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September 17, 2019

– (singing) We just got a car! – Pulling up to the airport. (baby crying) (funky guitar music) (woman laughing) Good morning. We have had a frantic morning
getting ready to fly out because we’re flying out today. We are going to Seattle
and we’re gonna see my whole family for Thanksgiving. So we’ve been packing and
hurrying to get everything done and poor Jeremy’s had
a really rough morning. – My razor was set on a wrong setting and I shaved my face and
so my beard is trimmed and basically gone.
– It almost looks gone, yeah. So it’s like a bear-faced Jeremy from like, three, years ago. You’ll have to go back to an earlier vlog and see what Jeremy used to
look like without a beard and we’re just not used to it. So, who’s excited to go to Seattle? – [All] Me! – Thanks for using your quiet voices. Janae finally just fell asleep in the car. This is the longest flight that we will have ever
been on with our kids. So I’m a little bit nervous. (jazzy piano music) We’re pulling up to the airport and Jeremy looks at me, he’s like, “Are you ready for this?” Game on. Five kids, airplanes, rental cars, drives. (rousing orchestral music) To Seattle we go! So while Jeremy’s dropping off the van and parking it in economy parking, I actually checked us all in. I’ve never done that by myself before, and it made me wonder, could I
fly with everybody by myself? I think I could. Do I want to?
Absolutely not. Drop it off.
Wait for somebody Cubby, wait. There you go. And the big one, the beast. You guys are awesome. Go team. ‘Kay, should we wait for Dad now? – [Caleb] Oh I see Seattle! – [Kendra] You see Seattle? ‘Kay, so which gate are we on? – It’s at B39. – [Kendra] B39? These kids are already
tired and we just arrived. We have a long trip ahead of us. – Yeah, that’s why we’re resting. – [Kendra] Oh, that’s smart. – [All] Daddy! (Kendra laughs) – It’s like they’ve been gone. He was gone for like 15 minutes. (light marching music) Are you guys pregnant? – No! (laughs) – So I heard today on the
news that 51 million people, Americans, were traveling
today or tomorrow with Thanksgiving coming up. And I’m grateful that
the line isn’t longer. – So Laura said she needs to go potty right when we’re in
the middle of security. So there’s nothing we
can really do except for cross our fingers that she can hold it. (light upbeat music) – So we’re cutting ahead for
Laura to go to the bathroom. It’s becoming urgent. To the bathroom. (light upbeat music) So they’re doing like special checks of all of our bags almost, so we’re hoping to make
it to the gate on time. We’ll see. It’s taken significantly
longer than normal. – [Woman] Here you go, buddy. (light string music) – We made it just in time. – We wanted to be in the back
of the line that was our plan. That way we’re on the plane shorter. Time to board. – [Jeremy] Go ahead, Elise. – [Worker] Where’s your tooth? Did the tooth fairy take it? – [Elise] Not yet. – [Jeremy] Wait for us, Cub. Here we go. (upbeat string music) Buckled in. – Pikaboo! Pikaboo! Pikaboo! – [Jeremy] So, Laura, how
you feeling about flying? – A little scared. – [Jeremy] What are you scared of? – That we’re gonna land on our bum-bums. – [Jeremy] Land on our bum-bums? Hopefully not. Hopefully we land on the wheels. – This airplane looks nice and big, like the seats are wide. It’s gonna be a good flight. Right? (laughs) She’s not so sure about it. (safety instructions playing) – [Jeremy] Paying attention? – Well I’m really relieved
there are a lot of families on this flight, and that makes
it so much less stressful. Like, there’s lots of kids, and that will just be fun. (uplifting music) – Go faster, faster, fast! – This is faster than 500 miles per hour. (Latin percussion music) – The cars are so little
’cause we’re in the air, Caleb. (funky guitar music) – I packed some fun things for the kids, but they’re not allowed to open them until we’re on the airplane in the air, so now they’re excitedly
going through their bags and finding everything. (soft rock music) (babbling excitedly) – [Jeremy] Yep. – Is this a pen? – [Kendra] It is. – Does this smell? – [Kendra] Yeah. – Fidget! Fidget spinner! – [Jeremy] Fidget spinner! (soft rock music) – So, at the store yesterday,
I got one of these locks. My kids haven’t used them before, and I told them that
anybody that breaks the code gets a pack of M&Ms. So, the code’s on the back. They just have to figure
out how to open it. So this is the code: oh one, 15, 33. But you just have to figure out how to open it with the code. You’re not gonna just break it open. Try it again. (laughs) (smooth rock music) To the back. (smooth rock music) So Laura just wrote her
name for the first time. We have an L-A-U, there’s the R, over here’s another A. – L-A-U-R-A. – Oh, you did it! You did it, youu unlocked it! (relaxing string music) – [Jeremy] You can see Seattle. Isn’t that pretty? – That’s where we are going? – [Jeremy] Yep. – Seattle is way further than I thought. It has so many places. Is Seattle a hotel? – [Jeremy] No, Seattle is a city. Kind of like Kansas City. (light piano music) Did we land? (upbeat guitar music) We’re finally here. Now we have an hour and
a half drive ahead of us. (singing) I’m falling so I’m
taking my time on my ride. (singing) Oh, ohh, oh. (singing) I’m taking my time on my ride. (acoustic rock music) – [Jeremy] The mother goose
and her little chicks. (laughs) (acoustic rock music) – My breath has steam. – [Jeremy] I think
that’s ’cause it’s cold. – They never forget traveling. – Yeah. (murmurs quietly) So we’ve been off the plane
for a little over 30 minutes, and once we get our rental car, we have and hour and a half drive. We’re almost there. Kind of. (kids singing) – Oh, we’re here. – (singing) We just got a car! We just got a car-a-a-ar! – In case you missed the
memo we just got a car. It’s a rental car, and
Laura’s singing about it. – We just got a car-a-a-ar! I don’t want to be standing
here, the longest time. (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] (singing) But you have to ’cause your car seat’s not in yet. (cheery piano music) – We’re running into
traffic but it’s all good because NSYNC is on the radio. (laughs) So, we’re enjoying it. – Ah, look at this accident
though this is serious. – Oh, no. Oh my goodness. It looks like everybody
was okay in that accident, but that was scary. (upbeat piano music) Guys, look that’s Seattle! Do you see it, Laura? – [Laura] Yeah. – [Kendra] What do you think of Seattle? – I like Seattle. (upbeat piano music) (kids wailing) – So we have another trip
coming up in not too long that we’re trying to
decide if we should fly to that trip or drive.
(baby crying) If we were to drive it would
be 20 hour drive or more. A lot of driving. (baby screaming)
We flew here. It was a four hour flight, and the worst part has been
this hour drive. (laughs) So what do you think Jeremy? Should we fly or drive? – Let’s just stay home.
(Kendra laughs) – Not a good time to
ask him that question. (babies crying and screaming) – I love travelling.
(Kendra laughs) You know someday when I grow up, I just wanna travel
the world with my kids, and it’ll be so fun.
(babies wailing) – [Kendra] So what do you think Jeremy, should we have another baby? (both laughing) (jazzy piano music) – So this is reminding me
of the Thanksgiving song, Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother’s House We Go. We’re going to Michael’s house
– It’s a Christmas. – It’s a Thanksgiving song. – [Jeremy] Okay, whatever. – Anywho, we’re going through the woods. I’m sure we went over some rivers, which means we have to be getting close to my brother’s house soon. – But there wasn’t any traffic in that. – How could we do that? Over the river and through the woods, through much much traffic we go. The red brake lights ahead
of us show us the way through the glistening, rainy-on road. That didn’t work, that
didn’t work (laughs), that is not gonna work. (light jazz music) My brother’s neighborhood is gorgeous and the best news ever we see Papa! (kids scream excitedly)
– It’s Papa! – [Kendra] It’s papa! – Papa! – [Papa] I know you. – [Jeremy] It’s been an easy drive. – [Kendra] Aww. – [Papa] It’s so good to see you. – [Kendra] Lilly! Wait you’re not Lilly. – It’s Jenna! (laughs) – [Kendra] You guys saying hi? (excited chattering) – Ha! I hadn’t even seen you yet, give me a hug, how are you?
– [Jeremy] Cousins. – Nice work, buddy. He looks taller, like
basically the same now. (excited chattering) – I’m so hungry, they have food for us. Yes. – [Kendra] So Jemma’s a big fan of Jenae. (laughing) Oh, Jae likes it too. (laughs) (laughing)
(background chattering) (Kendra laughing loudly) So Jemma really likes babies. – [Child] Goodnight, J-House out. – Can our neighbors hear us? – [Jeremy] Pretty good. (upbeat electronic music) There’s our pallets. – We need a forklift.

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