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16 email tips for food & beverage brands

December 9, 2019

in this video i’m going to give you 16 tips
for better email marketing performance. howdy, i’m giovanni. having a website is a necessity for a business. it’s one of the most important steps in creating
a brand online. however, most of the websites online do not
do a very good job in terms of generating revenue through online sales. this is mostly because they are not assisted
by a well-planned email marketing strategy. email marketing campaigns are most successful
if they are mobile friendly. here are some important points you need to
be aware of when planning your email marketing campaigns: 1. email marketing can be used for mass marketing
without losing out on the ‘personal touch’ front. many successful online businesses have developed
a strong customer base through mailing lists that they regularly provide feeds to. email marketing has a strong direct marketing
tool for years now. 2. emails can also be sent as opt-ins. that is,
they can only be sent as long as people continue to opt-out of receiving them. 3. most marketers are aware of the benefits of
personalization, but many don’t take it seriously. personalized email content is by far one of
the best ways to increase email marketing effectiveness. personalized emails offer six times higher
transaction rates than emails without any personalization. click-through rates are 14 percent higher
and conversion rates are 10 percent higher when personalization is part of the general
email content. 4. using a subscription link to your website
can make sure that a user who has just made an online purchase or someone who wants to
know more about your business but is not in the position to make a purchase at the moment,
can access information about your products and new arrivals in a timely manner. 5. when asking people to subscribe, only the
most essential information should be asked to prevent annoying people and discouraging
them from subscribing. i never ask for more than an email address. of course, that flies in the face of my recommendation
to make your emails personal, but i’m an introvert so I tend to treat people they way i’d like
to be treated when it comes to my personal branding. …and including a privacy policy
is also beneficial if the information you ask is particularly sensitive. 6. newsletters sent out to previous customers
and enthusiasts do the job of creating and maintaining brand loyalty. they should be written in an encouraging and
upbeat manner to generate new excitement about the brand. 7. spam filters are there to stop malicious emails
from reaching audiences. of course, spammers usually use words that
businesses themselves would like to use. so filters are growing more sophisticated,
and allowing more genuine content to gain access into inboxes. still, there are times when your email might
be mistaken for something malicious. so, you need to minimize the use of certain
words that are considered spam by these filters. words like “sale,” “15 percent off,” “free”
and similar keywords will likely send your email to the spam folder. when you do want to use a typical spam word,
because it is actually relevant to your content, be inventive with your subject lines. is your friend here. limit yourself to just one spam word per email
within the content and email subject line. this will reduce the chance of your emails
being sent to the promotions tab in gmail or worse, getting blacklisted. 8. sales letters should contain the most important
information on deals and offers to attract immediate attention. if you are working for a charity, you can
also create an effective campaign for people to come and join your cause by using strong
images and facts in the emails. …and i’ll talk a little bit about plain text emails
in a bit. this is one of the few cases where i do recommend strong imagery accompany your
email content. 9. now, this isn’t going to be a popular tip…
but I tell you because I care. you gotta drop the images & graphics. you need to send your emails in plain text. why? because spam filters are looking for
emails that are heavy with design elements. your friends and family aren’t sending you
emails with hero images on them that are all beautifully designed with html. if you want
your email to have a better chance if finding it’s way through your subscriber’s inbox,
skip the design and get straight to the point with plain text. 10. your emails should always contain links to
the website or page on your business that the email is about. it should also contain unsubscribe and do
not reply messages as applicable. now this is all the more important if you
are sending automated messages as part of your online customer service. 11. transactional email should always contain
all information related to the transaction. they should also contain links to help and
support, and any other contact information. shopping carts, tracking of shipment, receipts,
coupons and deals should always be sent to the customer via email so that the communication
and terms of service are clear. 12. avoiding overloading your subscribers’ inbox.
is also important when it comes to email marketing. the emails sent to customers/leads should
be timely but not to the point of being annoying. i’d suggest sending emails once every two
weeks at the most… but surely no more than once a week and the absolute maximum. 13. email addresses change frequently, so an email
marketing platform should always track unresponsive and dead/inactive addresses and clean them
from your list. 14. forwarding emails is also a great way to initiate
viral marketing. a simple email marketing letter that includes
a ‘please forward this message’ can find a lot of new readers because the sender will
only send relevant emails to friends and family. 15. so earlier i mentioned sending your emails
in plain text unless you are sending an email in conjunction with a charity and using strong
imagery. however, if you’re a know-it-all and you’re
not going to follow my advice there, emails that contain html and other types of coding
should be tested on popular email clients to make sure they render properly. this is not only on clients, this is for different
platforms, desktop, mobile, and different types of devices as well. 16. change up the times that you send your emails.
you want to catch people who are just about to check their inbox or are in the process
of doing so. this will put your email close to the top of their inbox. the more time between when you send it and
your subscribers check it, the less likely it will be that your email is read. you also don’t want to be sending your emails
at the same time everyone else is sending their promotional content, so sending your
emails on the weekend might be the best option. many businesses don’t start campaigns on
weekends, so you’ll have less competition, and more people are checking their emails
on the weekends now than ever before. using the best practices in email marketing
effectively can help you increase sales and website traffic. now, in order for me to create the content
you want to see, i need to know what you think! so, leave a comment for me & let me know what
questions you have. i check them every day and will be quick to
get you a response. i appreciate you watching & i’ll see ya in
the next video!

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