쇼! 음악중심 카드 Red Moon (Kard Red Moon) Comeback Reaction Show Music Core

February 25, 2020

I have a tougher one it’s Dennis here
back with another video and today I’m gonna be checking out card this is the
red moon performance I believe this is a k-pop competition or in a music show I
don’t know I can’t really read Koreans but I look if you guys do know comment
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they always beat up first to see any of my new videos alright now that’s out the
way let’s check this video out anyways let’s get started with this video Wow
let’s straight into the dance in a bad I like her costume the costume design so
this is something right she would it would have been gee wonder I like Oh
anyway thought of them nice really enjoyed this performance
yeah this the girl with the long hair anyway
it honors very talented hair they synchronize
dancing it’s very unusual to see there are two girls and two boys baby run Oh
run baby run I like the choreography with your fingers in there it’s cool
actually smiled in there what’s his name BM big natty oh yeah voted them pretty good too I know one of
them was born in America so his English is really tight especially with his rap I just thought is that the salmon and
jiwoo they look like sisters Hey that’s carefree isn’t that hard to dance
you can definitely dance into it I like their hands movements in there oh yeah I like that fingers movements in
the head this is the ending part they’re dancing
outro nice I like it oh that was very quick
it’s so short honestly I feel like this song can go on and on and on but yeah
it’s less than three minutes long I wish it was a little bit longer a little
comment down below what do you guys think of cards our performance in there
I know I know they’ve been around for about four years since its 2016 but this
is definitely the first time I’ve seen their performance live and now probably
gonna be following them war I know I enjoyed this this music that they have I
have checked out their Spotify mini album their fourth mini album it’s
actually not too bad at all so there’s definitely a couple of good tracks in
there to listen into so yeah look again look comment down below let me know what
you guys think of their performance in here all right cool all right that’s
really for me today thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out me
enjoyed this video remember to give it a like I really appreciate it and
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