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September 11, 2019

– Can we in real life go to space? – [Kendra] You made it,
you’re on a new planet! (upbeat 80’s pop music) – Quinoa breakfast. Friends of ours recently gave
us a gluten free cookbook. And it has a new hot cereal
recipe that we wanted to try. – It’s different… But good. – [Jeremy] I’m glad you like it. It’s kind of like cracked wheat. – But more sugary than cracked wheat. So good. – [Jeremy] You starting to like it more now that you’re getting used to it? Let’s see what Nae Nae thinks about it. She just wants to play with it. Take a bite. You just pretending to eat it? – It’s now down to 110. 107 Lawrence, 103. – [Kendra] Welcome to our
training center, NASA. – Welcome to the training facility. You must have an ID badge to enter. Isaac.
– Ooh. Today is another day of summer camp. We are learning today
about space exploration and astronauts, which is gonna be awesome. I’m really, really sad,
though, because Elise isn’t feeling well. I think she’s just
dehydrated, but her tummy’s not feeling very good, and she just wanted to stay home and rest. So she’s laying at home
on my bed watching shows, and we’re missing her here. (bass guitar rock music) (Caleb giggles)
– Caleb, what are you making? – Rocks.
– Moon dough. So they can make moon rocks.
– Making moon dough. First ingredient, baking soda. – [Kids] Wow! – [Child] Aw, yuck! – [Kendra] Janae’s not
quite sure about it. – [Kids] Whoa! – [Caleb] This is so fun! – [Kendra] Good work, miss Laura. It’s starting to look like moon dough to make our moon rocks. So Caleb, make them smaller. Use that to make two of
them, or three of them. – Yeah. (funky music) – I love this. It feels really cool. – [Kendra] Moon rocks, Nae Nae. (Janae vocalizes) Cleaning off those hands. – [Woman] Just a little
baking powder, it’s okay. – So we’re leaving the moon
rocks out in the sun to dry out, and then we can explode them later. I’m so excited, I just got
a phone call from Jeremy, and Elise is feeling better
and wanting to come join us, so I’m really happy, I
think she just needed some extra rest and some extra fluids, and now she gets to play. – All right, so we’re continuing
on with the sod project. We did some final prep work. The sod has just arrived, and we’re gonna start laying it down. (upbeat techno music) – Elise is back, joining
the fun, and now they are doing astronaut training activities. – You need to go upside
down and write the alphabet. (orchestral music) – [Kendra] This is one of the
astronaut training activities. What are you two working on? – He has to drop this from
the zero, and I have to try to catch it, and whatever
number I catch it on. Go! – [Kendra] Ooh, you caught it! – 11. – Now they’re working
on their reaction time, the speed of light. – [Woman] One, two, three. (gasps) You got it, so look, number 10. So you write a number 10. You already know that, though, don’t you? You’re very good.
– Whoa. – Okay, that was really good. Two, three. Oh!
– Oh, so close! Oh, you got it! – [Caleb] Four. – You have two Xes. (laughter) – [Kendra] Is it hard to remember the alphabet upside down? (laughter) Janae’s happy to be with Kenna. So is it hard or easy? – Once you get to 82, which
is where I am now, it is. – [Kendra] Are you
writing all the numbers? – Uh-huh, from one to 100. It’s really bad handwriting. It gets a little tiring. – [Both] Eight. – Ah, Anna. – [Kendra] So is it hard or easy? – S-H-L
– Hard. Wait, I did it! S.
– Y-N. – So we made CD hovercrafts. You take a bottle cap and
poke a bunch of holes in it, hot glue it to a CD, and
then inflate a balloon, and the air from the
balloon hovers the CD. It’s sliding. Oh, there it goes! – Okay, we’re gonna talk
about food in space. So then we’re gonna vote and see which one you like the best. So do you guys know what dehydrated means? – [Child] No. – It means they take all
the liquid out of it. – [Kendra] This is a
dehydrated astronaut food ice cream sandwich. – Can I take like three? – [Woman] Yes, Caleb, you can have three. Okay you guys, pass this around. Everybody gets one piece. – Mmm! – [Woman] Of the Neapolitan? – [Kendra] How was it? – Mmm. – [Kendra] Does it taste
like a real strawberry? – The ice cream was delicious. – [Woman] This is the
nowadays astronaut food. When the very first
astronauts went up in space, all their food came in a tube. Okay? And the reason their food’s in a can or in a tube, right, ’cause
if you just leave it out on a plate, what would happen
to your mashed potatoes and your turkey, it would just. – [Kendra] It’d float away. – One, two, three. – [Kendra] Eight votes for strawberries. – You would have to eat
this food for three months. – Here, oh that one goes in this one. – [Kendra] So they are
classifying moon rocks. What’s it feel like to
do this with the gloves? – A little weird. – [Kendra] They’re using gloves
to put together a puzzle. This team is on a roll. (soft rock music) – This is my handwriting upside down. – [Kendra] Whoa. – [Caleb] It’s okay. – [Kendra] (chuckling) Yeah. – We’re going to space. – [Kendra] Is that what
you’re gonna do now? – Yeah! – [Kendra] Now that you
finished your training? – So they have constructed
a spacecraft downstairs, so you’ll need to find a
spot where we can all sit in the spacecraft. – So the astronauts have
finished their training, and are ready to load into the shuttle. Laura is apparently
driving our spacecraft. Wish us luck. Laura’s in the front driving. Everyone’s loading into the spaceship. – We’re in the back, we’re hanging on. – [Kendra] Uh-oh. Is everybody loaded in? – [Kids] Yeah. – We’re ready for a second takeoff. Is everybody securely fastened? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Woman] Does Captain Laura
have the steering wheel? – [Kids] Yes. Seven, six. Two, one! Blastoff! – [Woman] Where are you
taking us, to which planet? – Uranus. – We’re gonna go to Uranus! That’s your planet! Does everybody have their spacesuits on? I need a thumbs up if you can
breathe in your spacesuit. Everybody brace yourselves
for landing on planet– (kids yell out) (kids screaming) – You’re on a new planet,
be careful as you exit. You made it, you’re on a new planet. One small step for man,
a giant leap for mankind. The kids are now exploring a new planet. They’re hoping that there’s food here, because it’s lunchtime. So everybody pick one rock. Exploding moon rocks! – [Girl] Oh! – [Kendra] Wow! Look, it’s Gunner. – It’s because it’s
baking soda and vinegar. – [Kendra] Yep, but it still looks cool! – Congratulations, you
are now an astronaut! You are certified to go into space. Elise Johnston. Isaac Johnston. And Caleb Johnston. Congratulations, you are now official. (rock music) – Can we in real life go to space? – [Kendra] Do you want
to real life go to space? – Yeah. – [Kendra] You know what,
astronauts in real life go to space. – We’re all astronauts. – [Kendra] Astronauts are
people that learn about space and then they train, and then they grow up and it’s their job. – Oh, so it’s gonna be our job soon? – [Kendra] If you want to
be an astronaut, you can. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] What do you think, Isaac? – It looks awesome. – [Jeremy] Fun, huh? – It’s so cool. – [Jeremy] Come on out and help us out. – Caleb could not wait to
get home from summer camp so that he could help lay sod. You ready to go? – [Jeremy] Do you like it? – I do, how could somebody not like this? This is gorgeous! – [Jeremy] Yeah, I’m pretty excited. He’s got it. So you gotta line it up just right. Good job, Isaac. Very good. And then you just make
sure it all fits together. ‘Kay, you can work with Isaac, you two can carry one together. – [Man] There you go. – Heavy. (country rock music) – [Jeremy] There you go. Did you imagine it would
look like this, Isaac? – [Isaac] No. – [Jeremy] Isn’t this
cool how much hard work we put into it, and how it looks now? One, two, three. – [Kendra] So Jeremy’s been
daydreaming about doing this since we moved in.
– Five years. Yeah, since we got this land. Attaboy. – [Kendra] She’s like,
“What’s going on out there?” – [Jeremy] We’re working. – Popsicle break. – It’s pretty hot out here. It’s really exciting to
look down from up here and see the progress. So not too long ago, I
showed a before picture of our backyard. I think it’d be fun now to
compare the before and after. Here’s the after with the
sod down, sprinklers going. It’s gonna take a little bit
of time for it to be watered, and it to really like settle
in, but it looks great. I’m excited about having
all that extra space. Someone learned about spinning in circles. Oh! (simple classical piano music) (Janae grunts) (Jeremy grunts) That’s her
new face she did today. (Janae babbling) It’s so fun that Janae
is constantly learning about her body, about the
world, how things work. Even something as simple as getting dizzy is a new experience for her. So tonight Laura’s stomach was hurting, and a bug has been going around. We’re really hoping she’ll be okay so that we can do summer camp tomorrow. With us being in charge
of summer school tomorrow, Isaac is up helping us, doing
some final preparations. – Goodnight, J House out. – Oh my gosh. (kids yelling) Yay! – [Jeremy] The bench pressing planets. (Kendra laughing)

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