a child who suffers from autism. Though they do not complain about things, at least never that I am aware of, I could sense that something was wrong, beyond the physical recovery from surgery.

But I see that thus far, almost no contributions have been made. If ever there were people deserving of help, this family is among them. I am able to help a little, and have been, but not much right now.

If anybody here can help, even just a small amount, or can repost the page link to maybe find somebody who is able to help, please do. Thank you in advance, ever so much. Thank you for this sure helped explain a few things better.

I am trying to get funding to help with my ongoing medical expenses from multiple surgeries. Please help if you can. Would recommend spacing out your text, possible creating a video, and maybe incorporating some rewards. Have you reached out to your local network?

Reward ideas: Can anyone recommend where I can take my cause? Example rewards: Wow! Thank you so much for the advice. It is very much appreciated. Im trying to raise money for my grandmother and so far not much luck. I wish i was one of them. I want to start a detailing shop but need help getting the product to start it.

PLEASE HELP WITH MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!! It is hard to do when there is so much need everywhere, friends included. Something like a pre-launch. In my efforts, I have included my small online business. Thank you notes and a campaign sign included with their order.

Part of the plan is to include my business social networks. Not sure how my customers will feel as well.

Maybe like I am asking too much? I plan on making a video, still in the process thought. My campaign is a personal cause to raise funds for a down payment on a house. With explanation as to why it is so important. One of the reasons being is my autistic son who is a mute with catatonic episodes onset to moving. Being stable is the goal.

Thank you for this article, it has a lot of useful information that I am applying. Will not let that discourage me. At best, I am learning more about marketing. Have you considered peer-to-peer lending on a platform like LendingClub or Prosper for the downpayment? Hi thanks for the article, can you see if anything is wrong with mine. Havent had much luck and our wedding is fast aproaching. My page for my premature miracle baby. We are having such a hard time right now.

My family and I are struggling with medical and living expenses. Thanks Josh please check mine out i really need the support. Check out her page at She would LOVE your support!! She is a true believer in child literacy!!

I really hope me and my wife are able to benefit from this. We appreciate any help but also hate relying on friends or family. However…that program begins THIS August…so approx. I put some money down in for it already, and honestly the fees are AMAZING…. I was in SHOCK! I have no idea what I am doing wrong I thought I explained it great, explained how the fees are paid out separate and what they are paying for also did the wish list trying to post on FB and another site and literally NOTHING!!

And it really is an amazing cause and it is so soon that I need as tips on getting the girl help as I can get! I am a student and my friend tips on getting the girl me are trying to start a website that links charities with personal opinions! Do you have any suggestions? Any help you can share will go a long way.

Check out my fundraiser! Maybe give me some more tips and tricks! I am trying to help raise money for a trip to take my grandmother to Disneyland!

Anything would help : Have you considered sharing it with other members of your family? I feel like they would be most likely to donate. Any help would be appreciated! If possible, can you also give me some tips? I just started my page yesterday. You could also consider making a video or including reward tiers. I watched a video on YouTube, Impressed me.

I thought that I should create a page. I want to finish university, tips on getting the girl. I have the goal of building a company. My student loan, it is blocking. I had to pay my student loans. When I pay the bills, I will be really happy. Why are you in financial need?

What are you studying? What do you hope to do with your degree? What are some things you have done to help yourself before asking us? What are the things you have cut out of your budget so you can remain tips on getting the girl school?

Tips on getting the girl part time ventures have you been involved with??? I will agree that I have awesome friends who stepped up in a big way, but there were two very large donations from strangers to me, yet friends of friends who already donated.

I started my fundraising yesterday and have been doing some research to boost it. I would like to rely beyond my family and friends. So feel free to take a look, donate and SHARE the most important thing!!! I am thrilled that I came across your pages. I am eager to meet surpass my goal. I am new to reaching out for help but wow, I am learning that there truly are some amazing people in our world.

I am curious and trust your opinion. From your experience — are they worth it? I will be reading more of your articles on successful tips. Feel free to donate to my page as we raise funds for heat for my parents home.

She is having a hard time raising the money. It seems that people with sick dogs and vet bills can raise a lot more money on that site than anyone else. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Have you considered offering rewards possibly? Maybe access to a blog or images she can give backers? We do have one reward set up right now. What do you mean exactly by access to a blog? I suppose we could add some information about that and add it as a reward? I am in highschool and started on to help my mom with my tuition.

I am not old enough to work. Sharing with my social network is just other teenagers. How can I get mine out there. If I tell my mom, I know she will make me take it down. Please share your comments here: Thanks for the helpful tips. The people within it, and the places I go to.

I would also like to volunteer along the way. The idea about a video is a great one, tips on getting the girl. Not too sure how I would go about that now, tips on getting the girl, but I figured once I had some money donated I would start my plans, and keep posting along my journey. But the suggestion you gave to someone else about a prize is a great one.

I want to make a zine type of book once I get back from my travels. I think that would be a great reward for those who donate to help me out. Here is my page. Please share if any of you read this and would like to help me out. It has always been my dream to go to dental school and now I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be one step closer! NYU has always been my first choice and I AM SO THRILLED that I was accepted into the program.

I am hoping to fundraise my way through Fall Semester! I hope my friends and family and from people all around help me realize this dream! If you have a chance, please visit my page! Thank you so much!! This would mean the difference in me pursuing a career I love and have passion for.

My mother is deceased and my father is homeless, so any help from the online community would be appreciated beyond my capacity to explain so. Please take the time to visit my fundraising page. This will be a close up for our graduation trip.

She lives In Virginia, and Hes in Ohio. Here is her Gofundme page. Please share it for her. Any help is appreciated!!!!!! Though, I do feel uncomfortable sharing with my personal network, tips on getting the girl, only because of the situation and asking for money.

It would mean the world to me if you guys checked mine out. But as I wait for word from the CEO of CrowdClan, I want to see if I can work around this low social traffic problem. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. I already shared tips on getting the girl with my friends, but they are not donating any money to me at all, and the campaign is made for me and my parents; they are way too busy to share my campaign even.

It was started a day ago. Maybe who ever reads this can help me spread the word. With her being pregnant she is now ready. Thank you for the article, great tips.

My wife went through surgery on her ankle at a very bad time for us and we are currently trying to dig our way out of very deep hole. While there is no time limit on GoFundMe, there is still a personal time limit to see things get done, in our case, tips on getting the girl, move by the end of our lease this month. Is there any other way this can work for us?

Thank you, and God bless! What can I do to improve mine? It is kind of hard asking friends and others for money. It is kind of embarrassing for me because I never done this before I do not like to ask for help really. Now I am learning to get comfortable with this notion. There is a small minority that receive outstanding support from strangers.

Please help my son and I out please. Not sure how to help get the word out. Here is mine: Some of the tips in the article can help you get the word out. Wow this was so helpful, thank you for taking the time to break this down. I am finding it tough as I do not have a facebook account. Do you think I have a chance of succeeding without one? Thank tips on getting the girl to anyone who takes the time to check out my fundraiser:.

Could totally use this on mine! I have started raising for my daughter. I want to travel with my feet and have a safety net for food and be able to care for my cats back home, tips on getting the girl, that is it. I work at a newspaper and it covers my expenses, but I am not able to save up nearly anything, and doing so for this sort of endeavor would take years. So I come to the internet to pass the hat around as I have done for others.

I am still applying for scholarships hoping that I will get those, but I am terrified of student loans and I have had so much anxiety about them since I found out my scholarship were not enough. Please help me, I cannot work a full time job because of my back still and also I am a full time student…I work on campus at my community college but I am about to be without a job until I find one in Commerce. I dont normally like asking for anything but I have been in tears the past two days trying to figure out what to do.

How could you get something like this to work. Thanks for the tips Please help me! My family has always struggled with money and sometimes they barely have enough food to get by. They have the biggest hearts and would give the clothes off their backs if someone needed it.

This is my way of showing appreciation for all that they do for everyone! The problem is it takes money to start in this field, and quite a bit of it.

Anyone have any tips on how I would go about raising money for this? Any tips on making my description more enticing to strangers? Please check out my site.

Ive always wanted to be a computer engineer and to me the biggest gift or dream that could come true is to build a computer. I can do it i just need the funding. Though he is recovering well with veterinary care, the bills are getting very high. Even if it means posting obsessively EVERYWHERE I can. Kane was attacked by hawks when she was very young. She was born feral and we ended up bottle feeding her and her sister when they found their way into our backyard. Her care is exhausting, but she is a very sweet kitty so all of the effort is worth it.

Perhaps making video updates on youtube or creating a twitter or facebook page might help get attention for our loved ones.

My family set one up because we really needed the help. And this comes from someone who has been close to sleeping in my car at times, only to be asked by passers-by if I was sleeping in my car with NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER OF BEING ANY HELP, just harassment.

You have a horrible attitude and are just a rude person. That kind of stupid thinking only puts women behind. I would value your incite on our campaign, tips on getting the girl. We are in a desperate situation, but certainly do not want to put people off because of that.

I am open to any and all suggestions on how to make my story go viral…This has to work, the alternative is not an option…. Please anyone that could help our family in this time of need we would greatly appreciate it. My husband and I are still taking donations as we are currently looking for work in our new area we just moved to since my previous job fell through on me after telling me I could be transferred. Come and read my story.

You could help me to get to the University and change my life. I have yet another specialist appointment this week but fear I. I was in a fairly serious car accident this summer, and my car was totaled as well as my brain and arm. I am just trying to raise enough to get a used, working car so I can continue going to college.

Please check out my page and consider helping me out; I really could use some help. Please take a look at my campaign! Things like people asking for money for college getting tens of thousands of dollars. Joe, I think that your comment above is a good indicator of why donations may be slow. Showing that the abuse requires police or professional involvement in the case of sexual or mental abuse will help show potential donators that the situation is serious. You need a court to order custody or risk leaving her behind with an unstable parent if that parent is a mom.

I feel your pain on this issue and highlighting this problem for potential donators may help, tips on getting the girl. I was left with a lot of questions about your situation though, like… Are you the stay at home parent? Do you have an income? Does your spouse make far more than you?

Are you seeking help, and if so from what agencies? Where is your family? Do you have a record yourself, is your past spotted with bad choices that makes it difficult to get people to believe you? Or, what sort of damage has been inflicted on your and your daughter in the first place.

I hope people see my page, tips on getting the girl. I was very open with my story. I know that there are people out there who are able to help.

I started a fundraiser for my friend who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am making small strides. Thanks for your help. We lost everything in the fire that night and the management does not even care, tips on getting the girl. I pray that we can have help. I hope that once I am back on my feet, I can help more people.

Thanks My campaign: Hey guys, my dog Bella has a slipped disk in her neck and is yelping a lot as a result. Surgery is inevitable, but my family is in a bad financial situation after buying a house. We know it is hard for people to believe this and we only have a youtube video of her yelping.

Even if we make it halfway through our goal, we should be able to pay off the other half. If you are reading this and do not decide to donate which my family understandsmay you at least share her GoFundMe page through your social media account. Under is the youtube video length and the link to her GoFundMe page. She has cystic fibrosis and plans on going to college. Also, because she was so sick this school year and one teacher was not willing to work with her until the day of graduation she missed all the deadlines tips on getting the girl apply for scholarships.

I am trying to raise funds to pursue a certificate program to. Wonderful stories here just wanted to share mine too! You can read more on the page! You can help by doing either or both of these two options. Donate Any amount, it all adds up! Share It may be able to pick up some steam please please please! TO FIND SUPPORTERS…YOU CAN DONATE WHATEVER YOU LIKE…THERE IS NO LIMITATIONS OH THE STRUGGLE…….


I have posted on facebook, email, and Twitter, but it is the shares that is hurting me. Please friends, share for Tuffy Please help out if you can even a little! If nothing is send some good vibes and prayers my way. Matt I just found out my cat has throat cancer.

Please help me pay his vet bills so that he tips on getting the girl get better. He really means a lot to me. All the windows were bashed outall the tires were slashedside mirrors knocked off and the entire body of the car was scratched or keyed.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE — Getting married in two weeks ive shared my gofundme with everyone and ive shared more times than people have even peeked at our page its pretty sad that not a single person care HELP A LOW INCOMES STUDENT GET TO COLLEGE!

From Miami to one of the Claremont colleges. They barely get by month to month. Too many problems all at once and not enough money to be able to provide the basics. This organization might be able to at least help her get to visit her mother: Just let them know that her mother is dying and wants to see her daughter. They only assist in things of that nature. I have seen the same tips on getting the girl shit go on over and over again.

I have also donated countless dollars and time for others and yet when I am desperate enough to ask for help, no one notices. People are more inclined to donate when they are rewarded with something, research most popular phrases and use that to name your page. Casual local sex of all I love your name!

This is my page. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you want an education, get loans and if you REALLY want an education, do good in school and you get more grants based on academic achievements. How Dickensian of you. You have no idea. My dad worked his ass off to support us kids as a single parent.

Kids at school laughed at me and called me super marios son…. I work full time and go to school full time… Your father was a PLUMBER? Plumbers earn more than psychologists!!! Plumbers can own a HOUSE. You were able to tinker with cars as a kid??? But I guess those people are just losers to you. It was your choice to get a degree in something that everyone else is getting one in. I think it is funny when you are on a bus and when you ask people what they are going to college for and they all say medical billing, tips on getting the girl.

In a few year after they all graduate and cant find jobs because they have all been outsourced to India. My dad owns his own small business and I can tell you he is far from rich!

He is middle class at best and he does own his home sort of. Not true for MOST people these days or what rock have you been hiding under for the past decade? You need to take your time and research jobs that are in demand and will always be in demand… Like healthcare for instance.

So commander delusional not true. Healthcare field does not give you a living wage, some areas do but not nursing. Went back to college to finish degree and kept being told it would mean more income. So graduated three years ago and still no second job. Loan debt grows every month though, and my income from nursing has been flat for five years. I did earn grants which helped but not having a better paying job since graduation has doubled my loan debt.

You also I notice do not have a college education so what would you actually know about what it costs or how hard you have to work. Second hand knowledge is next to useless. About three years, ago, I invited a recent nursing graduate to come stay with me and my husband because there were no jobs in his area, and San Antonio was hiring in a lot of fields. He took us up on the offer and came here. Within the first month here, he got tips on getting the girl job at university hospital.

He chose to work nights for the differential, tips on getting the girl, and he worked a lot of hours. By the end of the first year, he made more than I did with a masters degree, and not much less than my husband, a lawyer. After two years in SA, he moved to Miami to work for a different hospital. He makes a lot more now. Medical Assistants struggle, I know. They may not make what they are worth. But they do make a living wage, at least in hospitals they do. Some job markets are really bad.

A lot of them are right now. It depends where you live and if you have the flexibility to move or not. The guy I knew had literally nothing. He moved here when he did because if he waited another month the money he would have used to move would have all been spent on his rent and he would have been homeless and still Baltimore.

He really took a huge leap of faith coming here, but it worked out in the end. PS: I recognize that moving is not an option when you have a sick parent to care for. Rather, that it just so happens there are no nursing jobs in your area at this time. But not quite the same thing. They are in demand everywhere, tips on getting the girl.

And again i call bullshit because a degree to be a RN is not needed. You just have to be certified through your state licesing board of nursing. So you are lying or a retard. If you ever get the chance to meet Coco, you would immediately feel compelled to help this special girl. Seeing how most of you reading this have not personally met Coco, I will quickly tell you about her.

She is constantly worrying about others. Regardless of her condition, tips on getting the girl, Coco always has a smile on her face, and makes the best out of even the worse situations. Just being around Nicole brightens your day. The link below will tell you more about the disabilities she struggles with on a daily basis and explains the importance of this fundraiser.

Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated, and will certainly go to a great cause. Thank you for your time. If you defaulted then you tips on getting the girl fuckin stupid. If you are too stupid to reseach what plans are available then you deserve to be in default. Loans whether fed or private come from others people. So yes, other people are funding your education fuck you kid youre a dick you get loans.

I am fairly certain that when you got loans you did not contact each bank customer source of your loan to personally ask them for their money. So you took it from strangers. So it does hurt you to have student loan debt, tips on getting the girl. Actually they have a income based repayment plan now so if you do not find a job or you make less than there guidelines you do not pay anything and it reports as paid as agreed on your credit report.

Your credit is only affected if you do nothing and go into default. Please look at my page and share it with anyone you can! It would be amazing!!!!! Thank you so much in advanced!!! And the banks clean up on student loans and their prohibitive interest.

You still have to pay rent, which means you have to apply for lots of hardship deferments. There are no grants based on academic achievements in non-math or non-science areas. Obviously in America we believe that accountants and computer programmers deserve paid college more than teachers, nurses, or therapists.

You are lucky to live in a family that took care of tips on getting the girl own. Stop judging everyone else and live your own lucky little life. His father and family has disowned him for being gay. They are very broke and have all worked their asses off to get even where they are today. He works overtime every week to try and pay for bills and fixing up his house. He goes to school full time and has student loans for all of it. You people have no clue. People always expecting things from people.

Tips on getting the girl, we should work hard, save, invest, make good health choices, and have health insurance including a policy that pays a lump sum if we get a diagnosis of something like cancer. But sometimes, before we get enough saved up, something like cancer happens. It happened to me, anyway. The same can be said for going to school.

Also, anyone should be able to contribute to anything that they want to, and they can. I you do want to pay towards someone who has cancer, tips on getting the girl, please do. They can enjoy their potato salad, I suppose. People do stupid things. Any idea how I can spread this request? The best job ever. Nathan works at a fucking quick shop. Oh… You are just a fucking moron. Stop blaming everything on a damn job market. You whine more than a kindergartener.

My name is Kara, btw, tips on getting the girl. She is such a good and sweet cat, and she deserves to live. Especially after being abandoned by her previous owners.

I just want her to be happy and healthy. Anything at all helps, and will be greatly appriciated! Here is the link: You can go to carecredit.

My credit is really bad and they gave me one. They give you an answer right there and an account number so you can use it right away while you wait on your card. School is a privilege not everyone can have. Many of us cannot live our dreams or go to college either…that is life. Try a student loan like many others do…or get a job to help pay etc… Do you realize how many out there want what you ask for?

Your one of a million… I would greatly appreciate it if you shared or Any help I get is amazing,need help paying for school. Please help me help my best friends mom. You do not have to pay the attorney up front. When you are approved, their fee, which is a set fee, tips on getting the girl, is taken out before you get your money.

It is worth it. And my vision problems started long before that as well. I spoke with the woman in the Disability Determination office in Columbus, OH who is handling my case there, and she said they are still trying to find an eye doctor who will do an examination for them. I explained that I need to be able to move to Massachusetts by the beginning of next month, but she just said that if I move to Massachusetts before my reconsideration case is decided, that they will transfer my case to the Disability Determination office in Massachusetts.

So I have no idea whatsoever if they may be able to schedule something before I move and make a decision. I have been told that reconsideration cases usually do not take as long as initial decision cases, and that less of the reconsideration cases are denied than the initial ones are.

People who are in college do many outside jobs like retail, various ones at bars, entertainment, and now more online. You should not be allowed to ask for forgiveness of your federal loans in this circumstance. If they can write it off in their expenses within the tax code, then they will give it to you. That is how our government helps foreign students.

These would be medical conditions that social security disability should approve for benefits. Once you are approved they have to pay for all the months you waited as well. I am begging for help, my grandma is struggling with breast cancer and cannot help me, tips on getting the girl, i am all alone.

I need to raise money for my college tuition. Try Colloidal Silver… It may save your life. Anything will help, god bless! If anyone has the time, please check out our gofundme page which raised money for underprivileged students!

Please share if you can. I will be so grateful I am begging for help, my grandma is struggling with breast cancer and cannot help me, i am all alone. Completely I am trying to make my dreams come true and keep a promise to my father who passed away just over a year ago and no one cares even after I have helped most of my friends over the years with thousands of dollars when they needed it but yet the one thing that means the world to me they do nothing.

I am losing my faith in humanity. I pray God blesses you all with good health,as well as financially! Please take a look at my gofundme that I created for my mom. All I ask you to do is SHARE it for me! Im trying to help troubled and homeless youth I will share yours if you can help do the same with mine!

Please share tips on getting the girl as well. We need the funds to get Cannen the care he needs. Thank you in advance. I will do so to your and spread the word about it! I will help spread the word. I really need some donations…. But I couldnt read what you wrote because the ink was so light.

You should use black. If i can help you in any way please let me know! Have a blessed day! Please help someone who does both deserve and need it. Hey, start tips on getting the girl campaign for a food dish, receive thousands, THEN pay off the medical bills among other things. I was pretty frustrated. I see people getting thousands upon thousands bc they totaled their car no one hurt, not even some medical billswhile my friend has a very sensitive, high risk surgery that she cant afford on her own.

Now kindly go play in traffic. You are a very sick individual that needs help. I will share please share mine! I too have a campaign tips on getting the girl help me start a career in games development, to help me obtain the appropriate equipment and software etc. Here is the link Shared, please share. Life goes on… You never know who will help you in life.

My first and second year grades are good. Someone should invest on me. Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way. Family and friends gave zero. More generosity from strangers. Keep sharing the story and tell people to donate. Keep asking them for support and then tell them what they can tips on getting the girl to suppor.

Yeah, I, too, started a twitter account primarily so I could post this thing on Twitter. Facebook is almost less than useless these days. I think you have a reading comprehension problem. My mom is battling Lupus. We are doing BBQ fundraisers, garage sales and other things to raise money.

We are also contacting different charities but there are not many for Lupus. Friend does have health insurance now but they stil struggle money wise. People prefer to donate to foolish things… that is what I am learning! I just really need my car back and not so much as one dollar. I know no one HAS to help but it would be nice if they could. These past two weeks have been terrible. Please Share Please help my family.

This is for my stepdaughter, tips on getting the girl. She was selected to go to St. Georges Medical Tips on getting the girl in Grenada. She is a wonderful student.

You can even google her and one can see some of her accolades. We are half way there. Trying to get this out there. Any help getting it out there or any donations are greatly appreciated. Please note my campaign is no longer active. I wish nothing but the best for everyone here…even the ones who certainly spiced up the thread! I just want to ask this. Has anyone ever asked to get help for them to buy house got help on here. I am mother to six kids and I have one child who is special needs child and I want us to buy house but it is so expensive where I live.

Right now I am renting but you never know when I have to move again. Since my family is large it is very hard to get landlords to rent you their house. I am not proud to ask this kind of help from anyone because I know we all have our struggles we go through. Please let me know your opinion and be kind. Thank you Leyla, did you ever get any help with funding a house?

Are you a widow your husband died? No I never asked for help with it. I was just asking if people ever did it on gofundme before. I am not a widow I am single mom and my kids Father supportsaid us now. I was asking that if I started gofundme for asking help to purchase a home here in Virginia is that something someone has done before.

Exactly the same story here. I made a comment to my sister last night about the potato salad guy. This is my page, if anyone can help. Right now, it can only be seen to whomever has the link. Any help is appreciated! I am trying to save up a down payment to buy a house. Iraq war vet with PTSD and I think owning my own place and raising some animals would really tips on getting the girl with the PTSD. Make sure you look into the Home Loan Guarantee. I bought my house well before i went to Iraq.

I had no down payment at all with it. Its only now that I am having problems with that much better mortgage. The VA has denied my PTSD too. They do give me some disability for my shoulder. My mom has cancer for the third time. My dad is working two jobs. Our friends and family have donated what they can.

I dont feel like I can keep asking. Publicity is the most important thing to get the word out. The potato salad thing was on Kick starter, not go fund me. Its all about advertising. The world isnt going to magically find your gofundmeaccount. You tips on getting the girl bring it to them Its all about advertising.

You gotta bring it to them The only problem is the high rates you pay out of the donations. You have to work that much harder to fundraise. I would suggest CTG their rates are much lower plus they give you a text to donate number for free with your account. Your funds will be used to open a small gym, so that Lou can train clients without the hassle of weather outdoors or finding a gym to take people. Help a man that dedicates his time helping others!!!! But people are going to start a FOR-PROFIT business and ask for a donation?

If I were a bank loan officer, I would black list any small business I found on line doing this as it just screams your business plan sucks. Recently there was a case of a for profit animal hospital in my area taking gofundme donations to cover damage after their pipes burst. Their insurance company is going to cover those losses and they freely admitted that! Can you tell me why you think its good to oppose any plan to make medical care in the U.

That seems so very selfish to me. And when republicans get sick, do they switch to the democrats? Or should only the merciful pay tips on getting the girl the unfortunate? I am really curious. But when not being that winner they continue by finding ways to get their hands on money however they can.

I suppose even begging and theft can be considered free market stategies. And needing to beg is not very civilized. One day in the future we will have civilization. In Europe at least we are more near to that day. I seen your European politics at work, your in o way better than us in the US. I completely agree with your ideals. I feel exactly the same way. But no need to be ashamed, there are people with such extremist ideas everywhere.

In Europe there is a tendency to chose more strict liberal ways again I am sad to witness. Its understandable because free market has been the engine to economic succes. But in its harsher form it has these nasty drawbacks that are even counterproductive more expenses for crime and greediness and even demotivation it seems from recent research. I think its good to explain to as many people as possible to get more awareness on this issue.

The politicians will not do it as they are like the driver of the car that just goes where the electorate tells them to go. All medical care costs someone money. You say it sounds selfish. What gives you the right to demand generosity from others? Id argue its selfish to expect others to pay for your health care.

I am a Republican. I also lost my job and had to take early retirement. And yes only those who want to help those in need should have to do so. What you suggest is redistribution-legalized thievery of resources that belong to someone else to give to another.

No I cant afford treatment. But Id never shame myself expecting someone else should be robbed to give me what I need. I think I understand your words. Nothing is free for you.

It seems you believe your free enterprise market system is the only possible system. Maybe you should try to understand what I was saying means that we all are born with rights. I think you will agree with that thus far. I think we also have a right to a part of the natural resources. But the sunshine is free. Walking on the streets is still free. The fresh air in the forests is still free. Some people have decided that riding a car over the roads is not free I suppose its also like that in the U.

Maybe you are beginning to understand what I mean: free or paid is a decision. Of course the hospitals need to have money for their employees. What my suggestion means is that it would be more civilized to have the medical institutes financed with money from non-individual sources.

I think its humiliating to have people needing to beg for medical help. I think free enterprise has its advantages — but its not to be taken too absolute.

Your salary and pension were paid for by taxpayers, tips on getting the girl, you were a firefighter correct? That was paid for by taking peoples money and calling it taxes. Taxes are paid to cover the cost of social services. Your whole argument contradicts itself. Maybe you could reply Buckshot. Do you really think liberalism is about people getting what they deserve? Hope that happens SOON.

Die and decrease the surplus population. And decrease the amount of people who THINK LIKE THAT. You are just a horrible person and have nothing but rude and nasty things to say to people Pamela. You are sick and need help. Fuck Making Medical For Free. I work very hard for what I earn. If your a human that only wants to do nothing with their life. Only the people who actually try. You are a disgusting person and should now proceed to go play in traffic. Your lack of humanity has no place in society.

Yeah I hear that. I am trying to help a friend and his family but it is hard to get people to help. They lost their home in a fire and tried to get on their feet on their own but really need a little help especially with Christmas coming. I lost my job a year ago. My husband suffered a cardiac arrest and had to have a defibrillator installed. He can never do his job, welding again, due to the electromagnetic energy it produces. He has also suffered from shortness of breath, weakness, and fainting spells since.

I have struggled trying to support us and our daughter on a minimum wage job, and we also have huge medical bills, as we were uninsured at the time. It is very disheartening to see silly causes getting huge funds, while we are having such a terrible time. Below is the link is anyone is interested. Donate to my fund instead, it will make god happy. I know someone that just posted a gofundme account asking for help. Thank you so much.

Or a young dog that needs treatment badly. The kids work hard and are trying to be best in state!!! Make me wonder about humanity! I know what you mean. There are many people who have struggled but overcome it with confidence and with the help of God, tips on getting the girl. I want to give her the best trip ever, the one she deserves after raising me on her own. May God Bless You and your family! I love making donations when I know people are in need, but it is so hard to find out where to turn to when you are in need of the help.

Please take a moment to look at the campaign we have started for my dad. Best of luck to everyone! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! People need money for medical bills, and other bills that is important to them. Please read my story and donate as much as you can. Thank you Very much. It is greatly appreciated. My friend really tips on getting the girl help paying for college. Hes an amazing guy who plans to use his degree to get a well paying job and give back to students in need.

Please support, any donation you can offer he will be thankful for yes some stupid people got very high donation. Thank you in advance If someone can share or help it would mean a world to me! I would love it if you guys could donate to my GoFund Me Me and my friends have a longboard business.

We have been working on it forever. We currently make boards out of a garage, and we hope to build a storefront one day. And hope to get support for materials and shirts and tools. Hope you get support! As a newlywed couple married less than a year my husband and I are struggling to afford this surgery. Please help us to get our sweet Buddy help so he can be pain-free and live life as a young dog should!

Could you guys spread my link? I know the feeling. We are desperately trying to save our own money quick enough to give him the little bit of his dreams he tips on getting the girl now, while he can still enjoy them.

I know exactly what you mean. If anyone sees this, please take a moment to share yesterday the poor little puppy was chocking. My daughter tried to save the puppy by doing heimlich maneuver on her.

This caused her puppy to caught up the foot but ended up causing internal injuries. Now the puppy has fluid on her lungs and is in intensive care because my daughter not knowing better caused internal bleeding through performing the procedure hard for a little puppy.

Now I am down deciding if I need to let the puppy go. May god bless each and every one of you. We are currently living with my parents, which makes things somewhat crowded. I know my situation is probably the furthest away from what GFME was designed for. Since it seems most people here no much more than I do about these things so any comments that are not personal attacks will be welcome. I was wondering if I could ask for your help. My cat, Sarah, is in need of it. You are all beautiful, thank you!

My friend set up campaign help with medical bills and rehab costs for me have rare neuro disorder and severe aphasia. I reach out my network.

Would appreciate you share will share for you too. Any help is greatly appreciated! Could you help us by donating money? Here is the link: Thanks you so much!!!!!

I frustrated cause I share everything they do. I share the local artist the musicians all of it and bam I am getting nothing. Heck if they would just share I would be happy.

This tips on getting the girl actually hurt my feelings. I have two wonderful friends who gave me money but beyond that nadda. Could you check it out and see what maybe I xan do to help. The family has been hit with unexpected bills for her treatments. The family has dedicated their lives to helping others, and I feel it is my turn to help them in return.

Please read their story and contribute if at all possible. They would never ask for any help. That is why I have started this campaign. Thank you all, and God bless! More info on my page. My wife Cheri, is afflicted with COPD on Oxygen and on disability.

She cannot work because breathing is too difficult. The money we saved for the repairs went to the bills.

Please email this request to as many of your contacts as you can with your own comments. This would help a lot. So people are more than happy to donate thousands to a guy to make macaroni and cheese or tips on getting the girl for video games?!! We just moved to Sylvania,AL. We live in a mobile home and its getting close to tornado season again! And as some people know, Japan is definitely not a cheap trip. I would never ask for that. So with that said, any financial support I can get for this would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. And even if you choose not to donate, I still appreciate you taking the time to at least read my page. I knew the only way to do that was to have a strong faith in God and to be a good student.

Education and hard work can get me where I want to go. Last year, I was attending college at Warner University near Lake Wales, Florida. I was happy to be at a good school tips on getting the girl also have the opportunity achieve my dream of playing football at the next level.

Unfortunately, my world changed when my momma was diagnosed with cancer and became real sick. My obligation to my faith is very important to me, but my obligation to my family is just as important. I had to make a choice; either leave school and help care for my momma and spend as much time as I could while she was still here My husband has become very ill.

Please check out our page, tips on getting the girl. Helping spread the word! Please help Thomas by donating or spreading the word! At least not in So Cal. With your donations he will get certified as a CPR instructor get supplies and in turn give back to the community with his knowledge.

Thank you for your time! Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. BTWHSPVA is tremendously successful in training beginning flute. Attending the Interlochen Arts Academy next year is the. Michigan and the Eastman School of Music, where I hope to join Amy. While my experience at Booker T. Washington has been amazing, I know that.

Read more here: Needing help with starting an online store and would love some help. Please share and spread the word! Any amount will make a difference

Any help is appreciated. You can check out my campaign here:. A brunelli procedure is when They have to pull ligament from my forearm and elbow and stick a pin through my bone into that pulled ligament to hold it in place. Our campaign to raise tips on getting the girl for his medical bills started out strong, and now we seem to have hit the wall. What else can we do? I am not exactly happy about asking anyone for anything, but I had to put that aside and give this a real shot.

One thing that might help also is to ask that everyone share your story just once. Also, encourage your friends to pass your information along to their sources. Where they would go if they needed help. Charities, churches and so on. Please, anyone, consider taking a look at our page and sharing some pointers. Have an amazing day. That is if they even want it. Some are asking for full tuition and living expenses-with donations in. I am one semester away from completion, but have depleted any resources to get this far.

I am trying to raise money to wrap this up and move on. Post-graduation, I am hoping to be accepted into the Peace Corps to give back and gain hands on experience in my field. Please consider donating to my page. Times like this, I wish I were one of those serial adders.

I am a student nurse unable seducing sex afford veterinary care for a life-threatening situation for my kitty, so if anyone out there reads this and wants to help me out on the sharing front, here is my campaign: Like most students I am always broke. If you could take a minute and look at my gofundme page please. Medications make me feel worse, and the withdrawal from taking so many is terrible.

I started this to tips on getting the girl raise money to be able to move me and mother whom I live with since I cannot work to Hawaii. I am going to seek alternative treatment, and I have many family members there whom i never get to see. I have applied for disability. I have plans to go to school to help people with the same problems.

Even if you cannot donate, I would greatly appreciate if you could share this. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please help me out! Check out my link! Not only tips on getting the girl, but the training school I had her in is making me pay for the remaining classes that Bella will not be able to attend.

Her campaign is here: All funds raised will be going straight to those expenses, as I barely make enough to pay my basic bills. Any little bit of help counts, and I openly donate to other causes such as this, so I am hoping a bit of support comes my way as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this. So what would be another way to get it noticed. Thanks in advance My friend Jessica and her family are going.

Doctors have found issues with her brain. This has caused many, tips on getting the girl. Please share this and if you could be so kind to donate. I would like to thank those who able to donate in. Your support is graciously appreciated.

She was inspired to go to nursing school after the ordeal our family endured when her oldest daughter, at five years old, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. My daughter needs help with her tuition to finish out nursing school. She has exhausted all grants and loan opportunities. Please check out the page I made, please make a donation if you can, every little bit helps.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks for your time and attention. If you can spare some change great. I have been trying in every way possible to work and save so I can pay my last college bill and get my damn tips on getting the girl sent to me but neither my school wants to understand the situation in which I am nor others. Making money to pay my school bill requires me to get a job getting a job requires me to send my diploma so I can prove companies I graduated and getting my diploma requires me to pay that bill off.

I set this acct up for my children and I. I hate being disabled and wish God would take my pain away, I really want to work. Are there any other platforms where it would be appropriate to share our page? Most ones I come across are just for kickstarters. This is the most important event I have ever had in my life.

Very sick with Lyme disease, please consider helping medication and dr visits are more money than I have so I am not getting better My fellow animal lovers I am reaching out to you. I need help bringing my baby home. His medical need hit me at a horrible time as I was laid off last month and my unemployment benefit is a joke. Hi, I recently made an account. Please go visit her page and if you are able to donate it will be greatly appreciated. Considering my family has always been poor, this is beyond difficult.

Tried to set up a GoFundMe account as a last resort, but I am getting absolutely no luck. Either way, thank you if you took the time to read this. If you can help, it would be great. I am nervous about sharing this with my friends on Facebook as it is such a personal issue as well as the majority of which are students with low funds themselves.

I was hoping from the help of strangers, but after reading this article, I feel as if I will not succeed. Big Thank you to all who have donated to bring Stanley Home.

Thanks I just discovered this fund tips on getting the girl website and it is a great platform for users who want to ask for some help. Please have a look at my goal. Hoping for the best here, please share my link and check out my page, thank you. I, tips on getting the girl, like many others find this site while searching for more information on how to be moresuccessful with my gofundme campaign. My beautiful daughter Alexxis passedaway in a terrible car accident this week, and I am trying to raise funds tocover the cost of her memorial as we did not have life insurance.

If you feel inclined to share our page or make a donation we would be very grateful. This is for going to wiork, doctors appointments for disabled wife. If anyone knows how or where I can get help please share my link and give me some insight. Please consider donating, tips on getting the girl, no donation is too small!!! From my wife getting hit totaling our family car… getting screwed by the insurance company on a full coverage car. I was recommended to try the GoFundme site. I will reach out to everyone here.

And hope for the best. Please share if possiable I myself do the same for others in need. Please help, I need medical treatment money or even send me supplements, thank you Im desperate and have tried the gofundme site without success.

He said the money was to cover production costs, meanwhile he lives off hid YouTube channel but refuses to use that money to pay for any of his stunts. But the sad matter of it al is that people gave him what he wanted!

Go check out KBDproductions on youtube the guys a total douchebag. I have emailed, shared, contacted the media and done all I can. Please share if you feel compelled. Thanks — I feel the same way. I am trying to help a small village In the Philippines.

I am willing to go and teach them for free if i can just get the funding that has been requested, This is a campaign to help fund the. Since then,he has been working to achieve. Having access to a. Please share and help Brian on his long road to full recovery. Can anyone help my mom get a new home? She and her child lost all there belongings in a fire. They were living with her parents. So they are all staying at other houses and need to raise money for supplies to rebuild and also for clothes and things.

Thanks for any help This is my site. I need to study abroad in order to graduate with my major. Thanks in advance, and anything is appreciated. If you can please help with any amount. Looking to raise first months rent and sec deposit for house to prevent me and my lo from being homeless. Any other ideas for me to raise the money without using fb? We live across the globe from them and it cost to much for us to visit them. They really love to see her and hug her.

Seeing her is priceless give that I could ever give to them. Thanks Right on with the tips! This is helpful info but SOOOOO OVERWHELMING!! My head is spinning! Being a single parent for the first few years I did my best to juggle a full time job and full time college.

I ended up dropping out of college because I found myself never getting to see my son. Student loans came anyway, and being unable to pay them off they went into collections. I am currently consolidating my student loans and making the payments that I can. I plan on starting my career as a Nurse, enrolling in University of Arlington. I will be able to complete most of my courses online while still having time with my family and working part time.

Once I pay my loans consecutively for one year, I will be able to reapply for another one. For now, I am hoping someone out there can help me get through the first few semesters in any way they can. I have a loving husband who helps the best he can but I know that he tips on getting the girl not be able to keep up with all of our bills. I want to show my children that everyone gets a second chance and that mommy can do something beautiful for people, helping them throughout their life.

I have always wanted to be a Nurse and hope someday I can receive my Doctorate. I wanna help expand these kids along with adults education in a fun and memorable way.

I will help kids with there school and English and then help raise awareness to the adults about the dangers and risks of HIV virus and how to avoid it.

Please help and donate; I would love to take this opportunity but without a little help I may not get to. Every penny counts and is very much needed.

Thanks you all for your support! I have tried looking into the carefund and other agencies to no avail. I have medical and foodstamps but i am struggling with everything else. Can you please help me out. Please click on the link and read my daughters story. We are in need of some assistance. I have been unable to work due to ellie not being able to go to day care because she is still considered medically fragile. Please help me- anything would be great and help me towards my goal of graduating this year.

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