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✅ TOP 5: Best Kitchen Scales 2020

February 10, 2020

Are you looking for the best kitchen scales? In this video, we will top kitchen scales
on the market. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best kitchen scales, we have included links in the description for each product
mentioned, so make sure you check those out. Starting off at number 1 we have the Etekcity
Digital Kitchen Scale. Aside from weighing ingredients up to 11 pounds
(5 kilograms) within a tenth of an ounce (or one gram), the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale
gets the “multifunction” part of its title from its alarm timer and temperature sensor. One of the best features of this scale is
the 2.1-liter dishwasher-safe bowl. It’s detachable so you can choose to use the
Etekcity as a traditional flat scale, too. To store the scale, you just flip over the
bowl and place it on top of the base. The scale uses two AAA batteries, which come
with the unit. The Etekcity scale is backed by a one-year
warranty as well as lifetime support from the manufacturer. Another great thing about the scale is that
it has actual buttons, as opposed to the flat “membrane” buttons commonly found on other
models. Several expert review sites included the Etekcity
Digital Kitchen Scale in their lists of the top kitchen scales. BuyTheBest10 likes the scale because of its
sleek, sturdy construction that doesn’t require an inordinate amount of counter space. Heavy rated the scale highly because it has
a built-in timer and includes a surrounding temperature sensor. However, the writer didn’t like that the reset
beep is so loud. TBPR Reviews found that this scale provided
both precise and reliable measurements. The reviewer thought the vivid blue backlit
display was easy to read. Another bonus: when you’re baking, you can
add ingredients to the bowl, zero-out the weight, and add more ingredients. It’s a lot faster than measuring each item
individually. We did come across a few customer reviews
complaining that the on-off button is a bit sensitive, though. At number 2 we have the Ozeri Pronto Digital
Kitchen Scale. The Ozeri Pronto scale measures loads up to
11.24 pounds (5.1 kilograms) within .05 ounces (or 1 gram) of accuracy. It runs on two AAA batteries that come with
the unit, and the scale saves on battery life by shutting down after two minutes of inactivity. None of the scale’s elements are dishwasher
safe, but the chrome finish for the weight platform is easy to wipe down. The scale only weighs twelve ounces and is
relatively small at 8.2 by 1.8 by 6 inches. Of all the scales in our video, the Ozeri
Pronto comes in the most colors, including Black, Silver, Red, and Lime Green. The Wirecutter named the Ozeri Pronto scale
as the top budget kitchen scale because of its consistent measurements, lightweight design,
and low price. The scale lost points because it automatically
turns off after two minutes (a relatively short time), and it’s slow to display weights. Consumer Search awarded the Ozeri Pronto the
“best cheap kitchen scale” award, adding that it is accurate and can weigh in ounces, pounds,
and grams. Lastly, BuyTheBest10 has this Ozeri scale
as one of its top picks because of the accuracy, large measuring platform, and durable design. Like our top pick, you can put bowls or small
plates on the scale and zero out the weight before you measure out portions. At number 3 we have the AmazonBasics Digital
Kitchen Scale. The AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen
Scale has a 7-inch diameter weighing platform that can measure items up to 11 pound/5 kilograms
in weight. Like the other units on this list, this scale
measures ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. However, it also can measure liquid volume. The device runs on two AAA batteries, which
are included. This was another scale on our list that appears
on Heavy’s list of the top 20 best kitchen scales. The main benefits of the AmazonBasics kitchen
scale are that it seamlessly switches between units of measurement, has a large weighing
platform, and features a wide LCD screen. recommended the scale to dieters
and bakers, though the reviewers found the tare button sometimes required a couple tries. At number 4 we have the OXO Good Grips Food
Scale. The standard OXO Good Grips scale has the
usual 11-pound/5-kilogram capacity, which it measures with precision to the nearest
gram or 1/8 of an ounce. However, you may consider spending the extra
$8 or so for the 22-pound capacity version if you do a lot of heavier measuring. This model is also ideal for bigger tasks
because of the pull-out display. Another benefit of the OXO scale is the large
removable stainless steel platform that you can wash by hand. The Good Grips scale does require four AAA
batteries, which is twice what all of the other models on this list need. Many expert sites have reviewed the OXO Good
Grips scale. The Wirecutter liked the unique pull-out display
of this model, but the reviewers felt that the price didn’t justify the perks. Also, they found it was the slowest at reading
measurements. Cook’s Illustrated and Consumer Search list
this scale as their top pick. Top Ten Reviews gave it high marks because
of the convenient pull-out display, which the writer said comes in handy when preparing
large meals. However, the writer didn’t like that weights
were presented as fractions. Some buyers have complained that the scale
has trouble registering small loads. Also, since there is a bit of a delay in getting
the reading, this scale is not the best for pouring ingredients until you get to the weight
you want. And at number 5 we have the MyWeigh KD8000
Kitchen Scale. If you like to bake bread at home, you can’t
do better than the MyWeigh KD8000 Bakers Math Kitchen Scale. It has a high weighing capacity of 17 pounds
and 6 ounces, a big easy-to-read screen, and the ability to work with baker’s percentages
when you need to adjust your recipe. You can also do measurements in grams, which
is what many recipes call for. The scale is sturdy and versatile enough to
handle all the ingredients you need for large batches of dough. You can disable the automatic-off setting
for the scale so that you can always see the measurement without worrying that it’s going
to flick off too fast. The large, backlit screen is easy to read,
and the controls are simple. You can also turn off the backlight if it
annoys you. The scale runs on three AA batteries, but
you can also get an AC adapter to plug it into the wall. It’s very easy to clean this scale, and there’s
a removable plastic cover that protects the screen from dripping ingredients or globs
of dough. The scale even comes with a 30-year warranty,
so if something goes wrong, you will get a replacement. So that sums up the top kitchen scales. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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