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February 16, 2020

Two next five to three Two to eight and one simple is not easy Come you try come come understand a little two Next five Miss Several aunts are here again Come again Now is the time to throttle The old man asked me to take care of their accounts But offended them. No no no Let me hide Shrimp helped me stop them Hold up and hurry up Hurry up hurry up Why are you smelling something here today? Push me everything You are always comfortable Those aunts are in my yard again Don’t give them silver Just scolded me What do you want me to do? You to those people you are welcome If you should scold, just scold it. You don’t need to give me face They are all my elders How can i treat them so You are the master now You have to be a bit big You are the biggest in this family Really that of course Well, let’s start with the old lady’s room today. what does it mean Girl wait for me Such a large piece of jade is worth a lot of money This is the old lady’s favorite white jade round sculpture Seven hundred two Seven hundred two This window is so big What do you use? Right to right I saw it in our satin shop in Zhu Ji I need at least two. Got more than two How much is it One hundred eighty two hundred eighty two I know this very precious Huanghuali Miss knows the goods are quite valuable How much is it? In his early twenties This wood is beautiful agarwood this is agarwood Nope nope nope Slow down This one is worth two thousand two thousand two thousand Mingqian New Tea At least two dollars in the pot Two or two silver This is not what you said Snow water on plum blossoms last winter The kung fu collected is worth one or two. And this purple sand pot At least a few hundred pairs. Old man you just took a sip At least three two Silver ordinary people can live a month This doesn’t count So clear These furniture are very expensive Can be used for a lifetime And those gadgets This was bought when it was cheap Don’t you want me to sell everything? Don’t worry about selling all that is nothing but broken silver I can’t plug my teeth. Now open source and reduce expenditure I just want to let Zhu Shou calculate the account for you Zhu Shou reported the number to the old lady Old lady bought antiques and furniture in her house last year Cost a total of 148,000 Every year, the curtains of the windows in Fuchu will cost 2,000 aunts’ grandma’s annual installation fee. To use three thousand two Grandma’s Annual Cost of Jewellery It’s about 120,000 yuan As for the kitchen Expenses spent on bird’s nest and ginseng each year It’s almost 142,000 In fact, it doesn’t seem to be particularly expensive Just a little more people Ok then i’ll be angry now I decide later Except for silver Another one thousand and two silver What do grandma want Think about it yourself Lest you want to buy a dumpling Have to come to me Is this too little This is much less than before This does not work This means our family ca n’t even afford a daughter-in-law. What do you feel relieved about this? Old aunts and grandma must be happy They will be willing Old lady I think Miss’s idea is pretty good Auntie and grandma asked me for reimbursement What is the cost of the installation fee On the surface, one by one Here in the back I can’t believe it Do you think I asked Dongwenxi again? I think they are too expensive Every month Aunts have nothing but silver Jewelry will be old and clothes will be old I think so No matter how hard it is, Get what you want in your hand The delight of flowers Save more than 100,000 yuan this year Not bad As long as they don’t cry with me I do Then you promised I certainly agree that I have something else I want my aunts to invest in Zhufu’s property At the end of the year, they can also share a dividend or something. Really my girl from the Zhu family You say your brain is long How do you grow your brain How did you come up with this idea? Give them a thousand and two dollars a year I took these thousand and two back after changing hands And how much spare money they have Have to throw it to you How do you grow your brain Why can’t you figure it out Then you agree I agree of course Your aunts and their relatives Work in our shop Once before All for Zhu Fugan Each one looks like a tapeworm I do it for myself now That’s not enough Yes Then I went to tell them Good Zhu Shouzou Miss should take a break Do you know how much free money the aunts have invested How one million two A whole million If there were more Zhu Houses Just a few aunts

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