Different ways of having sex

different ways of having sex

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All jokes aside, I like to have sex without condoms. The past 12 girls I’ve had sex with have all been without a condom, and I’m STD and baby-free.
I agree with the original post, mostly. The current depression I’m experiencing, is mostly due to not having had sex for far too long. Sometimes I feel like ‘it.

Want to learn to have sex with more girls? All jokes aside, I like to have sex without condoms. I have problems with condoms. This is my favourite and most trusted technique. When a girl gets sexually frustrated and really wants you to fuck her, all you have to do is provide her with an excuse to do it. The next day, different ways of having sex, march her down to the pharmacy yourself or demand you get a picture of the pill off of her. They therefore then starting working themselves up into a panic that you may have STDs and will refuse to have sex without a condom with you because of this.

She always gets checked! Telling her this way will make your story more believable. She just needs a reason to say yes. Note: For extra effectiveness, tell her the date of your last STD check and how you got your results, even if you never had a check.

One girl stands out in my mind. Spanish girls apply within. More Posts - Website Filed Under: Game Tagged With: condomdaygame bootcampsdaygame londonpua londonsex without condomthree bromigos This is golden.

Absolutely hate them, and very seldom have to use them. Pingback: The Raw Dogging Champions whaddup bromigos for real tho condoms hella suck.

Yeh it is better without, of course it is, but I just cannot run the risk of getting a girl pregnant, different ways of having sex. I banged them many times after that without a condom, and likewise for all the other girls. I did catch one STD, which took several months to eradicate. I never got any of the women pregnant. I pulled out since the first time I had sex, and have continued to do so.

And I have friends that always pull out and they have gotten girls pregnant before. What the hell did I just read. Something along those lines where this shit seems normal, different ways of having sex, at least in the UK we know enough to not be so fucked up to write shit like this… Oh and neither are the girls as horny as you make me out, they actually have decency too.

Well girls love to fuck it, IMO. An occasional and treatable nuisance. So the only concern is getting her prego. Are you taking prescription medication?

You got three girls pregnant and they ended up getting abortions. Also, what if those three girls decided to keep their babies and were now hitting you up for child support? An expensive way to get your dick wet… AIDS is much more likely from anal sex, but still possible to get from vaginal intercourse.

Make sure you get vaccines, I did, hepatitis, hpv. Etc Pingback: Horny Girl? Particularly the morning after pill ruse which is HIDEOUS. It is so selfish to think that is an acceptable technique. In fact, without a verbal agreement, that is rape. Anyone that thinks anything otherwise is kidding themselves. They are right to have doubts. I hope you get your comeuppance for treating girls so poorly. You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting this! Your statistics of catching an STD is outrageous if this is something you are doing.

You probably have caught something and are spreading it to everyone you sleep with… good job spreading and promoting the spread of more disease. The only safe time to not wear a condom is if a, different ways of having sex. I hope you all are smart enough to ignore this awful advice.

I hope you get a nasty disease and die from it in a horrible way. You deserve nothing less. I hope you have every STD in the book. Is IS rape — period. Leave these girls alone. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever read. Are you drugs to seduce a woman to tell the millions of women who were raped that it was okay even though they didnt verbally say yes, because their rapistis knew that they were cool with it?

So… if a man gets an erection and is forced to have sex, is that still rape? Just wanna see if the double standard is alive here. Its still rape when the dude doesnt want it. Its still a sexual assualt when a person is forced without their consent.

Yes its fucking rape are you kidding? If any person touches any part of you in any sexual way that you did not agree to that is a violation of consent which is rape. Did you really need to ask that or are you just wearing your ass as your hat.

U guys r seriously so retarded. U do know that you can also get HIV and STDs from girls right? Im on the pill and I had sex with a guy without a condom, he didnt even ask me if I was clean. If i hadnt been he would have had a problem. How about take responsibility for your own goddamn self you twat? People lie about being clean dumbass bitch. Generally I only take the risk and go condom free if I really like the girl and want to continue as a relationship beyond the first meet.

For me going raw dog and ejaculating inside the girl is kinda like a dog marking its territory. The ultimate way to establish a bond and get her hooked on you. Last girl I did this with I met on Tinder. Broke a long dry spell that night so was able to go twice. Then woke up in each others arms did it again then a fourth and final time in the shower we had together before heading to breakfast.

Left her knickers at my house for me to keep wearing short dress to. Similar situation happened with me with a girl met on tinder. Think every guy should have a time in his life when he just lives life and fucks raw pussy! For me as per my comment above it is a risk I choose to use sparingly. But when I take it, I found it has been worth it. There is no greater feeling known to man than fucking a hot bird you just met and pumping your juice inside her.

Morning after pill covers the latter. People like you are the actual scum of the earth. Get some fucking respect for women you absolute cunt. I hope that the other men and women reading this understand the concerns I have addressed and you should take this down.

Advice like sticking it in without her knowing…THAT IS RAPE. You are advising non-consensual action. Spinning it any other way is making excuses and telling other men that this sort of action is okay. I thought rape was when groups of men in third world countries would raid villages and drag women of all ages into the street and brutally fuck buddys local there way with them, but I guess my views vary.

Hahah, what is this a business contract? Favorite words of liberals. I pray this turns round on you and you catch something that makes you lose your dick. Slimeball What the hell. That disturbed me the most. You wanna get arrested for rape?? I hope guys were able to be smart enough and turn away from this bull shit, different ways of having sex. Fuck you in the ass with a condom because that was the crappiest and most douchy way to treat any girls.

Even if its just a one night stand. Horny fuck sluts goes for both Matt and that frank guy.

Hope to catch many fun decieses and that you never manage to procreate! No condom sex is best when the girl is not on any protection. Their juices are best, especially ten or so days after start of last period.

The secret is to tell her it is incredible how different ways of having sex she is getting, so she thinks all the wetness is her own, then cum without showing it, and tell her again you love how wet her pussy is, so you have to keep your hard on for at least a few extra thrusts, then before losing it, surprise her by pulling out quickly and act like you are coming into your hand.

Sometimes a girl who allows all natural, and claims no birth control may say ok to coming inside her if you give her an even bigger tip. She lost contact with my gf, I was so excited about the baby that my gf and i went out looking for her more than once to see if she needed some help in exchange for some more play time, I would love to convince her that breast feeding alone is good enough form of birth control to let me finish inside….

Another gf whose tubes are tied, has arranged threesomes with girls who wanted condoms. But while I am doing second girl, she would help slip off the condom so i could finish inside.

One girl she did that with spent night with us, and next morning while my gf was sleeping next to us, the girl was on her side and she let me come from behind, and she got into it very nicely, so she took a second load with no complaint, it was nice to top off her pussy knowing she had slept next to us full of my cum from earlier in the night….

One old girlfriend who was on the BC shot when we were first playing, knew I wanted to play someday without that. We list touch for a few years, and she finally had a little girl three years ago by some other man. But when she reappears in my life, and soon enough we get together in bed, I ask her why her pussy feels so good, and with a mischievous grin she tells me she is finally giving me my chance to be really natural with her, and she swears she not on BC any longer.

I love her mission accomplished grin when she makes me pop. She will lay with me afterwards while we talk…. I ran across another girlfriend from years ago, in early days she took me out on side streets where we different ways of having sex have all natural on abandoned furniture, or one time in back room of a house with people sitting in kitchen next to the room with no door, only a blanket hung up, that was a thrill to get going fast enough but not be too noisy.

Recently we different ways of having sex up and quickly got it on, with not a word of asking for condom because she knows even if she has a boyfriend, we never play with a condom. It was best time ever, she did not rush us, she genuinely seemed to miss me and she kept going for a long time after I finished inside her, she kept me inside while she aggressively worked on her own clit orgasm by rubbing herself against base of my penis.

Recently I hooked up with the different ways of having sex mother of a working girl, the mom sitting on step outside motel while where to touch a woman to turn her on daughter visited a man. I teased her a little that I should be her boyfriend.

I came back next day, picked her up, we chatted, she told me her daughter was jealous and different ways of having sex daughter said I should be coming for the daughter. I got mom her favorite party favors, went back and got our own room. She took a long time trying to get comfortable, different ways of having sex, and was obviously skilled in her own right. She said I was getting her turned on, but at just the moment before anything could happen, she asked for some help with her bills.

I gave different ways of having sex a wrong phone number, still think about maybe going back for another round, maybe mother and daughter might play together, or maybe mother might secretly help me be all natural inside her daughter. I never use condoms either, they suck. Okay I have to admit I got all sorts of STDs, even got HIV from a hooker I boned last year but whatever.

But yes it si your problem too. If you have the HIV, knows it and give it to girls, you could destroy their lifes. And you would be responsible for this. The choice for condoms should ne easy. The original article is ridiculous, not using condoms during a ONS is obviously a very stupid decision. NO FEAR, is Alpha. I just stick it in, different ways of having sex. I am free and happy to see ways to get the girl brother who is as well!

For you Beta males, if you enjoy living your life in fear and picking sluts to screw, well you better where some plastic coating over your john. Everyone here who criticizes, different ways of having sex, envies, hates is worthless in my world.

What a waste of an emotion and mental energy. It takes an Alpha who can determine by interview which woman qualifies for the natural cock they really crave. No Alpha would stick his dick in a sickly looking woman in the first place.

I go for the healthy, young ladies. Even if they mention condoms at first, they will usually forget about it as soon as things get heated during some good steamy foreplay and they start aching to feel your dick inside them. I got one girl pregnant, but actually I enjoy my daughter, I wanted to have a child, and it balances me. Only one of the many problems with this article.

You, as a guy, may not know that you have an STI because testing men for them is not as easy plus you might not notice any symptoms, different ways of having sex. So you might be infection ridden right now and not know it.

One of those girls may have lied to you about her STI checkups so there you go getting one. Your semen and DNA is all right there for some guy in a labcoat to pin to you. In addition to that, most doctors recommend doubling up on protection, condom and BCP. So just because a girl is on the pill does not mean that she is asking for unprotected sex.

That scenario is fine and safer than what you are doing. And what are you going to do? Have fun with your dozens of unprotected sex acts but maybe use spell check next time you write an educated article? So next time maybe you should use spell check. We have dicks here but at least a woman will kick their respective dirty asses before they pull this bullshit.

However, the main point in my comment holds true. The author of this article is seducing women and taking unnecessary risks with his health and anyone that chooses or is forced to have sex with him.

So, you support the article or do you just not care? Is holding up a sterotype put forth by the old white guys that ruled your country a couple hundred years ago is more important than actually adding a comment about the article that is degrading to women and potentially dangerous to young men that take this shit seriously? But preventing the spread of STDs. You are a dumb ass.

The best way to have sex without a condom is to go get tested together. I hope you get Herpes! Any girl which goes with you is clearly even thicker than you are. Not even sure that you have done it with as many girls as you say. What the living hell. Are you kidding me, dude? You pretty much just showed the world how terrible of a person you are.

Sex is just a game to you, different ways of having sex. Contrary to what they say, the chicks are just as excited about taking it bare, if not more. If a girl demanded that I wear a condom I would just refuse to fuck her, because I know how easy it is to get in a pussy without one.

Mensah from Ghana for your redemption from herpes via his mail address. I guarantee you have stds and is spreading it. Only dumbass insecure girls will fall for the bs you call tricks. Also different ways of having sex and your friends are fucking disgusting sluts Great article! In different ways of having sex opinion only betamales use condoms.

As you say, Most women hate condoms as much as us men — if not more — and they will want to go raw if they are attracted to you. The last woman I had sex with asked if I had a condom. She did tell me not to finish inside her because she was not on BC, but I did that anyways and she loved it. She purred like a kitten all night and is still calling me from time to time and wants to meet she lives in a different country.

While these are probably very effective techniques I doubt they should be used. For two, there are legitimate concerns about sex without condoms and girls SHOULD be more afraid than men because they are more prone to catching disease when a guy is pumping his cum into a girl, that cum will stay around inside her for a bit, and any disease he has will definitely stick and way more prone to getting pregnant.

I have sex with my wife of three years every day and she is barren so I can shoot as much cum as I like into her and she will willingly accept it with no cause for concern. That type of behavior is different ways of having sex OK.

Why so much hate here? These tips are matter of fact pretty accurate. And no its not rape, this is how many girls are, they want the guy to take the initiative. Woman want sex also. The perfect pickup guide for Indian men.

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Enjoy the little things. Picking Up Girls — The Ugly Truth. Girl A, Girl B. Sexual Asset Stripping: A Very Cruel Theft.

Five signs you are an orbiting fuckwit. I agree with Matt in reply to TanikaDsouza. We have a ver cheap offer for daygame bootcamps in London next weekend. TruthfulTrouble Nice one in reply to TruthfulTrouble. Write for the Bromigos. Well, how about that?

You learn something new every day. The best way to deal with this is to pre-empt it as if SHE is the one to be concerned about. Probably the most effective method is to just stick it in. Of all the ways to get a girl to have women kissing women in bed with you without a condom, the best way is to find those special girls that are on the pill or who have an implant. Gain more knowledge by reading:.

More Posts - Website. Is his name Bojangles? I love your writing, but is this really a good idea? Maybe I am overly paranoid, but I ALWAYS protect myself. That shit will ruin my life right now….

Whoever told you that is probably full of shit, in different ways of having sex ways than one i. Any tips for getting a guy to not use a condom? Americans I swear to god…. Sorry Matt I dont mean to be rude, i just… this info. You are scum, pure scum.

An expensive way to get your dick wet…. AIDS is much more likely from anal sex, but still possible to get from vaginal intercourse. See you on Jeremy Kyle next year….

You only live once. This is despicable chauvinist writing. You sound very emotional about this. I suggest next time that you work on your grammar. I swear you have std. I take my hat off to you Matt. What the actual fuck?! If her consent was contingent on using a condom, then you just raped her.

Nice job fuck wit. What kind of obscene fuckery is this colassal tirade of bullshit that you are spouting here? Ask different ways of having sex again next year lol. Your mom should have taken the morning after pill. LooooL hahahhaahha So true bro? I hope a girl will see you through and crushes your dick and give you a bloody nose.

Um no this girl doesnt. I hope you get raped by big muscular guys. Hahha this was an interesting read. You are literally bragging about raping someone. All these beta fucks whining about rape lol. LOL what a sex troll. Yo man good article. I loved the part where you told us. Also you and your friends are fucking disgusting sluts. Sign up for free pickup guides. Do you want to have more sex from online dating?

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I fantasize sometimes about ending my life but as a caring person I cant hurt anyone, so I just keep suffering. Women who have the best sex lives feel good about their bodies, says Joy Davidson, PhD, a sex therapist in New York City and the author of Fearless Sex. She called the police and reported that I have harassed her. Your Complete Guide To Messaging Girls On Tinder... Cheating is not an option, for both emotional a well as practical reasons.