đź’ˇAnswer the Public for Blog Ideas For Beginners 2019

October 5, 2019

I’m sure the public is a fantastic resource
for bloggers anybody that is creating content for a niche website designed to
generate leads sales monetization affiliate relationship sales so what you
do is you go to and I’m using the free version so we go
right here enter the keyword we’ve got this funny guy right here and type in a
keyword so let’s just say I am working on my shampoo I have an anti-aging
shampoo partnership with Monat so let’s just say I’m going to look up hair growth so
I type in hair growth and I type in get questions now answer the public scours a
web and it pulls me in the top questions related to the word hair growth so I’m
going to scroll down once it pops up here and first it’s going to give us this
crazy wheel of questions and comments and I always go down and click the data
field all right so the first one is all the questions with the word “are” all the
questions with the word “can” how all the questions with the word “how” and
then we go down here we have “what” and “when” and “where” and so forth and
then we also can do it alphabetical and related all right so let’s just say I’m
creating a website all around hair growth so I look over here and I look at
“are hair grows shampoos effective” that is a blog topic ”
“are hair growth products safe” that’s a topic now you’ll notice the little number next to here these are being populated with keywords anywhere and sometimes something
has a zero search and it’s not a good quality keyword and other times it might
just be trending or possibly not even track correctly the keyword tools
can be can be crazy but if you look down here
let’s find a couple I like this one how much hair growth in a month
this one is perfect for Monat so I’ve got this shampoo line that is known to promote
hair growth so what I could do is I could write a blog called how much hair
growth can I expect in a month with Monat and then what I can do is I can go
over to the Facebook public testimonials page and I can pull one two three four
five ten whatever it is testimonials of people that have their before-and-after
picture within a month so I could say something like ten samples ten visual
samples of how much hair growth one might expect in a month something like that
obviously I’m not going to over promise or over deliver anything
but I can pull those that’s a great blog post now the fact that it’s under a
110 monthly searches is usually what I look for when I’m first
starting of a brand new blog that has no search engine visibility
Google doesn’t even know what it is yet my first couple months I’m really pounded
out the content I’m starting at the bottom under 250 searches
a month kind of topic because I want to have a lower barrier
of entry less competition typically in those areas and I can get launched
faster now as I continue to build my website well now I’ve got visibility
I’ve got traffic Google knows who I am Google’s crawling my site frequently
now I can go for those more competitive keywords but don’t start at
those top tier keywords start at the bottom so here’s another one how to
stimulate hair growth now I’m not going to start with that one 1900 but I’m gonna
put it on my list that’s going to be something I come back later
how to improve hair growth that might be a good one
it’s amazing to me there really aren’t a lot of great
hold on here we go what promotes hair growth 880 a month
what causes hair growth 390 a month what stops hair growth well that’s a good one
what stops hair growth so we could talk about you know capped on products we could talk
about maybe going under anesthesia or stress or things that would stop hair
growth aging, genes, hereditary, all of that that’s a good one and then
I’m kind of scanning this to see if there’s any more that jump out
if you’re not worrying about the little search engine numbers there is so much good
stuff here like will here grow stall so you might look down and say
I just saw a couple will turmeric stop hair growth
that’s a blog post you guys seriously there’s people searching it will estrogen help hair growth
there’s another one will biotin help hair growth there’s another one
will shaving increase hair growth that’s a blog now not all of these types of
blogs need to be super long form content I mean if they’re not super competitive
you can write the topic do your little intro maybe include a video yours or
somebody else’s with permission to share you know with the YouTube
permissions built-in to share and then you can simply answer the question
it might only be 300 words, 400 words 500 words because it’s really hard to write
2,000 words that answer the question of will shaving increase hair growth
so just answer it and just kind of go down one by one by one let’s do it let’s
just do one more topic for the sake of it so I’m going to go to questions and
let me go back to the beginning here into the public and let’s say we are
building a blog post all about cruises so everything we want to know about
cruises so I’m going to in the word “cruise” all right we’ll get questions we’re going to let this populate I’ve shown this before for real estate
and it’s absolutely incredible I also have a real estate business and
it’s so easy, this is gold you guys so good are cruise ships safe
are cruise ships top-heavy are cruise ships prices per person
this is good I may have to do this I always get excited when I teach
I want to do it everything I want to do all the things are cruise ship pools heated good one
are cruise excursions worth it are cruise ships dangerous clearly these
keyword tool I can’t imagine that is that’s all that search volume that one has something’s got to be glitchy are cruise ships dangerous I don’t know why that’s not pulling
up higher than that you know the people are searching that term that’s a free
keyword tools plugged in well but it’s feeding from Google so here you
are cruise ships safe in rough seas 70 are cruise ships fine so this is Google
now pulling this up I do this a lot we’re all good ideas for answerthepublic
and I’ll shift over then to Google and look up that search I also
show you how to use my keyword tools to look this stuff up but
anyway this is cool this is a great way to get started when you are
creating a niche website questions and answers are amazing blogs and if you can’t think of anything else on your own these are the kind of places to go is great is great Google is great SEMRush is great
there’s other keyword tools these are fantastic for doing some basic topic
research so that’s how you use

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