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February 26, 2020

My friends, huge greetings to all! I’m filming
for you a video about shopping with Aliexpress. Today is February 18th,
it was on this day that everyone should have come out to work on Aliexpress and already start
send packages, but for now silence. Literally on February 10-11 they sent
some of my packages the rest are also waiting to be sent. I
I understand that everyone is worried about this, but not worry, soon everything will work out and will be
work as before. By the way, now there are even shops
which still work as usual mode
I tell you this from personal experience. For example, the store Shein and his fellows,
more precisely from one owner, as I understand it, shops, and send packages very
promptly. I ordered it on January 30, I have already received them, but not yet
picked up from the post office, but I know for sure that these packages came, so some
shops still work, and if you if you want to order now, I’ll leave
you links to those stores that really send and promptly
work. But today I will show you a lot shopping: shoes, there will also be clothes and
acquisitions for home just for the decor. Stay with me from
you are waiting for comments under the video, also likes, subscribe to my channel. Like these ones
sneakers came to me recently with Aliexpress. I ordered them for
the image that I copied from the photo from Instagram
(I have such a video on the channel, if it will be interesting, go see). These sneakers lasted a very long time, so only now they are in my reviews
appear. In fact, these sneakers inexpensive, they cost about 17
dollars at the time of my order, but they are made of good
dense material. The only thing you can do here
find fault, it’s a lining, it just doesn’t completely stitched, so cheap
but otherwise sneakers are very Cool, and I like the fact that they
completely white. Sold in beige color. Very good here
rubber outsole it’s as if shock-absorbing,
insole with holes, i.e. supposedly breathable. These sneakers are leatherette, so they will be easy not cleaned like woven sneakers.
These sneakers are available in sizes from 35 40. I have 40,
it is called on product page 10, focused on the foot 25 centimeters, but
these sneakers close to me. Unfortunately, if I wear them, I will have a finger
rest and will be uncomfortable, but I have I already notice how it does not add up with
such sneakers with such a slightly towering heel. Well maybe
foot feature such. Last video I showed you beige shoes on
wide heels in this case they are made of genuine leather and
here is a very thin heel. Looking right away I just admired these shoes
how flawless they are perfect in everything. Here
tried really professional. As part of the product page declared
material like split is one of varieties of genuine leather, with which I
totally agree, but the insole here from polyurethane, as actually stated in
description. Shoes are very elegant, beautiful, they have a stunning flat sharp toe,
also perfect heel and still attached also replaceable heels. Despite the fact that
here the heel is high about 10 centimeters, they are not felt on the leg, it is
the first shoes that I shod and I They are comfortable. The leg does not stagger. I
ordered these shoes on sale, and they cost me along with everyone
$ 27 coupons, but they cost about 33 and I am sure that this value
they fully justify, also take into account that is this genuine leather.
Shoes of excellent quality. I think that in the close-up, which I’ll take off, you
You will see it clearly, and you have doubts will not arise. So if you were in
finding basic shoes, these can order.
They are still sold in other base colors. There is still behind me here
Here is such a vase with lavender. Lavender i I already ordered for Aliexpress for a long time, and
here’s a vase just now. In fact In fact, I ordered more flowers specifically for
of this vase, but they still haven’t sent, and the vase has already arrived,
therefore, so far has set lavender, although she is a little small for this vase. Such
vases are sold in different shapes, there are narrower, smaller.
I took a big one, it’s just right even for such a big but thin
a bouquet. It’s interesting that she’s like ceramic, but actually it
plastic. Just so ringing hollow vessel made of thick plastic. On the
I really like the way it looks really beautiful but write in
comments do you think fit or not, whether you like it or not, but I
I recommend, because 3 dollars for this a little vase is almost a gift. Here at
me you also see a nightlight like this here are balls in the form of hearts and there
inscription love. These night lights are sold with different
pictures, there’s even the Eiffel there is a tower. It looks very cool to me
I really like it, with such a backlight perfect
very cool. Charges, or rather not It’s charging, but it’s connected via a USB cable, but I’m using an adapter from charging for the phone and immediately turn on
network, I don’t know whether it is possible or not, but It works and I’m happy. Also the cost
this nightlight about 3 dollars, well, for such beauty is not a pity. Still got with
Aliexpress two t-shirts, I also ordered them wrong
for a long time, around January, in my opinion, delivery less than a month. I took brown and white
here is such a more basic one. They are cotton with spandex
or elastane, so the fabric is good stretches here. I have the same fabric
there were already a few t-shirts, I absolutely happy with all of them, for example, brown
you often see on me or too purple, I have still striped.
I wear them a very long time, of course, in brown the color has changed a bit
but the tissue didn’t suffer at all, despite the fact that I actively wear it and a lot
I’m erasing. These t-shirts are exactly the same, plus here is a good edge treatment, perfectly professional. I like sewing, although it’s such
standard t-shirts. I know some call these things “supplies”
but I honestly even with Aliexpress I wear T-shirts for a very long time. I took this one
brown color, although in the picture to me it seemed that he would be exactly like
my t-shirt that I mentioned is you probably remember if I put a photograph here, but here is the shade something between brown and khaki,
I don’t really like him, so swampy a bit, okay. But white is just
amazing such a snowy white shade beautiful. There are on sale different colors and
also sizes to choose from. I took size L Well, so she sat like an oversized, but on
really a little sorry, would like so that she was more in shape. In this
case such a more relevant option. I know that young people love this. On the
sale in early January, I took them for $ 6.66
three sixes, now they are more expensive, but even this value they are completely
justify. I ordered another jeans not tight-fitting and I remember that many to me
write about why you order these jeans, terrible nightmare, horror yes i love
jeans, and even more so now do not skinn,
tight-fitting that are still worn and even bloggers, I want to find jeans for myself,
that they were not tight, were spacious and long. These are jeans from
dense coarse fabric that does not stretch. In the composition of 77%
cotton 21% polyester and the remaining interest is elastane.
Stitched very well, I like the fact that them, as expected, the waist is narrower, in
hips wide, but at the same time nothing really sticks out. Also it’s long jeans,
they do not fit on the legs, but not wide. I think this is a good option.
They can be worn turning upside down, length here allows. Size I took 27,
chose according to the table, but there was a waist 65 indicated, and I have
most often 67 cm now (or 65, if you don’t eat anything), so these jeans
close to my waist, 92 cm on my hips sat very well, so if your
the waist is a little bigger then naturally you need to take 28,
then they will look like more actual jeans. And, yes, if someone
interests, they have a smell, a smell of bleach toli or something
such. I like to order jackets with Aliexpress, because it’s just me
like to combine images, this jacket in a pretty popular store i
ordered. It is sold in black and in bright blue. Sizes S and M. In structure
the material here is 5% cotton 95% polyester, well, we will consider
what is synthetics. The fabric is good costume, tight, quality of tailoring
impeccable, the jacket is really tailored and sewn very well. He fastens on
one button, but there’s also a bottom one sewn button
to fix it. Inside here are two large pockets, the collar is very wide, and
good length at the jacket itself and also sleeve. I took it in the amount of M, on me
sits with a significant margin, well, how oversize. Well, that’s all. Thanks that
watched this video to the end. I will be glad to your comments (adequate
comments), as well as likes and subscriptions to my channel. See you in the next video!
Bye everyone!


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