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$1 Cinematic Lighting Hacks: How to Get Better Lighting for Video

February 13, 2020

– Today, I’m gonna show you
how we only spent two dollars to get cinematic lighting for our videos and I’m gonna show you how
you can do the same thing too. – [Narrator] You gotta just press record. – My name is Nolan Molt with ThinkMedia and today, I’m so excited
to talk about lighting with you guys. And some of you may have lights already and you’re lighting your YouTube videos, but it still doesn’t look good. And so, you’re probably asking, “Why?” Well, you probably have hard lighting, and that’s when the light
comes in really harsh, maybe you’re outside and the
sun’s hitting you in the face, maybe you have some LED
lights pointing at you and the shadows are really dark, and then the light on the
skin is really, really bright. And so today, I’m gonna show
you three different ways to soften your light. Soft lighting is often
used in movies and TV shows because it looks really professional. So soft lighting is the
opposite of hard lighting. Soft light is when the light
comes in onto your subject or onto your face and it
blends from the bright spots into the shadows. And soft lighting hides wrinkles, and so they often use this in
the beauty and makeup space. So the question you’re probably asking is, “How do I get soft lighting?” Well really, there is
two ways to get lighting and the first way is a
large source of light. The closer the light is to you, the softer it’s going to be. And you can think of this as
when the light moves closer to you, it’s almost giving
the effect of it becoming a bigger light source. So now I’m gonna show
you some very cheap ways to get soft lighting, and what better way than to
save money on filmmaking gear than going to Dollar Tree? Man, I wish they had
a camera for a dollar. (upbeat music)
So at Dollar Tree, we picked up two items. The first one was a shower curtain and we’re gonna use that
to explain diffusion. One of the ways that you can
get a large source of light is by using soft boxes or diffusion. So you have the lights and
then you have the diffusion in front of the lights, and by the time the light
actually hits the diffusion, you have a larger surface area. So we use this shower
curtain for our diffusion by setting up two light
stands and then attaching the shower curtain to the light stands, and then we had two LED
lights that we had directly behind the shower curtain, giving us beautiful soft lighting. You can also use the shower
curtain over a window. If maybe you shoot your
YouTube videos by a window and you have that direct
sunlight coming in, this shower curtain is
going to be a perfect, natural soft box for a dollar. The second way to get soft
lighting is by bouncing light. This is another great
example of increasing the light source. So I’m gonna show you
before, with no bounce, and now this is with a bounce added, and you can see that it
really fills in those shadows, making this footage look
way more professional. Also remember that when
you’re bouncing light, the light is actually going to be dimmed because its bouncing off things before its actually hitting you. So you’re gonna wanna use
your most powerful lights for the bounce. This is why it works so well with the sun because the sun is so bright
that when it hits the bounce and reflects back, its still very bright. A little power tip for you
is to set your white balance after bouncing your light because you could bounce
your light off anywhere, it doesn’t have to be a
bounce board that you find at the Dollar Tree. It can be off the ceiling, the wall, but sometimes, these things
aren’t perfectly white. Sometimes your wall might
be a little bit yellow or a little bit green, and so it’s going to
actually affect the light that is going onto you. So set your white balance afterwards. Now if you don’t have a
dollar to go and buy one of these poster boards, you can use a bed sheet and hang that up on some light stands, point some lights at
it and you’re gonna get some really soft lighting. I have one more tip for you
guys on how to get soft lighting and this one is absolutely free. But before we get into that,
I’d love it if you gave this video a thumbs up
and comment down below, what lights do you use
for your YouTube videos? All right, this third tip
for soft lighting is simple, it’s free. It’s using shade. If you’ve ever shot video outside, you’ve probably noticed
that either the sky was way too bright or maybe you
exposed it so you could see the colors in the sky, but then the skin was way too dark. The nice thing about shade is
its covering that direct sun that’s harsh, and so when you really think about what shade is, is it’s a bunch of bounced light. So, naturally, in shade,
you’re gonna get soft shadows, things are gonna blend a lot better. Just keep in mind that
when you’re shooting and you are in the shade, make sure that your
background is also shaded. Now I hope that helps you get started in the basics of soft lighting, and if you wanna get a
little more in-depth, I just made a video on
three point lighting. So if you wanna see that video, you can click on the end
card and I will see you guys in the next video. (upbeat music)


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  • Reply Arya SD February 5, 2020 at 11:30 am

    Sean Cannell IS THE MANNNN! I've taken all of him advices about growing channel and now after 3
    years proffesional recording time lapses I just created my own channel.
    My last video is a time lapse of sunset(music). I would love some
    support / feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out

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    3:00 2. Be careful when white balancing after bouncing. When the bouncing object isn't bouncing the same color as your main source color temps will be different. For example, if the noonday sun is to the right of the subject and you bounce off a brown wall on the left, your white balance will interpret somewhere between 5500K and 2500K. This will cast an oddly blue hue on the right side of your subject. I would rather (and this is just preference and scene, and mood, etc.) white balance to the sunlight and allow the redder colors bounce to my subject. Little warmer and may seem more natural. Grab a silver-coated car sunshade to use as a bounce. Here's an inexpensive possible solution That will help keep color temps more balanced no matter the main light source color temp.

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