10 Fragrances that Women LOVE

September 17, 2019

I have a different taste but I think I think it’s nice it’s it’s something different one to 10 mm because of the fact that the quality the quality is good and I like it I’ve never smelled something like this I think it could be nice okay so what’s your ready we’re gonna make the top 10 best fragrances for men as usual oh sorry hi friends dance lesson you said it in Spanish all that she goes can you speak Spanish all right that’s nice so what I got right here I got two five brand new releases and five fragrances that I said I’m really interested on what your take on these fragrances is I’m very curious me personally what she is going to say we’re gonna start off right now with fragrance then I’m not going to tell her what the name is did you see how authentic her reaction was all right so what do you think about this fragrance right here for a man I think it’s it’s good it’s kind of fruity and 13 it’s routine yeah it smells like watermelon it smells what real nice is that good or not so good I think I think it’s nice it’s it’s something different one to 10 mm because of the fact that the quality the quality is good and I like it I’ve never smelled something like this I think it could be nice okay so what’s your rating eight eight eight you know what this is you don’t know what this is no I don’t invictus aqua Oh F fresh want to reversion of invictus so you described it nicely you like the invictus DNA as we know from the last video and it has a co package yeah like a champion so you like this one eight out of ten I do that solid start like this one so what about this one mm this is nice it smells like when you put on some fresh clothes you just got out of the shower yeah and jump into your bed which is also very freshen yeah just sold a masculine sexy guy fresh out of the shower that just dresses himself yeah okay how would you rate it from one to ten is it better than the first one yeah I think it’s better it’s a nine it’s a nine yeah but I like both they had this friend dolce gabbana the one Oh de Parfum this is a fragrance that a lot of girls like a lot of girls like this friends it’s very safe I’m one of their yes so nine out of ten one of the all-stars I wanted to let her smell the one for the puff puff my nose is ready all right good what do you think about this I actually don’t know if I like it or not what do you think about it it’s nice but it’s kind of spicy and kind of fresh I’m not sure I would write just like five okay just meet me in the golden middle it’s good it’s no problem terrible Lou Nevada stands for very bad fragrances for woman two purple and right sure like this of course I don’t like them that much but how many hours ago did you wake up I woke up at half past nine so now it’s doesn’t matter hey what about this one now it’s like fresh morning this is Brenda Tuesday it’s a fresh morning yet yes I like it it’s not sexy is it one of the best maybe if you say it’s sexy it I feel that your reaction is better as with the very first one it could be similar to this one listening left so which one which which current and this rockers it’s math smart masculine good and you know what the cool thing about you is what you say you like fresh phrases you’re so fresh and sexy yeah but the cool thing is and give her the sweetest the sweetest phrases on the planet and she loves them and she says there’s not French but that’s no issue so this one is stronger with you they like it no joke no it’s good strong with you and pouring Armani well I like it I mean in my opinion I don’t really like sweet fragrances kurz just because this is good this is good this has a bit of a nutty a court good so this beats the eternal superstar dolce gabbana the one also definitely has better performance strong with you I do like this one especially for the winter time it’s nice and warming and good for the club if you go out on a night out good so she gave this one and nine out of ten this is better so also a 99.5 we will see if this will be her champion in the end what about this be honest fast I have your opinion I don’t like it good I know that you don’t like it this is valentino or more absolute no absolutely it is too strong on the incense but but the package looks pretty cool pretty cool there’s a lot of vital insight yeah that’s what I meant I know I did a lot of testing with this no no not your go to nice nose ready yeah hmm hmm this is more your style right this just take the UM the sweet round really a me oh my god it blows my mind away I really like it oh that was such a cute German accent right here we have to rewind that guys I like that too and you know I smelt this one when I came back from London I was at the duty-free and I smelled it almost smells familiar it smells good and what really impressed me it had good performance good lasting power what do you think I think it’s just a tree trunk no rating it’s a 10 it says n okay you have definitely never seen this downhill I’ve did Dunhill racing this is just good it smells it smells so energetic right it smells like lava on the first side for the beauty are cool and a guy that goes forward right yes and you just look at him like oh my gosh I like it fantastic we have her favorite so far by the way guys this smells like a mix between your siwash and victus aqua and a pinch and the dry down of shampoo Gucci ultra male so maybe downhill racing great I like great lasting power next one we have three left are you ready I am so ready for it how is this one it smells like a like a pretty flower mm-hmm I could imagine this uh Nagar – okay I could imagine we ring this – but it’s nice it’s nice but I like it but I’m not sure if if guys would like this you know who’s it’s meant for me it’s nice yeah I don’t like like good I like it’s your savasana Deb makes the advertisement for this order puffin oh I like Johnny Depp if I take a second smell it’s good for guys – oh that was the placebo effect now now she knows the brand now she knows the guy it’s a great one people all over the world love it yeah I could imagine it guys yeah I really like it nice good so dosa Bosh would have performed definitely a clear like but you prefer the other one that you just found nice all right two phrases left it’s okay Regis all right I give it a five or six something between four and six but not five okay George Armani aqua dijo absolute so last one very last fragrance what is your take is it possible that there’s something like vanilla in it yes absolutely it also has very different every fragrance I’ve ever smelled totally true is it one of the best I think yeah okay on the right guy on the right guy it’s it could be nice and it’s also kind of sweet and I I as you know I don’t like sweet fragrances but this is this is actually very very good and it has a boozy a court alcoholic it has some rum yeah and I think I think those two there’s two sides sweet and I can hold yeah have you ever heard of farming Heights yeah this is father night late pop farm so the original found my DNA mixed with a lot of sweetness and a lot of boozy rum I like I like good but we got your champion so which ones you did like I have I know that you like these three the one free hmm no no no we got your champion it’s clear we got your champion you gave a ten out of ten for one prize only yeah this one was cool strong with you Fahrenheit leper for most cool but you love this one this was the one you love this is just so good I think I think if I ever gonna buy a fragrance for my dad or my friends for their birthday I would buy this that’s good okay guys so we have a champion right here Dunhill racing totally unpopular fragrance downhill icon amazing thank you very much as usual you have a great personality have a nice day everybody peace [Music] [Applause]

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