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✅ TOP 4: Best Jigsaw 2020

February 10, 2020

Are you looking for the best jigsaw? In this video, we will top jigsaws on the
market. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best jigsaw, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned,
so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budget range. Starting off at number 1 we have the BLACK+DECKER
BDEJS600C. The Black+Decker BDEJS600C is a real beast. A powerful 5 Amp electric main motor is the
main powerhouse of this device. As just a little under the power of a horse
(1hp), this main motor provides all the torque that is transformed into brute cutting force. Delicately balancing torque and impressive
speed, this motor can drive the blade at speeds of up to 3000 strokes per minute. This combination gives you a device that will
eat through hard materials like butter and quickly at that. Backing the main motor is a speed control
knob that gives you the ability to alter the blade speed to fit the requirement of the
work material. The low-speed setting produces higher torque
and cutting force for harder materials; while the high-speed setting produces lesser torque
and quicker passes for softer materials. A revolutionary feature on the Black+Decker
BDEJS600C is its pendulum cutting action. Apart from the vertical oscillation of the
blade, it can also oscillate in fine forward-backward movements. This allows for the blade to be pressed firmly
against the material in the cutting stroke, for deeper and quicker cuts. At an impressive blade top speed of 3000 strokes
per minute, this gadget will make quick work of cutting materials in your DIY projects. Now all this impressive power will definitely
cut the material with unforgiving force, and anything else that finds its way into the
blade path. A wire guard fitted just ahead of the blade
tip ensures only what you want to get into the blade path. This prevents the risk of injury or accidental
damage to the blade. At number 2 we have the DEWALT DCS331B Jig
Saw. The DEWALT DCS331B is the first cordless jigsaw
in our video and runs on battery power. Rated at 20V, the powerhouse is a light, long-lasting
unit that ensures portability and extended use. This makes it a highly portable unit and simplifies
transport. Unlike in conventional corded models where
extra extension wire is needed to increase reach, working on outdoor projects is as simple
as carrying your device and heading out. You are immune to power outages and can work
carefree, completely off-grid. The low voltage reduces the risk of electric
shocks even with the metal casing, as against corded models that run on higher voltages. With this gadget, you are ready to go at any
time, come what may. Unique to the DEWALT DCS331B is its rugged,
somewhat military-like all-metal casing. The unique body design screams power and reliability
to go at any time. The casing that houses all the internal components
makes for a light unit that is resistant to impact. Handling this device is as convenient as it
gets, as it’s designed for your comfort. The handle is strategically located arcing
over the main hub to yield maximum maneuverability. Rubber-coated, this handle is made to ensure
a good and comfortable grip with your hands, and prevent fatigue or blistering from extended
use. An easy to squeeze trigger switch brings this
gadget to life. It comes with a trigger lock that will keep
the power running through for as long as you want it to. Another great feature on the DEWALT DCS331B
is its adjustable orbital cutting action. Instead of a fixed vertical cutting plane,
the blade can also move horizontally to deepen the cut on each stroke. This allows for faster, more efficient cuts. This allows for high material adaptability
and cutting feed control. Do you need to join two workpieces together
without much of a trace, or just want to make edges safer? No worries. The DEWALT DCS331B is especially suited for
making bevel cuts. With an adjustable-orientation shoe, this
device will allow you to make nice angle cuts as you need, quickly. Ease of blade replacement is another great
feature on this device. No need for an extra tool, just your hands
and it’s done. Safety while working cannot be overemphasized,
and this device represents that ideal, properly. A wire guard protects unwanted objects from
the blade and keeps your fingers out of harm’s way. At number 3 we have the Bosch JS470E Corded
Top-Handle Jigsaw. The Bosch JS470E boasts of raw power, thanks
to a powerful 7.0 Amp main motor. Rated at over one horsepower, this motor provides
all the torque needed to drive the cutting blade at a blazing speed of over 3100 strokes
per minute and with the bite force needed to rip through the material effortlessly. The high speed of the blade means more teeth
come into contact with the material in the same time interval, making for quick, efficient
work. While power is great, control is even better. Putting reins on this beast requires top of
the line technology, and it has just that. Backing the main motor is a speed control
knob that allows you to balance the torque and speed, as required by the material you
are cutting. This allows for high work adaptability and
gives you just the power you need. Firing this device into action, requires little
effort, thanks to an easy to squeeze trigger switch. Positioned just ahead of the handle, it is
well within reach and enables for quick power control. A lock that allows you to keep the device
on for as long as you want, by holding the trigger switch down in the ‘ON’ position. A great feature on the Bosch JS470E is the
easy to use blade mounting system that is an improvement on previous types. By just adjusting the knob, the blade comes
off, without the need to touch it. This is great for quick blade change as it
may be very hot from continuous use. The unique orbiting action of the blade cutting
ensures for great cutting speed control as required by the work material. Adjust the lateral depth of cut and ultimately
the cutting feed. Deep cuts allow for quick work, while smooth
shallow cuts allow for detailed section carving like curves and arcs. Safety emphasized the Bosch JS470E comes with
a wire guard that keeps prevents infiltration into the blade path. The high-speed oscillation of the cutting
tip can be hazardous if accidental personal contact occurs. The novel wire guard design helps prevent
this by blocking out the sides and front, and only allows bottom-feeding as in a normal
work scenario. A wide shoe allows keeps this device well-grounded
by providing sufficient base area to prevent toppling or tipping over. The overall dynamic balance of this gadget
is revolutionary, thanks to a unique blade plunging system, vibrations are minimal, making
for a more efficient, cleaner cuts. And for our final pick at number 4 we have
the WORX WX550L. The WORK WX550L stands out instantly with
its dual cutting action, thanks to a variable-orientation work head. In its jigsaw orientation, this gadget will
perform its work seamlessly. Sometimes, however, you may want to make cuts
horizontally, without losing the proper grip orientation. Enter the reciprocating saw function. With just the push of a button, this head
can be rotated by 90 degrees to yield a reciprocating that will cut with the same power as the jigsaw. Another great feature is the orbital cutting
action support. This allows you to vary the smoothness or
roughness of the cut. With the blade moving in variable orbit lengths,
you can make work move much faster with deeper cuts or smoother for detailed cuts. There are two purchasing packages for this
device; one for the saw only and the other with the battery included. With just a few extra bucks, you get the complete
package and can fire this device into action, right out of the box. The ergonomic features on the WORK WX550L
are designed to make work as easy and convenient as it can be from you. All the internal components of this device
are housed in a lightweight, tough plastic casing that provides support, protection against
impact, and improves portability. The rubber-coated handle makes for a comfortable
grip. Seeing your cuts lines is necessary for accuracy. A dust blower on thus gadget gets dust out
of the way of your blade, giving your clear of your work. Changing the blade is as easy as it gets,
and does not require any extra tool. Bringing the WORK WX550L to life takes a little
squeeze in the trigger switch. A switch lock feature allows you to keep the
switch in the ‘ON’ position and work for extended periods on end. Extreme work adaptability is another great
feature of this gadget. With the variable speed control of the blade,
you can adjust the cutting speed to suit the particular material type you are cutting. Other great features are its variable blade
support. This allows you to mount various blades to
cut different materials like plastic, wood, and metal. So that sums up the top jigsaws. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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