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1915 Halfpenny Variations and Values

February 10, 2020

hello fellow coin collectors this is
Glenn back with another video and today we are going to review the 1914 half
penny so we’ll look at the mint mint adjust varieties and errors and how much
I actually cost for a standard coin so if you have a look at these two coins we
have two here and your undoing mmm you’ve got two coins
oh well must have a good collection but this is a good reason why I have these
two coins is that they actually meant it in different places so with this one
here you have a H underneath the small bar that stands for heating this one you
do not as you can see can’t see your lettering there and that was actually
minted in London so Australian actually produce any half pennies up until 1919
when they were first minted at Sydney so here is a 1919 and as you can see has no
mint mark you might mistake it for a London but historical records say yeah
I’m into that Sydney any 1923 they started me in Dame at Melbourne which
was the mint actually reduced most of the half pennies up into about 1942 when
perfectly started meeting them so Sydney and Sydney hasn’t actually minted quite
a lot of coins really probably one or two pennies a few silver not that many
silver actually and why they stopped minting in the mid probably 1926 is when
I actually stopped minting coins but maybe I should do a video on me Sydney
mean so the main teachers for the age to coins actually pretty similar so you got
the line I mean with 1.44 million then we have the heat and mean we’ve 1.2
million and the values are pretty similar there’s usually a beta 10%
different so if we look at the grade on this coin we turn it over we get a
greater fine so the book value for flying coins of
both of these it’s actually twelve dollars yeah that one’s fine as well so
about twelve dollars so if you’re gonna buy these on eBay or another site where
you get a lot of sellers you’re probably looking at about probably six dollars
because you know half half a what Book value that’s generally hell I go if
you’re gonna buy it off the coin shop they probably wouldn’t really deal in
these coins because it’s just you know rip they don’t think it’s actually worth
their while they’ll probably sell them in bulk as well but probably for bit
higher than six dollars they probably would unless they need to get rid of
stock so they surprise see if you want to buy it and very fine you’re probably
talking about for about twenty to thirty dollars if you’re looking at extremely
fine you’re probably looking at about a hundred dollars almost uncirculated
probably two to three hundred dollars uncirculated probably about a thousand
and there is it’s got choice uncirculated so that’s probably um in
between the sixties and seventies in the Sheldon system and you’re talking about
one half to two thousand for that so they get really expensive when they’re
uncirculated and I’m not including the proof series because proof or generally
uncirculated and usually design you about a hundred two hundred proof coins
of any year that’s if they actually issued some
proof points of this year so utter any variety or what we call as errors so in
the coin book pre-decimal coin varieties by emic connelly issue
Phoenix he actually doesn’t have any errors but we have a two for 1915 a be
leveled reverse legends so that’s a change in a reverse legend should be
able to pick that up or blob on El and double cross bar in Hank soon these
could occur on dam keep dropping so what they’re talking about is a double bar on
eh these can occur in every years because I’ve seen a lot of errors that
they haven’t actually rectified do occur in every years like you know in like the
H between the end between the two ends on the penny that occurs in different
years and eventually they finally fixed it up that wasn’t to the late 20s
we got door cracks but you know they can occur on any day and if you have a die
crack on a 1914 Halfpenny I recommend you probably get in contact rinax and
just send them some photos that I can update their book you know you got drop
numbers I wouldn’t be surprised if you can someone actually finds a dropped
four or a nine that’s actually leaning towards the left or right because they
also occur not so much on the Halfpenny of the state we’re in their teens but
does appear as a pay you got wide eight so I’m not too sure why’d they actually
occur so there’s no reported errors that I know so far so that is what you’ll be
able to find on a 1914 Halfpenny so let’s just have a look closer look so we
put them together get rid of the background and it doesn’t
look like it’s any much differences lines look pretty much in the same order
and you’re probably and where am I ever to I do have another to halfpennies okay
so these are my other two half pennies so I’ve got two of each Heaton in London
mint so as you can see it’s a bit hard to put
before together I don’t see any differences but can we see any dire
cracks or anything on them no I don’t see any if there is a dire crack the
probably class is extremely rare because I don’t really occur probably cos are
low mintages there’s less chance to be died cause uh it’s less chance for the
dollar to be crack if it’s not actually being used as much so no I don’t see
anything on that one how about this one my name’s penny any say anything which
is P so check your 1914 half pennies for errors if you’ve got an error I’d
actually increase the values by quite a lot but none of these so far seem to
have it no so anyway that is my 1914 half penny review I hope you enjoyed it
please like ring the bell button and just have awesome coin collecting time
thank you and bye bye

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