How to get your wife to have sex with you

how to get your wife to have sex with you

How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex With You 1 Million Couples Can't Be Wrong Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year.
Video embedded  · 5 Reasons Your Wife Won't Have Sex With You. pm ET If you want your wife to treat you like a man, you have to act like a man.
Why Your Wife Hates Sex and What You Can Do About It. Getting inside your wife 's head Why your wife hates sex .. Submitted by Bored in Boston on June 11. how to get your wife to have sex with you

You may envy the wild life of young, single men. You might imagine their escapades, that they sleep with a different woman every night. But I have news for you: Research has shown that married men have significantly more sex than their single counterparts. As a seducing sex man, on the other hand, you have theoretically a sexual partner by your side every day.

Yet sexuality is a natural and essential part of intimate human partnerships. So what can you do to create an atmosphere of greater intimacy and more sex? Creating a climate for intimacy is easier than you might think. So here are five simple strategies to help you have more sex with your wife, starting today. Do relaxing breathing twice a day - When men are stressed, their testosterone levels drop.

And when their levels drop, they have a lower libido. Relaxing breaths reduce stress. Go to bed at the same time as your wife - This may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that many couples develop chronic patterns of separate bed times.

Doing so creates a climate of separateness and emotional distance. Pick at least one or two nights a week when you always go to bed together.

Start your bed time with spooning or snuggling and see where it leads. Compliment and thank your wife every day - Nothing leads more to "come hither" than gratitude and compliments. Women - and men for that matter - want to be appreciated.

They want to be noticed, admired, and complimented. Conversely, nothing leads more to "not tonight dear" or girls fucking a girl have a headache" than complaints.

Keep the compliments flowing. However, when life gets busy, spontaneity may never happen! Plan, anticipate and enjoy the wait.

Hint at what you are looking forward to and build the anticipation. When the time comes, try showering together, lighting candles or massaging with lotion.

Have a leisurely evening of sensuality. Women, in particular, enjoy the ritual and soft touch of romance. Talk to your wife and listen! You might want to have sex in order to feel connected but guess what? Women want to feel connected in order to have sex.

And, for women, chatting reduces stress. Just spend a little time each day listening to the woman you love. Then watch her stress levels drop and her sense of connection to you skyrocket. Use these five strategies to create more intimacy, more connection, more sizzle, and less stress in your marriage.

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How to get your wife to have sex with you - shooting

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