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▶️ Interviewing Zac Nien From Contentos | EP#255

February 16, 2020

Hey everyone I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness and today we’re here with Zac Nien from Contentos where he
is the VP of product can you just start off by telling us a little bit about
yourself Zach and VP of Product at Contentos foundation and where I joined contentos at a meet of 2018 when the project was still in an early stage as of me as
being a software developer for like seven or eight years and then started to
take care more on products i and also the management sings 2017 so I think
this hybrid working experience make me feel comfortable when working with
developers and also the non-technical stakeholders oh and I love cats crypto
kitty drove my attention and that’s when I
started to actually trade scripts oh yeah awesome awesome so so what is your
average day look like now well I started every day feeding my cat about but
that’s probably not the answer our audience would care but well and office
communication is essential so normally our community managers will report
issues and suggestions from our closers well they are not cosplayers but the
people who holds cost halted we feel that’s kind of cute now to call them
closers and well some of these suggestions are regarding cos TV or for
degree it’s two taps on candido’s ecosystem so we need to discuss with the
product team on how these suggestions can turn into implementation and also
there would be meetings with make the CEO Dennis and although the marketing
business development and engineering teams so finally I need to squeeze some
time to think over what concerts really about and how our product team could
help and carry them out so recently we’ve just completed the first
decentralized governance case in response to the community a scheme to
make our toolkit more liquid so that’s okay my typical day yeah awesome
awesome so for people who don’t know what cause dot TV is and what content
dos is can you just give a bit of a breakdown in the introduction to those
sure if the introduction of Caminos first well Kaneko’s is a blockchain and
also a content ecosystem well its name has too many sites content content OS
the operating system for content or content owes as happiness in Spanish
yeah so we basically we want every user to be happy and since we launched the
windows meant that last September as scheduled there are building a token
incentive for users to create great content just like you and it’s also user
can identify the great ones and to interact with others so having proper
rewarding model and very promising tap partners candido’s is now grown to be
the largest decentralized how to ecosystem yeah
so let’s mentos and coast TV is a content is a video platform resides on
the content and host ecosystem and it’s mainly for the video creators and also
the audience to to consume those great videos we have a very active user base
in Brazil recently so we think we can learn a lot from their actual usage so
we can try to expand our market now in the future okay awesome awesome
so what problem does content have set out to solve in in the in the market
currently well when you see content platform it’s obvious YouTube is the
biggest one and it’s doing good doing well but
yeah it indeed give everyone a stage to publish content for free and here I use
for free but not freely because when we think twice there are just too many
cases that youtubers got it monetized or even bent not knowing why so it’s lack
of the transparency so and especially like revenue distribution and also the
traffic distribution is when it’s come to those centralized platform it’s like
a black box so content creators don’t know how their content would be
distributed to the audience and also how they had make money from from those
content and also the users the audience is recommended to the content that can
bring the revenue to the content platform it’s so but not maybe not the
most favorable videos so I think that’s the problem and also the censorship we
think there’s need for censorship because there are some content not not
appropriate for everyone but when it comes to a company doing this we think
it may be better letting the community to decide whether this content is
appropriate or not not just by a company yeah so that’s the problem we we think
we’re trying to solve okay yeah I know that makes a lot of sense and so how
exactly does the community like come to that consensus or how does that work
exactly recently you are trying to to call for a
group of our heavy users they can help us to identify the the great content and
to help us to record some abuse like so affecting our our rewarding model we
reward user – – like the the great content and by liking those content the
common creator gets a share of their rewarding and also the the audience who
interact with the content like sending lights or comment to the content
a part of the reward so we want to make this engagement and interaction to
actually present values so if our users are incentive to to inter interact with
to great content and to s for the bad content or some abusive content the the
reporting system will work and also eating each day we will have those user
who upload that video to have less reputation so when we when it comes to
the rewarding they will have some production deduction on those rewarded
so we we want to make this rewarding model to help the ecosystem itself to to
clear out on the content curation okay yeah yeah that makes sense that sort of
reminds me a little bit of how the way that steam works ste em with their
platform so yeah that that’ll probably be very familiar for people coming from
there so how did content us get its name and then what was kind of the original
motivations behind starting it mmm well just like I said Caminos has too many
like content operating system content OS and also content those in Spanish in
happiness so we really would like to bring happiness to the coming creators
to the audience and every stakeholders on our ecosystem so that’s the origin of
the name and as for the original idea or motivation our co-founder make was in
content industry he was the head of operation at like me a live streaming
app which is famous in the US and several market and and it is also when
make got in touch with several very talented cunning creators and start to
realize that the content industry is growing so fast but its it seems like
creators are not getting sufficient from the industry giants like YouTube so
when when bludgeon and crypto comes in to a very rapid world growth
me and the founding members think there might be chance that we can solve the
problem with Doc Chen and the token economy to to make sure that everything
is transparent enough and also the token economy can help to to make the
rewarding model that is favored favorable to honey graders and the
audience yeah yeah okay that makes sense and then what are some of the updates
that are on the way for content dos like what’s what’s in the works or what is
such a release fairly soon mmm-hmm I’d say cause TV app is something our users
expect the most we got the Android app launched just a month ago and it helped
cause TV and a 300% growth thing yeah in a monthly visit so which we yeah we
think that that’s very very very promising and and that’s just only the
Android version so there’s a great news that the iOS version is coming soon so I
think that’s kind of the the expectation that we we write in response to our
closers yeah and other than that we sing more closers seeking to build their a
blog producer to be part of the ecosystem so they want to join and also
they can earn our blog production reward through through being our plant blog
producer so we’re making it simpler to set up a VP candidate to so some more
people could join and we also were also planning some investment program with
those BB candidates so that close holders can invest their token and to
get divide ins from those BP so we we want
to make cost more liquid and we want to make it more valuable to to our our
users and yeah so that’s why we are trying to expand or we were trying to
explore a more monetization weight or to try to come up with some more new
business model in another ecosystem so witch hunt and graders audience and also
the deaf partners and also the be piece can have benefit from from those new
models yeah and now but yeah and of course we are
getting your Exchange listing this year hmm yeah that’s always big yeah so how
do you feel that Kanto contentos fits in with other existing similar projects as
well as cause TV how do you feel it kind of fits in with other video hosting
applications and then just how content dos kind of fits in with other similar
blockchains mm-hmm well there were a bunch of
content related blockchain project when I joined Caminos even the need of 2018
and I doubt if half of them are still working now so I think where its
blessing that we’re still here and we’re having some great achievement about
heavier ago cos TV just launched and with the advert from our team members
and the our amazing users host TV is now ranked like 28,000 globally from Alexa
ranking and yeah it’s already surpassing our stimate comm to be the top used
decentralized content platform so I think that’s a very very great
achievement that I would like to share with our community and I think our our
team is amazing that the product owner scheduled regular
meetings with our user to learn from them and to see what’s the really mean
so we can tweak our product according to them
so I’d say content host is perhaps or cost T P perhaps would be the the most
user friendly that that we we care about our users because we really want the
kana graders and audience to benefit from those our algorithm and also our
our product design yeah okay yeah yeah absolutely and and then where would you
say you see both of them going in the next year and then I guess ideally in
the next five years because it’s always very hard to look that far ahead in the
future in the crypto space but in an ideal future yeah well in this year just
like I mentioned monetization and searching for some incoming business
model is the focus for us so with the monetization like that we’re trying to
like the investment program and also worth trying to brainstorm that if user
can borrow some fast which is the the voting power from others is it possible
or can we make the content recommendation based on the token they
they have or some some other we press them a lot of things so some of them
will help you carry out this year so we can see there would be more unties Asian
way and business model and also if we got this right we think it’s we will try
we will get more users attention so more users would come and also we were trying
to get partnership with some other deaf partners and also some really great
projects so we we would see users to to join our our ecosystem this
year and then so with the revenue model with the users we will definitely have
to face the decentralized governance just as we have done up this month so
this would be the three focus of this year and then as you asked for five
years I think it’s really hard to predict that far but but I think of this
like cloud computing in 2010 this year that that year that is when the cloud
computing comes into our our our vision but then after this ten years we didn’t
hear about cloud computing too much because it’s already everywhere built
into the service so I think it would be great if petals to be become that kind
of the role in the content industry like perhaps five years ago many content
website common platform are powered by contentos so which give the user some
rewarding when will they consume the videos or consume the content so it’s
kind of like we we will like ourselves to be will be contest to to to the
internal industry so let’s hurry that’s my vision and we want to make it happen
awesome awesome yeah no that’s that’s definitely a great vision to have I mean
it seems like you guys are working hard to make that happen especially when you
mentioned how you guys actually surpassed steam it in for your Alexa
ranking that’s very very impressive especially considering how long they’ve
been around and how new you guys are so what what actually is the current user
base size then and and how well is the project growing well let me check our
explore yeah I see for now we have more than three hundred thousand minutes
cuts in our budget yeah and we have like daily active user for 6000 that is from
coast TV and for agreed to of our taps so I think this is a lot but also we
know that most many of our users are not even aware that they are using watch n
so which i we think it’s it’s good good news that we can try to acquire more
users that that are not even crypto users so which we think we’re trying
that way and so for 30 new users we got like one point five thousand so we’re
actually acquiring new users so I think it’s very organic to to to our our
ecosystem where we’re actually querying yeah wow that’s you guys are definitely
growing at a really fast rate faster than I actually expected so where can
people go to learn more about both of these well we recently we make and our
our team members are making those interviews like this and also we’re
doing AMS on like telegram or some communities so that’s why that’s how we
face our community face to face and also we would like to put those interview or
some some videos on hostb of course and we have twitter we have mediums so we
constantly published our latest news there and our hosts make would share
some of his thoughts through a medium post so that’s how we communicate with
our our community and also it’s it’s a great way that new closers could check
out and also we have telegram we also have some community based on the local
market yeah so awesome awesome yeah yeah sorry
no I was just gonna say what uh what’s the exact website that they can go to
for content dos and then for cause TV well those project please visit content
OCIO so that’s our website and a cost TV it’s the website the URL cost that TV
just Lansing awesome yeah awesome and then sorry what were you gonna say just
before that yeah I would say it would be nice if we can put some link information
up aside your your this video yeah yeah absolutely yeah I’ll have everything in
the description so anyone who’s interested in checking out content DOS
or cause TV the links are down there as well as all the questions that we’ve
gone through with timestamps so that you can people can jump through and wear it
whatever question they’re interested in looking at so those are all the
questions that I have on my end is there anything else that you’d like to cover
or touch on before we end this off mm I think I would encourage the the audience
from from from your channel to try visit cos TV which we think is not it’s still
a progressing website that we’re trying to make it better but we need lots of
the opinion and lots of the situations from from actual users so and also we
have some very great content there so you would like to check it out and also
for where a call for the content creators to join hostb or join like if
your are your you like taking photos you can try for agreed and we’re also trying
to have more deaf honors on our ecosystem so we will we would
accommodate more types of content in the future so it’s great to have the
opportunity to to interact with our community or to to to try to answer some
question from from everyone who would be interested in tomatoes yeah awesome
awesome and so four so yeah so that’s everything on
my end again thank you so much for doing this
anyone who hasn’t checked out cause TV definitely go check that out go and
learn about content osan content OCIO again thank you so much for doing this
I’m sure everyone learned a lot and I learned a little bit myself so again
really great to have you on here thank you thank you Scott awesome thanks


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    These are some of the questions we went over:

    • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? – 0:19

    • What does your average day look like? – 1:10

    • Can you give us a brief introduction to Contentos and COS.TV? – 2:36

    • What problem does Contentos solve? – 4:10

    • How does community moderation work? – 5:55

    • How did Contentos get its name and what was the original idea or motivation to start it? – 7:55

    • What are the next big updates for Contentos to release soon or that are in the works? – 9:35

    • Where does Contentos fit in with other existing similar projects? – 12:00

    • Where do you see Contentos going in the next year? The next 5 years? – 14:10

    • What is the current userbase size and how well is the project growing? – 17:30

    • So where can everyone go to learn more about this? – 18:50

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    What do you think about the platform Scott? Dont think you have reviewed it yet right?

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