Men women in bed

men women in bed

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Once men have sex with a cougar, he won't go back. Why men who have a sex with older women remember it as the best sex of their lives.

Like how: Men women in bed

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HOW TO ENTICE A WOMAN Wanton selfish indulgence without humane boundaries? That was pretty offensive actually. Brand restrictions apply to regularly priced items. Perhaps the more interesting question is this: Have we actually gotten to the point where an image on our computer screen is a more potent stimulus than a real, live woman? But the very moment she arrived, I was smitten. Women know how to find rich men, who know how to find them. Well, I masturbate frequently, but not always to porn.
WHAT MAKES WOMEN HORNY Men like these just waste our precious time! Reply Reply Well first, rest assured that the OP me has no such views of female sexuality. And men like it! NO It does train him to be more demanding, disrespectful, selfish in and often out of bed I was married to a porn addict and his addiction ruined our relationship! You may unsubscribe at any time. What does that make you? If he is choosing porn over you simply leave.
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Men think porn is a way to see many more naked women without really cheating. Women think watching porn is cheating! A man could sit up in bed and stare at the beautiful woman sleeping in bed with him, and he may do that too.

And after having finished all their work, they have nothing better to do than watch easily accessible naked women staring back at them while doing naughty things to themselves, other women or other horse-like men. The satisfaction that men feel in these two scenarios is completely different. Men like porn for a lot of reasons.

Here are a few that could help you understand his interest in all things naked on his computer screen. A man can never see enough of them.

All breasts may seem like the same for women, but those subtle dissimilarities between one pair and another make the men want to see all of them. Almost all men have spent a big part of their single life with the little boy in their pants. Hanging out with his hands in his shorts can at times, even feel a lot better than sex. And the best part, he gets to see so many naked women while having fun at the same time.

Every time a man sees an attractive and desirable woman, one of the first things he does is wonder how she looks beneath her clothes.

And another thing that most men do, each time they see a sexy celebrity on the telly, all they want to do is go online and look for a few nude movie clips of that girl to see how she looks naked. Has he ever asked you to try something new or kinky in bed all of a sudden? And men like it! No research or scientist has been able to conclusively prove the real reason behind why men like porn just yet.

After all, no man is ever satisfied with the number of naked women he sees in his lifetime. But if you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, primitive men just had to have sex with any primitive woman that moves in the old days. Men hardly ever think their interest in porn qualifies as cheating. Instead, cuddle up with him and watch a few movies yourself. And she would definitely be able to relate to the feelings of love and affection the actors share on screen. Heck, she may even wish her man was more like the romantic actor in the movie.

But does that really change anything in real life? They may watch women flaunting their assets on their computer, but once their date with their little friend is over, they forget all about it. Even if they do wish their women were more men women in bed those porn stars!

Liked what you just read? Ever wondered why men watch porn the way they do? Pingback: Primitative women Seeitdoit it depends on ur marriage and how miture the guy is…many many men cant wait till their wives leave to open porn and masturbate and have less sex. You confirmed all my worst fears… men do compare us, and often enjoy it better than having sex with us….

Where was the good news in there? My husband is a major porn man… I was told that porn and him playing with himself was more important then the real thing so please tell me the article you wrote states woman should not worry and it mean no harm… Well it does harm… My sex life is ruin from porn.

Porn is fine if it doesnt bother your partner or affect the relationship!! If its no big deal then why are men doing it behind their partners back instead of in the same room in front of them??????

I caught my man jacking off to porn and told him if I ever caught him again then we are done!! If I cant please you, and me alone, men women in bed, then all that left to say is…. Of course, a man has to choose his woman over porn. You better start looking for a woman and start a lesbian relationship with someone because any guy you date will watch porn now and then.

To a guy, wtaching porn is like fun time, just like women enjoy watching soap operas or some favorite show on the television. If you want, wtach porn together and enjoy a better sex life too. We men are not telling women to stop shopping, so why should men stop wtaching porn?

Porn is recreation for men, just like shopping is for women! So go ahead a watch your guys. If a person needs porn, men women in bed, they should stay single. Why is it then cheating. You are out of your mind. Ok I have say- the authour of is this really deluded. And probably has a good deal of insecurity issues as well as a pretty pathetic relationship. Not all men are sexist, degrading shits that think with their dicks and have a need to see naked women all the time.

Not all men buy into all the BS and fantasize and compare chicks all the time and imagine them naked. A good deal probably do. But many I am fortunate to know DONT. And its insensitive and stupid to keep supporting the dumb stereotypes about them. Guys can ACTUALLY CARE about their woman. Thank god I am a female who actually respects myself. Thank god I have an amazing BF who isnt retarded enough to share the same views YOU do!

I agree with you here. To me, real manhood is caring about every woman on the planet at a basic human level as if she were his daughter, wife, mother. DESPITE how she is treating herself. Women who sell their bodies for money always ALWAYS regret it.

Anything they say contrary is an outright lie. No blame on either side, just something to ponder in the heart. Yes, women have to change. When we do, will boys posing as men complain?

I call bull shit on this article. As a young woman, I have had a relationship come to an end because of porn. My ex said he even wanted me to DO porn. I was horrified and I left. I also have an issue with the kind of stuff there is out there. To all you guys saying its normal to chose porn over real sex. IMAGINE YOUR DAUGHTER getting involved in all that…!!! Imagine that, some sleazy guy ogling your own daughter…. Which is around the time his interest in having sex with me came men women in bed a halt.

We use to do it five or four times a week, sometimes twice a day. I try everything to make him look at me like he use to, bought slutty outfits. I throw myself at him and yet he still goes to porn. He says he loves me and respects me yea right. How do men think women feel then!? For ages it was the norm for men to want sex all the time and the women to give it out when, it suited THEIR needs.

Trying to make an argument from moral high ground is obviously a self rectifying delusion. I have a lovely family, I watch porn, and my wife is fine with that.

My marriage was ruined by porn. I like to watch porn sometimes so it is not a moral thing. Perhaps Mike is men women in bed bit correct about power. Why do we fear cheating? I think it is losing the power of attraction, Mike.

This is NOT about the power to withold sex. Porn is EASIER than sex. Men are getting more lazy now with this freely available alternative. It IS an alternative in most scenarios. Men watching porn for masturbation are often to tired to then go satisfy the needs of their partner.

We have needs and they are being neglected. If you expect us to masturbate the you have to leave us alone, men women in bed, most women who masturbate do it when nobody is at home. Even then you can expect us to lose interest in sex with a man who is less attentive than he used to be.

After a time a different man becomes more appealing. I divorced my husband. Some lucky people can incorporate the fun of porn into their shared sex life. Some lucky people have a big difference in sex drive that allows for te use of porn for masturbation by one partner. It seems that as a general rule women feel neglected when their men are using porn. Address that problem and maybe we would feel differently about porn and self-gratfication. This did not make me feel better in any way.

The porn has ruined MY sex life and my relationship. I thought he was depressed because of not working and I tried the best I could to cheer him up by tring clothing, different acts to make him happy, explored the great outdoors and even watched porn with him. Took him to a booth with a real girl in the window so I could give him a blow job while he watched. He let me believe that it was my fault he was not turned on. I finally found out the truth one day when he did not close all the windows on the computer and he admitted that he spent more time masturbating than he was trying to find a job.

I am no longer comfortable with him or my own sexuality. Watching porn led to emailing prostitutes on craigs list once while very bored and very drunk. Nothing is good enough or compares to what is so easy to access any time of the day. We are still together but living apart.

PORN has ruined my life and taken away my best friend. You want to go to war with porn then start with the boy inside the man you are with and become the center of that boy attention. I think most men and women will always have opposing perspectives on the subject of porn, notwithstanding occasional exceptions. Our interests and tastes on this matter are not the same, and the sexes are wired completely differently when it comes to sex. Also to Amelia, why would or should a man feel obligated to see every woman as if she were his daughter, wife or mother?

Do you or other women see every man as if they are your son, husband or men women in bed This is the most self-centered, men women in bed, self-seeking article I have ever read. You are asking women to cast aside men women in bed self-worth so their men can jack off to other women, men women in bed. Even you admit that men only do it when they have nothing important to do.

Well, they should find something worthwhile to do. You are not entitled to see any woman naked, men women in bed. No more whining that you take too long at the shops or how much you spent. Who needs a male partner. They could shack up with another man to help but hey they will soon get sick men women in bed their close mate who is as disappointing and reminds them too much of themselves.

I am a gorgeous gal — his friends would bend me over in a heartbeat… he loves me and wants to be with me… but seriously… sex is a HUGE deal in a relationship and if your women wants it… my god!

I find this interesting. So many women are outraged at guys watching porn, and I used to feel that way too. The first time I caught my man looking at porn I was angry and jealous and ignored him when he talked to me. I realized that not only was it hypocritical of me it was also just plain stupid. You do make a good men women in bed though.

I have a great method to defeat the hurt from porn. Of course typical guy,…. That killed it for him. Whether you guys want to admit it or not, you are just as threated by the idea of your woman watching porn with guys that are bigger, and way more muscular than you, as women are of men watching other breasts and taints flossing around.

It gives me alot of stress reduction to think all the way through it. I have to call bullshit. I am a hornball. Meaning, I LOVE sex. I love it all the time, am ready all the time, and have never denied him. I have been experimental with him to keep him happy and to see if I enjoy it. I take the facials, ass rammings, spankings, slaps, handcuffs, etc. So tell me WHY the hell did he choose porn over a flesh and blood woman?!

He is so disrespectful men women in bed sneaky about it too. Waiting for me to be away And it was EVERY time I was gone. I had an ectopic pregnancy after the tubal and he stayed home while I was at the hospital. Guess what he did…again?! Worse, this past year, he moved from porn to chatting with hos. THAT is cheating in extreme. Caught him, and am giving him one last chance. TRY to tell me that guys are happy with the same old same old. And it IS SICK. GROW UP and take responsibility for the things you do!

I found it rather funny, and at the same time, I found a lot of the comments to be rather intellectual, men women in bed more biased towards prudish women who feel threatened by attractive women.

We live together now, and I saw him men women in bed porn one evening, years ago. As I saw his screen, I asked him what he was up to. He, on the other hand, looked rather confused and men women in bed asked men women in bed what the problem was. A conversation later, I realized that he never ever looked at watching porn as cheating on a partner.

To him, watching porn was just watching porn, just like doing anything else in life. He never assumed that a girl may not like it when her boyfriend watches porn. Well, I do watch porn with him now and then, and we do watch porn a few times even while having sex. Really, porn is just like any other movie. And ask yourself the truth, why does it affect you so much men women in bed your man watches porn?

Does it make you feel insecure? The author may try to put this across in a funny way, but he does make a lot of sense if you think of it. Ask your husband if it would bother him if you watched porn. If it bothers him, he has no right to watch porn too. Men are just more visual and need it there in the moment vs in your head…although I bet they do that too. In any case, who the hell cares?? Grow some balls and grow the hell up! Speaking for myself there is nothing wrong with men watching porn,until they stop having sex with you all together.

All he does is masturbate he calls it safe wifes looking for sex. I call it disgusting,disrespectful and sick.

He lays beside me for three years and not want to touch a real woman,my guess is maybe he is gay and is watching the men not the women. My respect for him is zero. For every gorgeous woman out there there is a guy tired of banging her.

He needs to spread his seed as much as possible. So if there is a creator, it deserves the blame, not men. My wife, whom I have great and often fantastic sex with, has caught me a few times watching porn on Internet or television. So here is the interesting thing, men women in bed. These books really turn her on and she shares the content of the book with me, and compares me to this Gray figure and our acts in bed.

She has masturbated to the book several times. That took her by surprise I could tell and she had to think a bit about that. She denies that there is any similarity between my occasional porn watching and her book, but I can tell that she gets really unsecure when she starts arguing which is never like her.

I wanted to share this as I know how popular this book is with Women. But if a man chooses to be with a woman that does not agree with that, then he should respect her enough to NOT do it, or men women in bed should find himself a new girlfriend as well as she should find someone new.

I have always been open about my feelings men women in bed this, and how it affects me negatively. I do not agree with my partner watching it behind my back.

I have been with men who did it, and I noticed the decrease on their sexual performance with me. And also after feeling that he betrayed my trust and everything else that comes with it, I also lose a lot of interest in it.

If I told my wife that I need to watch porn to get me horny so that I could have sex with her, that would be offensive. That seems to be the impression that women have of men watching porn. If you need porn to get excited to have sex with your partner, then maybe there are bigger problems. If a halfway decent looking woman was horny and wanted to have sex, there are plenty of men that will be more then happy to take care of her.

But for a horny man, it is a lot harder. It is hard for a man to find a woman to just have sex. So men have to take the matter into their own hands. A man has to work a lot harder to get laid.

I have masturbated for a few different reasons. When I was young, I would masturbate before I went on a date where sex was a sure thing, so I would last longer. I thought that masturbation would stop when I got married but that was short lived. If your man is masturbating, you should be glad.

It is a lot easier to just sit back and masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was a young guy. I never told my wife I did it until she found out.

The closest thing kept near my computer was a bottle of her strawberry scented lotion, so I used that, men women in bed. She smelled that smell on my boxers and instantly, she thought I was cheating on her. I had to confess.

Watching men women in bed porn stars is a fantasy to a certain extent. Them being pretty helps but for me, it is the fact that the woman is doing what the guy wants with a smile and loving it, men women in bed. I think the biggest fantasy for a man is that the sex on porn is just simple sex, without all the bullshit. Its like we say men women in bed are dumb animals n only think about sex men women in bed men get mad.

Actually proves men are dumb senseless animals. Until I got neglected and became the alternative to it. This article is awful! It causes great deal of pain and shame in many men as well. I know cause I have been down that road. More men are addicted to porn without having a clue about it, the same way people are addicted to sports or watching tv and dont think anything of it.

Our habits rewire our brains and the way our thoughts flow and make it very difficult to change this. So LADIES, if your man is into porn it more than likely, has very little or nothing to do with you as it does with HIM! The real question you should ask yourself ladies is do you really love him?

If you do, then accept that he has a problem that is bigger than himself and men women in bed it will require him to do lots of hard work and make enevitable mistakes along the way. And guys reading this, YOU DESERVE BETTER too. I know because I have been there, no judgements coming from me. I get it, believe me! Once you start to accept that you have some fears and insecurities to work on, you can help cut the problem off at the source which drives your motivation.

I still have enough sexual drive to have sex after sex or even porn session. My girlfriend is completely fine with that since she sees that I have no problem pleasing her or me getting pleasure even after I watch porn. A lot of times, we watch porn while having sex. We even taped some of our own porn and watch it time to time while having sex and it somehow makes it exciting, men women in bed.

Sorry to be cold-hearted, but you can either have a mature conversation with your husband and work it out to make him happy in bed, or accept the fact that he watches porn. Those are the only two options, unless you want him to cheat. I love watching porn, my man told me he never watched it because it was nasty, so I had to convince him to watch it with me… Well, a few months ago I found out he was lying to me. So yeah, men women in bed, it ruined my sex life, we are now watching our separate porn.

Having our single fun alone… Woo hoo, what a great sex life. My guy watches porn all the time. Totally fine with me but it really irritates me when he starts talking about the porn star he watched.

How she looked, how she had big and he even told me if only he could have sex with that porn star, he would. Why does he need to tell me? This article just makes me realize how even worse it is!!

And no woman needs a man like that. Men like these just waste our precious time! Looking at porn is cheating. There is no excuse any pitiful man can say to change that. My philosophy is that a man that looks at porn is not one you have a young gurl sex term relationship with. Most porn stars are treated like shit.

And no, before you call me ugly and insecure, I am a beautiful slender young woman who lives a near-nudist life style. BUT I also have a brain which allows me to see the blatant hatred of women in pornography. Any man that jacks off to the mistreatment of women on video is a potential threat to my well-being as a human being. Men seem to want to do all these nasty things to women, but only women deemed deserving of such poor treatment.

Danny gets off on the domination, and thinks there is a certain class of women that deserve no more than being fucked over by some asshole. Which of course hurts the woman he purports to love. Okay so…this is the real deal about men watching porn and why women hate it. Men like variety, and it IS because of evolution. Now, women are more emotional than men, so of course we run off of romance novels and movies.

NOW—when a man watches porn, it is INDEED proven to be a type of cheating- Psychological cheating. Then he must masturbate at that. Like stated earlier, it IS a form of cheating. Committing anything sexual with someone OTHER than your partner is cheating, men women in bed.

It destroys too many relationships. Even though there are times when it can help a relationship, it destroys way way more than it helps. It gives way to insecurity and pain and every other bad feeling you can think of. The same way as to men hate when women go and vent to other people about their relationship problems, women hate when men watch porn. It just needs to stop. Men who are watching porn—PLEASE GET SOME, men women in bed. Honestly ladies, porn is not a big deal. The real issue is with us.

I think women get upset because they already feel bad about themselves and the porn women just make those feelings worse. I went through all of this with my husband. So, I started going to the gym to release my frustration and attempt to look more like the women I thought he wanted. This is when I had my revelation, men women in bed.

Or how I looked, it was just something he did. If you feel like I did, try losing weight, new makeup, clothes, whatever. Well how would you guys feel if your girlfriend would deny sex four months at a time blaming low sexdrive and you would find out that she is actually watching men women in bed instead of touching you?

He is happy to receive oral but never gives it and wont move a muscle during sex, I do all the work. By the way, he is ex-boyfriend now, dumbed him last night and boy did it feel good watching him cry after he has watched me cry over three years. Not so fun when you are at the receiving end is it? How would men like it if strangers gave their gf gifts, money, SHOES, endless compliments, great verbal foreplay? And she masturbated with a stranger and when Mr. Any real man wants to give his woman all he has and to find she is getting her apt paid for by another man, devastating.

This is what it feels like to women. Women are not play things or dolls to act out a males fantasy. It has nothing to do with intimacy and actually porn ruins relationships. Does that train him to be a better lover? NO It does train him to be more demanding, disrespectful, selfish in and often out of bed I was married to a porn addict and his addiction ruined our relationship! Men are more vulnerable t porn than they think!

D I have to say a relationship most of all a Marriage is about being faithful in thoughts as well as actions body mind and soul!!! And if a man or woman is watching porn it is not being faithful body soul mind and heart.

I have caught my husband at the computer men women in bed to the bed while he thought i was sleeping and we have sex sometimes couple times a day and i aam more than willing to do anything sexual for him i am very goodlookin and i feel when he does that it is a betrayal in our marriage that makes me not even wanna sleep men women in bed him i talked to him about it a. Have a serious conversation. Make it clear that you need more sexual attention from him.

If they find the same old sex boring, then there are tons of things you can do to spice up your sex life. Just google a bit. And about cheating: Watching porn can be considered the same as watching TV or movies. Chatting is interactive, the person on the other side of the Internet is actually real person who has a name, hobbies, sexual men women in bed, etc. Well my hubby has been a porn addict before marriage but I never thought much about it. Until I checked his hisory on his computer and saw he was jerking off literally EVERY single time when I was not home without my knowledge.

When I tried to initiate sex, he was tired. He likes watching women on the beach? I suggested lets go to a nudist beach so I can ogle too, and maybe look for meet-ups when other men can do me too. How about he is not the alpha man for me anymore? Then I broke it down to him: alpha man means the guy that gets me horny and hot and inspired and that fuels my sexual energy.

He was shocked and even shed a tear. And I told that to my hubby, I said without comparing, my ex used to whack over porn, but he used to tell me, and also he had time to be kinky and make me feel like I was the holy grail of sex for him, which made me feel like an aplha woman, and the porn never bothered me.

What bothers me now is the hiding, which translted his habbit into cheating my needs. He really did wank Men women in bed SINGLE TIME i was not home. Not once in a blue, not when he got the mood, he did it every time, and kept it from me, pretty sly. Obviously I am willing to give it a try, but will not settle for any fool. He then is way of doing sex to blame me for the operation of his erection, which is insanity.

I do not welcome the image of strange women naked to get horny. I explained it to a man this way, I got an image of a hot male, men women in bed, and said ok, get horny, right now staring at having sex bed naked man.

I just did the same thing he did to me. My sex operates on being desired, by the man I love and trust, I will then willingly lay down and allow him to have his way with me, and love it. That is why porn is called by women to be cheating. They can marry their hand! I think if a man tries to turn his arousal off of other women, he will also turn it off for you.

He turns me on sooooo much. Communicate people, tell your man what you want. If he is choosing porn over you simply leave. I am dirty in bed, other than bringing a third person in lol sorry dear, dream on haha we have done it all!!!

They want variety ladies, spice it up, wear something sexy, colour your hair do what has to be done…GET DIRTY!!! Perform for your lady, ask her what she wants, tell her what you need.

I might not look as good as a porn star neither does he but hell, I act like one and I expect some action!! I love my boyfriend with all my heart, but I also need to feel desired by him. Let your mind go and your body will love you for it.

Warm wishes to all the spouses that are struggling with this issue. Please get professional help if you need it. Hahaha, thank you author, for clarifying just how indirect men are when it comes to their feelings — they take much more pleasure in provoking jealousy in women LOL! Hahahah… They just try to find a way to justify it, such as writing shitty articles like this. I love my wife.

Whether or not he succumbs is what determines how much of a man he is. Watching porn actually REDUCES this desire, men women in bed, to a point. In response to the above; women like shagging new men too.

No, this article did not help me feel better about why my husband watches porn. In fact, it upset me even more. Notice I said supposedly love. Yes, I did say that.

Here is how women feel. It was real to you at the moment of your climax, men women in bed. You were right there with that on screen woman,having real sex with her in your mind, at that moment. At the time of you watching porn, your whole mindset is cheatingif you are in a commited relationship. Your wife or girlfriend is not enough for you obviously, so why then are you in a commited relationship?

You cannot be in a REAL commited relationship, unless you are ready to give up the is what real commitment means. Yes, pornography is cheating, just ask most men are full of s—. When you use another woman, other than your wife for sexual gratification, you are cheating on your wife every single time.

PLEASE, how much closer can you get to real cheating. GROW UP BABY MEN! We here men say that their wives nag them. It also destroys our self-esteem.

We feel compared to the women in porn. We feel you are no longer attracted to us. We even feel like our marriage vows with you were a feel as though you deceived us. I love you, but I also love climaxing over other women a lot. See how your husband likes that.

A fair exchange, right? Hint: The men women in bed to both questions is yes. Porn does not mean I do not love my wife. The women complaining above are simply using porn as a convenient excuse for other relationship problems.

If a man watches football instead of having sex with his wife, or he is obsessed with football and ignoring his wife, men women in bed, that is a HUGE problem. Does that mean all men watching football is bad? It just means that obsession with it is bad, men women in bed. Same thing with porn. Think about it objectively for a second. Porn often causes marital problems, not vice versa. Men women in bed me give you my situation.

Everyone was jealous of our relationship, with good reason. We were like honeymooners throughout our marriage. He had never watched porn in our marriage his decisionthough he did at times when he was single. When we married, my husband told me that he thought porn was disrespectful to the woman you love. I never thought about it again. I ordered digital cable, so my husband could watch all the how to fuck a girl he wanted on the evenings I was gone.

He was really sad that I would be gone. Anyway, to make a long story short, curiosity got the best of him, since porn is so readily available now. Everything about him began to change. He was always a laid back sort of guy before. Then, I began to notice other things too. He started staring at other women when we were out together.

In the past, he would notice good looking women, but never to the point where I felt offended by it. Now, he was staring until he would get this glazed over look in his eyes.

If the women were wearing revealing clothing, he would stare directly at the area being revealed, usually between their legs, hoping to get a sneak peak. He was so excited over what he was watching that he finished with me standing there watching him. He said he hated himself for doing it, hated the way he was treating me, etc.

Porn nearly destroyed our marriage. I definitely knew he was treating me badly before I discovered him using porn. Football does not make me feel cheated on or destroy my self-esteem. I am not just a football widow, men women in bed. I love that too. That was just another awful thing that affected, or should I say infected our marriage.

And, the god awful staring at young women has ceased. Yes, there are men who respect their wives enough to not watch porn. There are even men who find porn disgusting. There are even religious men who pray for help to not watch porn, because it can be a struggle for men.

If your wife hates porn, she will go through stages; anger, sadness, hopelessness, acceptance. And, your wife feels cheated on everytime you do it. The only way your wife could make you feel how she feels is, by really cheating on you. Would you like that?

If women in porn looked more like the average women not saying big fat women just more everyday women then alot of women would not feel as threatened by it do you guys really need the perfect body i know nice to look at but maybe we should stop trying to get off onunrealistic standards and learn how to get off on reality and come down to reality and the violence does not need to be there keep it more real.

AND DO LET HER KNOW AND FEEL HOW SHE TURNS YOU ON. I also believe the more beautiful women you see the less attractive your partner becomes. And guys when your little girl has an eating disorder or is extremley depressed are you gonna give at shit then.

I guess what I am trying to say is keep the porn more realistic stop fantasizing wishing you could be with the best looking women out there and maybe alot of us would not feel so threatened that we dissapoint you alot of womens sexuality comes from feeling secure and knowing she turns her man on and that he is into her so when you guys watch these unrealistic sex goddesses of course that is going to make us feel threatened my suggestion since I know porn is not going anywhere why cant we tone it down start putting average women on the screen, men women in bed.

I think both sexes are slightly misled here. Men and women have exactly the same characteristics, feelings, desires, problems. It therefore tends to be designed for them. Men often prefer more animalistic and less emotional sex, which looks like more of a sporting activity, and which lacks emotion, a primitive and not especially flattering, women should understand instinct.

Usually they deal with feelings by getting angry. Men complain of their women looking at other men, because they know men have a harder time resisting. Men do often try to create this impression, though, due to their insecurity. Women are more likely to give themselves to their desired person properly, hence why they may expect it and be shocked when realising men view it as a sport.

I think the issue is that porn seeking shows a lack of control, that could ultimately destroy a family involving children which is more offputting to women, who usually assume the responsibility.

No decent man would tolerate this from his female partner, either. So the same applies either way. I still question watching anything, because men in porn for women often lose their erection, which shows vulnerability and low self esteem something also most prevalent among female performers, though unbeknown to the men who toss over it.

The author is trying to let women know — its safe, its ok, and no risky if the man is normal. But what seems to be happening? Its been mentioned here that women hate being compared to on-screen sex goddesses, but really, is that true? Watching porn can just be a part of another persons sexual preference, it has no bigger deal than that. I feel really bad for literally everyone who has left a comment here. I have no qualms about watching it with my boyfriend, either. My father became addicted to the fresh out of highschool peroxide blondes whose unsexy moans sound like a baby being beaten with a cat that mainstream porn likes to offer.

He would go to the car with his laptop in the middle of the day and masturbate in the public parking lot at work, with security cameras all around. He ruined us men women in bed with his addiction. Is it okay for a grown man to be lusting after girls as old as his daughter? It really hurt my mother, most of all. She tried to get his attention in any way possible, she put up with his bullshit for a decade.

All she got in return was horrible self esteem and no self-worth. Have you guys even SEEN what goes on in hardcore pornography? After what happened in my family, after almost losing our house, after losing all trust in my father, I did some research on pornography and addiction.

Nobody in porn is happy. Nobody wants to fuck each other. This is a load of crap. The article was so shallow and primarily written by some person who is as backward and lame. As a person and as an adult, you should have understood by now the difference between good or bad—pornography definitely does not fall in that positive end. And they are supposed to cater to the wide tastes of men??

If a guy would opt to touch his self and salivate on porn men women in bed of making love to his partner or wife then this obviously is a sure killer of romance and relationship. The principle of mind-conditioning is not rocket science!

Guys should have been taught well about values and most especially respect for women. Shame on this writer for propagating the idea that pornography is but normal for men! You Writer obviously have lost your decency and good ethics after your brain have been diluted with too much watching of porn! Why do men women in bed think the oldest job in the world was prostitution?

Yes feel angry that your grasp on men is weak now:D First off I think its really attractive that you canexplain this to us when obviously our guys cant.

It still makes me feel uneasy from the simple fact that hes able to judge another set of breast. He wouldnt feel that confident either if i were googleing another mans package. The world makes it seem as if its cool to be understanding of a guy watching porn instead of close to the same thing im very interested in seeing it from other perspectives because it honesstly messes up my self esteem to the point id rather break up with him, but what can i do boys will be boys.

Actually i think porns sexy too why doesnt he like watching it with me? I am a woman and I watch porn very frequently. Obviously, when I watch it I am not attached to any of the characters. Also, it can be difficult for me to relieve myself without some visual stimuli.

Porn is like a tool. If you use a vibrator, is it cheating if you have a perfectly good boyfriend? No, of course not. Porn helps me relieve myself when I want to pleasure myself alone with no pressure. Everyone has to eat and sleep and poop, and most people need to have sexual release, too. It makes sense, but sometimes, like I said before, it can be nice to just get off alone, in private, with no pressure from another person.

Porn is just a tool to get people off, and you should not be offended. You should only be worried if this is occurring excessively. If this is true, and more often than not your man chooses to go it alone instead of doing it with you, something is wrong and you should take action by either talking, seeing a counselor, or simply splitting up. How and where was this suppose to make us feel better? Porn is fine until it affects our sex lives. When a man would rather watch porn and fantasize about the sluts on camera than having sex with their women there is something wrong.

There are men out there that can make us women feel sexy. And are good in bed as well. So men when your women come home with a new sex move. ITS SO LUCKY HAVE A WOMAN WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, MOST OF GUYS IN THE WORLD DONT, AND YOU CHOOSE PORN!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! SOME OF US HATE Men women in bed SLAVE TO OUR TESTOSTERONE!!!!

The scary thing is, drugs hold wayyyy more addiction power over the brain than even sex — especially ones like heroin and cocaine. Marriage was not designed for self centered people. So then you all gather around for a pitty party like this hole thread and say how dare he for watching porn when he has a gf or wife — and he should come initiate sex.

Then you get pissy when your man stopped initiating sex and is watching porn. Last thing — and I have heard this with my own ears — I have heard women in relationships talking about vibrators. They acknowledge that they use them and even give each others high fives and laughing about it. AND THATS ALL FINE OF COURSE. But come to find out their man is watching porn and its armageddon.

SELF CENTERED, SELF CENTERED, SELF CENTERED …. Watching porn in a relationship is not good but I assure you, you have alot more to do with it than you think and also that you have bigger problems in your relationship than the porn….

As a man, I can tell you, porn is very addictive. I have had trouble with porn for a very long time. It makes you very lazy because after all that masturbating you are left drained and sluggish and tired. I regret that I was even addicted to porn, and it was very hard to quit. For a healthy relationship and lifestyle, guys, stay away from porn! Because it is cheating, you are having sex with a different girl in your head every time you watch porn.

If you value your relationship with your spouse, significant other, or girlfriend and have any respect for women and a shred of diginity left as a man, leave porn alone! Let me give my story. I read most of the comments. We are extremely busy businesspeople with small kids. She knows I watch porn and she leaves me alone, but she knows I would take her anyday over porn— if only we could, men women in bed. I agree with third John comments. When we initiate sex, its almost likely that women are the one who reject us.

And if we dont initiate much, whose fault? Again we dont initiate, its men to blamed again, we men, we are supossed to be sex machine who must be ready when our women want to have sex.

Why i turn to porn? When my wife reject me, i know my wife not desired me. Even when we do it, i know its just a chore for her. She want to feel sexy, feel desired, but she clearly not find me sexy and shes not desired me.

Thats why i masturbate to porn. I dont have to deal all the bullshit feelings not her feeling, my own feeling, yes men have feelings too with sex with my woman. I already lost my desired for her because of rejection.

So i reject her when shes initiating. There are no men who find porn better than sex with real women. But, if the sex with real women are not good, well jacking off to porn is easier and better. Good doesnt mean blowjob, anal, or hundred porn circuss tricks. Show your desired for your man. Tell your man that he is sexy. Dont initiate sex with him because you want to feel sexy and desired. Men dont need orgasm with women. We can get it from jack off to porn.

We want to make love. If you only have sex for chore, no wonder your men choose porn. Sorry babe i got my porn lol My husband chooses porn and his hand over having sex with me all the time. He tries to force me into watching the porn that he likes, but refuses to watch anything that I might like. They see a correlation between the failing relationship and the men women in bed watching porn, and mistake that for causation. I hope my story helps you look at porn differently.

Let me start by saying I love my partner not just sexually, but as a person. If we could never have sex again I would still want to be with her. We connect on a level that makes us highly compatible, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a person. That said, we can have sex, and do as frequently as possible given our busy schedules. I have a very high sex drive, and am curious and experimental when it comes to sex.

Even before that, as a young child I used to have fantasies about being tied up by the neighborhood girls! I also grew up in a strict Catholic household, where any form of sexuality was considered sinful. My parents were always loving, but never affectionate. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me for having these urges.

The guilt was so bad for me that it prevented me from even attempting to start a relationship with a girl until late in high school. I eventually severed my ties with organized religion, and have since learned to embrace my sexuality.

It has made me a much more confident and satisfied person, which in turn has enabled me to become a loving partner.

Sexual education at home for me was non-existant, and in my Catholic school it consisted of learning that boys have a penis, girls have a vagina, and doing anything before marriage or even many things after marriage is wrong. I found this out when a girl was giving me my first handjob, and it was extremely painful.

I had developed a condition known as phimosis, which I was eventually able to fix with gradual stretching and masturbation. It took years to fully correct this way, but was preferrable to having an adult circumcision. Typical sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This was when I started watching porn obsessively. I was watching porn at this time because, A I was terminally single, depressed about it, and needed something to give me release, and B I found it highly educational.

So porn men women in bed my sexual educator, and my natural curiosity combined with the ease of access on the Internet lead me to all sorts of crazy stuff. Some of it was sexy, some bland, some kinky, some disgusting.

It taught me about myself; my likes and dislikes. What really drew my attention was the kinky bondage stuff. For one, the people involved are not the airheads you see in conventional porn.

Hearing these people tell their stories opened my mind to new possibilities, and watching these women achieve mind-blowing multiple orgasms set a goal for me to achieve with my own bedroom performance. So I studied the techniques being used, focusing not on getting myself off although that usually would followbut on what was getting the woman on the screen off.

I can say with the utmost confidence that I am infinitely better in bed than I would be if I had never watched porn. When my current partner and I first started having sex she had never had multiple orgasms, never used sex toys, and had a negative opinion of porn. She asked me in the early stages of us dating if I watch porn, and I was honest and said yes. Then one day, a few years into our relationship, she discovered the collection of videos on my hard drive.

Being face to face with it is a bit different than just bringing it up in casual conversation, and so she confronted me about it and said it made her feel not wanted. This was how I explained myself… I assured her that she is TOTALLY wanted because she is a real person who I love and respect, and not just a fantasy.

I then explained that, to me, sex and masturbation are very different. This is because nobody can ever know your own body better than you. What masturbation lacks is the intense personal connection that people feel during sex.

So sex could never fully replace masturbation for me, and vice versa. They are both highly enjoyable activities. She accepts my views because I was able to explain them to her rationally and respectfully.

To the people saying watching porn is the same as cheating, I highly disagree. The only similarity between the two is the jealousy they tend to invoke in people. Cheating can lead to the spread of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and just flat out bad situations. If there were no consequences to sex and it just felt really good, everybody would be fucking everybody. In comparison to adultery, porn is just a fantasy with enhanced visual and auditory stimuli. I have watched many pornos in my life, but I have never cheated.

TLDR: Your boyfriend watching porn and ignoring you is probably a symptom of the struggling relationship, not the cause. Finding the cause is a much more difficult road to take than blaming the porn, but potentially could save your relationship. I used to be very offended about porn to the point it made me sick, so ladies I understand where you are coming from.

I hate that pornstars are usually hot and it makes me jealous. But at the end of the day the thing that gave me comfort is he is watching it, because of the sex acts, that turn him on. And with the looks, yes some are hot, but so are everyone of you, men women in bed.

If I wanted to men women in bed a stripper, and my boyfriend was opposed to it to the point he was severely hurt, men women in bed, I would never do it.

Porn can leave the girl feeling insecure, jealous, betrayed, or disrespected. I dont care about porn anymore, i watch it, but i think its unfair they dont cater to women because most male porn stars are ugly. Its not fair, and sexist in a way because why cant we watch it IF we choose to and get the same benifits out of it Lastly the thing I have a problem with are strip clubs, over porn.

Because there the men go there purely to focus on the individual womans men women in bed and get turned on by her body alone. Go out get yourselves a stack of calenders with hot guys David Beckham etc. He will then start thinking men women in bed he does have sex with you is she thinking of me or is she fantazing about her calender guys. Give them a taste of their own medicine!

To be frank, a lot of women have issues when it comes to sex and their issues cause men to be unhappy about their sex life. In fact, it can be an addiction that is quite harmful and can destroy lives. Men, if you talk to your wives about sex, be honest, you might be surprised. They are making you feel low and undesirable, well I agree, TURN THE TABLES!

Even if they say nothing about it THEY WILL BE SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY inside and they will start to feel INSECURE!!!!!! Because your attention is now diverted from them and shifted to these guys you are drooling over and fantazing about and lusting after.

It is the only way they will understand how YOU are feeling NO amount of talking or crying will get through to them. You can be the sexiest beast on the planet, and try to please him the best way you can, they will still look at porn.

Not sure I understand his thoughts. However, i do watch a lot of porn. What i love more than the feel of a pussy is an orgasm. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, i spank it A LOT. I can whack off all day and still want to have sex with my wife. Iwould probably whack off less if she gave me nice, long blowjobs until i finished every day, or even let me finish on her face, chest, etc.

Face it, ladies, our minds are filthier than a storm drain in New York City. Theres nothing we love more than a woman that would do anything we desire.

And thus we watch porn because our women do not fill our desires completely, no matter what, because a good woman is most likely not a dirty little nympho that likes the smell, taste, etc. That, my friends, is why most men watch porn. We want to cover you with our semen and use big breasts for putting something between them. No matter who the guy is, deep down he is a pervert. For a lot of women the same is true though, men women in bed.

I too went off my partner when I realised he did this. I used to be one of those woman who was not bothered by my husband watching porn. My self esteem is now suffering. Funny how things can change? Now, men women in bed, I feel like my old man husband belongs on To Catch a Predator. And watching him masturbate to that, does not turn me on like it did when we were younger, it makes me want to projectile vomit.

I now see him as a dirty old man lusting over younger women. Age can be a major factor. I know it is for me. I used to love porn, but now I hate it, and it is definitely the age factor making the difference. It has changed my views, my self worth, and a whole host of other things that I can sense, if not able to talk about. About me:I cannot sit with a computer in front of me without thinking of the possibility of watching porn.

The questions that cross my head are: who has access to this machine? Although you would not tell that about me if we meet on the street. I told this to one friend of mine and he did not want to believe it, men women in bed. Reading the comments it became clear to me that men women in bed topic is more sensitive than I would think. In my subjective view, it men women in bed something I enjoy and also want to have granted as moraly correct.

But reading the comments I incline to think that my wife is right and I am wrong. I also think that women are more objective than most man I refer to the men women in bed who added a comment.

Some women say they are ok with it, because this is how they can save their relationship. But none is enjoying it the way a man does, men women in bed. Porn is accessible and justifyable. But this way you can justify anything. There is a huge difference between art and porn. It all depends on the aim.

Even in a movie, if you have an erotic scene, this is part of the story that has to be told. The aim is understanding a story a perspective about life if you want and not a quickie. I use to tell my wife every time I watched porn.

I like porn, but I know it is hurting not only the ones I love, but also myself, like tobacco… but you still smoke. Even if it is a good feeling for the moment. At the present date, it takes two hours and seventeen minutes to read all the coments. It is enough material to write a book with it. I would question the motives of the comment, too, given the fact that he apparently has a wife. Women want men who look at sex as something to be respected. Not all men really are into that — they do all have a primitive instinct — this is not so damaging to humanity when he also has some intelligence, dignity, self respect and respect of women.

Why even have a relationship if you think like this? There are certain things that remain factual — men do not like women — particularly women they are emotionally attached to — lusting over other men.

These jealous men must feel ecstatic to see this sort of article, because it implies that it is only women who have such problems. This is completely false.

I really think both sexes need some barriers whereby there is knowledge about what each expects. If a man wants to climax over other people, what is the point in having a relationship with someone? You are a probably just an unloved, unintelligent male slag. No woman wants a hold over a man like you anyway, due to your self centredness and disrespect. Oh, and honey, I just feel the need to try something new. My partner just turned WHITE and said: I would mind, very much.

Could you please stop saying that. Just lets stop this conversation. Porn is the closest thing to cheating in my opinion. I feel like cheating him back, to be honest. In fact, last time I caught him, I went on in the club and danced all night while letting men touch me. It frustrates you, it makes you bitter, id DESTROYS the relationship. You coward, pathetic boys!

If he wants to leave me, he is most welcomed. But as long as I am hot-and I am- willing to do anything -and I am- and very sexual- even more than him- he will be grateful and aroused by me and me only. As I control myself, although sometimes bored by his lack of sexual skills, he must control himself too. Otherwise, an eye for an eye.

This has all been said before but I am going to say it again. Most of the women on here are not that upset by their man watching porn. Its the hiding of it and wanting to watch porn instead of being with their lady! I have realized that my boyfriend watches porn every time I am gone.

I want sex with him all the time and am willing and want to do all the dirty nasty things that he does! He rarely has sex with me anymore no matter how hard I try fuck all girl get him too, by telling me that he is so tired from work that he would rather sleep than have hours of sex!

I tell him that I am happy just giving him a blow job or a hand job and he still declines, but no matter how tired he is he always has and hour or so to watch porn and jack off while I am gone! That shit men women in bed not makes sense. And do not tell me he watches it because he is bored! I am tired of being rejected by him for porn!

Why is it so hard for men to realize that most women do not care if you watch porn, we care if you watch it instead of being with us! These days my boyfriend hardly has sex with me no matter how much I try!

I do not care that he watches porn but the fact that he tells me he is to tired for hours of sex and just wants to sleep, but no matter how tired he is he still has an hour or so to jack off to porn when I am gone! I even tell him that I am happy just giving him a blow job or jacking off but he still denies me!

I love doing all the dirty nasty things that he likes to do and still that is not enough! I am tired of him rejecting me for women on a fucking computer! It almost seems like I would have to make my own porn and put it on the internet in order for him to have any interest in me.

A relationship is about men women in bed and the delayed self gratification. Do you realize how selfish and immature you all sound saying you would never give up your precious porn?

Like a bunch of heroin addicts defending their addictions. Please grow up and for Godsakes be men! Otherwise you will find yourselves COMPLETELY alone with only your computer screen for company. Instead we have this idiotic bland encouragement of jealousy and envy, which are spiteful and degrading emotions far more than any bukkake fantasy your boyfriend has. I think that the younger generations of women are beginning to embrace porn. Sometimes we watch it together.

Life is too short being miserable with a douche who is more into every other conch that goes by or pops up on the tv or computer, life is too short to waste with some moron who wants to sit and play with his balls while you are in the other room wanting and needing a man to put it on YOU.

Men if you are not giving enough sex or affection because of porn you should worry BIG TIME. When you are denying your woman affection and sex over your pursuit of seeing and fantasizing over other women, your own woman becomes very lonely over time…very lonely. Her own mind will start to wander to that guy friend who is always there for her, the hot coworker, the cute professor or classmate.

She might decide to let what is not being fulfilled at home be found elsewhere. Where normally she may not do these things if she was satisfied, she is now thinking it is really not so bad, after all, her man is not giving her what she needs, is spending so much of his time wanting other women men women in bed flirting with them.

Men bottom line here, I am going to be brutally but completely honest as a woman… if you are not giving enough sex or affection because of porn you should worry BIG TIME. She will often joke that desperate women hopes I manage to squirt really hard, men women in bed, we have a quick kiss and men women in bed before I get started, men women in bed.

I need to masturbate at least three times a day. Wife knows exactly what I am doingand actually I prefer it if she watches me masturbate, men women in bed. She will often bring me a cup of coffee and a biscuit half way through, and then give my dick a loving squeeze just before I cum.

Then we have sex later and it is even better — I always make sure she has an orgasm. Hey it works for us! As Vichei and Misho say.

This article is attracting both unevolved animal-like, tit groping men, together with really stupid, tasteless women with no self esteem. Quite funny really, since this type of man is usually the most jealous, and seeking unintelligent women who only aim men women in bed please them. Well we all need someone I suppose. What was considered deviant about two decades ago is now the norm and easily accessible.

Boys are now constructing their sexuality through that. And you see men almost blaming their girlfriend for not doing things they would never imagine doing themselves. I think that men who love porn as they so proudly claim do not respect women; you just have to look at the state of contemporary internet porn to see it.

I think porn is psychologically damaging to women. Women do not have to accept this kind of material under their roof. If that means staying single, then I chose single. The men that watch porn grew up with it being easily accessible. One man is enough for a woman. Women give their Men everything.

What happens when you have tried literally everything with him? He will still want more. Stop constantly wishing for something more and appreciate what you have in front of are the wife, and porn men women in bed the mistress, men women in bed. We do everything for you, and you selfish pricks pay us back by making us feel bad. Double standards arent okay. Men want to do whatever they want and expect us to do as we are told.

They want to fuck their woman and everybody elses. But we are faithful and just expect a bit of consideration. Women should just find a suitable mate to have successful offspring with, have the baby and raise it herself so the male can go spread his seed somewhere else.

Then the women can have other women to support her emotional needs and nothing is complicated anymore. Why dont you think about getting that pornstar pregnant? So its not that at all, female fuckbuddies. Women are wired to find the most muscular genetically perfect male and have his young. Why dont we go to the gym and find the hottest guy there and get ourselves pregnant? Then run back to you. You run to your porn for sex and back to your wife for love.

You selfish men need to demonstrate it. When you marry somebody you did it because they were the one.

Watching porn says to her that she is one of many. So its not so important that you cant give it up for your real wife. Your wife will if she has to leave. Men really need to imagine how it would make them feel if the woman they loved and adored looked at gorgeous men of all varieties every day and masturbated to fantasizing about them and lost most or all interest in you.

If we feel it makes us unconfortable then why are we men women in bed bad guys?!?! Every porn my man looks at is not me I will never be that and to think he looks at that more than me you could see where this makes us some of us. If, in the future, you unexpectedly discover your husband has been secretly masturbating to porn for most of your married life, although you had no objection to watching it together, you may feel differently.

How would you feel if you discovered your father or grandfather men women in bed whilst looking at girls younger than yourself? Would you feel comfortable having girlfriends to stay over? Computer pornography is an appeal to the fantasy life of males. It seems to me that men and women, generally speaking, have different ways of fantasizing. Many women can and do fantasize about other ideal men and situations during the sex act while most guys usually are focused on the situation at hand.

Most women fantasize primarily mentally and emotionally hence romantic novels are sold to females. Most men fantasize visually and physically and computer porn is frequented largely by males. When we talk of pornography here we are focusing on to bed physical and visual and therefore the fantasy life of men.

The vast majority if not all males are attracted to sexually stimulating visual opportunities and most will take advantage of those opportunities to enjoy the feelings of sexual arousal that accompany them so far as moral and social restrictions will allow. These are passing male fantasies which have nothing to do with love and the value placed on someone in a real relationship. If, however, a female is with the male when that stimulus appears, the male most often will not let it be obvious to her that he has been stimulated by, for example a Victoria Secrets ad in a mall, precisely because he is, at least subconsciously, men women in bed, aware of the fact that the fantasy life of the female is an emotional stimulation and she would be hurt or angry with his fantasy.

Carried over to computer porn, this principle sheds light on why woman generally are offended by it and why men generally try to hide their attraction to it and deny exploration of it. This attempt to protect the female partner from the hurt feelings is seen as deceptive and creat distrust and insecurity which weaken the relationship. Like any stimulant, men women in bed, men can become addicted to visual stimulation and women to mental emotional stimulation ie. Either addiction can be destructive to a relationship over time if it impacts the needs and well being of men women in bed partner.

When one of the partners is in pain as the result of the actions of the other, love and commitment require that the couple seek to resolve the issue for the sake of the relationship. Sexuality and fantasy is a complex issue when it comes to human beings. It involves mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, ethical, cultural and religious aspects.

It also involves the differences between males and females. A good counselor or friend who has a sense of that complexity and a desire to preserve the relationship may be essential to resolution. As a married guy, I watch porn and masturbate on occasion. Well, I masturbate frequently, but not always to porn. Porn and masturbation has not decreased my desire for my wife in the slightest.

In fact, when I masturbate when porn is not involved, I am thinking about her when I do so every time. Chatting with camgirls I could see being borderline, but watching non-interactive porn is no different than watching a movie.

Porn is only a problem when the guy or girl, no double standards here, thanks is more interested in the porn than in being with his partner.

To the women who were outraged over the article: Think about when your husband or boyfriend watches porn. Did he attempt to initiate sex with YOU earlier in the day? Did you tell him no, or worse, completely blow it off?

When a woman wants sex with her husband, most of the time all she has to do is HINT that she is horny and her man will be all over her. Not the same for men, when we want sex we have to do everything JUST right to make it happen. In a nutshell, when a man is horny and denied by his partner, he WILL turn elsewhere to satisfy it. The fact that he is turning to porn instead of another woman usually means that he still does love you.

To share a little bit: The other night I attempted to initiate sex with my wife. She flat out told me no in no uncertain terms. I was in the wrong in that situation for being upset. Thinking I was asleep, she took care of it herself. I was the jerk for getting mad. If your man is watching porn, stop and think about the last time he tried to initiate sex with you. Saying that he compares me to those women is very bothersome. Confirmed my true fears.

I just had a baby. Most porn is from a masculine point of view—I miss there those things I like in sex and it is full of those things I do not like. Maybe I have not seen the right kind yet. So perhaps women would be the same if there was more porn for them. And yes, most of my male friends do not confuse it with reality and watch it mostly when they are bored, men women in bed, but I know a few who do have problems and that is just bad, so from time to time I get a bit worried about porn.

But generally it is not a big deal in most relationships in my opinion. And do not make men women in bed, not every men is so eager about seeing as many naked bodies as possible. Go on the internet, type in free porn, and see what happens. This is available to everyone, and no longer costs money. Men will always watch porn.

They enjoy it, get over it. They will love you either way, trust me. Just let them revel in their manhood. We get our periods, they watch porn.

I hate that my husband watches porn. My big issue is that he has watched porn on his phone in bed with me beside him he thought I was asleep. Has happened a few times. Not to mention very hurtful. The answer of the second question is because most of those women do it for money needs and some for mental needs and some are forced.

I think if men stick to their basic needs which are tools, they will remain slaves of their basic needs. So I think we should not see pornography. But how we can put it away if we are addicted? You know addiction is hard. A: First of all we should accept that we are addicted and we are hurting. Secondly we should accept that we cannot put it away alone. Thirdly we need to someone to love and be loved which is the only cure within our life, we talk to her about our problem, and we tell her that we will need her help.

And if the LOVE come in to your life, then suddenly all the pains disappears. LOVE is the cure not for this problem but for all the human problems.

I think all the things in our lives are tools to the final goal of life which is LOVE. It worked for me and I think it works for you. Try it at home. Its obvious all the women with negitive comments on this will never understand this article. However…it can EASILY become addicting and it can easily change your perception of sex to an unhealthy one, thereby degrading your performance with the woman you really want to please.

Take it from me. And if you are brought up on alot of porn, you may never have a healthy perception of sex, so keep an eye on your sons. Other than that, get yourself free of the grip of porn asap.

Just know, a majority of men are horny beings and were raised up on porn. Handle how you will. Value might be key here. But he has pics on his cell of the girls from the cams and he even goes on after having made love to meIt looks as though he is addictedand now the last month he has been having problems with ED.

WTF… He tells me He loves me and im his baby girl men women in bed he is still crazy about me but why does he have ED with me now and stay up all night every night with this cam bull crap. I need to know if its me or not. I am so down and feel angry.

I feel like he is trying to talk his way out of it. I feel like I am second best and he lost interest in me. Can someone give me some kind of guidance? This article is very ignorant. What if women rationalized their porn use like this? The bigger the better! You not only demeaned girls but you demeaned guys too. They are not robots; they do not make the same decisions, and they do not all think like you do.

I realize men and women do have stark differences that cannot be denied, but stop generalizing. This article is completely one sided. If the woman thinks her man pleasuring himself to other women is cheating, then SHE FEELS CHEATED ON just as much as if he pleasured himself to a live naked women in their bedroom- this DOES cause problems.

BOTH people in the relationship have to feel the same way for there to be no problems. Some guys do it after being denied of sex. If you really want him to stop, stop telling him no. Type in — is porn cheating? Click on Dr Phil. What a disappointment the human race must be to our creator. What happened to morals and virtues? If all men were like this then it would mean the end of our race, all future generations would be flushed down the toilet or men women in bed u squirt them….

Then when u do its intensified, like waiting men women in bed christmas…. Womens intuituion is something men will never know about or understand. If not, this problem is your problem. If you did and she said yes, then it is her problem. If she said no, then you should not have married her.

Either way, she deserves better and you need a prostitute. Prostitutes will do whatever you pay them to do. Been through this myself. Got tired of the bitching and the porn. If he had told me in the beginning that he wanted porn sex, I would not have dated him. I said goodbye and hope you find what you need most in life. Too bad too sad. Most women who like what you like are trash. They are not good company outside the bedroom.

Maybe you should not be married. Honestly guys, it is so ridiculous! These are two different things which cannot be compared, impressions you take in visually have much more impact on you than reading a text. Another thing which confuses me, is that it is always said that men are more visual.

Many women are very sexual and sometimes they undress guys with their eyes and when they see someone they consider hot, they have sexual fantasies. I just wanted to say that first because most men think that women always need romance befor having sex. Guys, that is bullshit! Women are also visual and often want to have sex just for sex and nothing else! To the next point.

As a female used to look at porn, USED! Many people say porn is not a big deal, open your eyes people, it men women in bed. It influences our sex life, our sense for attractiveness and what we find arousing. Porn is extreme, it shows giant breast, giant cocks, a fuck and women who enjoys hurtful things, a man who never needs a break and can last for hours.

The thing is we watch porn and usally we mastrubate. The brain links the sense of pleasure that is realeased by the orgasm to the pictures you have seen, new synapses are being built in your brain. The more often you do the same, the stronger the synapses get.

Or why you think lips of the size of two sausages are attractive? Well, it is mainly because these men watch to much porn and your brain has linked these things. I just want you to lean back and think about how porn has influenced you. That is one of the two reasons I stoped watching it. The second reason is that with growing older I became aware of the fact that porn industry is one of the misantrophic industries ever.

This buisness goes hand in hand with violence, the woman you want to be and human trafficking. You never know if this woman you are getting off to is doing this voluntary, you NEVER know There is only a very, very small percentage of women who chose this way of their own free will.

Going out and buying toys, outfits, etc etc, What about the man? Seriously, what woman would be attracted to a man who likes to sit at his computer and have to move his beer gut out of the way to jack off to porn?

Long from the days when males used to just mate with the females for making babies. We are all born with free will, we make personal choices every day, from the second we get up to the second we go to bed. Everything we do is a personal choice.

So the same thing can be applied to. Men and women can decided to NOT watch porn, especially if their partners have vocally expressed hurt over this. Jacking off to strange women on a computer is worth all that? Men watching porn because of variety? Excuse me most of them are the same bleached blondes, fake breasts, eyelashes, tanning beds, fake nails……. The reality is, porn puts the man back in control over his life.

When men were kings we were allowed to have as many wives as we wanted and no one chastised us. Try spreading it more often and outside of the bedroom as well. I am glad to see most of the women here are on the same page. If my husband is watching porn and it hurts me then he probably shouldnt to it. Of course the men on here would respond with blunk, sarcastic and primitive comments to justify watching porn is ok and we need to get over it.

I was very secure about myself and I had sex with my husband alot. Then I found out about him watching porn and now I am insecure and dont trust him. If i dont want to have sex with him it is because i am not secure about myself anymore in bed. It is cheating to me. Its the same as if he had a one night stand or had sex with a prostitute.

Men say there is no emotion involved when they have sex with a stranger. One last thing: when used moderately, porn can be viewed as a way of fantasizing. Anyway, online porn addiction is a recognized illness in the Men women in bed IV, and is probably caused by the Coolidge effect.

So if your partner is avoid sexual intercourse with you to go watch online porn, they should seek medical advice to help. All you women need to quit bitching. Nobody masterbates without a stimulus!! Look, men get tired of their sexual partner, it just happens. Clearly, this is a polarizing issue. I myself looked at it from time to time. However, when we moved in together, I got pissed when I found out he was still watching it.

I consider it akin to cheating. Some couples do this which is fine; whatever adds zest to your sex life. Not in my relationship though. I explained my feelings to my boyfriend and he fully understood where I was coming from, even though he initially had no idea he was doing anything wrong.

And if, as some have stated, sex gets boring after being with the same person for years…maybe you need to step it up? And being in a long marriage is no excuse…you knew you were going to be having sex with the same person forever when you tied the knot.

Mari, I agree with everything you have written. To a lot of men they just see naked body parts which quickly turns them on and they can have quick sexual satisfaction. My husband men women in bed at me blankly when I asked how did he think these girls in porn felt, were they enjoying it or just acting etc.?

Or else they need to decide monogamy is not for them and split up from their partner so they can go on to enjoy multiple sexual partners. The fact that most men are into porn today is one of the reasons why I have just given up any struggle to see them as human beings when they clearly cannot return the favor, men women in bed. But I will never be fooled again into thinking that they are people like us. They lack empathy for women to a profound degree and thus are only of any value when they are being directly useful.

If he did, I would dump him instantly; I can do better than that. I love my hubby like crazy. He is practically the perfect man- handsome, kind, great dad, does his share of cooking men women in bed housework, etc. But often when I see a good looking guy especially if he is younger than me I think about what it might be like to have sex with him- and maybe a threesome if the guy walking near him is hot- and sometimes also fantasize about the guys I am attracted to when I am having sex with my hubby.

Do I feel guilty? He is probably doing the same type of thing. Would I actually do it- have sex with someone other than my hubby? But some of you men- seriously- stop beating your chest and thinking your women would never feel the same way. Some of us women like variety too. It can get boring for us too to have sex with the same man over and over, even though we love him.

Porn is not a normal thing, it is not normal for us to sit in front of a screen and watch other humans go at it with each other. Just because it makes you feel good? The reason people are so attracted men women in bed porn is because it releases a lot of dopamine, the same body chemical that doing certain drugs or eating certain bad foods creates.

When you contentiously watch porn you are doing a lot of weird things to your brain. The action is literal and visceral, like watching prize farm animals slamming away… and all female gratification and pleasure is just so badly faked.

Male directed porn is a huge turn make your girlfriend for the vast majority of women. It is really, really ugly…… As for not fulfilling a husbands fantasies — if men want to put their penis into an anus how would you feel of your wife asked you to oblige taking it up the arse with her wearing a strap-on?

I also suggested divorce and he try a gay life style if if really thought anal penetration would be that men women in bed …. Its very much like nutrition, food is analogous to sex, men women in bed.

Foods we are primaly programmed to cosume in case of famine, typically fats and sugars can cause chemical spikes and become as addictive as cocaine due to the dopamine peaks.

We are in a time of over-abundance of unhealthy amounts and confections of food and sex porn. Addictive junk food diets cause chronic ill health just like trashy, female-degrading porn causes psychological, emotional and social damage. This over-abundance is an all pervasive social physical and mental health problem.

I also have to wonder at these guys beating off and copulating so many times a day. Recent research into acupuncture shows that many males who over indulge in semen discharge end up with kidney and prostate problems in later life. I feel very sad for the women who tolerate their partners lack of understanding. Have the courage to split and get a really good lawyer to compensate your contribution to his life.

The sad fact is women are still financially worse off in later life, and lower earners before pesionable age. THIS ARTICLE IS EXECRABLY DUMB. When I feel neglected, is when my eyes start wandering and thinking of other men to satisfy me. Even though I would never cheat, men women in bed. I know that youre trying to give a positive view on this but some males are just plain sick and this is BS. Not all women experience it this way.

Men look at it cuz theyre not satisfied with their woman in bed and because theyre not satisfied enough with how their woman looks. They always want more and more and are never satisfied. Women can do it but men cant. So, my spouse said. This is what I think. Porn is not OK, this is not OK. To say all men do it because they are hardwired is a crappy excuse, cheater head! U have betrayed me. I now wonder if I love you like I am supposed to.

My faith in the male sex has been CRUSHED. Some days it is hard not to despise everyone. He does jerk off just looks. He says he has a low sex drive and I have a high sex drive. But why look at it all day threw out the day like that. BC he does it on his phone and has it passcode protected but I know the code.

This is common sense really. Not all men are sexist and immature enough to write an article about a sad excuse for being unable to control themselves. Oh, and there is proven scientific evidence that porn is unhealthy for a human beings and also harmful for relationships.

I would never, never date a man that watched porn. Men are so incredibly toxic. Ladies ladies… calm your tits. Also, we like variety in our pussy.

Fucking the same chick over and over gets boring. Men are naturally more polygomous than women. We are wired to spread our seed across the globe.

Take some goddamn responsibility if your relationship is going south and stop blaming it on factors outside your control like whether the guy watches porn. Instead of bitching and moaning, women need to adapt to the realities of modern times. Most guys watch porn, so deal with it… or become a lesbian. And I told him that I wanted an open marriage.

Him watching female robots getting fucked only made me want to stray and find out what I was missing in the world sexually and to get the sexual attention from others because it made me feel not good men women in bed. So we can either be even on all levels of our relationship or non at all. He said he would meet me half way. I consider porn cheating. I know my guy watches it but hes smart enough not to go on about it.

He works out of town which guarantees hes watching it. I would have no problem having protected sex with another guy knowing my bf watches porn.

Cheating is cheating, men women in bed, and if all guys watch then why break up with this guy? Fair is fair, and cheating is cheating. I was worried there for a moment. It seems that many people have sense after all. Well Men women in bed did not read all the comments wish I had the a girl to fuck to, they look interesting.

This article was written be a man, just like the porn. YOU WONDER why we stop having sex with you? STOP watching other naked women on the internet. Porn never ruined a relationship. Been there —done that. Your man is physically wired to want to have sex with many different women. That is a biological fact. He looks at porn to try and fill that need. A man is biologically built to want different women. Sorry, its a fact.

Men women in bed - body

As I saw his screen, I asked him what he was up to. Heck, she may even wish her man was more like the romantic actor in the movie. The commenter made no such assertion. My early life has been: you are ugly, fat, a monster. So many women are outraged at guys watching porn, and I used to feel that way too. Women who treat any attention from someone male as hostile are in the slim minority. WHAT WOMEN WANT IN BED men women in bed