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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas For 2020

October 12, 2019

– We all want freedom right? The freedom to do whatever
we want, whenever we want. Well guys, I can tell
you that there is nothing that will give you more freedom than owning your own business. You get to choose your own schedule, you get to choose whether you work at home or at your office and even
if you’re good enough, you get to choose the
people you work with. In this video, I’m gonna break
down 10 different businesses that you can start as a beginner. Now these range from very simple things to things that can be very scalable and profitable for you as well. So guys, make sure to subscribe, make sure to like this video
because I’ll be breaking this down step by step. The most profitable businesses of the year and stay until the end
because I will show you the number one most profitable
business of this year. (upbeat music) Now the first one I have for
you is affiliate marketing. And this is not just
simple affiliate marketing. What I’m gonna focus on is
high-ticket affiliate marketing. So when you sell products
that are valued at $1000 or more of somebody else’s. Typically when these products
are valued at $1000 or more, you can make a commission of $250 or more. I sell certain products
online that cost $2000 and my affiliates make $500 for every single sale that they make. So if you’re looking to
start a new business, affiliate marketing is
a great place to start and I highly suggest starting with these high-value expensive items. So you can earn a lot more per sale rather than making $5 and $10 here, you actually make $250 or $500 or possibly even $1000 or more. Some popular things would
be online training programs, software programs, any
business that have a lot of cash flow margin available to them. The next one I have for you
is social media management. So nearly every business needs help with social media management. And if they’re doing good,
well they can do even better. So I’m gonna show you a
simple way you can do this. What I want you to do is
literally go onto Google Maps and type in any sort of industry. You can type in doctors,
chiropractors, physicians, any sort of thing with
high-value individuals that sell expensive products. And go through and see if they have social media platform built out. Whether this is Facebook,
YouTube, anything that they have. And if they don’t, well
guys, just do this, put together three different
packages of things you offer. This one is Facebook and Instagram, this one you offer Facebook,
Instagram a LinkedIn and Pinterest, and this one you offer 10 social media platforms,
all for a monthly rate. You can reach out to them and say, “Hey I’ll be able to
drive you more customers “through social media.” And if you can deliver
results to these businesses, guess what, they’re gonna pay you forever. Pay attention to that because
guys, you need to understand, if you can make business
owners more money, you will have a job forever. If you can make me more
money every single day, I will continue to pay you more
and more and more and more. It’s that simple. Now the next one I have
for you is a very easy one. Buying and resell on eBay
or other websites as well. This is actually how I got started. I bought and re-sold on eBay. I bought phones from
Craigslist and re-sold them on eBay and made a significant profit. Now this was way back in the day, a little things have changed. But I can tell you some
popular items to buy and re-sell would be electronics. Another one would be collectables as well. Any form of high-value
item or high demand item is always going to sell well online. So you can buy and re-sell on
a local or on an online basis as well directly from
you home, it’s that easy. Bookkeeping is another
one that I highly suggest. A lot of people don’t
really think about this but every single business
really needs a bookkeeper. And if your business
continues to grow and grow, you’re gonna need multiple of them. Well this turns out to be
one of the most scalable and one of the most profitable
business models out there. Because if you can
consistently find new clients to do bookkeeping, or you
can outsource that work and hire more people and
scale up and up and up to have a very large bookkeeping firm. I am always working on
QuickBooks and there are plenty of business owners I know that
are working on them daily. If you can learn how to use
QuickBooks and get good with it, you can get a job and
start your own business as well as a bookkeeper. Another pretty uncommon
business model is what’s called white label software. So there’s a lot of very
large companies out there that will create a
different software program known as white labeling,
which will allow you to promote your own
business and your own brand using their resources. So some of the most popular
ones would be, ActiveCampaign and BuildFire. So obviously you
can buy and re-sell domains. Well they have a white labeling service where you set up your own
website using GoDaddy’s services, and then from that point
you can charge people more or get a percentage off
for every single one you sell. Ad GoDaddy manages all the transactions. You can do the same with ActiveCampaign, where you can set up email marketing and CRM automation as
well, and then BuildFire where you can actually go and
build your own applications. All of these you can
design your own website and then promote these as though they’re your own products as well. A great way to sell these to a clients who are already working
with you on other projects. Or just to start your
own business from scratch with hardly any investment at all. Another one you can do
is website development. Now this will take you some time. You’re not initially going to understand how to do this right off the bat. You’re gonna need to educate yourself. Some popular platforms these
days though are WordPress, another one is ClickFunnels
and Shopify as well. Those are some of the
three most popular ones. So if you can learn how to build websites and how to develop things
on those platforms, you can start making a
lot of money and actually build up a pretty
profitable business as well. The cool thing about doing this, is once you sell somebody
and build them a website, they’re gonna need a lot more things. They’re gonna need email marketing, they’re gonna need search
engine optimization. Possibly even gonna need paid adverting. There’s a lot of things
that you can upsell and make lot more money
with a well if you’re in the web development industry
and have your own business. Consulting services is one of the most profitable of businesses out there. So there’s a few things you can teach. Number one, if you can teach people how to make more money,
you’ll have a job forever. If you can teach people
how to be more healthy, if you can teach people about dating, if you can teach people
about relationships, those are very valuable
aspects of life as well where you can do very well. I work with other people
too, they teach people how to play sports better,
whether it’s golf of basketball. Other people teach
people how to play piano, all of those things. If you can provide a consulting service in nearly any industry
these days, and help people become better at the craft
that they ar trying to perfect, you’re gonna have a pretty good job and you’re gonna make some
seriously good money too. So you can actually grow a
very large consulting business if you set it up right and
start helping and managing a lot of different people
in all different industries. Another one you can do
is become a video editor. So I found that this is
extremely high demand just after creating my own videos. While I’m shooting this
video, it might take me about 20 minutes to write the script and then from that point, I can shoot it in about 20 minutes too, as well. But guess what? It’s gonna take me four hours to edit it. That takes up a ton of
my time and I don’t have that time as a business
owner, so I have to go out and hire a video editor as well. I can tell you guys,
video editing is very good because the whole entire
social media platforms, no matter which one you’re on, is demanding more and more video. It increases engagement,
it gets people interested and actually gives them a
real live reaction as well. The more video crated, the
more it’s pushed on platforms and therefore the more
businesses are demanded to produced more video. So if you can become a video editor and edit people’s videos,
whether it’s on Camtasia or Photo, excuse me, Photoshop,
any of the other platforms that you edit graphics and videos on, well you guys you can
make some serious money. So make sure to check it out and reach out to other businesses and see
if thy have video already and see how you can create
a business of you own editing videos and developing
them for other companies. Another one I have for
you is manufacturing or POD dropshipping. So POD is print-on-demand. There’s a lot of companies
out there that have plenty of different products
that they will print your logo, your design, your brand on them and then ship them to your customers. You can work with a ton of
different platforms as well that offer these dropshipping methods. So this is really the
only way to be profitable with dropshipping, if you’re
pretty much dropshipping directly from manufacturer
to the customer. This is the most scalable business model. This is the most profitable business model and you’re really gonna have to take time to build some relationships if you wanna get some quality products
out to your customers and distribute them to a
large audience as well. But I can tell you if you do this right, it’s a very little cost upfront and you can actually scale
it very quickly as well if you understand paid advertising. The number one business of the year, the most profitable business model, hands down of everything,
is info products. Now info products are so scalable it’s absolutely crazy guys,
I can’t even get over it. Let me put it this way, most info products that I’m talking about now
sell for about $1000 or more. So I sell certain
programs and I know a lot of the people who sell programs as well. Now you can set up these
programs and develop them. Some will take a month
to make, some will take six months or longer to make as well. The cool thing about
them though is you can sell these over and over
and over and over again for the rest of your life nearly. As long as you keep updated with it, you’re gonna do very well. It is crazy how profitable
it is because if you sell a thousand dollar info product, you only have to pay merchant fees. When you walk away, you’re
walking away with nearly $970 before advertising or any other expenses. That is extremely large
margins and personally my favorite business model to focus on because it is the most scalable. Now if you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment below or if you want me to make a video on any specific topic, let me know below in the comments too. But most importantly,
if you really wanna know how to grow your business,
check out this video where I break down 17
different advertising platforms you can start growing you business on. Hey everybody, it’s Hayden again and welcome back to the channel. If you don’t know me already, like I said, my name is Hayden, I’m the
owner of White Board Club and in these videos we teach
people how to make more money and grow their business and in this video.

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