Hot to get a girl to like you

hot to get a girl to like you

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The Girl-on-Girl Is Hot trope as used in popular culture. In some Western countries, it is believed sometimes that, deep inside his heart, every straight man.

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Featuring Darling Deicide and Bruce Venture. Now, sexy Japanese porn stars are easily available for those of you, who are busy and always on the go! Featuring Vienna Reed and Neeo Vienna Reed was our Euro edition of our HotBush catalog. In Kyon: Big Damn Hero , Kyon had a dream involving Adult! Jay: Our wives ran off with other men. Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice. He stopped thinking about it before going into any detail..

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Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. It made a comeback with this Corona commercial. This gum commercial from Japan where girls are passing gum to each other via mouth. It turns straight women lesbian. The advert was apparently banned after protest by Moral Guardians.

Early in the Ah! No trying for bonus point! Sunohara in CLANNAD was overloading with hormones when he and Tomoya tricked Ryou into thinking that Nagisa is going to confess her love to her, and the entire thing started playing out like something straight out of a Yuri Genre anime, complete with Intertwined Fingers and roses blooming.

In an episode of the third season of The Familiar of ZeroSaito was visibly. During the pocky scene between Yomi and Kagura in Ga-Rei -Zero-Kazuki was obviously interested, if initially embarrassed, in what was going on in the backseat.

The photographers were snapping so many shots they were running out of film!. This is also the reason Fukuyama hosts his private underground "Girls Fight!

In later episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya Taniguchi and Kunikida start drooling upon seeing Tsuruya affectionately rub Mikuru. He gets a Raging Stiffie. Is This a Zombie? Ayumu spies on Seraphim kissing Haruna and nearly masturbates before they catch him and beat him up for being a pervert.

While caring for a feverish Eu, Haruna cuddles with her to share body heat. Ayumu says that is hot. The Cat Fight version happens in Irresponsible Captain Tylor. The crew are covertly bugging the snarkfest between Lt. Commander Yuriko Star and Lt. In Kotoura-sanManabe once shouted this trope out when he mistook the relationship between Haruka and Yuriko as Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. Lady Snowblood : A brothel enjoys tremendous success because of " Toichi Haichi "; basically they have male spectators pay to watch lesbian sex.

One of the earlier examples in anime and manga is in Maison Ikkoku when Godai gets a nosebleed when watching a completely drunk off her gourd Akemi kiss Kyoko right on the lips.

The finale of Majokko Meg-chan has a Catfight between Meg and Non that has blatant sexual undertonesand the scene constantly cuts to Dirty Old Man Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Chou getting off on it. We missed a chance to see Aki-sensei and Haru-nee sleeping with their breasts squeezing against each other! In one of his routines, Dave Chappelle calls it the " one penis per fantasy rule ": where lesbian sex is far pleasurable to a male viewer and less violent, mind you.

Y: The Last Man : Yorick, the last man on Earthfinally meets up with his former girlfriend Beth in Paris after nearly five years Walking the Earth. Yorick: eagerly You were with ladies?

Supergirl: I met a girl tonight. Boomer: Double Takethen grin Explain. And do not leave out any details. Supergirl: hits him with a pillow Idiot. Another hero in a costume. Committing image to memory. Ravager: Someone get a video camera. Feljikk: I see we missed the party. Otaz: Not your kind of party. Feljikk, Avery, Hinks: in unison Sez you! In Kyon: Big Damn HeroKyon had a dream involving Adult! He stopped thinking about it before going into any detail.

In Opening Dangerous Gatesthe guys all do typical Nosebleed and other reactions when Cana playfully gropes Lucy. They do this again when Rangiku glomps Lucy and ends up straddling her with their breasts pressing together. Doing It Right This Time : According Asuka, Shinji always likes watching when she and Rei make out.

Due to radiation from a special chunk of kryptonite, Asuka seduces Misato and both women start making out. After seeing what they were doing, Shinji called his friend Kensuke and told him getting over there and for the love of God, bring his camera. In Suzumiya Haruhi No Indexwhen the adult Asahina from the future gives Kaori Kanzaki a hug, resulting in their boobs pressing together, Kyon finds it arousing, then berates himself for his dirty thoughts. Played with in the NCIS fic Shards To a Whole.

Both Tim and Jimmy approve. This turns out to be Foreshadowing for later chapters, when the Palmers and the McGees enter into a long-term polyamorous relationship with each other. But the hot action is a duel between the heroine and the School Bully during a sword-fighting lesson, in which the bully is royally trounced by a hitherto disregarded opponent. Who has recently received Igor-tooled eye implants cloned from a master sword-fighter.

In Thousand Shinji :. When Rei mentions that Asuka dragged her into the shower stall, pinned her beneath the shower and scrubbed her body until she was fully lathered, Toji and Shinji get nosebleeds.

Mentioned when Rei fantasizes about her and Asuka making out hot to get a girl to like you Shinji watches "with amusement". Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion has Rivalz and to a lesser degree, Suzaku get turned on to the point of distraction by the flirting between C. Lelouch, being used to such activities thanks to his bedroom escapadesis able to ignore them. The rules for a fanart contest run by the Naruto The Abridged Series creators; "NO YAOI.

That Guy with the Glasses :. During the TGWTG Year One BrawlSpoony and Sage conspire to get The Nostalgia Chick and That Girl with the Goggles to fight, while they take pictures with their phones.

There was going to be a reciprocation of Spoony and Sage having a girlish pillow fight, but they only had time hot to get a girl to like you one take, and it was ruined by everyone cracking up at their eerily accurate performances. Princess Tutu Abridged plays with this. Ultra Fast Pony :. The episode "A Library With No Twilight" parodies this phenomenon.

The Interactive Narrator clearly wants Applejack and Rarity to hook up, and uses his narration to read entirely too much subtext into their interactions.

Applejack and Rarity want no part of this, and eventually bond platonically by mocking the narrator. In "The Best Episode Ever", Twilight Sparkle tries to pander to the audiencebut she misunderstands and thinks the fans want "smoking hot thespian action". In the Skypiea Arc, Nami ends up kissing Robin in the midst of her gold-fueled euphoria.

Played for Laughs in Hot Fuzz : After the female police officer takes down the Knife Nut "psycho bitch" with a " Slippery When Wet " sign, no lessshe quips "Nothing like a bit of girl on girl! They were willing to kiss and fondle each other, but they were Yaoi Fangirls as well. Parodied in Undercover Brother when a catfight breaks out: the guys stop fighting themselves, pull up lounge chairs and break out the popcorn.

Technically, he was planning on proposing before she asked—he said he had something to ask her, and she asked if he wanted to watch her do it with another girl.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. How do you judge the winner in a make-out contest? Appears at the end of Requiem for a Dreamwhere Marion performs a lesbian sex act on stage so she could have money for drugs. In Carry On Girlsthis trope is subverted during a catfight between two models fighting over a "stolen" bikini. The men watching on are either disgusted the Dirty Old Man is absolutely terrified or try to stop them, getting attacked by the fighters in the process.

Strangely, the other female models are aroused and cheer the women on. A very, very obscure short film shows a date with the Inner Monologue of both the guy and the girl. At one point, she mentions going to a party with her girlfriends, and for the next thirty seconds all the male can think of is "Lesbian slumber party! Mostly played for laughs. Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman has a scene.

Scott Pilgrim: You had a sexy phase? Kate: Get out of here, you little perv! In Almost NightEd is rather happy to enjoy watching Stella and her girlfriend. In the Discworld novel Thud! In My Almost Epic SummerDrew dares the two lead females to make out in a closet. In Pretty Little Liars all the Typical Rosewood Boys are suddenly talking to Emily when she is outed by "A".

In the Magic Ex Libris series, the Hero expresses this sentiment after his crush makes a rather thinly-veiled comment about her gender preferences. In The Dresden Files book Blood Rites it is revealed this trope exists purely because the centuries, if not millennia old, King Raith of the White Court, an incubus, prefers this over guys with guys.

The Man Show loved this trope, and had a couple of skits showing as much. Camcorders for Lesbians, a fake charity dedicated to sending donated camcorders to lesbian couples so they can record themselves. Jimmy once went out on the street to find women who would make out on camera for twenty dollars.

Used in an episode of Ally McBeal. Ling Woo asks Ally out on a date and later they dance together to entice the men who are flirting with them. Joey: Well, there was that one time that Monica and Rachel got together. Monica and Rachel: What?!! Rachel: Excuse me, there was no time! How might that go? Chandler: Totally worth it! You gonna be very proud of me. I just got us dates with two unbelievably cute nurses. Phoebe: Oh my god!

Are you out of your mind? Lets throw some Jell-O on them! Jessi: I want to fuck u can do anything Kyle can do. Josh: Can you make out with Amanda? Cause that would be hot. JJ: Bit cramped in there. Me, two girls and one tent. Anyway, I need a wee and a Tic Tac. Hot to get a girl to like you Are you okay with this?

Foreman: Okay with it? I paid fifty bucks for it. Eric: [to Hyde] Is this really happening? Chuck: If you two want to kiss. Jay: Our wives ran off with other men. Herman: No, our wives ran off with each other! Herman: We were stunned as they spent hours exploring the delights of Thai massage. Jay: But why would we have divorced them?

They could do it all they liked, as long as we were allowed to watch! Heather: I should slap you. Stephanie: I should slap you. Sherlock: And I assume in a number of compromising scenarios.

Mycroft: An imaginative range, we are assured. Tom: Hey, how many of you guys have hot to get a girl to like you and how many of you girlfriends have guy friends? Mark: The most special kind of love of all is the love that exists between two naked women while I watch! I got a hit by flaunting this — full lesbianism.

It is not what I usually doI just wanted Number One. I kissed a girl just to have a hitand you lot all bloody fell for it. The crowd got into it too, chanting "HLA! A bit of hot to get a girl to like you for the HLA thing.

It started as nothing short of a ratings stunt, where the WWE promised they would have live "hot lesbian action" on TV, and even instructed color commentator Jerry Lawler to mention it constantly. As in, right before every commercial break. They finally brought the lesbians out. They hugged, kissed, and then came the Bait and Switch. At one point, Bischoff tried to convince Vince McMahon not to fire him by attempting to ply him with " bisexual lesbians ".

They kissed and we got a fade to black. What makes this a valid example of this trope is that according to Torrie, when they were filming it, most of the roster crowded around the set to watch. Alexis Laree had came to Ring of Honor because it was an extra serious promotion and she was ready to get away from this sort of thing. Unfortunately for her, hot to get a girl to like you, ROH had a working relationship with JAPW and soon enough, Allison Danger of the exotico "Christopher Street Connection" had set her sights on Laree and was uninterested in Laree not sharing her attraction.

It should be noted though, the men in the connection Mace and Buff E got pops for kissing other men just as Danger did Laree. While Mickie James was with the WWE, she would sometimes flicker into being a lesbian, and her finishing move of kicking the other girl in the face would become kissing the other girl to momentarily stun her, and then kicking her in the face.

It never lasted for long, for some reason, but it was always extremely popular with the fans. When Angelina Love and Winter got together, this got subverted, since the audience tends to boo them for being heels no matter what they do Angelina and Winter have kissed onscreen without stopping the boos. Subverted in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where Taeler Hendrix and Heidi Lovelace were in a sex in her sleep relationship but never kissed in public until after their relationship had come to an end.

The crowd constantly chants "Kiss! Said Howard Stern on his show : "Nothing gives me a woody like two chicks getting it on.

This causes Ronald to abandon all reason and charge headlong across the Wasteland to his death. In the "Lair of the Shadow Broker" DLC, at the start of the reconciliation scene with Liara, she mentions seeing Joker. If you are playing a female Shepard, she goes on to say that Joker asked if the two of you would be reenacting scenes from Vaenia an in-universe vid starring some glamorous asari, implied to be porn or at least the equivalent of R-rated.

Girl On Girl Is Hot. Guy on guy is not. Dragon Age: Origins has Oghren, who most definitely believes this. When the Templar guarding the ferry to the Circle of Magi expresses interest in her, Leliana awkwardly turns him down by claiming to be a "poetess". The other men sometimes tell stories about them.

The stories sheltered templars tell will pale in comparison to mine. Would you like to hear my tales of debauchery and excess?

Which makes him wonder. Hisao: So what did she and Rin do that got her ill? Hisao: Steady on, old lad. This popped up in General Protection Fault when Sharon and Ki got how to get your wife to have sex with you a Catfight due to a conflict of authority. Turns up in the Death Note fancomics by Silent Reaper, hot to get a girl to like you, where Takada and Misa get into a catfight.

Duncan in Niels is at one point determined to set up Natalie his wife with another woman. Johnny Danger comments on the lightsaber duel between the gruff and cynical Dr. Belinda Reines and Darth Tiffany in Legostar Galactica by wanting to get Jello involved, or at least have them get down and dirty in the mud of Dagobah.

The One Guy in Crossroads of Booger County turns out to be a Yuri Fan ; since the other four main characters are a lesbian, what makes a woman sexy Transparent Closet case, a proclaimed straight woman who spent much of college in a lesbian relationship, and his murdered girlfriend, make a girl go ooh has some ramifications.

When Robin is pimping out her roommate on the page called the benefit of having friends Sparky asked weather her girlfriend is a girl and a friend or a girl on girl friend. Reynardine from Gunnerkrigg Court asks if the two female leads are about to kiss after a tender make-up because he "would be interested in watching".

She stomps on him before he can say something stupid. El Goonish Shive :. Played with in the non-continuity story "Goonmanji".

And subverted rather hilariouslyas well. Teen Genius Tedd is more or less the incarnation of this trope. The Westermark Effect is a cruel, hot to get a girl to like you mistress, although there is a fan theory that Tedd is simply in denial about finding his own cousin attractive, hence the unconvincingly exaggerated response.

When Duck, one of the comic shop regulars, learns that Nanase and Ellen are in a relationship, he immediately reports this to his friends:. Duck: You know how we all dreamed of dating Nanase someday? That dream is dead, but something magical has taken its place. I just want to make out with you instead. What hair color they got? Angel: Both are redheads, sir. Gabe: Yes, but I do read Lesbonese. If you know what I mean. If they can be "with" each other now yes, "now", hot to get a girl to like you, as far as a sixth grader knew this was a brand new invention what the hell will they want with us?

As if I needed to be more insecure. Chip Cheezum : I feel really weird right now. Narrator: If your movie comes after Frozentrue love only exists between two girls. Melantha is super supportive of all of my decisions. I wanted to tell you that Hailey and I have now done things together. In a sexual fashion.

Melantha : Oh yes, we did that, and we did some other things. And we did some other things still, and those things were really, really good. You know, all the sexy things. The kind where we touch. Hailey : Almost everything.

In an episode of American Dad! Then it cuts to a shot of Stan sitting with his jacket on his lap. In-universe, hot to get a girl to like you, their kiss was popular enough to get an audio book read by Droopy Dog.

Quagmire, Peter, and every straight male in Quahog are obviously big fans of this. This trope was parodied in a beer commercial that Lois was watching which had two bikini babes drinking beer and making out. Lois remarks "Oh, that is such a male fantasy! In an another episode, Meg pretends to be a lesbian, because that way the lesbian community in her school accepts her. The episode where Peter is sent to Sensitivity Training and comes back as a Straw Feminist.

Watching Lois and the sensitivity training instructor have a Cat Fight snaps him out of it. The episode "Stew-Roids" with Bonnie asks Lois to put suntan lotion on her back; she removes her bra and Lois removes her shirt. Then, there is the banned episode where Lois meets her college friend, whom she experimented with. He knows what turns you on!

Alternative Title s :. Everythings Better With LesbiansEverything Is Better With Lesbians. Turn of the Millennium. Guy on Guy Is Hot. Give Me a Sign. The Goals of TVTropes, hot to get a girl to like you. You Know That Show.

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