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10 NEW Nintendo Switch Accessories – Part 4 – List and Overview + GIVEAWAY!

October 12, 2019

– [Sergio] We’re back with even more, more, more Nintendo
Switch accessories. This is part four. (upbeat electronic digital music) Welcome to It Came From A Box. This is Sergio A.M. The holidays are here and
we’ve finally gathered 10 more accessories to
jazz up (saxophone sounds) your Nintendo Switch. None of which are holiday themed. I just, you know, wanted
to wish you Happy Holidays. So, yeah, here we go. (digital sounds) Starting off with the super
exciting game card case. We’re always on the lookout for large capacity game card cases. But a lot of ’em out
there are pretty small. Like this HORI Pop & Go game case. It can hold up six game
cards, three on each side. And they lock into place. And with a press of a
button, they pop right out. But, if you need more than six slots. Then you should check out the
UniKeep 28 game card case. It’s a locking binder
which makes it easier to store or carry in a large bag. And it’s available in three designs. A Switch version, abstract, and
this retro one we have here. And, no, the design isn’t removable. I think it’s actually
printed directly on the case. Now inside we have a
foam insert for 28 games. And for some reason 10 micro SD cards? I’m not sure about that. So, the foam insert is glued
on and it works perfectly for games because they pop right in. The snug fit prevents
them from falling out. And the cutout makes them easy to remove. It’s a great solution for
storage that also makes it easy to quickly pick
out the game you want. But there’s a few things
that annoy me about it. (scraping sound) Actually, right as we finished editing, we found a new version of this case that fixed every single issue we had. By replacing the micro SD slots and adding a second foam insert so it
can hold up to 60 games. It’s a bit more expensive and it sort of makes this one obsolete. Sucks for me, but at least now you know. (digital sounds) These are rail covers. They protect the contacts on the rails and keep them clean of dust and debris. Now these are Switchblades. And they’re as niche as
the videos in this series. Gravalogic sent these to us and they’re currently live on Kickstarter. To keep it simple, they’re
premium rail covers but they go further than that. First, as you can see, they’re decorative and they’re available in a variety of hard woods, limited acrylic acetates, and an executive line
with inlaid aluminum. They attach the same way as the Joy-Cons and lock into place with an
easy to access latch at the top. So, as you can see, they
make your Switch look classy. Like it belongs in a business meeting, doing business things. No, but seriously, they look good and they protect the rails. But, they’re also functional. Over on the back we have
deployable kickstands. And these give you awesome viewing angles which you can easily adjust. I was surprised as to how
much I love that feature. Because it’s just way better than the default kickstand on the Switch. So, if you’re tired of your
Switch looking lifeless and dull when docked or in tabletop mode, check out the Switchblades
over on Kickstarter. (digital sounds) Recently making the rounds is another hard protective case by Smatree. I think that’s how you say it, I don’t know, that name kills me. We reviewed some of their TCG cases before which is why we’re excited
to check this one out. Same as the rest, it’s made of a tough and shock absorbent TPU. With a nice amount of flex. On the back we have low
profile dimpled grips. That work well but they’re
very smooth in texture. Which, for those of you with sweaty hands, may affect your grip. Then in the middle we have
a frosted back so you can show off the Switch logo,
stickers, or whatever you’d like. So compared to the popular Mumba case, it’s a little thinner, it’s not as grippy, but it also has one big advantage. On the back you have a cutout
to access the kickstand and you can also remove the Joy-Cons which makes this case
tabletop mode compatible. Three thumbs up. I can definitely recommend this one. (digital sounds) The Mumba protective case is by far one of the most popular
cases to protect your Switch. So much so that just about
every carrying case we check out is followed up with someone asking, will the Mumba case fit in it? Well this year Mumba tackled that issue by releasing their own carrying case. It’s available in three colors. And the exterior is made
of a water resistant, textured EVA hard shell material. With a nice linear design,
similar to the case. On the corner we have a
detachable wrist strap to carry it around and then we have a nice zipper pull to
easily open the case. Inside we have a full
mesh pocket at the top with enough room to stor
extra Joy-Cons, cables, games, or any other small
accessories you may have. Down the middle, we have two
cushioned microfiber flaps. And each has 10 transparent game slots. So you can carry a total of 20
games and actually see them. Then we have a slot for the Switch which is of course large enough to fit with the attached Mumba case
or any other similar case. So it’s stylish, it’s rugged, and yes, it’ll fit the Mumba case. Also, they sent out three to give away so stick around till the
end for more on that. (digital sounds) A few weeks ago we found
another way to carry your Switch on the go with HORI’s carry all bag. It’s a small rectangular
bag that you can carry either via the handle or the
included shoulder straps. And it’s available in two versions. Mario, or this one right here, Zelda. So the bag opens diagonally and inside you have enough room to carry the dock, the console, with or without a case, your power cables, and extra
Joy-Cons or a switch grip. But we did find that it’s a tight fit with the Joy-Cons attached. And you also have mesh compartment in the back for smaller accessories. And yes you can also
throw in a Pro Controller but not in that slot. You gotta place it outside of it. Now these compartments
are actually an insert attached with a Velcro,
so you can remove it. That’s not mentioned as a
feature but because of it, you can then use the bag
to carry other things. Or break down the bag to a
smaller size to store it. Then you can use the
insert to keep your kit organized and ready to go. So if you’re looking for a small, lightweight carry all option. This one is definitely different and definitely worth considering. (digital sounds) The Joy-Cons are crammed
with all kinds of cool tech. But instead of a D-pad we have buttons. So things like diagonal
inputs can be difficult and it just doesn’t feel the same. Well HORI’s back to save the day with their D-Pad controller. It’s available in three designs. Zelda, Mario, and the latest
(loud Pickachu sounds). To use it, you just slide
it on and it simply works. But, although it looks like a Joy-Con, it’s missing three core
features to keep the price low. First, it doesn’t have a battery which means it’s not wireless and only works when
connected to the Switch. So, it’s exclusive for handheld mode. Second, it doesn’t have motion controls. And third, there’s no HD rumble. But on to the D-pad. It’s good. It’s slightly concave in design and there’s no texture to it. Which makes it easy to navigate around. I also love the size of it. It’s not to big, not to small. But it is positioned a bit low,
which makes it feel cramped. And let’s be honest there’s not
much they can do about that. As for performance, we found it to be very accurate and responsive. Especially with fighting games where you have to perfectly
time diagonal inputs. So if you play a lot of
fighting games, puzzle games, platformers, any game that can benefit from the precision of a D-pad, this is definitely worth having around. (digital sounds) Smash Brothers Ultimate
is just a few weeks away. And, as is becoming tradition,
Nintendo is once again re-, re-, re-releasing another addition of the legendary GameCube controller. It’s only available in black. And as you can see it looks
identical to the original. Except for the longer
cable, this one’s nine feet compared to the old which is six feet. And the logo in the middle. Now, for the most part everything
feels just about the same. And apparently so are the internals. But then you still have
some users reporting issues with quality control like
stiff buttons or drifting. As for myself, I haven’t had any problems. Using them side by side,
the old and the new. I can’t really tell the difference. But then again, I’m a casual player. So maybe I won’t notice things
like snapback, XY offsets. Things like that. Now if you’re still onboard. The last thing you’ll need
to use these with the Switch is the GameCube controller adaptor. It connects via two USB
ports through the dock. And it allows you to connect up to four GameCube controllers, new or old. But if you had another adaptor. You can connect up to eight controllers and let the chaos begin. (digital sounds) A lot of you have requested
this next one for over a year. And this is the Separate
Charging Grip by Gametech. We had to import it from
Japan and it’s a bit pricey. But after using it, I think it’s worth it. Now unlike the official grip. This one snaps onto the Joy-Cons directly. And charges them via micro USB. Now the grips here are awesome. They’re very large with a ton of space to rest your fingers on. And it just feels amazing in hand. Very comfortable. But it gets better because
you can remove the Joy-Cons along with the awesome grips
and use them individually or attach to the Switch in handheld mode. Love that versatility. But it’s not perfect because
the materials are just, okay. The plastic feels a bit cheap. And it would’ve been
nice to see some texture or maybe rubber on the grips. Also, keep in mind that the
Switch along with these grips won’t fit in most carrying cases. That aside, we love this versatile grip. I don’t know why I waited
so long to pick it up. (digital sounds) This next one just arrived at our door and I’m extremely excited about it. It’s the Satisfye Limited
Edition Holiday Bundle. Pre-orders are currently
live on Satisfye’s website. They ship out early December but apparently they
have limited quantities. So you may want to hurry. But what’s inside? Well let me show you Timmy? Inside we get their brand new slim case. And the name checks out because it’s about half the size of their large premium case. It’s wrapped in a nice gray fabric with a strap at the top and
an easy to open zipper. Inside we have a soft
lined interior, a flap to protect the screen
with 10 game card slots. And beneath that we have
the Pro Gaming Grip. But this version comes in an awesome red with black TPE coated handles. Also included is their premium USB-C cable along with four concave thumb grips. So this is more like
four accessories in one but it’s not cheating
’cause it’s a bundle. Yeah, we’re also including this bundle in another video so keep
an eye out for that. And also, make sure to check out our review of the Pro Gaming Grip. To see why it’s our current favorite grip. (digital sounds) Raising over half a million
dollars on Kickstarter. This little guy is Genki. It’s a low latency, USB-C
Bluetooth transmitter that upgrades your switch so you can use it with wireless headphones. It connects to the port at
the bottom of the Switch or to the dock with the
optional USB adaptor. And it’s powered by the console. Which means you don’t have
to worry about charging it. It’s available in two options. By itself or in this awesome
combo pack that includes the adaptor along with a
3.5 millimeter microphone, the USB-C to USB adaptor for
the dock, and a portable stand with clearance for the
Genki adaptor at the bottom. Now to use it, you simply
connect it, pair it, and just like that, your
Switch now has wireless audio with the latest low latency aptX codecs. But, unlike other adapters,
Genki goes further with multi-broadcast
that allows you to pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time. That feature is awesome
for multiplayer in places where you just can’t use the speakers. Now the only problem is
that since it sticks out, it’s vulnerable to bumps or hits. So you’ll have to be careful with it. And because it connects
flush with the console, it’s not compatible with cases that surround the port to tightly. But in the end the pros
easily outweigh the cons. So if you’re looking to add
a solid Bluetooth connection with great range and
versatility to your Switch. The Genki adaptor is one of
the best options on the market. (digital sounds) So, there it is, 10 more
accessories for the Switch. And there’s no end in sight. So this holiday season
we are thankful for you. Thank you for watching
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