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✅ TOP 9: Best Memory Foam Mattress 2020

February 27, 2020

Are you looking for the best memory foam mattress? In this video, we will top memory foam mattresses
on the market. Before we get started with our video, we have
included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check
those out to see which is in your budget range. Starting at number 1 we have the LUCID 10
Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 80 x 60
x 10 inches and it weighs around 55 pounds. Memory foam mattresses are designed to help
you get the best night’s sleep, and this gel-infused mattress by LUCID gives you an amazing temperature-controlled
mattress to help you sleep better. With a Tencel blend fabric cover, this gives
you a comfortable air layer that helps control moisture and regulate temperature, which is
perfect for a summer night where most struggle to sleep. With the dual-layer mattress, you get a combined
2.5 inches of gel-infused ventilated memory foam surface alongside 7.5 inches of high-density
foam on the base for excellent support and a great feel throughout. The memory foam is certified by CertiPUR US
for its safety and performance. The entire mattress is compressed and then
rolled up before being shipped to you. The setup is simple and it’s very easy to
squeeze into a bedroom in its compressed state. Once unboxed the mattress takes shape and
is good to go. At number 2 we have the Zinus 12 Inch Green
Tea Memory Foam Mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 80 x 60
x 12 inches and it weighs around 63.4 pounds. This comforting green tea infused memory foam
mattress is great for relieving pressure and giving you the best night’s sleep. Composed of 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches
of comfort foam and then 7 inches of high-density base foam to give you great support and structure. Green tea is a great antioxidant and can be
safely infused into the memory foam giving you freshness even with years of use. Although we selected the 12-inch queen version
you could also go with 6, 8 or 12 inches depending on which you prefer. The memory foam is certified by CertiPUR US
so you can trust it is safe to use. It’s also certified for performance, durability,
and content. The mattress is shipped smartly in a compressed
box, it is recommended that once you unpack the mattress you give it 48 hours to expand
into its full size. Some mattresses also come with a slight odor
that can smell slightly “chemically” however this is normal, and the smell should be gone
after 72 hours if you let it air out. At number 3 we have the Linenspa 12 inch gel-infused
memory foam hybrid mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 84 x 72
x 12 inches and it weighs around 115 pounds. What’s great about this pick is the hybrid
mattress has the edge support of an innerspring mattress, but then it also has the adaptability
and comfort of a memory mattress giving you the best of both worlds. The mattress has heavy gauge 8-inch coils
and then transition foam, followed by a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam, giving you an extremely
soft bed. Linenspa offers several different sizes ranging
from Twin, TwinXL, Queen all the way up to California King. This mattress is great because it really gives
you everything you’d want, you get the comfort of a typical memory foam mattress, but the
build is supported by a standard spring mattress. Linenspa offers a 10-year warranty against
any manufacturing defects, so if you have any issues they will gladly replace or support
you to fix any issues, you also get a 100-night risk free trial, so if you’re unsatisfied
you can return it for a free refund. The mattress is packaged and compressed and
is very easy to set up once unboxed. At number 4 we have the Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory
Foam Mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 40 x 15
x 15 inches and it weighs around 55 pounds. This mattress is great because of how it draws
away heat from your body and gives you a cool night’s sleep. The Vibe mattress first has a layer of 2-inch
memory foam and then followed by that has 3 inches of standard gel-infused foam, this
helps to draw away maximum heat. Underneath that, you get 7 inches of conforming
high-density base foam that provides support to the mattress and yourself. The quilted fiber cover is extremely luxurious
and gives an amazing overall feel to the mattress. It’s made to have a medium plush feel and
is easy to accommodate with adjustable bases. The mattress is shipped in a rolled, compressed
form and is easy to set up and unbox. Once unboxed it will take a while to reach
its standard form. The mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US and
this tests that the mattress performs as advertised and does emit any harmful chemicals. At number 5 we have the Olee Sleep 10 inch
gel-infused memory foam mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 75 x 39
x 10 inches and it weighs around 34 pounds. Made from 93% polyester and 7% spandex this
mattress is made to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. With a 1-inch memory foam layer on top and
then a gel-infused layer underneath it helps to draw away heat from your body and keep
you cool. The high-density base layer makes sure the
mattress lasts longer and is more durable. The mattress is made to be a medium firmness,
and this offers a great balance between comfort and support. Olee offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty
with their product and they recommend that you wait 72 hours for the mattress to fully
expand when unpacking to get the best results. At number 6 we have the PrimaSleep 10-inch
wave gel-infused memory foam mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 75 x 39
x 10 inches and it weighs around 33.5 pounds. This PrimaSleep mattress has a 1.5 gel-infused
layer on top to help maintain a constant mattress temperature, underneath that you get a 2.5-inch
convoluted structure that provides better ventilation and helps disperse pressure from
the body and under that, you get a 4.5-inch hard foam layer that helps to prevent defection
in the memory foam. The poly jacquard cover helps keep the mattress
clean and fresh. This mattress is a great allrounder although
the brand is less known than our other picks. At number 7 we have the Sweetnight Queen Memory
Foam Mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 60 x 80
x 10 inches and it weighs around 63.6 pounds. With a unique 4 layer and a zoned foam design,
this mattress is flappable and you can use either side. The top layer is designed to keep you cool,
while the layer below that is comfort foam that helps balance your body pressure. 3 inches of high-density foam is on the bottom
to give better durability to the mattress. This mattress is great for back pain relief
and helps rebuild good sleeping habits. This mattress is also certified by CertiPUR
US so you know you are getting a good product that is safe to use and has been quality checked. Sweetnight offers a 10-year warranty and they
offer great 24/7 service alongside that. The mattress is very easy to unpack and unbox,
it’s easy to get upstairs and through tight hallways. Once unboxed it’s recommended you leave
it to take shape for a couple of days. At number 8 we have the Sleep Innovations
Marley. The dimensions of this mattress are 80 x 76
x 12 inches and it weighs around 92.6 pounds. This mattress is definitely one of the more
expensive ones in our video, but it has a great build quality and advanced cooling. It’s also made in the USA which is nice
as several of these mattresses are made in China and imported. The triple-layered design gives you the best
of every world, cooling, support, and comfort. The medium firmness helps accommodate all
different types of sleepers and the firmness is perfect in giving you a balance between
comfort and support. The Marley is backed by a 10-year warranty,
so you can use it without fear for 3650 nights and if there are any issues then Sleep Innovations
are there to help. And for our final pick at number 9, we have
the Avenco 10 inch memory foam mattress. The dimensions of this mattress are 75 x 54
x 10 inches and it weighs around 56.5 pounds. This is a premium mattress and made with rayon
modal fabric, giving you a breathable, skin-friendly and tear-resistant product. The build is made to have a medium firmness
and designed for the average American sleeper. The temperature is constantly adjusted with
the gel-infused memory foam that is designed for cooling. It has 4 layers of CertiPUR-US foam giving
you the perfect safe and healthy sleeping environment. It has gel memory foam, comfort foam, airflow
high-density foam and then high-density base support foam. The mattress does take 24-72 hours to reach
full size after unboxing so its recommended you give it time to adjust. So that sums up the top memory foam mattresses. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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