Гармония в музыке. Обзор AV-ресивера Yamaha RX-V563.

December 9, 2019

I am pleased to welcome all on your channel “TheBelovHouse.” And today, we have to review audio-video receiver “Yamaha RX-V563”, Black. Japanese “Yamaha” company – leader in the manufacture of a wide range of products? including consumer, professional audiovisual equipment. 500th series receivers “Yamaha” It is in the middle price segment. The series is very popular successful expense ratio functionality workmanship high quality sound and of course price. supplied but directly of the receiver, “Yamaha” AV-receiver Model “RX-V563”, in this case black, there is also a silver, It includes a programmable console for a wide range external equipment, loop antenna built-in AM-tuner, proprietary optimizing microphone for YPAO system and here is the manual very thick in English and Russian languages. Mini encyclopedia with all the settings, terms of use, some faults, which can be eliminated by proper, technical specifications and codes for the remote control. The receiver is installed on just such wide round legs 5 cm and pasted on them rubberized such seals for stability. The cabinet is made of sheet metal. Top with ventilation holes. Front Panel In this series of plastic. In the center is recessed a little big luminescent very informative indicator traditionally for “Yamaha” orange glow. And besides, through a special RCA-jack MONITOR You can duplicate readings indicator on the outer monitor. Under the indicator is narrow rectangular control key built-in digital
AM-, FM-tuner, a number of keys, and 4 round buttons choice and switching external sources sound support special customized for them sound fields, under the names in this case, the scene. Directly at the indicator zone is connector under mini Jack 3,5 mm for connection optimizing microphone proprietary system YPAO is called, to automatically highly accurately adjust the sound settings for specific acoustic property room and your speaker system. The bottom of the central region there are buttons to control electronic control of the main Amplifier parameters. This tone, sound field programs signal sources. On the left is on the front panel connector for headphones 6.2 mm and the power button to the network, to be exact – the output of the standby STANDBY. a button switch speakers connected to terminals A or B, as well as off. To the right is a large pen electronic control volume. And below Under it is the RCA connectors for external analog external signal sources, such as game consoles and USB 2.0 for connecting flash-drive FAT16 and FAT32 formats and to play music from a flash drive files in mp3 format and WMA. Hard drives in this machine is not supported. Available at the center of the button DIRECT disables all circuits of amplifiers, used for the correction signal, and thus the output signal arrives unchanged in form. This unit two amplification channels of the second zone plus remote control through the other components of the “Yamaha”. It should be noted that popular now in the whole household appliances built-in network card for connection to an Ethernet This device has not yet been used. The rear panel receiver “Yamaha RX-V563” A wide range of connectors various modifications for external connections. top left There are 2 input terminals 1 and the output HDMI. version 1.2a. There is 1 coaxial and two optical inputs 1 and optical yield. In the center of the connectors to connect AM-antenna and FM-antenna. there is a terminal docking station for iPod or bluetooth-adapter sold separately. terminals are located here to connect the speakers as the system 7.1 and 5.1, 2.0 And so on Also here is the pair of contacts It allows you to connect front speakers, if they support this connection, for BI-AMP system. There are connectors for external remote connections management. There is a supply pin 12 with a maximum current consumption of 15 mA. Here, as I have already said, there are conclusions to connect the video various modifications: RCA or S-VIDEO. A block for connecting sources audio. At the bottom are RCA-terminals for connection speakers subwoofer second zone the system 5.1. On the right are two power outlets, dependent, ie they are switched off STANDBY button on the front panel. On the technical characteristics Integrated amplifiers rms power of 90 watts per channel, maximum power of 115 watts. In this case, the reproduced mp3 file of flash-drive. (Sounds a piece of music). When connecting a USB-drive We can also observe on the external monitor file location, file name, also directly select a file to play and the volume level. (Reproduced musical fragments). Please rate power. (Reproduced musical fragments). The tuner supports Radio Data System. Now try find any channel. In this case, the broadcasting frequency is displayed. Here you are. At the end of the movie, I note that this receiver copes as a music amplifier and a home theater system. The difference lies in the use speakers. For purely theatrical sound I recommend use a column with a smooth the amplitude-frequency characteristic, and music lovers speakers with clear upper and lower frequencies. Thank you for attention!

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