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1995 96 97 98 99 GM Truck Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal (Chevy Cadillac & GMC)

October 11, 2019

guys I’m going to show in a video today
it’s a pretty short one on how to remove the ignition lock cylinder from the ah
from the steering housing here on this 98 Chevrolet Cheyenne ah you start with
removing this lower plastic shroud this tilt lever just snaps out there’s a
little detent here that holds it in place it just snaps in and out and then
a T25 Torx theres 2 T25 Torx screws one here and another one right here in the back once you get these two T25s out this
guy’ll start to come down in the back there are two little hooks just like
this that loop around a stud that’s on the top part you push in push towards
the back then push it and see there’s that one make sure you do it carefully
you don’t want to break these this plastic can get brittle when it’s aged
I’m going to do the one on the other side now and now we have the lower shroud
housing off the next step is to get the top piece of the plastic off that is
held in place by two E5 Torx head bolts there’s one here take this first E5 off
and you might have to hold this little shaft here this plastic shaft it might
be moving if it’s separated from the top of the plastic housing with as old as
this plastic is on these vehicles and then the other one is directly up
underneath here and I’m going to have to um pause the camera I’ll take that one off
I’ll give you a shot of that in just a second okay guys here’s that other a E5
bolt I was talking about it’s right here I’ll move back here give you a
perspective right underneath so adjacent to the side of the ignition switch so I’ll
take this guy out and we’ll come back show removing the top all right now that
we’ve got those two E5 bolts off go get the tilt lever that you took out before
snap it back in because we’re going to need to lower the how the steering
column of course if you don’t have tilt you know if you’re worried about this
take this guy out again you’re going to need some type of a spudging tool or a
prying tool made of plastic so you don’t damage anything because what we’re
going to be doing is we’re going to be separating the outer part of the
steering wheel soft plastic and prying up the hard plastic from the top shroud go nice and slow to get it out all the
way on both sides okay once that’s done we’re going to take our key put it in
just enough press the brake and lower the uh gearshift lever all the way down so
that we can then work this guy out the rest of the way okay now next thing
we’re going to have to do is go down and disconnect the negative battery cable if
you haven’t done it already because in order to remove the lock cylinder we’re
going to have to advance it to the start position so let me pause do that come
back and pop it out all right now I’m going to put the gearshift lever back
into park reach in here remove my key and finish removing the top housing now
you know that I cheated a little bit with this because I’ve already in the past
not this piece out because it was difficult to get off wrong when you have
to service this kind of a thing and I just leave it on the back of the
ignition lock cylinder like a washer so you can either do what I did there you
know you can get it up part way and just give it a sharp whack it’s usually
enough to knock this thin ABS blas plastic off here
the other thing you can do though is if you have a ninety degree shaped um pick or
punch or something of that nature that you can slip under here before you fully
remove this you know and get it under there and into this little hole and push
it down that will work too you’re going to have to do to get the
actual lock cylinder out is there’s this hole right here and you need a small
punch you’re going to move this guy over to the start position press down on it
and it comes right out alright so let’s take a look at this guy now we got him
out I’ll tell you why I’m taking them out I’ll show you a couple of things
that can go wrong here there’s a locking bar here which locks
into place when you have the key out if you notice you put the key in this guy
falls and comes up when you take them out and you just watch it very carefully
it’s this guy right here then we’re going to move about a millimeter and
then put the key any drops what will happen is this thing either one of the
springs on one of the sides will give out and it’ll get caught in a half down
half up position and that’s usually a situation you have or you can’t turn the
key that’s one thing it can go wrong another thing that can go wrong and it’s
the case on mine is this guy right here this plate that covers the tumbler
Springs under here are your are your tumblers that key the lock to your key
and there’s a set of Springs one for each one and this this retaining bar
holds them down this guy can pop up on one side or the other and this one is
actually my fault I changed this this some out because I had this problem
where one of these had gone out one of these Springs on the locking bar I
changed this out I brought the tumblers over into the new GM ignition lock and I
had recoded it from my key and I forgot to stake the ends of this retaining bar
to keep it from popping out and so I had a situation where I could turn the key
and it wouldn’t start that was because it wasn’t going over far enough to ah turn
you know to actually get ignition and you can see when I had that situation
where I had this in here and I had my punch and I was trying to get this guy
out and it kept poking right along here because I wasn’t reaching
far enough in this hole to push this retainer down which is what slides up
under the hole when you turn it to the start position this is what the punch is
usually pushing down so you can remove the lock I hope this ah helps you out of
course reassembly is just reversing the process you need to put the key back in
of course before you do that you’ll know which way is up because of the
indentation for the position of start or run and knowing that you have this
retainer up I’ll put a light coating of GM high temperature grease on here too
that keep it nice and and freely moving I hope this helps you out thanks for


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  • Reply Jason Flick June 5, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    Is there any reprogramming involved by the dealer or is this just all mechanical swap out? The truck im purchasing needs new door locks so im buying a lock/ignition set so no tumbler replacement is necessary.

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    At 5:35 you start talking about the plate on the bottom of the tumbler of not "staking" it: how do you "stake" it, that is what my problem is.

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    My cylinder was totally locked I had key but couldn't make it turn no matter what I tried lube shaking vibration nothing until I straighten a safety pin and used it to push in that locking thing we're the springs were broken

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  • Reply Mark Green February 2, 2018 at 3:20 am

    Did this with my uncle's 96 suburban. I was able to use an allen wrench to pop the tumbler out before taking the top casing off. Had to put the tumbler in a couple times in order to get the ignition spring to work properly. Careful with the T25 screws on the bottom, very easy to over torque and break the plastic. Awesome video, thanks!

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    There is a Nother video out there that tells how to measure off the emergency flasher switch to locate where to drill the hole that aligns with the Tumbler whole

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