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✅ TOP 3: Best Staple Gun 2020

February 9, 2020

Are you looking for the best staple gun? In this video, we will top staple guns on
the market. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best staple gun, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned,
so make sure you check those out. Starting off at number 1 we have the Stanley
TR150HL. The Stanley TR15O HL Sharpshooter is a versatile
staple gun designed for durability and high-speed functioning. Manually powered, it comes with a long main
control handle for maximum mechanical advantage. Driving the staple pins into carpets, wood
tiles or upholstery is as easy as it gets, and requires little effort from your hands,
meaning you get to do more before getting fatigued. No need to be bothered about bruises from
extended use. The main handle is coated with soft rubber
to ensure your hands get a good grip and your work conveniently. Many customers (both men and women) attest
to its impressive ease of use and soft feel, which gives them convenience almost on par
with electric and pneumatic models. The housing of this device is an aviation-grade
aluminum alloy. It is high-strength and durable, ensuring
no damage comes to your machine and it remains in optimum working condition for a long time. So whether your staple gun falls from a height,
or something heavy falls on it, you can be sure it will stand the test of time. The casing is also very lightweight emphasizing
portability, meaning you can carry your staple gun to wherever it is needed whether in or
outside the house, without straining yourself. Another amazing feature on Stanley TR150 is
its power flexibility and ultimately material adaptability. It comes with a power output control button
that gives you the ability to vary the power requirements as needed by different materials
of varying hardness. For example, working on upholstery or carpeting
will use the low-power setting while heavy-duty work like joining wooden tiles, or clipping
decorative tapes or stickers to hard tree barks will require the high-power setting. This power variability helps save effort from
your hands. The Stanley TR150 also comes with an anti-jam
mechanism to ensure your work moves quickly without any delays. Many staple guns are usually faced with the
challenge of jamming staples over extended use. Disassembling the staple compartment to clear
up the hole is both energy and time-demanding. The special anti-jam mechanism prevents this
from happening and enables you to finish what you have to do as soon as possible as you
have more time for yourself and your loved ones. At number 2 we have the Porter-Cable US58. The Porter-Cable US58 is a highly efficient
and reliable staple gun for both upholstery and re-upholstery projects. Many household furniture items like sofas
and chairs have corners that are hard to access. It is even more difficult to try fastening
the fabric to the base material in these constricted areas. This product easily tackles this problem with
an extended fastening tip that will reach into the tightest corners and do the work. So whether it’s to create complex contour
designs, this gadget will do them splendidly. Probably the most important feature on the
Porter-Cable US58, the pneumatic power support is the muscle behind this beast. Backed with the right air compressor ratings,
this device will drive in staples quickly and efficiently into the toughest materials
in your upholstery project. It can be used with a wide range of compressor
types and sizes. A decently sized 1-2 HP compressor with a
rated pressure of about 90 psi will power this tool efficiently. In general, the greater the compressor volume
rate and pressure capacity, the greater the fastening power and allowable frequency. This device uses oil for lubrication. Easily accessible inlet and outlet ports allow
you to quickly top up or change the oil whenever you need to. Customers are often impressed with the oil-seal
capabilities. When topped properly, virtually no oil stains
to the fabric occur, after so many staples are ejected. Protecting the core of the Porter-Cable US58
is a lightweight, impact-resistant metal casing. Whether the device falls from a height or
a heavy object on it, it will remain in an optimum service condition and resist impact
damage. The lightweight body also allows for high
portability, meaning you can carry this device outdoors to wherever it’s needed without
much of a hassle. It also comes with a rubber-coated handle
to allow for good grip and firm hold with the shock of each stapling action. The easy-to-use air trigger makes it a convenient
tool for just about anybody irrespective of physical strength. Driving staples into the wood and other materials
is as easy as it gets. This consequentially means you get to do as
much as possible quickly, without getting fatigued. Really impressive is the innovative anti-jam
mechanism that gives it the ability to eject thousands of staples over a run without a
single jam. And should a jam occur, clearing the staple
output hole is as easy as it gets because the driver guide retracts with the magazine? However, it is restricted to compressors made
in specific regions. And at number 3 we have the WORKPRO Heavy-Duty
Staple Gun Kit. The Workpro Heavy-duty Staple Gun Kit is a
multi-purpose stapler that emphasizes versatility, portability, and user convenience. Manually powered, this device supports a 2-in-1
stapling and nailing action. Whether for light jobs like carpeting, decoration,
and upholstery, to heavier joining jobs like carpentry, this device will fit right in. For the stapling action, this device offers
work flexibility as it supports both light and heavy-duty staples for different materials
of varying hardness. The nailing action makes light work of outdoor
activities like driving nails into tree bark as in decorations, repairs and joining wood
pieces and floorboards as in carpentry, that constitute heavy-duty tasks. The operating device is as easy as it gets
thanks to the long, specially designed handle with a high mechanical advantage. Propelling staples and guns into the base
material requires little effort from your hands. This means you can do significant work in
a single run before you have to go get lunch. The rubber coating and streamlined shape of
the trigger are designed to mate with your hands perfectly and provide a good grip. This will also prevent possible bruising or
markings on your hands from extended use. The Workpro Heavy-duty Staple Gun Kit is the
complete package; literarily. When you buy this product, it comes with 1000
Brad nails and 3000 staples; 1000 light-duty, 1000 heavy-duty, and 1000 U-shaped staples. This means you can get to work as quickly
as possible and use it once it gets delivered right out of the package without needing to
buy anything else. Talk about real value for money. A lightweight casing makes this device very
portable and thus adaptable to indoor and outdoor work. For repairs or postings, it is a handy tool
to get the job done without breaking a sweat. It also comes with a handle lock that makes
it easy to store away and serves as a safety measure for when not in use. Another amazing feature of this device that
emphasizes portability is a pocket clip. Whenever you have to do other work and don’t
want to drop this device on the ground, just attach it to your pocket and you’re good
to go. Stylishly designed, it will make you look
like one who’s got his or her thing going. A groove in the staple compartment serves
as an indicator to help you keep track of the number of staples left in the cartridge. Whether your staple gun has been stored for
a while or not, this indicator will help you know if and when to reload the cartridge,
conveniently. So that sums up the top staple guns. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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