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February 16, 2020

Wind tunnel under the bamboo mountain window Flower Burning Mountain Red Brocade Uncle How good if you were still shrimp Miss Go and call Zhu Fu Zhu Shou I have something to tell them Miss Is there anything wrong for the two of us? You both know what Zhu Fu is going to pay off? We thought about telling this to the lady for two days It seems Master Zhu has already told the lady I know I can’t afford it I can only sell myself You still pick me up Do you want me to marry a bad old man? No no no That old Mr. Zhu has been saving silver Just for one day Master Nine and Miss can return home with fairness. Let me tell you Even if that mysterious person comes We only pay back the money Can you afford it We will do our best to coexist with Zhufu Listen to your tone and know that hope is slim Old lady said Debt owed in recent years plus profit rolling Has reached a terrifying number So how much is it Actually not much That’s more than ten thousand two More than ten thousand two More than ten thousand two Ordinary people can live for one year at thirty-two Buy a three-in courtyard in Beijing for 502 years What’s called is just over ten thousand two Don’t panic, Miss Sun This future Mrs. Zhu takes care of Zhu’s business The flowing water from your hand every year It’s almost like this You still sell me I never thought I would never give up One day worth even more than 10 million Miss more than ten thousand is our poor number Actually your body value is 20 million Will this mysterious man really come to hire in two years? If you choose to leave Then he might not come The reason why the lady died I also kept that mind Want to hide that person But anyway The old lady has decided In life Must pay this debt back Our cash plus Old house shops If Grange antique paintings are sold, Should be eight million two But before, for the circulation of official bank Cost another three million two So our total difference now is 11 million two Since it’s so bad Why do you want to grab any official bank circulation rights? We didn’t want to grab it But the people at Mingyue Mountain Villa asked us to cooperate He said he was sure to snatch the right to circulate the official bank. Mingyue Mountain Villa When the people at Mingyue Mountain Villa asked us to cooperate, they said Say that Liu Mingyue is Miss Xue’s Then Mrs. Mo of Mofu set fire to Xue Jiazhuang Killed her mother She avenged her mother To rob this official bank of circulation That ’s why we found Zhu Zhu ’s cooperation. What’s the use of this official bank circulation right? What about it Is a reputation With royal approval People are more willing to put their money in Zhufu Unless the court is at war Urgent need for silver transfer Otherwise at least five million two silvers per year Can’t escape from Zhu Fu’s hands Then you can arrive Our need for the moment And then we fill this vacancy Do n’t want to touch this silver I keep forgetting to tell you Killing Uncle Jiu Liu Qingwu of Mingyue Villa I think they partnered with Zhu Fu to get official bank circulation rights I want to seduce you Pay off debt with official bank And let the emperor find out By the time It is difficult for Zhu Fu to not be copied by the emperor Why is this Mingyue Villa killing Master Nine? And how did they know we were in debt? What we owe is that things have never been passed on. Even those aunts and grandma do n’t know about it Didn’t Mingyue Villa come out in the past ten years? Maybe it follows Mysterious people have a relationship Mysterious man hates Zhu family Hide my mother On the one hand, let Liu Qingwu kill Uncle Jiu On the other hand, it helped Zhufu obtain the right to circulate official silver. As long as Zhu Fu uses official silver, Will be copied by the emperor Liu Mingyue adds 3 million two cash When grabbing the official bank circulation right for Zhufu I should find out she has a problem She clearly has the ability to seize the right to circulate the official bank. Why give to Zhufu Think now Fortunately Miss reminded Otherwise we’ll hit her. Miss, rest assured I’ll send someone to find out the villa now Don’t take him down for revenge for the young master I vow not to be Do n’t be too public Let’s rest assured for the time being We still talk business with Mingyue Villa Talking about cooperation But treat them privately See if I can find some of their handles Bring them down It’s up to Miss. This lady brought us to Zhufu Solved such a big hidden danger Later, under the leadership of the lady Zhufu will be thriving, right? I haven’t said I would stay Let ’s save some money in the future. Flowers never die I have nowhere to go Just stay in Zhufu What are you doing Miss Nine Master is dead Miss Miss has been silent for years Although we have been looking for But we know that hope is slim The young lady is probably dead You are now the only relative of the old lady Aunt and grandma are already married They only have old lady’s money now We especially want to make the old lady’s only relative Stay with him by his side You are willing to stay now We especially thank you Get up quickly Uncle Jiu has been taking me away these years But still killed in Liu Qingwu’s hands I knew it was Mingyue Mountain Villa I have no ability to take revenge Mingyue Villa is now dealing with Zhufu This new hatred adds up I want to stay in Zhufu Fight with them to the end No matter what the lady said Zhu Shou knew everything Miss can leave Zhufu regardless of these things. Mrs. Zhu won’t blame you And from then on your life will be more free and easier I Zhu Shou understand Don’t you two be so pessimistic? This debt is justified Although I do n’t know why he must marry me But if the truth is not enough I’ll marry after two years I am a girl like a flower An old man who cut into the soil looked at me Every day he only has to be afraid of his death After he returns I am the richest rich woman in the world If Mrs. Zhu is afraid of the queen The children born are all surnamed Zhu But this is the worst case If he dares to come after two years I just smashed him to death We smash together Ma’am how are you doing over there I thought I will keep a pile of silver Live a lifetime But who thought Old old We can still see our granddaughter Never give up She is a smart child Will give me snake soup Can tell a story Make me laugh Her eyes Looks like Phil master Did you give up? Is left Go anyway Master Miss Sun said Smash the mysterious man’s sedan with silver Ha ha It really is the blood of my Zhu family Old lady One more thing to tell you Miss Sun said She and Master have been hunted down by Mingyue Villa Master Finally died in the hands of Mingyue Villa Mingyue Mountain Villa

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