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✅ Тренды интернет-маркетинга. Тренды CRM маркетинга

November 17, 2019

Hello friends! With you, Mikhail Snitko and the theme of
this video are CRM marketing trends. Why is CRM rushing now? The fact is that we entered the post-industrial
era, when the one who owns the client takes all the profit. Opportunities to attract new customers are
extremely small, and soon will not be at all. What is the problem? The whole problem lies in internet marketing. The fact is that the Internet has brought
the competition for a potential client to the point of absurdity. As people began to make purchasing decisions
on the Internet, super companies emerge that own customers. What are these aggregators doing? They burn out whole segments, taking all the
profits. Therefore, now the one who has clients earns
one. What is the problem? The fact is that companies that buy customers
through advertising, are waiting for serious problems. Attraction is very expensive, in many businesses,
it is already hard to make money on the first sale. Each lead is worth its weight in gold. In arbitration, the strategy of overlapping
oxygen competitors is popular. When lead access is closed with money, as
a result, the leadgen is driven into space. How it’s called? Overcome the market at the cost of attraction. From the companion, it goes into the b2b segment
and spreads like a plague. When it spreads totally, everyone sniffs strong
competition. What is strong competition? Strong competition is when you have strong
competitors. Not when there are many competitors, but when
everything that you do, competitors do better. You make sales, they have better sales. You make a site, they have a better site. You do advertising, they have better advertising. It turns out that the one who is more on leadgen
tumble dough, he gets more customers. Therefore, when people say that we cannot
increase the number of customers, they lie to themselves. Why? The problem is that they cannot afford them. What is the key for any business? This is to work out the LTV, namely, to work
out repeated purchases, save and increase the customer base, increase the conversion
from leads to sales. Everything, the freebie has ended, the demand
does not exceed the supply. The Internet has created a unique environment
where there will be less, less and less leads and they will become more and more expensive
and more expensive. Therefore, the key task is to make money on
your client base. As a result, there will be more resources
to attract, i.e. the ability to redeem a large lead capacity, while remaining in the black. Now the one who has the right bundles in the
ad can play on a raise, squeezing the auction. What elements are included in the bundle? Offer, website, creative, target audience,
type of devices, price, source of traffic, advertising formats, etc. What makes a good bunch? This is the right combination of all its elements. The fact is that the key task of Internet
marketing is to optimize each element of the bundle, leaving the branch that works out
as much as possible. Why is this necessary? By increasing the conversion of each element,
we can more effectively lead leads to a target action. But the key point is to integrate between
the process of lead generation and the process of leadership. In this lies the potential for the entire
Internet marketing market. Therefore, if a company does not know how
to manage leads and a client base, it automatically becomes noncompetitive. Because now the customer base is a super asset. What is needed to develop this asset? For this, a CRM system comes to the rescue. CRM is what will help companies survive. For this reason, now on the CRM market, a
revolution is occurring. What indicators in the transformation of the
company is important to influence? This will either reduce costs or increase
revenues. What is the catch? The correct approach to sales is not to reduce
expenses, but to increase revenues. Those. focusing not on how to spend less, but on
how to make more money. What is the calculation formula? This is the derivative of the number of leads
multiplied by the conversion to sales, by the average bill and by repeated sales. What is needed to double the income? It is enough to double one of these parameters. What is the problem? The fact is that 99% of companies are concerned
about how to increase the number of leads. What is the paradox? The fact is that everyone is cut to the point
of absurdity for leads, they are engaged in a stormy leadgen, they create huge technologies,
robots, to drive this unfortunate lead to the site and get an application, but then,
to bring this lead to the sale, almost no one does. Basically, in internet marketing, all sales
are made in pulses. What does impulse mean? Suddenly went to the site and bought. It turns out that online for spontaneous purchases
is much cooler than offline. Why? Because the site is easier to enter than the
store. Secondly, the probe of the goods spontaneous
purchase interferes. As a result, online is gradually killing offline. Why it happens? Because didgital communication is very rich,
it is very selling. This is a beautiful package, a beautiful picture,
video, it is always at hand, at the level of a click. But how to deal with b2b segment? The fact is that no b2b exists. Why? There is always a person on that side and
decisions are always made by people. How does b2b differ from b2c? In b2c, a person spends his money, and in
b2b, strangers. The times when work with clients in B2B radically
different from B2C was irretrievably gone. With the development of digital technology,
people expect B2B service providers to provide them with the same level of service as B2C
vendors. What does the word didgital mean? These are all digital customer communication
tools. In modern reality, if the company didgital
does not use tools, then it is flawed and looks worse initially. In the sales management process, there are
6 zones that a CRM system helps to automate. What are these zones? These are customer acquisition, entry point,
the sales process itself, the stage of fulfillment of obligations, post sales service and repeat
sales. The key potential and the point of growth
of sales is hidden not in traffic surges, but in how to increase the conversion from
the bid to purchase, how to raise the average check, and most importantly, how to increase
repeat sales. But the main problem in this chain is people. Why? People need motivation, their performance
jumps, there constantly looms like a scarf of Frida – the human factor, all this is terribly
inert and difficult to control. Conveyor assembly with robots always gives
better quality than human knee assembly. The same is true in sales, if we keep everything
in people who have to sell personally – this is a time bomb. There are sales scripts, techniques that force
sellers to call, any evil spirits climb here, infotsygane, who necessarily force the idea
of how to achieve successful success, earning money. In general, bacchanalia begins and pseudoscientific
nonsense in the slightest mockery of fraud. The next problem, calling in the modern world
is a stupid idiotic idea. Why? Under-calling, chime, do not pick up, etc. Calls themselves – communication is controversial,
intrusive, expensive, and most importantly dying. Why? People approach the phone worse and worse,
especially from unfamiliar numbers. But it is possible to minimize a significant
part of communications from the sales department and minimize human involvement. This is the trend of modern reality, namely
the use of didgital tools and the reduction of the role of man. The next sore question is, which is more important
than incoming calls or outgoing? To date, the correct approach is to make less
outgoing calls and work better with incoming calls. In fact, there is no need to present the product. Why? It is perfectly presented didgital. By and large, in the modern world, the correct
sales, turn into help with the purchase. And the one who is better able to help the
client, that and sells more. In fact, modern sales turn into such a mnogodovochku,
when with the help of didgital tools we create demand, and then process these incoming requests
in a very high quality. The correct sales department is when we push
our customers systematically, and the managers are engaged in answering incoming calls, i.e.
modern sales team is much more similar to those support. The next task facing the modern company is
to make the client a wow effect. What is the problem? The fact is that practically no product can
do this. Why? Because in the course of the sale the client
overestimates the expectations, but in the service the wow effect can be made. What is the wow effect? This is how we solve difficulties, how we
help those who addressed us with a problem, that’s where all the wow is hiding. The next trend is chats. What is the problem? If a modern person is contacted everywhere
and with everyone in messengers, then why the hell is he with a business talking on
the phone? In the near future, 80% of communications
with customers will go to chat rooms. This metamorphosis, which will change the
sales departments dramatically, is what will change the entire sales paradigm. Chat bots were a couple of years ago a HYIP,
but chat bots do not take off in their pure form. What is the problem? Today, everyone is so advanced and technologically
advanced, but for some reason very few people do basic things. What is this about? If a client contacts us via facebook, then
you can put a chat bot who will respond: “Thank you for contacting our company before answering
your question, please specify your phone and email” and that’s it. free lead. In advanced CRM systems, salesbot allows you
to automatically enter into a dialogue with customers and accumulate this data. For example, if a customer asked a question
in social networks, salesbot will pick up this dialog and automatically create a new
lead in CRM. Chat, as a format of communication, helps
to nicely combine man and robot. How does this happen? When a chat bot moves along a chain of confirming
questions, a person is mixed into this bundle, i.e. just about the script, the operator connects
and picks up the conversation. This is an approach to sales, changes fundamentally. When one operator can serve 100 customers
at the same time. The fact is that the operator by phone can
not conduct 100 calls in parallel, but with the help of chat bots he can. In addition – it carries a sharp jump in quality. What is the problem? The point is to control the quality of calls
of 10 operators, we need a whole staff of the monitoring department, of course, so few
people do. What does this mean? This means that when we have a call rate,
we initially doom ourselves to the fact that we listen to them very badly. As a result, to make quality calls, the task
is almost impossible. There is also a nice tool in CRM called a
magnet machine. What is this tool? This is when the client enters the site and
the manager in CRM automatically drops a notification that the client is online. With this information in the history of relationships,
the customer’s card is saturated, as well as – this is a good reason to resume communication
with the customer and to connect. Also on the site you can connect additional
lines. What kind? Viber, votsap, telegram, VC, FB, instagram,
Skype, online chat rooms, etc. And the client, entering the site, can ask
a question via a convenient channel, and most importantly, the entire history of correspondence
will be recorded in CRM. Also interesting are spyware data capture
services. How it works? When the visitor came to the site, did not
put down the application and left, but the script catches his e-mail and phone and the
lead in CRM automatically falls. In CRM to digital funnel, we can connect contextual
advertising, RTB networks, e-mail newsletters, advertising in social networks, instant messengers,
SMS, push notifications, IVR calls, etc. With this bouquet of integrations, modern
CRM can turn into such a personalized DMP system. What allows DMP to do? In addition to collecting customer data, DMP
allows these users to advertise to the outside. In DMP, we can see what happens to the user
in other advertising systems, namely, what a person is looking for in Yandex, Google,
what he clicks on Facebook, VKontakte, maitarget, teaser networks and pick up the traffic of
this lead. How is a DMP system useful? If a person made a click, for example, on
Facebook and didn’t buy anything, clicked on Google and didn’t buy, did a click on
Maitarget and didn’t buy, then we understand that it will be enough to burn the budget,
he will not buy. Thanks to DMP, we see the overall picture
of the user. When we buy traffic from the DMP system, we
do not understand that we spend money on the same user several times. What is the situation in business now? There is a world of interne-marketing, terribly
intelligent and technological, in which miracles happen. Chat bots, neural networks, supertargeting,
hypersegmented remarketing and other fantasy. On the other hand, there is a sales world
in which sellers live, there is confusion and vacillation. At the same time, there is a terrible competition
in the world of advertising, everything is very technological, and in the sales department
everything is on the knee, they are backward, archaic, but with a lot of money. This is the key potential for growth, namely,
the task to take digital technology and transfer them to the sales department. What are we doing? We take this bulldog with a rhinoceros we
cross. The point of growth for business is laid precisely
in work with client loyalty. We are moving into an era when, sooner or
later, it will be useless for any business to learn Internet marketing and everyone will
be forced to sell. On this optimistic note, I propose to round
out this video. What is the main thing in sales? The main thing is not to try to sell, i.e.
do not do vpendyuring. People love to buy, but they hate it when
they sell it. Therefore, the key task in sales is to help
customers buy. Also, it is important to remember, when we
talk about lead generation, then there is a prime cost for a lead, and this prime cost,
depending on capacity, first grows linearly, but from a certain amount, begins to go sharply
into space. The same story with lead management, if we
want to increase the conversion of a stage by 1%, then this will actually be free. But, if we go to bring the conversion to 100%
– it will cost some kind of space money. Therefore, no one has yet canceled common
sense, and the task of this point of optimality is to be followed, both in lead management
and in lead generation. Thanks for watching, subscribe to the channel,
press the bell, so as not to miss the next issue, express your point of view in the comments,
put likes and see you in the following videos. Until!


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