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September 11, 2019

– [Jeremy] Gonna make a cake? – [Elise] Mm-hmm. (upbeat, rhythmic music) – There’s soap all over us! – This is so yummy. I’m having so much fun
tasting all the things! So poor Janae has been really boogery. She has a cold and she’s
just got lots of snot. So it’s makin’ it hard
for her to sleep and eat, and when I was at the store yesterday I picked up one of these things. It’s called the Snot Sucker! That’s just a cool name,
but it’s a weird device, so we’ll see how it works. You literally put it in the kid’s nose and suck the snot out? That sounds like a job
for Jeremy! (laughs) – Not sponsored.
(Kendra laughs) – Just a brave dad. So the honest truth of it is that I’m not brave
enough to try this thing, but Jeremy is. – I wanna suck boogers out of
my kid’s nose. (Kendra laughs) I’m gonna read the
instructions. (Janae squeals) This is somethin’ you
don’t wanna get wrong. – [Kendra] Yeah, what is that thing? (staggered blowing)
(Kendra laughs) – So there’s a filter so no boogers will come
right into my mouth. – [Kendra] Or is this the snot chamber that fills up with snot?
– Yep. Let’s try this thing. – [Kendra] Awe, I don’t
know if she’s gonna like it. (Jeremy sucking)
(soft, playful music) Did ya get anything?
– I dunno. It’s like a parent musical instrument. She’s not as bothered by it. – [Kendra] Yeah, for sure. (Jeremy sucks) (Jeremy blows) – [Kendra] Wow, she’s way calmer. – She’s smiling. The thing goes all the
way up into her brain, (Kendra laughs)
and then I suck out boogers. – It’s all traumatic. Usually she’s screaming, but this she seems to
kinda like. (giggles) Insert into the nasal cavity.
(Jeremy sucks) Oop! (laughs) All right I’m gonna call
this a huge success. Janae seems to like it a lot better. Usually she’s screaming, and
we got a ton of snot out. – The question is is which parent first tried
this without the filter, like, “I’m just gonna suck with a straw.” – So we’ve had five kids,
right, and Isaac is nine, and some of the baby stuff that’s out now wasn’t invented when he was a baby, so we tend to just do what we know. Like we’ve always used
these little devices. This thing is actually really cool. I guess we can teach
an old dog new tricks. Are we old dogs now? Is that what we are? – [Jeremy] I guess so. – [Kendra] How do ya
like that snot sucker? (Janae breathes gently)
– Oh yeah. So Janae came crawling over,
wanting to play with it more. Here we go!
(Jeremy sucking) (Jeremy laughs)
(Janae claps) – Da da.
(Kendra laughs) – That was the cutest thing ever. – I know (laughs) Poll question, would you be brave enough to suck snot with the Snot Sucker? – [Jeremy] Let’s see that smile! So what happened last night? – I lost my tooth. So I was brushing my teeth, and I noticed, “My tooth
is gone.” (giggles) Then, here it is. – [Jeremy] So what’s it like to eat? – It’s hard to explain it. This morning, it was hard ’cause I wasn’t really
experienced with eating. I just went like this.
(Janae squealing) [Jeremy] Like eat on the side. – Yeah. [Jeremy] We’re having
leftovers for lunch today. (upbeat, rhythmic music) – [Jeremy] There’s no teeth there. – I know! – [Jeremy] Do you want more, Nae Nae? More grapes? – [Janae] Bla bla, blap. – [Jeremy] Okay. – So a hawk came, and it got some food. (lively guitar music)
(bird food spreading) – [Jeremy] We have had so much
fun with the birds out here that we just are spreading
out the birdseed all over, so that birds can eat at more
than just the bird feeder. – Oh look, look! – [Jeremy] Birdy. (Janae gurgles) (violin lesson music) – Well this little girl is
sure getting adventurous. I just was working on math
with Elise and all of a sudden, I’m like, “Wait a minute, where is Janae?” And we go running in and find
her playing in the toilet in the bathroom! What were you thinking? (raspberry kissing) So I get to have a few
moments just to myself today and I’m really looking
forward to relaxing. I’m going to take a hot bath
and use one of these things. This a bath bomb, but it’s
shaped like a cupcake, which I think is super cute. I got it from Bath and
Body Works. (sniffing) And the smell is A Thousand Wishes. It smells really good. (relaxing flute music)
(bath water running) (upbeat, pulsing music) (hose spraying) – [Jeremy] What’s goin’ on? We’re washin’ our car. – There’s soap all over us! – Well that was fun. So Kendra’s feeling a
little stressed today. We thought we’d pick up something that would bring her great joy. (upbeat, bouncy music) Thanks to you. (Isaac burps)
What was that? (kids laughing)
Gross! Say excuse me, ya sickos! – [Isaac] Excuse me, you sickos. (all laugh) – [Jeremy] These kids. (upbeat, jazzy music) – [Jeremy] So Issac
picked the flavor for us. What kind did you pick, Isaac? – Strawberry and kiwi, it’s really good. – We’re doing quiet time
right now for the kids. – [Isaac] Let’s put
the book shelf back up. – [Elise] Yeah! – [Jeremy] Is this what
you’re doin’ for quiet time? – [Elise] Mm-hmm! (box flapping) – [Jeremy] Makin’ some more bracelets? – Mm-hmm, there’s a whole book. (Janae gurgles) – [Jeremy] Did you make her a bracelet? – [Elise] Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] You did such
a good job makin’ that. I remember when you first got that toy and you couldn’t figure it out. – Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] Now you make
’em all by yourself. – Ah ah ah ah! – [Jeremy] You like the stairs? (Janae gurgles) – [Jeremy] Sit down. This was one of your
birthday presents, huh? – Mm-hmm. – [Janea] Oh ya, ya ya. – [Jeremy] I’m excited. Gonna make a cake? – [Elise] Mm-hmm. – ‘Kay, let’s do it. (melodic xylophone music)
– Hold that. Here’s the cake people.
(plastic crinkling) Ooh oo! – Whoa, that’s cool! – Look, these might be able to
hold the wings, right there. – [Jeremy] Oh yeah! – [Janae] Ya ya ya ya ya. – This is the cut-out thing. – [Jeremy] Is that all the cake mix? – Yeah.
– The frosting and the decorate. (lively, jazzy music) – [Jeremy] Is that the cake stand? (Janae hollering)
– Mm-hmm. I thought we did it
when the cake was there. – [Jeremy] Insert doll! Is it a twisty thing or do you just stick it in? (doll clicking)
Oh! – There it go. (Janae babbling)
(oven timer beeping) – [Jeremy] Nailed it. All right, what’s the next instruction? (can spraying) – One. Two. Mm-hmm! – [Jeremy] Good job! That’s probably enough. Then you give it a shake.
(Janae squealing) (oven clicking shut) (oven timer beeping) (upbeat, rhythmic music) – [Jeremy] Are those the pictures we took? – Mmm, at San Diego! – [Jeremy] In San Diego. So our photographer sent
us this cute little book that has a bunch of the pictures we took. (bright, bouncy music) – [Photographer] That is so cute! Awe, so cute. – [Assistant] Oops, the thing dropped. (photographers laugh) – [Photographer] ‘Kay, all right. – [Jeremy] That was such a fun trip. – [Laura] I wanna go there again soon. – [Jeremy] Yeah, that would be fun. – I just got back from the gym. – [Jeremy] How was it? – It was a short workout, but
it was good. (Janae gurgles) – [Jeremy] Someone missed ya. – It was better than nothing. Some days I really don’t
wanna go to the gym. Hi, baby. (kissing) When I’m feeling (sighs) really anxious, and depressed, and overwhelmed, the last thing I wanna do is go work out, but if I can just get myself to get there, I always feel better afterwards. So it was a short workout, I
didn’t work out super hard. It was just twenty, thirty minutes of just on the elliptical,
but I feel better. So looking at this
photo book from our trip makes me really wanna work on getting baby books for our kids. We have all the pictures, but I’ve never made them
into actual baby books. (Janae whines)
So I wanna do that. (upbeat, bouncy music) So now we’re mixing up the
fondant with some water. We were concerned because it looked blue, but with the water, it’s
starting to look green. – [Elise] Yeah. – [Kendra] I don’t see how
four teaspoons of water is gonna be enough.
– Me neither. – [Kendra] I think it
needs a little more water. – [Jeremy] Is that the fondant? – [Elise] Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] It smells good. – Mm-hmm! – So we’re just cutting
off the very tops, okay? – Okay. – [Isaac] He is watching my computer. – [Caleb] Play it. – Smells good.
– Mm-hmm. – You wanna try to pop ’em out? – Mm-hmm.
You wanna do it? (upbeat, bouncy music) (Kendra laughs) – [Jeremy] Let’s put fondant on it, maybe that’ll make it look better. – We are gettin’ creative.
– Yay! – [Jeremy] Ya did it! (Kendra groans) Once you cover it up with
fondant it’ll just look perfect. (oven timer beeping) – [Kendra] Hopefully. (laughs) – It looks easy, but it’s
actually really hard. – [Jeremy] We just
stick ‘er in (chuckles). – Is that the frosting?
(Kendra laughs) – [Jeremy] There we go. – Oh there we go! – [Jeremy] It’s like a tankini. There’s a top half the
person, and a bottom half. – So what we can do, ‘Lisey– – Is put it in between. – Yeah, like decorate it. You can either roll it like a worm maybe? ‘Lisey, that actually looks really cute! I know it didn’t turn out just like we wanted it to, but look! – Well at least it’s gonna be yummy. – Yeah. – You guys we have
gymnastics in five minutes. Get your clothes on for
gymnastics, come on! (upbeat, bouncy music) So because Kendra’s gone,
we get done with gymnastics, I’m tryin’ to have the
kids eat real quick, and then we gotta go to
violin and drop off Isaac. Come on you guys, we gotta get in the car! (bread crunching) All right, come on, hop back in the car. (Caleb groans) In the car everybody! All right, let’s go.
(van door sliding) – So tonight I’m meeting
with my good friends to plan our summer camp for this year, and this is our sixth year
in a row doing summer camp! We do it on just fun different topics like Legos, or the five
senses, or the ocean. And so we’re meeting
to have dinner together and chat about what the
plans for this year will be. (clock ticking) Success, we picked a theme for this year, and I am really excited! The activities, and the projects, and the field trips,
it’s gonna be awesome! And now I just can’t decide if I should tell you
guys the theme or not. Should I tell you? Hmm, I’ll just say it, and then if Jeremy wants
to edit it out, he can. Our theme for 2018 Summer Camp is space. We’re gonna do a space camp. It is gonna be awesome! Think galactic slime,
glow-in-the dark awesomeness, going to an observatory, anti-gravity! It’s gonna be good! We’re finishing the night at
an awesome frozen yogurt spot. They’re having a great
sale, so we have to come. ‘Kay, so these are my summer camp friends. You guys remember them. Anyway, we just saw a sign,
there’s a cookie dough bar here! I am so excited! This is so yummy. I’m having so much fun
tasting all the things! So I used this divider and I got the cookie
dough and some yogurt. (gentle, melodic music) So here’s my consensus
on the cookie dough, I did like it with the yogurt, but it’s too rich all by itself, and I really like rich stuff, so. I did like it, but I think
it’s better as maybe a topping. – [Laura] Goodnight, J House out. – I’m so glad that we vlog to document important life
moments like this one right here. (lively, rhythmic music) – [Jeremy] More. – [Kendra] More? (laughs) – [Jeremy] More. – [Kendra] Hi! – [Jeremy] Did you move
all of these yourself? – [Isaac] Yep!

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