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?How To Start Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step 2019 – BEGINNERS & Advanced?FREE COURSE?

September 12, 2019

hi this is Kristie Chiles and in this video
I’m going to show you how to start affiliate marketing step by step for
2019 for beginners and advanced alright so let’s go the first thing I would do
is start with the calendar on this calendar found at you are
going to find all the launches of all the internet marketing folks online this
is where we goes to say hey here’s my new product here’s my new software come
on and promote it with me now as you can see today is July 23rd 2019 so we’re
more than halfway through the year but look at all of these launches they go on
from today until let’s see September October November December all the way
into 2020 haha look at that December 31st 2020 next year Wow now that’s what
I call being a planner so what you would do is you would go in here and you would
pick one make sure that it’s 50% Commission because you’re gonna make the
same amount of Commission whether you promote something for five dollars or
forty seven dollars even more is great $197 you could do that one as well so
you would choose this one and Paul Ponna is a great vendor but if you don’t know
it doesn’t matter and then you would click on this link to go to the JV page
now the JV page is called a joint-venture page joint-venture means
you are going to partner with Paul on this product launch
okay and on this page and not all of them have a JV page it’s not necessary
you just need to have a page where you can get your link and when you get your
link and you do a video like this one or you put it on Instagram or you put it on
your Facebook fan page or you share it on Pinterest or anywhere else that you
can put it on an article site like write an article about it put
your affiliate link in there boom alright you are in business okay it’s as
easy as that to get started so let’s take a look at Paul’s
he says pre-launch goes so they will give you all the details about the
launch 30000 prizes some of the bigger launches like Paul’s have prizes for
their leaders but doesn’t matter even if you just make one sale it’s worth an
hour of your time or 30 minutes are you trying to make a quick video and put it
on on YouTube and or make a quick post you know on your Facebook fan page about
whatever your niche is this one’s about video it’s a suite of tools it’s 8
quality video ads for the price of one it’s a really good deal the price is
really low so they are expecting to do volume they’re going to do a volume of
sales rather than put it at $500 or $1000 so this one will sell I guarantee
it now if you go right here this is a JV doc where they give you all the details
that give you swipes what is this swipe a swipe is an email that you can copy
you can copy and paste you have their permission and as you can see right here
this is where you would put your affiliate link now you could put this on
a Facebook fan page you can put it in a Facebook group about you know how to
make money for moms and dads you could put it anywhere okay and where do you
get your link now there are a lot of different marketplaces this one in
particular is hosted on jvzoo what you would do is right here if you’re not
logged in I’m logged in and okay I guess I’m not logged in so what you would do
is you would log in and you would you would get your link right there now I’m
going to show you if you want to know does this work absolutely yes
okay so these are all my all-time I’m going to put this from 2013 to present right here you can see whoops okay
refresh you can see that I have made from 2013 2019 over a hundred thousand
dollars promoting other people’s products as an affiliate so if you want
to know how to get started as an affiliate stuff my step as a beginner or
advanced in 2019 this is a video for you okay so you start there
you always always always build a list you always have a landing page because
all of these people right here all of these visitors I’ve had a hundred and
fifty five thousand nine hundred and fifteen visitors I’ve sent to these
people’s links these people sales pages you want to build a email list of these
people who aren’t interested in how to make money online or how to make money
with video okay so you found the calendar you see this one market place
I’m going to show you another market place that you will see on that calendar
this one is called warrior plus as you can see I’m a vendor I sell my own
products here but I also promote other people’s products okay so if you were to
go in I’m gonna look up my stats as an affiliate so you can see that this is
what I do I do it every day I promote other
people’s products and my own products as well forty eight thousand two hundred
fifty dollars and three cents and this is most of this again is when I went
full time in 2013 so that’s for the last six years okay these are not the only
two sources of income I have but these are two great marketplaces where if you
want to know how to get started as an affiliate marketer in 2019 as a beginner
or advanced this is the place to go now I’m going to show you another little
trick right here another another um it’s not a secret but it’s another tip or
strategy if you want to see what is already selling you you can also jump in
sell and make information get your affiliate link out there in you wonder
you want to promote something that is already selling okay so today here are
the top sellers in this particular marketplace called warrior plus okay so
here we go one two three four five six ten and warrior plus then it will show
you yesterday seven days last thirty days okay you know ideally want to go no
later probably then today because the buzz will end soon and a new list of
products will show up there same thing with jvzoo if you go right
here to products you’re going to go to top sellers and you can promote these
these are the top sellers today look at this moto theme shortcut TV boss fire
and you can click on every one of these and you want to be sure when you apply
for your link that you say hey I’m gonna promote your your link with video I’m
gonna promote your affiliate you I’m going to put my affiliate link with
Instagram or on my Facebook fan page just tell them how you’re gonna promote
it and do just go for all of these go for every single one of these apply for
them there’ll be a little box that shows up right here and you just say hey I’m
going to promote you on Instagram or whatever whatever your plan is I do
video and I do my own email list those are my main sources of eyeballs to other
people’s products okay so that’s what you want to do you get your link you
pick more than one because you may not get approved if they don’t know you when
you’re first starting out then you want to be sure you have a landing page okay
I use this particular company called click funnels I also promote their
product lifetime earnings I’ve just really started to get serious about it
in the last three months three thousand eight hundred eighty seven dollars and
six cents the reason I love promoting click funnels and using their software
is I to promote them with a clear conscience
I actually used their software you can however promote clickfunnels without
using their software you don’t have to pay for their software to be an
affiliate but it’s a lot easier to talk about something that you use yes okay so
one thing I really love about sectionals is they have something that’s called one
funnel away challenge I don’t know how long they’ll have this but if you
haven’t checked that out it’s 30 millionaire’s who’s saying hey if I had
to start over today what would I do okay awesome I love it it’s people are
having great success with that the other thing I love about click Sano’s is that
it has recurring revenue meaning that every month as long as these people are
subscribed to click funnels and why wouldn’t you if it’s your website you’re
using it instead of a website you’re collecting leads this is right here what
I want to increase its monthly recurring revenue that means that I can count on
at least 120 dollars and forty cents coming into my account and I plan to
increase that as I make more videos about click funnels so let’s take one
quick look and a click funnel sales funnel what is the sales funnel it’s
just an opt-in page that takes you to a sales page that’s you know offers them a
product for example Russell says a lot of people are successful by just
promoting the front end what is a front end a front end offer is a low ticket
offer here’s an example and when I first saw this I thought what a dollar yes but
usually not always but usually that dollar turns into $14.80 sometimes that
turns into seventy eight dollars and 70 cents and sometimes it turns into seven
hundred ninety eight dollars and eighty cents
why this particular sales funnel that russell brunson takes them through he
will first you will first sell them hopefully potentially inexpert secrets
you will sell them this book you get a dollar but everything they buy after
that is increased in that isn’t that awesome now this is not the
only sales funnels that they have they have a lot more than that
and I have to tell you I’m an affiliate for clickfunnels because I love it I use
it I recommend it highly and it helps me pay my bills so you will never go wrong
promoting click funnels okay you can actually promote their their
14-day trial as well that promote that really converts into sells very well ok
so let’s go back into the steps if you want to know how to start affiliate
marketing step-by-step in 2019 for beginners in advance find a product
that’s about to launch make sure it is making sales or the vendor that makes
the product usually has a product that is a winner that makes sales always
always always take your visitor first to a landing page build your list send
daily emails recommending either the product that they opted in to see or a
related product and that is how to start affiliate marketing step-by-step in 2019
as a beginner or is an advanced person so click the links below I would love a
like and subscribe thank you for stopping by I hope that helps explain to
you how to start affiliate marketing step-by-step 2018 as a beginner or an
advanced person remember I always built your list I just use click funnels to build
my list you can use any page lander but always build your list and that’s how to
get started with affiliate marketing step-by-step in 2019 for beginners in
advance so watch the next video I’ll see you on that one talk to you soon bye now

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