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馃弳 Impresora 3D Cura Configuraci贸n PLA 1

January 20, 2020

Hello again Infonaut, welcome or welcome to
a new delivery of your YouTube channel
Infoductive this time we will continue with the three-dimensional segmented program for
3D printer from cure this time we will see the options of
configuration printers of the printer and on the other hand we will also give a viewing of the most important options that we
we find to use this program practically
indispensable for our 3D printer … interesting right? We begin … good first of all how do you see As I said in the last video I have reopened it after
set the language and now I get everything in
Spanish … good? well let’s see first I’m going to come to settings and I’ll come to printer and manage printer once here the one that I made in the previous video
… if you have not seen it … take a look What I do is click on machine settings and
this is what appeared to me by default when installing it
do not? I will recommend you in principle that everything that is relative to the adjustment of the head of
print we leave it to zero Well, in principle I will not touch the issue of adjustment and the height of the easel either the type RepRap Marlin and RepRap would be the two options to keep in mind … RepRap would be one option and the other would be Marlin good this
it will depend of the machine that you have all right? I’m going to leave it in RepRap for making a
test of course I have a hot platform or what
it’s called a hot bed … with respect to dimensions of my plate in my case are 220 for another 220 by 240 I recommend that you configure it perfectly and
how do you have it on your printer and the shape of the rectangular plate
… I’m going to close … let’s say I would have my
machine perfectly configured well? let’s see we just did this in printer settings here in extensions there are some very
Interesting to configure cura … let’s see I already mentioned this above of course … now I’m going to deepen
On it in principle here I have selected material and the recommended type of printing is not
more than clicking here, choose the height per layer, this
is let’s say each section or the thickness of each thread that will be released the internal filling percentage … and good if we want to generate support, adherence to
the plate … here below will tell us dimensions, we
will say grams will tell us meters and above all time ok but here on the right we meet Personalized and customized of course
Allows you to choose a profile type depending on the thickness we want to apply all right? let’s assume that the thickness I want to apply It’s one, fine, okay? and here we find sections that allow me to change the quality, the perimeter the filling, stuffing inclusive the type of filling that I like a lot of lines the percentage that would be what amount internal is filled in the figure all right? how you see there are many options … well I’m going to open a three-dimensional design and now you will understand these options better and in the meantime I am going to give you the configuration that I have to make impressions in PLA click on open file let’s go to where we have our design well now I’m going to approach with the mouse wheel if I keep pressing the center button or the ball itself or mouse wheel as you see I can move inside the scene with the right button I can rotate on the scene all right? always keep in mind this peak since this would be the front of our printer so I’m interested in printing it lying down, pulse on him, as you see him shooters and it lights up here the options of our cure the first option would be to be able to move it so that we could move it freely, by putting the mouse over any arrow you see? I can choose… all right? if you tried to lift it over the printing plate it falls on it in agreement? On the other hand, if I want to deepen it what you leave out or rather below the plate it will never be printed and if I want to center it, just click with the right button on the object and give it to center model selected … good? I’m going to leave it over then the next one would be … of course here we can choose a displacement amount in millimeters … okay? the next icon is to scale so that the shooters change and they allow me to resize the image in agreement? I’m going to undo … the third icon is to rotate … in my case this is the one that I will use to rotate it 90 degrees and that’s how I want to print it in agreement? Next we have Mirror to reflect we have adjustments by model all right? and support blocker … well I already talked about this much later but I already tell you that it is not necessary at the moment just use the three first to leave the design in the area of ​​the plate that we want right now, what we have here, let’s select it like this … if we place it here with a thin material in PLA layer height we have here the perimeter … let’s see … wall thicknesses … well … with which you will think about leaving the wall with a
millimeter would suffice but this will depend on the thickness
with whom you want do the object … well? count of wall lines … bottom thickness … top … let’s put it all to one Top layers, bottom thickness lower layers, expansion, well … basically as you see there are several options I’m going to leave 20 percent and now I’m going to approach observe the following … look … I’m going to approach here with these same parameters I’m going to click here to prepare Logically segmented, you see? here it puts segmentando with these parameters here the dimension they have has just prepared me and tells me that it’s gonna take long 3 hours 43 minutes if we leave the mouse over of time you see that he tells us the times
partial in travel time, skirt, lining and so on He tells me he’s going to spend 7.68 meters of material that are going to be 23 grams if now we come here to the views and we give a view of layers You’ll see that here I have a shooter with whom I can download and here you can observe as you see the grid filling pattern I can change it by lines, which is what I like the most … we have to click on prepare again we wait for him to segment and as you see, 3 hours 50 minutes and here we have it, as you see … Here it is it’s denser maybe as you see allows me to slice, allows me to segment … well … in principle what I’m going to do here is put an appropriate dimension for example … thickness of the wall to correspond to 3 passes of layer height … I’ll put 0.96 count of wall lines, this I would not need … top and bottom too upper layers, lower layers, horizontal I would leave it like that this would always put it multiple 3 or 4 times of the layer height but this is already in taste filling will be what you want at any time … material, temperature for the PLA I would put and I always use 205 ° we enable retraction but I’m going to give you the material gear because I want to enable some more thing since apart from the retraction I’m going to activate the retraction speed and the retraction distance distance, we have it here … we give it to close I will put distance 5 and retraction speed I’m going to put 40 mm per second how do you see so we configure it to our whim in the speed section although only one appears I’m going to click on the gear to get and activate more … in principle I recommend the speed of printing … the filling speed … the speed of painting exterior and interior on the other hand also the upper and lower as you see each time you activate one you add to the parameters that I can control also the acceleration control we can activate … let’s see if I see it … here it is … we activate the acceleration control we also have to activate the speed of displacement … do not worry that they will appear in the order in which they are here … so that superior, inferior, displacement, acceleration control … then we would have the printing acceleration … filling … acceleration … the acceleration of displacement … here… and acceleration of skirt and edge … here it is… I do not think I’ll leave any … I’ll give it to close all right? how do you see having all this activated what I’m going to do is put printing speed for PLA, I have it in 60 … filling speed I have it in 50 … outside wall speed 30 of the inner wall 40 upper and lower 30 and I have the speed of displacement in 100 millimeters per second on the other hand the acceleration control I have it
activated and although it appears normally like this we will delve into the subject but I initially have it in 1500 the first, second and fourth as you see go together and this one I have in 3000 … well … at the moment so that I do not miss this configuration I recommend that you give it to configured for it we come here … let’s say we create a profile and I’m going to name it Pedro PLA and in the next videos we will continue with the rest of configurations and of parameters that we have to add to our priest … Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos in your
social networks … thanks for subscribing and for giving the notification bell … thank you very much
for your comments and for your Likes … See you in a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … see you soon Infonaut …


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