Making a woman happy

making a woman happy

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Making a woman happy - music consumption

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Marriage: Making a woman happy

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making a woman happy

Together we can all live happily "lesser" after by choosing the simple life, saving money, making freezer meals and learning to love the simple life. I finally decided to try and make my own homemade laundry detergent using ingredients you can buy at your local supermarket. I was a little bit worried when I saw how many ingredients I needed to buy to make this, and wondered if this would really be cost effective or not. But after making this, doing the math and using it I can tell I will always be making and using my own homemade from now on.

And that was without using coupons. If some coupons become available you will spend even less, making a woman happy. The first step is to grate your Fels-Naptha Bar. You could use Ivory soap just microwave it and it will foam where you can just crush it into a fine grade.

Then I poured each one of the ingredients inside like so. I have been using it for months now, making a woman happy. My daughter has really sensitive skin, and this has been wonderful for her since all the others out there have add-ins. So I did the math of course, to figure out how much per load this recipe makes. But watch for coupons on these items to even make the cost lower. And you can save so much money by making this yourself.

Plus I wanted to share this awesome comment posted from Nick thanks for your service Nick! I am back with Tide When making homemade making a woman happy detergent stick with name brand stuff no generic type names. My clothes are always clean, it might be your water. I think tide makes clothes dingy, Persil is the best on whites, making a woman happy. I buy an extra bar of Fels Naptha to use in removing stubborn stains. Just wet the area and scrub with the bar. For very tough stains, you can mix one part blue down soap, making a woman happy, one part baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide, rub it on the stain both sides and let it sit for a couple of hours before washing it!

Borax is the main ingredient for me. A navy man thanked me for removing all the dirt stains. Borax removes stains, smells and cleans well without removing the color of your clothes. And Borax does no harm. For very soiled clothes, fill the washer up and let them soak an hour before washing them. Just push the knob in to stop the washing process. Pull it back out to start it again. The baking soda softens as it cleans your clothes. I have been making this for a while. Tweaked it a bit as I had found other recipes, making a woman happy.

I figured it about. Mostly I like that I know the ingredients. Thanks for letting me share. How much Epsom salt do you add? What is the benefit. I cannot imagine using anything else. I handle all our making a woman happy, this recipe really gets clothes looking great, gets out stains.

I even give my laundry soap as gifts, and I give the recipe with it! I 10 ways to seduce a girl invest in a stain remover if you are worried about stains. I have children and have used this recipe for a while. You may want to invest in a stain remover. I made a pretreat out of this recipe. Pour into spray bottles. Shake well… Hello All. I made this today and it actually cost me MORE to make than to buy at the store.

I also put essential oils in it to give it a nice scent. Gonna try it right now. I know this is gonna sound a little silly, BUT one of the best and gentlest ways to get the stains out of the baby clothes, especially those formula stains, is to BOIL the local black sluts. I have saved so many shirts by doing this…even when i thought all was lost.

My friend is from Great Britain and its something her Mother used to do, once i tried it, i was hooked!! And again, its super safe and gentle. I still put it through a wash cycle afterwards but it took out each and every stain, including old ones! I just question how much you had of that and how much you would need to buy yearly and how often that sale is. I skip the downy scent things for the same reason. My locally owned grocer keeps these things in stock for about the same price, making a woman happy.

I buy by the case and save even more. When you shop locally, you can often make friends with the staff and they are always happy to pass bulk savings on! As another person stated. The great thing about this recipe is that it is consistently inexpensive, no sale needed.

The BEST thing about this recipe is that my very sensitive-skinned family does not react to it. As a bonus, they love the way it smells when I make it with ZOTE. Well, I will admit that I made an error when making my above comment. That said, what do women want out of sex several others have pointed out.

But to be completely honest. They had sauce on sale the other day at the grocery store for about the same price as your sauce cost you to make. Karrie seemed to be able to ignore the comment and it was directed at her! And, yes, she puts a lot of time into her blog, but by the looks of the ads on her site, she make a tidy profit. At any rate, maybe the best course of action wouuld be to not stir the pot.

I use two parts blue Dawn dish soap with one part hydrogen peroxide, and that seemed to work better on the greasy stains my two and four year old sons bless me with!

I have a lot better places I can spend money than on laundry detergent. Um, read the labels on everything. And, to be a downer., making a woman happy. I would not prep this stuff without using a mask or some form of respirator.

Much less allow a small child to mix it up not wearing stuff. How do I know this? I will give this one a try, but will def. I like being alive too much. We do alot of laudry too. I use Zote Flakes instead of bar soaps. It is so much easier. I refuse to shop at Walmart, but I have a front load washer, can I use the recipe and pour how to get your lady in the mood bit of spring water to washer it down the hole?

Just as their coupons do. Well most of them. When comparing the cost per load, as what sexually arouses women are doing here, making a woman happy, there is no rounding.

Do you have a HE frontloader? So I have always used liquid. Do you have this problem with this recipe? I would love to do this. I like that you try things out before posting them and broke down the math for us too!! Hi Heidi, Yes I have a HE frontloader. I removed the little cup thingie for liquid read the manual on that ha so that I could use powder. Its been working perfectly fine for me. A little goes a long way.

So for an HE frontloader, do you put the powder in with the clothes, or in where you normally would pour the liquid soap? I used the recipe that uses Fels Naptha, Borax and Super washing soda.

Could I just add some oxy clean to it? Hi Kelly, I have a HE frontloader and I removed the little cup thingie super scientific, right?

I have never added Oxyclean to a liquid detergent recipe after it has been mixed but I think it would be worth a try! I make the liquid like takes up a lot of space. So, I thought I would try here.

It leaves a cloudy film on some of my silverware — not all of it. Everything else is great, making a woman happy. I use the vinegar as the rinse ad. Any other suggestions — did you have this problem? I have a front loader and I put the soap in with the clothes. I have not been using the soap dispenser, I can but I just put the soap right in with the clothes, making a woman happy.

I put my soap in with the clothes also. I read that soap accumulates in the dispenser and you have to clean it regularily. I have a problem with grease stains on my Moms slacks, the grease is some sort of medical ointment the nursing home uses on her skin. Making a woman happy anyone has any better idea let me know.

I tried soaking in oxi-clean and I tried a stain remover, and clorox. I have the batch done. Can I boil it now? I was worried about that also, but it has never happened. The great thing about this soap is this: It gets rid of hard-to-get out odors too, like cat pee and the grease and coal dust my husband comes home from work with. I am sure my kids use more than they are supposed to use, but even considering that, it is much cheaper for me to make this than to buy branded detergent.

Is that just the dirt from the clothes? I am not sure what that is. That has never happened to me before. Hopefully it was just getting those clothes clean! As My grandmother always said, If a detergent is making suds, its not cleaning. It just making suds! There is no residue in the holder, and none in the washer itself. The borax and washing soda will clean the drain hose as well from buildup from other detergents at least it did mine.

I have sensitivities to the optical brighteners in some detergents, so I either have to use free and clear detergent or make my own, making a woman happy. But when you make the liquid you see that this rinses CLEAN. The bucket i make it, all i do is Swirl water in it and there is NO reside at all. Add a little ammonia to get them really clean. It making a woman happy either way I for one will not go back to buying washing powders thank you for putting this recipe on here hope this helps.

Less ingredients, fast, easy making a woman happy CHEAP. I have yet to try a liquid version, but I just might have to someday. Thanks for sharing your recipe. When you put your solution in an empty laundry container, how much of the soap do you use? Do you use the measuring cup that comes with the original laundry soap container and follow the amount scribed on the measuring cup?

I use a half cup each load and it works great! Woo hoo — that would even be less expensive than my recipe, nice! I have been wondering about dishwasher soap too, awesome! The kool aid contains citric acid that helps to remove powdery deposits and water spots on the dishes. I have been using this recipe for several months now… Horney site love it!!

I like it better than tide… I think my clothes come out looking way better! And, the vinegar rinses out anything my family might be allergic to… we have some sensitive skin issues in my home. I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it out when I finally ran out of my stocked up laundry detergent and have to admit I LOVE IT! I have a front loading HE washer as well and it works great even with just grating the soap.

Theresa I would be interested to hear about the fabric softener receipt. But I think I will be giving it a try soon so would love to have the ingredients ready to making a woman happy all at the same time. Does the vinegar also keep the static out of dried clothes? I use felted wool balls in the dryer. How to seduce a woman to bed need to come up with a new recipe!

Please consider using Fels Naptha instead of Zote. Zote is imported whereas Fels Naptha is Made In the USA creating jobs in the US! The price difference between the two is neglibile when you take into account the Zote has a much higher water content.

I would like to try this but I was wondering when you wash your whites can you add bleach to the homemade detergent? You can, or for a more natural approach, you could add a cup of hydrogen peroxide. I think this works MUCH better than bleach and is better for the environment as well. I have very iron-rich well water and even with a water softener and filter, I get iron stains on everything. Since I have been using this, my whites have looked so much better.

I think the bleach might have actually made the iron stain even more than using nothing at all. Do you think hydrogen peroxide is a better whitener than the biokleen? There is a warning on the side of the Oxy Clean container that warns against mixing with bleach. My husband actually pointed that out.

You already have a whitener in the oxi-clean. If you are planning to add Oxyclean, DO NOT ADD BLEACH. Another word of caution — recipe without Oxyclean added if you decide you are going to add vinegar to your rinse water, please DO NOT use chlorine bleach in the wash. The making a woman happy produces a deadly gas and can kill. Please be careful when rinsing with vinegar and washing with chlorine bleach. Do yourself a favor and periodically remix ingredients before filling your container.

Finally, the recipe works best with soft water, the harder your water is, the less this soap or a store bought detergent cleans. My dishwasher soap recipe is: equal parts borax and baking soda. I have noticed I can get the water spots so I will sometimes run a few loads of the dollar store like Sun brand dishwasher soap. But borax is AMAZING, making a woman happy. More people need to know how easy this is! The liquid is more of a hassle to make and I agree about it not getting the clothes as clean.

I use more detergent when I use the liquid so I am not sure if it is cost efficient or not. Oxyclean starts to react when mixed with water, so it becomes less potent as time goes by.

I used to use the liquid and my clothes were getting dingy. I love this recipe, and the Purex Crystals make it smell so nice! I have found it to work better than the liquid. The powder is easier to make also, so maybe give that a try to see if you have better results. I use Epsom salt rather than the fabric softener crystals, put white vinegar in the rinse compartment and use felted wool balls into the dryer no static!

I also use hydrogen peroxide in the bleach compartment with my whites. I can honestly say that this works as well as or maybe even better than Tide, which I swore by for most of my life. I have iron-rich well water and have even noticed a reduction in iron stains. My machine is a front-load HE washer. Just thought I would add that I have my local grocery store order Fels-Naptha soap by the case for me.

It is quite a bit cheaper this way. I make a huge batch of detergent, using the whole case of soap. I have just started researching about making my on laudry soap.

Some people say they can make the soap smell like gain it any scent you like. Where do you get the scents? The only scent I used was from the purex crystals I ironman3movie.infoise it would be nearly fragrance free.

I am guessing you could add in some drops of essential oils perhaps? I have heard about using powdered laundry detergent in place of the bar soap. That way it might smell like Gain or Tide or making a woman happy you choose. Gain makes the fabric softener pellets that are like the Downy or Purex ones that you see in the picture. I have one of those from Gain, making a woman happy, and in the bottle it smells almost like baby lotion.

You could use one of those…I think Gain has at least two scents. Thank you and God Bless you. I just found this the other day and cannot wait to try it! I was curious though… Do I need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets or is that unnecessary with this detergent?

And add essensial oil if you like scent. I use it until the softness runs out, for me a long time, because I like to air dry everthing except towels. Karrie, try not using softener except vinegar for a load of towels against a load with downy ect and see the difference in the absorbancy. It is recommended that you should not use fabric softener with towels as it reduces the absorbency of the towel.

I just made my first batch of this! I did some research to decide between Fels-Naptha and Zote and decided to go with the Zote since the ingredient list is readily available. I bought the pink bar since its my favorite color and I thought it would look nice. To combat that I put it in the freezer for a while and grated afterward. Worked like a charm! I mixed everything up and have never been so anxious to do laundry! Thanks so much for sharing this! I use Zote too. Then drop the cooled soap puffs into the food processor and they break into nice granulated powder.

No sticking on your blades and melts in cold water wash. I grated mine once then again in food processor with borax. It helped it not stick and allowed for smaller particles of ivory soap. Almost like the oxy clean size. It saves so much time. Grating the soap takes too long. I made this today! I love it, it smells so FRESH!!! I had no problem with it in my HE washer! Thanks for the recipe.

Have you tried making any other soaps or household products? Did you ever get the recipe for dishwashing soap? I would love to make that. I recently lost my job and my pay and hours have been cut in half. I am looking for any all ways to save money. I can imagine the extra benefit of the OxiClean. I imagine leaving out the Baking Soda and Oxi would make it a lot more concentrated.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, maintains pH balances, and neutralizes acids and bases so it works really well in washing clothes. The Oxi is for stain removal mostly. In the olden days they used a bar of soap only, so I feel like this is a step up from that. I love this recipe. Thank you for sharing it!

It was so easy to make too. I was skeptical of making my own soap but was very impressed with the outcome. Since this recipe is for HE washers do you know how much to use for a normal washer? I shared the recipe with my friends and family and that was one of the questions that was asked.

I found this just a couple days ago. After reading a bunch of comments and how to make it I went out to walmart bought everything and made me a batch. My clothes are coming out spelling great and looking cleaner than the store bought stuff I have bought for the last many years. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love the laundry soap my sister in law had made this i got to use it for two weeks for.

After we had the septic pumped, the drainage issues went away. Just a cautionary tale for those living out in the country. I know what my city-water-and-sewer friends are getting for Christmas this year in a extra large colored mason jar with a bow! Charlotte, you could just add to a cup of really hot water. Searched for recipes for laundry soap and saw yours. Just made a batch this morning and its was so easy. The time invested which is not much is definitely worth it for the savings.

I have done three loads so far and am quite happy. I have a front loader and I took the little doodad for liquid or dry soap out of my washer and there is no soap left in my dispenser, making a woman happy. I use vinegar and baking soda for fabric softener,which I also like.

Thanks for the recipe! Do you put them BOTH in the little cup for softener? Or just one or the other? Let it cool and then place it in a Baggie and squeeze it to break it up while you watch TV.

It breaks up to a corn Meal consistency. Great for dry or liquid versions Watch out using a glass dinner plate. I microwaved my fels on one and right before it was done the plate popped and broke,so be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a cautionary tale for you. I lived in fuck all girl home WAY out in the country for most of my life.

Our washing machine water did not go into the septic system, it went down a pipe off making a woman happy side of the hill. Washing machine water should not go into the septic tank. It is notorious for causing problems. I read on one site that I could use Irish Spring soap, but I only saw it on one site. Have you heard of anyone using it successfully? I would assume that if you can use Ivory or Fels Naptha you could also try Irish Spring?

Not really sure, but if you try it come back here and let us know how it works. Irish Spring tends to cause allergic reactions, in my experience. Would stay with mild and simple if I were you. I just started making my own soap and I love it!

I am always looking for way to save money for us. I need help finding out how to make hand soap and dishdetergent and fab softner. I also heard you can make your own toothpast? Any help you can provode would be helpful. Looking forward to hereing more things about home made items.

Thanks Barb For toothpaste just mix some coconut oil in the solid state with baking soda. Make a paste consistency. Add a couple drops of peppermint essential oil to the mix. Just put in a small container with a lid. Whitens teeth better than whitening toothpaste without the other questionable ingredients they put in there. So, just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how easy it was to make my own laundry soap.

So my uniform is always SUPER stained with oil, dirt making a woman happy grease from different aircraft. My uniforms are looking great!!

So happy for your insight on this. Definatly going to spread the word. So glad to hear your experience with this recipe.

I have a question. I am going to be making my own as soon as what i have runs out and i was wondering which is better, the liquid or the powder? I have also heard that the liquid versions do not work as well, but I have never tried them too many more steps.

Im right there with you on the to many steps for the liquid…plus that makes a LOT to store so i would have to do a smaller batch…at least with the powder i can put it all in a tupperware container. Then add your clothes and wash on cold water cycle. I found this out from another blog that had a homemade detergent recipe. Made a batch of this soap today and i used it on one load and it seems to work very well and i didnt add the purex so it just smells like clean laundry which i like.

The only complaint that i have is that the soap smells SO strong…. Anyone know of any similar soap that is fragrance free or a VERY lite smell? I know that the day I make it my whole house smells like laundry soap from all the mixing and such, and yes it can be strong smells that day.

I make the liquid version and there is almost no scent once it cools. Being single, it sounds like a lot of laundry soap! Think How to make sex feel better for her will be having a soap making party with some of my other single friends! I just finished making my girt homemade detergent.

I was wondering if it would make a difference if I added the remainder of the. Oxyclean in the mixture? I like the making a woman happy soap without any additives. I keep the oxy, chlorine bleach, etc. You are not supposed to mix oxy and chlorine bleach. Newer front load HE washer. I used Ivory this last time because I found it on sale. Also found both the Borax and the Washing Soda on sale.

I generally use making a woman happy tablespoons per load, but I do very full loads the majority of the time. I have always done a quick pretreat of any stains before tossing the clothes into the washer. So you can find the products on sale and save even more. I just pick them up when I either find a coupon or see them on sale and store them until I need to make more.

Probably if I would stop giving away samples to friends, it would be closer to a year. I would never go back to commercial laundry detergent. I usually use plain white vinegar for the rinse. My daughter made homemade detergent at church about a month ago.

I honestly just put it aside and never thought about it again. Well tonight at the dinner table I asked if anyone had noticed there clothes smelling or feeling any different…ironman3movie.infone said no!!! I explained to them what I had done and to my surprise they all are EXCITED about making our own detergent!!!! I can not wait till payday :. Heather That is awesome Heather!!

My family also loves it, and it works really well. So glad you are enjoying it and saving money. Thank you for the reply! Going to grab my grater right now and begin!

Have a wonderful week! I made a batch with a recipe that was slightly different from this one. It has faded all of my color clothing and made colors bleed onto other clothing.

Is there something I can do or add to stop this. I absolutely hate the idea. Of do make have it out.

I would just make this a double batch using my recipe by adding all the other ingredients to tone it down. Wanting to try this out!! Lol so how much of each do I use to make a smaller batch until I see making a woman happy myself and prove to the husband that it does work?! Ha ha… Well you will have to buy the full boxes of these anyways so you might as well make the whole batch.

My first attept at this was with Ivory soap. Is it still okay to use? Some people have used the fels-naptha with just grating it like cheese, and I hear it works great still. I make sure mine is a nice powder by first grating it with the cheese grater and then using the food processor on the cheese size peices to make it tiny. Just make sure and get the fels naptha as small as you can, and then go for it.

Let me know how it goes! Just add a little bit of your baking soda to your food making a woman happy with your Ivory or Fels Neptha. It coats the soap and keeps it from sticking. This seems to take out most stains. Give it a try. I did and I love it. I started using this recipe in December and am soon to make another batch. I skip the Purex crystals and just started using epsom salt mixed with essential oils for softener instead. Someone asked for a recipe for dishwasher soap:

I love more natural elements. Thanks so much Beth! I googled a recipie for homemade laundry detergent, and came across your site, making a woman happy. I am anticipating a GLORIOUS LAUNDRY EXPERIENCE!

Thanks for the recipie and I will be sure to let you know what I think! Made my own washing powder but my husband got a itchy rash from it. I put the borax, super washing soda, baking soda, oxyclean,and purex crystals, just wonder has this happen to any of u all? ANY SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED. This recipe still has making a woman happy chemicals. Try eliminating the making a woman happy and substitute biokleen oxygen bleach plus for the oxyclean.

I use Dr Bronners organic bar soap also. Essential oils and vinegar in the softener section works nice. Hi recently my husband and I decided we would try saving money like never before. We cut down on our grocery bill, our electricity bill, and paper towels. I told him from the start there are certian things I cannot change. Toothpaste, deodarant, and laundry soap. I absolutely love Tide pods!!! This morning he insists we make our own laundry soap.

I was not on board! I love my Tide pods!!! I am not looking forward to using it but I will give it a try. I will let you know how I like it. Hello Maria, I do love the smell and quality of Tide as well, but this method does save some serious money! Hope you like this recipe though…it does work really well. I would say yes! I use it on my daughter who have very sensitive skin and exczema.

So I would think its safe for cloth diapers. I have been using it on cloth pocket diapers but occasionally I get a sour smell. This has been great! Thank you so much for this recipe. I have made my first batch and just love the way the kids clothes and bedding come out. I have even sent my Daughter and Son in law the recipe. They are expecting there first baby and are looking to save money. Thank you from a grateful Grandma to be. I am so going to try this!

Question, can I add bleach for color in powder form or is the oxyclean acting as a bleach? I am a single mother and a student, and have to save money.

I used the Downy unstoppables. Thank you so much! Dial owns both borax and fels-naptha. I have had good luck emailing dial and asking for coupons for these specific products before. With coupons I have been able to get the price down making a woman happy under a penny a load.

Also, my husband is very picking about how his clothes smell and greatly dislikes most perfumes in detergent. I usually use vinegar in a downy ball as my fabric softener which works great. It was a fun family project.

It smells so great, i cannot wait to use it. I am stopping at walmart after work to get the ingredients. Super excited to try this. I also read on another blog that you can call Henkel and get coupons for the borax and fels naptha soap but the number is a little different than the one that was posted previously. I tried to micriwave the Ivory soap like you mentioned but it just came out pasty. Is it supposed to fall into little bits once crushed? I am at a loss of how to revive this soap to make the detergent.

Once totally cool I add it to a ziploc bag and use my rolling pin to crush it to bits. It works great and rugs smell good. I have also put it in dry form in some old suitcases I bought to take some of the musty smell away. Have even used it sprinkled on my deck making a woman happy hosed down after something got making a woman happy a bag of trash. Wanted to get up on a soap box and shout out the recipe! Would also be great for going camping, to the beach, any travel, and for college students!

Even my elderly dad who has a problem lifting the big bottles! I was wondering if there was a different alternative to Ivory or Fels-Naptha? I have not been able to use Ivory since I was a teenager. It makes my hands swell and not sure I wanna waste my money trying the Fels-Naptha.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I do not use bar soaps, I use only liquid soap for hands and dishes. I do not like the way bar soap feels on my hands.

I did look at the ingredients for both suggestions and they have all the same ingredients so I cannot narrow it down to what I could be allergic to. Oh and you are welcome I like websites like this where making a woman happy help other people. Hmmm… well, you have to be careful with allergies. I am not sure. Maybe try this detergent recipe without the soap?

Not sure if your clothes will come out as clean… Or you could make your own homemade bar soap like I did wait a few months for it to cure, grate it down to use in your own natural laundry soap like pioneers did! Here is a link to making homemade soap.

There is a company locally that sells the Coconut Oil at a more reasonable price. I use the coconut oil for cooking baking and even spreading on toast due to it being healthier than butter.

Does the epson salt cause any problems like rust? Am Making a woman happy supposed to have bubbles? I have a high effeciency laundry machine and never seem to get bubbles on any laundry detergents. So I am not sure how this works on other machines. I have been using this detergent for almost a year. I am in fact just about to make my second batch! I had lost my recipe so was very glad to find this!

It even gets my husbands dirty work clothes clean and I use cold water! Mix in a cute bottle and leave on washer. My daughter has made this several times and she puts a little bit of the washing soda into the soap when she processes it the second time. When I tried to do it the first time it all stuck together but when I tried it that way it works much better!

I think it would be making a woman happy to use a whole container if you wanted to for extra stain protection though.

Too much will cause your clothes to fade. Regarding the use of vinegar… which I love to use as a cleaner for floors, mirrors, making a woman happy, counter, etc …it is very harsh on your washers components gaskets, seals, etc. Most machines warn against it. Just mixed mine up tonight. We used the lavender Purex Crystals and it smells great! I just made my first batch!

I must say it smells lovely… I grated the fels up and then put it in my food prosser but it ended up like in little balls and it is not mixing like I thought it would.

Hope this changes how it mixes. Adding the borax I noticed keep the soap dry and the soap will grate to a fine dust. I just mixed up my first batch. When I have used Oxyclean on darks in the past, they have faded quite a bit. Just want to make sure to use the right amount of everything. I also got the oxyclean big container to help with stains. I found your site a month or so ago and loved it. About a week ago my hard drive crashed and I never wrote down your web page name.

Thank you for the hard work you put into it, making a woman happy. Mike Oh my goodness, thank you SO much Mike! I am just so sorry it took that long to find me…next time just google homemade laundry detergent — I am one of the first ones you will find in search.

I kid you not. Thank you so much. Does anyone have children with skin sensitivities? My oldest gets a rash is we use anything but free and clear. Has anyone tried this with sensitive skin?

Before I go spend the money on something I can not use. Give it a try and see what you think. No Animal By-Products because it is:.

Never Tested on Animals. No Synthetic Detergents I found the Zote laundry flakes at Walmart and put them in my chopper to grate into smaller pieces. Is this safe for newborns? Either way if you have to buy a separate soap for baby you still dont spend as much: so excited to try this!

Any idea if this homemade detergent is safe for cloth diapers? Use the higher amount of OxyClean for stains, and maybe try Ivory soap rather than Fels-Naptha.

Frankly, making a woman happy, I never used a separate baby laundry detergent and never had a problem! I did avoid fabric softeners though. Making a woman happy another blog I saw that baking soda affects they way cloth diapers absorb liquid and, by they way, so do fabric softeners.

It pretty much the reason I am making my own health and beauty products now. Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this laundry detergent. I was introduced to it by one of my co-workers who has been using it for almost a year, making a woman happy. She brought some in to work to share with me once I expressed an interest in making it. I washed and washed and washed and really enjoyed the fresh, clean smell in my laundry room.

Thanks for sharing, I am hooked. I made your laundry detergent after it was highly recommended by a friend and reading all of the positive feedback here on your blog, but now I have a little problem….

Many of our t-shirts are coming out of the wash smelling less than fresh in the arm pit regions, which is a major bummer. Have you or anyone else had this problem? What would you recommend? I also have a recipe if you cant find the fels napa to use ivory soap. I have used it and it works fine, but the scent of ivory is strong for me.

I prefer the fels napa. For those concerned about residue, etc. I just rub it on the stain after wetting the stain with water, and then launder. She never used softener for towels. Thanks for the info and all of the informative comments. We go through so much detergent I have decided this is the way to go. So the liquid versopn for us is out and the clothing smells bad after washing! I will try this version in hopes that I can make it work!

Otherwise back to Tide I go, which has always worked great, yea it cost more, but sometimes u get what u pay for! I have one question, as far as the in-scent boosters like the Downey crystals, do u all to the laudry recipe when u make it, or do u add from its container each time you do load? I am going to post ur site on my FB page as well, since I have a lot of peeps asking about homemade laundry detergernt!

Thanks for the recipe idea! Hi Amanda, I add the crystals right to the mix. It is optional, but if you like a little bit of scent and softener its great. Thanks for sharing on your facebook! Please note that any form of scent that is not essential oil or natural based is a potential health hazard in regards to phthalates.

Too many scented products utilize phthalates to fix the fragrance. I used the larger size of Oxi Clean. Should I go ahead and mix up an additional double batch before I use any of it. I just wanted to make sure I was using the right amount.

I used the larger sized Oxi Clean. Should I make another batch to mix with this since I have too much Oxi? I am asking cause you said it smells like oranges, making a woman happy. Thanks for letting us know!! Also, for front loaders, do you pour detergent inside the wash with the clothes or do you add it to the designated spot for detergent on the machine. I pour my detergent into the detergent spot on my machine, just remove the liquid container and add it in directly. I also added essential oil for fragrance instead of fragrance crystals.

I just wanted to say thanks for this! Better than Tide, and obviously way healthier. I also wanted to add- I use it to mop my floors and its fantastic!

I hate super sudsy mop water because its so hard to get off the floors, and I had been looking for an alternative. I use a tablespoon for a bucket of hot water. I wish my steam making a woman happy could use this solution! I think I may go scrub the kitchen…. LOL FAIL: I just tried it, will have to pass back with a clean cloth to re-steam the floor to get the film off…on the upside, it smelled fabulous…LOL Mopping your floors with vinegar water works well, making a woman happy.

White vinegar is a cheap alternative to expensive Swiffer products. Also for the bathtub…warm up vinegar and a couple squirts of dishsoap in the microwave. Wipe down walls and fixtures with warm vinegar mix with wash cloth. All of soap scum will come off and shower will look brand new. Amen…Vinegar is a wonder product. I use it for fabric softener, mopping, the floor is so clean feeling under my bare feet…lol… cleaning my bathtub and shower, cleaning my dishwasher and for soaking my feet when doing pedicures.

Thanks for posting, Dawn. We can get by with so many less expensive products things if we will just make the effort. I make homemade washing detergent dry and liquid with a couple of recipes just to try them for comparison. So far it works great. Although we have encountered a problem this past weekend, making a woman happy. Has anyone experienced this? It maybe the oxyclean. And it made a grey shirt Kelly Green?

Not certain but that could be it. I had that happen too; I just re-washed. Just my humble opinion. That very well could be Diane. So everyone make sure and do one load first with just the detergent inside and no clothes. Going to try yours and also making a woman happy the crystals to see if that helps. I did not use the Oxyclean at all and put in Purex color saft bleach instead, making a woman happy. I want to make this for our football team uniforms.

They have industrial machines. Do you think that I would use the same amount or a little more? How big are the machines? The machine are larger than normal. Especially since they get really dirty. They do have the greased lightning to pre-treat them as well. I love your site and your story! Thanks to you, I am going to try making my own laundry detergent AND lip balm.

Have you or any of your readers come across anything like this? Thanks for the response. Keep up the great work! I will never buy store bought detergent again!

When people switch to the DIY version, they often switch to vinegar as a fabric softener or rinse agent. The problem is that vinegar reverses the saponification process, separating the soap and turning it into oil. When this happens, your clothes literally come out dirtier than they went in. I have learned that my HE front loader does leak fabric softener into the wash cycle, so I no longer use the vinegar.

I made this lovely concoction over the weekend and used the Downy Unstoppables making a woman happy like pink bubble gum. My family is IN LOVE with this detergent! Our son is active in multiple sports and has REALLY nasty clothes.

May you and your family be ever so Blessed! Aweee, that is so nice to hear! So glad it works well for you and your family. I have a wrestler too, so I know exactly what you mean. I am so happy that I found your site! I look forward to exploring your world further!

I have a making a woman happy house water softener. Will these ingredients and proportions still work? Sounds great- Elissa I am stunned, the mix works very well. I only made a small batch to test it out. Thanks for sharing this info. Truly the internet has made a lot of resources available to those willing to search, simplify and reuse our limited resources.

Is it safe to use at the Laundromat? I have tried other DIY detergents, but I making a woman happy your recipe better?

But where do you buy your supplies? Found all of making a woman happy at my local Walmart — look in the laundry section, you should see them all there.

On the soap unable to find the Fels-Naptha and did find the Zote Flakes but had no idea how much to put into the mixture still……. Saved me time by buying the Zote flakes but think next time will try the soap bar……. Also use a bar of fels naptha for stubborn stains my sons greasy work clothes. What a great recipe! I have been using my homemade liquid detergent tired of the big ole bucket and the shakingbut will be trying your dry recipe over the weekend.

I have noticed some comments about dingy, white clothes. I have had this problem with all laundry detergents at times. The cure to dingy whites for me was BLUING I buy Mrs. And a little goes a long way. If I wanted to make a smaller batch and use all the items bit only use one soap, how much of the other items what turns woman on sexually I use to make it equal?

Some recipes used Oxi-clean, however a lot of the sites left out the baking soda and oxi-clean. I am super stoked to try this, thank you so much for sharing!!! I have a good feeling that this recipe is going to be extremely gentle and help relieve further irritation to our sensitive skin!!! Thanks again I am going to try this next, making a woman happy.

I am running out of the last recipe I made but am looking for a new one. The last one was as good as store bought det.

If I use this detergent, will I still need to use Greased. I just made my batch and love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Where ever did u find zote soap? Got the other soap as a back up. This was my first time at trying homemade detergent. Love it so far! I just have one quick question. How does it work for delicates? I have one item thats used all the time and has to be washed on delicate cycle, a mattress protector. Do I reduce local outcall whores amount I use?

Does anyone know if this is safe to use on cloth diapers? Be careful not to put in too much Oxi Clean! Because I am Visual in my learning, I used a larger container of Oxi Clean the photo of ingredients shows the larger container!

I was not looking at the recipe when I did, I just thought I had everything I needed. This is, by far, my favorite recipe!!! I recently found the white Zote bar and it is fabulous!!!! A tip is to et it air dry for a day first. After it is grated, I take a handful, add the oxi, borax and soda and blend it. It break the shreds down into a powder. I do ths until I run out of grated soap. Dump it all in an empty bucket, cover it and twist it around how to make a woman hot it is all mixed….

Please sign me up for your newsletter! But I was reading on the zote flakes that is was not recommended for HE washers. Has anyone used it in HE washers? Thanks Can I use homemade soap in place of zote? And iis it possible to add essential oils for fragrance? I have sensitive skin trying to keep it gentle. Any response will be helpful. Thank you Being in the septic tank pumping business, I would say that yes it is safe for septic tanks.

It works great, but I find that I miss the scent the commercial detergents left on the clothes…so started to research. The trick: Homemade dryer sheet:. And voila, once your clothes are dry, they will have a lovely light scent! Then use this to spray your cotton wash cloth. Just be sure to vigorously shake your spray bottle before every use. Instead of FelsNaptha I can use Ivory?

THANK YOU so much for this recipe! I have been using this for about a month now, making a woman happy. If any of you are thinking of trying this but unsure, go for it! My saving are not just with the cost of the soap.

I find I no longer have to use the extra rinse cycle on my washer to get out the excess soap and residue so I am also saving in water and electricity. Plus I thought I was gonna have to replace my dryer as it was not as efficient anymore, sometimes I had to dry my clothes twice. Now one short dry cycle works. My lint trap hardly ever has anything in it which means the fibers of my clothes are not breaking down as bad.

I think with less making a woman happy my dryer is working as it should again because it gets better air flow. No replacing it now. Also, with the fibers of my clothes not breaking down as bad my clothes will last longer. The savings far exceed beyond just the cost of the soap. We both highly recommend this to anyone we talk with. Best detergent by far! I will no longer buy detergent at making a woman happy store.

My clothes smell so good and are really clean! If I mix the ingredients exactly as shown, using the Ivory soap bars instead, is there any making a woman happy that because of the Oxyclean I will have discolored clothes or spots on the clothes? I making a woman happy soooo… excited to try this tonight! Thanks for your MAGIC! Anyone else tried it and can share your opinions.

Have fun Debbie, you will love using this homemade version! Oh, by the way, I also plan to make that delicious Bread I noticed! Question: Husbands really dirty jeans works in moderate dirt during the day-Handyman I had to wash them twice.

I have been making my own laundry soap for some time now. The recipe is a bit different. Lately my clothes have been smelling sour. Am I doing something wrong. My recipe does call for water, making a woman happy. Could it be that it is better to use the dry soap? Is the water causing the soap to sour? I was so excited to make my homemade soap and now I do not want to have to keep rewashing the sour smelling clothes.

What am I doing wrong? My son says his shirts smell so bad when he sweats. Thanks for any help to let me know what I am doing wrong. Do you let the clothes sit in the washer after they are clean?

I am an Independent Consultant for Scentsy Fragrance. I add the Scentsy washer whiffs to this also. Washer whiffs are fragrance beads that adds scent to your wash. I am not sure about the Fels Naptha…but I think my Canadian relatives said they have a different type of laundry soap bar up there…and I think that would work fine too. Is it hiding in a different department or can I only find it at a certain store?

Just made my first batch and washing my first load as we speak! Normally I use All Free and Clear detergent. Just wanted to check before I made it. Hi Andrea, that is the kind of detergent I used before changing to this one too. I made this last night and took my first load out of the washer just now. I did use washing soda, the Oxi-clean, a smaller amount of regular baking soda and the Fels Naptha.

When I got home, I found this recipe and immediately liked it better since it was dry ingredients, making a woman happy. I used Purex crystals for scent. I bought a large container to mix it up and store, making a woman happy.

I also bought a smaller container to put above my washer for easy access and I think it was the Borax box that came with a little scoop that was a find a women to fuck size.

Thanks so much for your recipe! I have a top load HE washing machine. It has a slot to pour liquid detergent in. Would I use this slot for the powder or put the detergent directly in making a woman happy washer?

Thank you, Tammi C. I really like this recipe! About the detergent: I used Ivory instead of the Fels Naptha I was not a fan of the smell and did not add any of the Purex Crystals for scent.

I grated the soap then added Borax while food processing as recommended and that was well worth the extra step due to the moisture in the soap. I have a complete mental block about it for no reason—it works great only using that amount but it just SEEMS wrong. It cleans perfectly with the small amount. With all of the great reviews on this recipe I decided to give it a try. For normal washing it does good, making a woman happy, but any soiled clothing does not come clean.

My work clothes I have to generally rewash them in Tide to get them clean. If you use this recipe, have a bottle of Tide on hand, making a woman happy. Hi, i had a question about the fels naptha. I wanted to try Dr.

Do you think this would work if I used the same ratio as the fels naptha? Just made the recipe and am washing the towels in it. The lavender Purex crystals is very nice. I have never seen the soap recommended, so I think I will try the ivory. But is it the ivory bath soap bar? Hi Caroline, I think for washing soda you just girls have sex with girls baking soda and pour it on a cookie sheet.

Let it cool and you have washing soda! In New York, USA I can do a ship to store delivery for free. Le this recipe and I added the Home made fabric softner making a woman happy without the scent and the clothes come out sooo fresh smelling ad soft and no static cling!! My husband is a Police Officer who works outside…sweating in his bullet proof vest all summer long…this stuff knocks the odors right out.

Not to mention the four dirty, messy children. Even gets out stains! I am in absolute LOVE with this Homeade Laundry Detergent! I would always revert back to Tide since that seemed to be the only thing that would work. First, make sure you run it thru the food processer to get the soap shavings down to a powder. I wash everything but my whites in cold water with great success. Before you use this detergent for the first time wash your washing machine.

The detergent is so great that it will also break up all the crud that has built up over time on the inside of your washer, and it will end up on your clothes, making a woman happy. Done… no more brown spots deposited onto you clothes. For stains, I just keep an extra bar of Fels Naptha soap nearby. Dampen the stain with water rub it with the bar of soap.

Throw into the wash. I usually line dry my clothes as well, and making a woman happy detergent is great!

My clothes are soft even line dried now… never thought I would say that haha! Even the towels are less scratchy and stiff since I started using this detergent. I believe the main reason for this is the lack of residue and soap left on the clothes at the end of the wash. I do use an additional liquid fabric softener when I line dry, but not if I use the dryer. The water here in Florida is so hard that for my personal preference I just want that little extra softness, but you could totally get away with not using it.

Thank you so much Karrie for sharing this with all of us! The only regret I have is not finding this sooner! This is the exact recipe that I use except I omit the crystals and I love it so much. I have kids who play soccer, football, and cheer, and it all comes out clean. I microwave the Fels-Naptha bars first and let them puff up. I guess I need a foot processor LOL Try making a woman happy vinegar in a downey ball.

Eventually it may wear the rubber gasket, making a woman happy. Get a new one. Soft, soft clothes that smell great!

I would love to try this, especially after all the awesome feedback…however, I have one concern, my daughter has extremely sensitive skin and breaks out in a rash with any kind of detergent that is not free and clear, would this be okay to use for her if I omit the scent crystals??

Thanks so much, I appreciate any feedback!! If you are microwaving the fEls — it takes a bit longer, so still watch it closely till its all big and puffy. Thanks for advice on this. My daughter and I have made this recipe twice but hand grated the bars of soap, making a woman happy.

We will always use this for our laundry soap. Having the most excellent laugh at your completely unrealistic prices. I mean, come on: Tide is cheaper than that! Girl, you can get generic oxy-clean at the dollar store…for a dollar. That is if you have a dollar store nearby. If you are out in the boonies though, ways of seducing a woman could be expensive.

Her prices were pretty spot on with mine. I just made a batch of homemade soap that was very similiar to this recipe. Never used them, but an extra punch of scent might be nice I just wanted to give an update regarding my experience with the homemade laundry detergent…. We use it for every load gentle, darks, lights, towels, jeans, etc and everything has come out great! Mixing up a batch of this was fun…I think next time I will hit up the dollar store for knock offs …probably save even more money.

Made my first batch last night and it seems to be going great! I even stayed up late doing laundry just so I could try it! I am a new fan for sure! If you could somehow add me, I would just love it! Thanks for all the great recipes! I would just like to point out a small calculation error. That makes the home-made stuff an even better deal! At making a woman happy the faux pas was in your favor! Has anyone tried making their own crystal fabric softener?

I did and it smells amazing! Now i am going to try my hand at making the laundry soap. Hey I am making my first batch right now and I just want to verify! Is it good for color cloths? Just want to make sure! Tried it on my towels and they came out great! Smell awesome and cleaned great! And I also feel like my towels dry better now! Thank you so much for the great recipe on that!

Please add me to fuck grile newsletter. I tried washing on warm and rinsing on cold, this seemed to help. I really love using homemade laundry soap as it saves so much money. I worked at Mcdonalds and the bottom of my pants would get CAKED in grease. I will literally NEVER go making a woman happy to anything other then making my own. I love this stuff! For those that use the Crystals bought in store or making a woman happy at home.

I like mine without chemicals and the laundry soap scent is all i need because sometime too much is just that too much. I also use this same recipe. The oxyclean is made to break down animal proteins….

I know the person I was going to gift wears wool socks often. Made the detergent — discolored all of my clothes — made sure to not pour right on clothes, but where water was running — help?

Joan what ever happened making a woman happy the load i am wondering because I just made it for the first time too and i put the laundry in the washer went to check on it and my water was very dark. I was thinking wow this is really pulling the dirt then i noticed stupid me put a white towel in with the colored so Im wondering if its pulling out the colors???

Has anyone noticed there colored clothes not as bright when using this soap mixture? I pull hot water first and then add my detergent to the water and spin my tub around then switch back to my warm cold combo. After that I add my clothes and at the end add an extra rinse cycle. I dump it right into the making a woman happy onto my clothes and then fill. No discoloration and my brights are bright. It can handle my kids toughest dirt.

I hope you are able to work out the kinks, because this detergent really is wonderful and cheap! I had the same thing happen in just one load. I ran an empty load with just the detergent first to clean out the washer and had washed a couple of other loads before it happened. I had dried it before I realized what had happened and I thought it was ruined, but I re-washed it and it came clean.

Does this dissolve easily in cold or lukewarm water? Also, any issues if my water is well water? I just used a similar recipe to make a liquid soap and found it to be quite lengthy, messy and a bit complicated. Yes Michelle, this dissolves well in cold water as long as your pieces of fels-naptha are grated nice and fine. I have been using some type of this laundry soap for over a year and i have a well and do not use a softener and i have never had any problems with it not dissolving, i do use warm water.

I use vinegar in my softener dispenser instead of softener, making a woman happy. I have horrible well water, and it helps to remove residue that can be left. I have never had it turn my colors or pull the color out, but vinegar also helps to set your colors, especially on new clothes.

I dont use the oxy clean or the purex crystals. When using borax and washing soda you are already getting the clean you will need. It does save alot of money and works very well. Do you also use the baking soda along with the borax and washing soda? Ive been following your blog for a couple months now and really enjoy it! I just wanted to let you know that I made laundry detergent following your recipe and LOVE IT! It smells so fresh and clean and boy does it really clean!

My husband was in an accident on the job a few weeks ago and cut his hand somewhat severely. It actually nicked the artery in his hand. I put the pillow case in this morning with a little extra detergent and when I took it out of the washer just moments ago, No Stains! This detergent is great! Thanks a bunch Karrie for this great recipe! I must point out that some of these listed ingredients are NOT available at Canadian Wal-Marts. I was able to find what I needed by shopping around.

I finally found the Washing Soda at a specialty store. There was no regular store that carried it. I had to use Ivory Bars as the bar listed in the recipe is totally foreign to me in Canada.

Also the sizes listed in the recipe are not the same as what is available in Canada. Question — I need to determine correct procedure for doing laundry with this new detergent.

Can I combine any of these steps to save water? It should look dull and feel grainy when done, making a woman happy. Thanks for your hard easiest way to attract women and for sharing I wanted to thank you for this recipe. I decided to make the laundry detergent this past weekend and I used ivory soap. Although the ivory soap was somewhat of a challenge to grind and I could not get it as finely grated as you did with Fels- Naptha, it still turned out ok.

I began to use this soap this weekend and I love the smell of our clothes, making a woman happy. It appears to be working good for my purposes. I have a front loader so water is minimal but wondering if I did it wrong. How can I know if its working? I have a front loader as well, and never have bubbles unless I have put too much detergent in. They make these machines just too darn effective, I too miss seeing suds. But it does work and my clothes come out clean. I do get stains and dirt from my kids and even though you cant see the suds it gets their clothes clean.

I have always had trouble cleaning their clothes until now. I got a bucket from work with a lid to making a woman happy it and kept the scoop from the oxiclean to measure for the washer. I will never buy pre-packaged laundry soap again. I got all the ingrdients crazy seducing women techniques using coupons. Praise God for coupons and for your site!

Is that normal to not smell it in the washing machine water making a woman happy in the clean laundry? The only substitution i made was i used the store brand oxi clean instead of the name brand oxi clean. I have the same issue, so I tried adding the downy unstoppables, but same end result. I have considered making my own detergent, and I have a question about this recipe.

My husband is allergic to Oxiclean which was a nightmare to figure out, hives and everything…. So, to answer ur question, yes you can omit the OxiClean. I really love this recipe, making a woman happy. I also made this recipe without the Pure Baking Soda along with the OxiClean and it still cleans my clothes wonderfully.

I also added an extra bottle of Purex Crystal I notice my clothes smells making a woman happy a lot longer, even when it is folded or hanging in my closet. I love taking a deep breath in my towel and smelling the scent of the detergent. Never in my life would I think to make my own… Does using the crystals or the Epsom salts keep your clothes from being staticky?

I hate the idea of dryer sheets but they are a must when I use store bought detergent otherwise we have a major static problem. You can use white vinegar in your making a woman happy softener dispenser and it is awesome. You never have any vinegar smell but I never have static on my clothes. Also fabric softeners leave a residue on your clothing that in time makes them less soft, making a woman happy.

Since using vinegar my bath towels are softer and more absorbent than ever. It took a month or so to get all the residue out but I will never use it for my towels again. My original recipe for the detergent called for fels naphta or zote soap. I will be going back to the fels naphta. I am having problems with my clothes looking dingy since changing to the making a woman happy soap.

I have my first load in now. I like the vinegar idea. A friend uses it for odor control too. Learning as I go for this homemade laundry soap thing. My Mom has been making her own for a while. She throws in the scraps from her homemade soap.

I enjoyed reading through this blog getting ideas. I bought and used lavender Epsom salts, which I probably would not do again.

I am not crazy about the scent but I have never really liked lavender anyway. Just ran out of the soap yesterday! Works great and am going to get the stuff to make it again today! I wanted to know the purpose of the purex crystals, is it to replace fabric softner or does it have another purpose?

How about dark clothing? I use cheer or woolite. Is this safe to wash dark clothings? It will be great if this is compatible to Cheer or Woolite. I have been making my own laundry detergent for many years, and always enjoy making a woman happy new recipes.

I like this recipe but found I have to modify it to suit my chemical sensitivities. I leave out the Crystals and the Oxi-clean. Also works great on underwear! I let the clothes sit overnight before washing. I gave some of this to a woman that works in the laundromat dry cleaning section, making a woman happy. She loved it, and gave some to another woman.

That woman came back to her and said it had gotten all the yellowing out of a sweater. How cool is that?! I started this all natural diy stuff partially of get away from fragrances. So I did some research just now and learned you can buy a powdered form of Peroxide called Sodium Percarbonate. That way, if you are looking to be a total purist and want to save even more money you can also add it to your homemade dishwasher detergent then Making a woman happy would try this. I love being creative and having a naturally clean house at the same time!

I just wanted to let you know that I made your recipe of laundry detergent Saturday and LOVE IT! It smells so fresh and clean and get the stains out. It cleans so much better then most. Did anyone else feel any throat discomfort when making this? I felt like my throat was a little raw, not to mention I smelled like how to sleep with your girlfriends friend detergent.

I hope I made it correctly. The Fels-Naptha I tried running through my food processor but it turned into little balls, not a fine powder. I tried grating it for a while but breathing all of that in was really bothering me. Did I do something wrong? Did I have my head too close? I used the extra bar of Ivory because the Fels Naptha weighs an ounce more per bar than that Ivory does. First of all, this does work, which surprised me.

Also, I had a problem with color transfer as another commenter said. The red shirt came out a lot darker with several big dark splotches on it. But I threw it back into a another wash and it came out clean. And next time I plan on using a milder smelling soap, maybe unscented castile.

The socks are the worst. I have soft water and use nothing but vinegar instead of fabric softener. The reason that some people have a problem with their soap breaking down in cold water is the Borax. Also — baking soda is not ever needed if you have Washing soda — they are the same thing chemically though one is NOT edible with a different ph balance.

If you want soap for delicates or sensitive skin use baking soda instead of washing soda. Adding baking soda only gives you a larger amount of detergent. When I was first going to make detergent I saw all making a woman happy recipes and they were all the same, but then I started looking at them from a chemistry POV, looked into what each ingredient was and dug deeper.

It was all so much bloat — both on the wallet and for the detergent. You can add scents if making a woman happy choose via essential oil or even scented fabric softener crystals we prefer not to as we like the neutral scent. For fabric softener I pour vinegar into the rinse cup in the washer. That varies as some may need more if they have hard water. We have a well and never have a problem.

I somewhat agree with you. I sell my laundry soap and people swear by it. Including my husband who has had plenty of contaminants on his clothes from wrenching. Plus I wanted to support American products and Zote is from Mexico. But it works, and the white flakes smell good.

I switched to Kirks, and use that with baking soda, washing soda, and essential oils. I mix all my ingredients together in batches using a high speed food processor to get them to a very fine consistency so that they dissolve well. I use the grater on my food processor to shred the bar soap into flakes and then store the extra soap flakes for next time. Borax dissolves fine in cold water. So I strongly disagree with your opening statement. Also, there are a lot of people who create dry laundry soap recipes with borax.

I prefer to making a woman happy it separate so I can use it as an additional boost. The box even indicates to use it this way. Pretty neat how many different opinions and recipes formulate and work. My formula is also great for sensitive skin and good for the ecosystem. Just one humble suggestion, do not let your kids help you while making the detergant because the borax in it.

It should not be making a woman happy with bare hand and it definetly should not be inhaled. Convert all or part depending on your needs. The advantage to this natural soap is that it is a scent free detergent for hunting clothing.

Works like a how to seduce womens. Seems to get out protein stains without burning holes in the clothing like hypochlorites do.

The three ingredients work well for all my washing and it is super cheap. But what I really miss is the noticeable scent of the store bought kind. The catch is that you have to omit the crystals from the detergent. The crystals go right into the tub, but the soap should go in the proper dispenser. I have used this method in a home machine and at the laundromat with no problems.

Is there making a woman happy replacement or another option besides the purex or downy. Can you leave them out completely or another product that is more natural based? So I just made our second batch and making a woman happy to thank you for all the wonderful stuff on your website!

My first batch was made with Zote. This batch is half Zote and half fels naphtha. I run hot water to dissolve soap then add clothes. I also started making your dish washing soap and many other things on your website! You have helped us to not spend our money and be able to enrich our lives.

Absolutely LOVE this recipe! My clothing smells incredible. The stains are gone. What an awesome recipe Super psyched to wanna try… can someone help me!!!??? Thanks to whoever can help me Here because this blog rocks and I wanna be apart of this homemade, money saving GoOdNeSs!!

Would I be able to mix the Gain with my new soap mixture? A study into chemistry shows that borax dissolves in cold and hot water. It simply is more effective in warm water. There has been controversy over borax because people confuse it with borax acid-different thing. Oxiclean is the same. Also containing hydrogen peroxide which can bleach your clothes, and detergents which are also unhealthy for many how to turn on a girl in bed. Using just the washing soda, borax, and grated soap you have a great cleaning agent.

Though those finding grey or dark water are probably seeing their hard water chemically react with the soap creating sterates that are non water soluble. Even cheaper and much healthier. Every mix I find is sweetened with either aspartame or sucralose, making a woman happy. I think you were looking at the ready-to-use packets? For frugality reasons, and environmental and health concerns, you can actually make your laundry soap just as good WITHOUT as many of the products as you listed above.

Did you know that washing soda, baking soda, making a woman happy, and shaved bar soap kirks refined in a food processor with added essential oils that have different properties, is SUPER EFFICIENT AND WAY CHEAPER? Plus, just use Borax as your booster, making a woman happy. Volia, save MORE money, save our ecosystems, save our planet, save ourselves, by choosing to use less chemicals we can live healthier lives and SAVE MORE MONEY WITH LESS INGREDIENTS.

I noticed another reader posted a similar response. I was shocked that you use chemicals in your formula that are harmful to the environment. And I like the point the other person made about natural whitener, making a woman happy peroxide is the green friendly substitute for bleach-we use Borax seperately most of the time, making a woman happy, and vinegar as a fabric softener and smell neutralizer if needed.

Add essential oils to boost the scent. If your daughter has such sensitive skin, why are you using the chemical scent balls in your recipe?! I just have to say I was using a different homemade recipe of just Borax, Washing Soda and either Ivory or Fels-Naptha whatever I had at the time and then added Oxy-Clean. When I made this recipe, I accidentally bought the BIG thingy of Oxy-Clean and it came with its own scoop. I love, love, love the smell it gives my clothes and I have stopped using fabric softener all together making a woman happy of the crystals.

So to fulfill the three total bars in the recipe, I used two Ivory bars and the scent is just heavenly. And when washing whites, I wash with hot with a spot of bleach — my whites are uh-may-zing!! I do a similar recipe making a woman happy the child stiring is dangerous to his lungs…Do not do that people, common sense tells us that is wrong!! Also, while searching the Walmart website for pricing the items, I found a different brand of Oxyclean called Sun Oxygen Cleaner. And the reviews said it was less toxic and worked better.

It sounds great and my sis making a woman happy by it. She lives on west coast and I live on east. How to make love to your girlfriend in bed question is this; my top load washer has only cold rinse cycles and our water is hard. My husband has skin problems with regular detergents so we have been using the free and clear brands with still a slight irritation.

We even use the second rinse cycle. Will your recipe still rinse want is sex well enough with a cold rinse? I am so excited to use this.

If I use Ivory bars instead of the fels naptha, making a woman happy, how many bars do I need to use? What size of container are you using to store a full size batch of soap? In one picture it shows a blue tote and another it shows a smaller one that is clear. Thanks for this homemade non-food recipe! I keep it all in the big blue tote, and then take a smaller amount out for a close-by container on top of my washer.

Its just for convenience, but you can use anything you like to store it in. Even a few gallon sized ziploc bags. My only comment is not to allow children to mix this solution as Borax is a chemical and not healthy to breathe in or get on skin. Tired of paying so much money for all those chemicals.