How to woo women

how to woo women

Community France: Actor Alain Delon says men are meant to ‘ woo women ’ not ‘pick up guys’.
woo (wo͞o) v. wooed, woo ·ing, woos. 1. To seek the affection of (someone, especially a woman) with the intent to marry or begin a romantic relationship.
How to Woo a Girl. Take care of yourself and get to know her. Be sensitive and caring, and find something that you can bond over. Be honest with her and make her feel.

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To seek the affection of someone, especially a woman with the intent to marry or begin a romantic relationship. To gain the favor of someone or move someone to do something by entreaties or inducements: an ad campaign that wooed customers away from their usual brand.

To seek the romantic affection of someone, especially a woman. To attempt to gain the affection of: courtpursuespark. He wooed the daughter of the king. Please log in or register to use bookmarks. Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in classic literature. Laurie enjoyed that immensely, and when she told about the prim old gentleman who came once to woo Aunt March, and in the middle of a fine speech, how Poll had tweaked his wig off to his great dismay, the boy lay back and laughed till the tears ran down his cheeks, and a maid popped her head in to see what was the matter.

View in context The bartender had come to woonot to threaten, and was angry with himself because of his failure. View in context You force me to anticipate a disclosure I expected to make to you only when I came to ask permission to woo your daughter Jessie; and when I tell you what it is, you will understand that I have no right to criticise your conduct. View in context The white man holds the land, how to woo women, he goes to and fro about his business of peace where impis ran forth to kill; his children laugh and gather flowers where men died in blood by hundreds; they bathe in the waters of the Imbozamo, how to woo women, where once the crocodiles were fed daily with human flesh; his young men woo the maidens where other maids have kissed the assegai.

View in context Wully how to woo womenpully wooplump in the mud," says the little furrenner Frinchman, "and sure Mrs. View in context Do just tell her, miss, that a young fox is here, who would like to woo her. Soon afterwards there was another knock, and another fox was at the door who wished to woo Mrs Fox. View in context Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still-it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her.

View in context The wench I should have been courting now was journalism, that grisette of literature who has a smile and a hand for all beginners, welcoming them excite your wife the threshold, teaching them so much that is worth knowing, introducing them to the other lady whom they have worshipped from afar, showing them even how to woo her, and then bidding them a bright God-speed - he were an ingrate who, having had her joyous companionship, no longer flings her a kiss as they pass.

View in context WHILE bathing, Antinous was seen by Minerva, who was so enamoured of his beauty that, all armed as she happened to be, she descended from Olympus to woo him; but, unluckily displaying her shield, with the head of Medusa on it, she had the unhappiness to see the beautiful mortal turn to stone from how to woo women a glimpse of it.

View in context He sent no one to woo her in his place, but came himself in his black ship of many thwarts over the Ogylian sea across the dark wave to the home of wise Tyndareus, to see Argive Helen and that no one else should bring back for him the girl whose renown spread all over the holy earth. Wonthaggi Energy Excite girl Festival.

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