3 Easy Ways To Find The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote As A Beginner

September 17, 2019

what’s up everyone Attan here and in
today’s video I’m gonna share with you three easy ways to find the best
affiliate offers to promote as a beginner all you have to do we stay with
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be notified every time I upload a new video okay so basically I’m going to
cover the affiliates section today we are going to find offers to promote and
it can be a little bit tricky especially if you’re totally new to this so what
I’m going to share with you is actually three easy ways that I consider could be
a good idea and it also might be a good idea to give you a few tips and ideas on
how to get started with affiliate marketing as well so with that being
said let’s get started now first off it really actually depends on the niche
because some offers might convert with blog some offers might convert with
videos I might convert with email it really depends on the promotion the
niche you’re involved in the promotion method and the traffic that you drive to
so a quick example could be let’s say that banner converts okay if you do have
your own blog or your site like I have here this is my IM tips you can see here
I do have banners for my course which is audio/video master a daily list profits
here is for hosting so when people are visiting here and they click here they
will go to the offer okay now these are of course my my own courses as I said so
but here if you go to fast combat this is highly recommended hosting by the way
super cheap and very good so when you click here you will arrive the fast
combat I will get a commission if you purchase hosting through there so also
the same is for resources I have put up resources where I recommend to have your
business online running here domain name you go via name
shape fast comets click magic for tracking and so on so when you click
here and purchase something of their services I will get a commission so this
works for example in the resource section but it all depends as I said on
the niche to be honest anyway let’s have a look at and get started actually to
get some ideas here on how we can find affiliate offers to promote the first
site that we’re going to have a look at today is offer vault now offer vault
actually has a lot of affiliate networks under here so what I like it what I like
a lot about this is that that it is a lot of variations on searching for
offers so you can go straightaway with a keyword you can search via network there
is via countries you can see here you can search via mobile offers paper gold
offers could be something that you’re interested in promoting you can actually
hit via traffic sources also but what I found it that is the best way here is
actually just go with let’s say that we want to search for keto diet so do you
just go with the keyword here and you type in keto diet like I do here and the
first offers here they are sponsored which means that these networks pay to
be to come up here so we can scroll down a little bit I usually have a look first
at the payout and what countries and so on so you can see here US Canada UK so
these are limited you need to find a way to promote only to these countries
actually would probably work best if you have an email list since they’re only
tier 1 countries here that is allowed but let’s say that we want to have a
look at this ok so basically let’s open it up on a new tab here top of first
category diet hundred dollars conversion point pixel fires on credit card
purchase which means that you get to sail this is
the smart adv Network so what you need to do is you actually need to go to sign
up to join with this network now this is a smaller network a lot of these
networks are usually much smaller and it can’t be good idea actually to sign up
because you will get some affiliate manager you will get approved and they
want to ask some questions how you drive traffic and so on and that is actually
good because they will going they want to help you to find offers that suits
you so that you can promote so I don’t consider it a bad idea to connect with
them it’s actually good because they want to get sales as much as you do so
they want to help you actually so that is a good idea so sign up definitely to
some of these networks if you’re interested and of course as I said it
depends on the niche that you’re involved in so you can just have a look
at pure feet keto diet here also works pretty similar you get eighty five
dollars which is not bad at all you can read more now you can see here
you get some more details this tour gets women about thirty five so it’s a good
idea to know how you promote the offers and if there is something that is a fit
for you okay desktop allowed yes mobile devices
allowed so you find out a few of the details here okay all banners and bridge
pages should be approved in advance and so on and you need to join the Philly
x-com this network so you can have a look at it here also another way that
you can actually search for is if you’re totally new you haven’t decided yet
could be also a good idea you can search via categories you can have a look at it
let’s go to business opportunity okay so business opportunity Vsauce
sponsored binary there is a lot of binary and
I have super high payouts look at this five hundred and sixty five hundred and
fifty now keep in mind that these are highly highly competitive and you are
very limited to how you can promote these so a good idea would be actually
to have at least in the trading a niche here to make sure that these converts
but there is a lot of money involved in here so it could be a good idea if that
is something that interests you of course so make sure you have a look at
it we can go to the careers and jobs for example let’s go here you can see your
job surveys $34 job service go free credit comm Fiverr being verified tons
of offers actually so let’s just open something here job service I’ve owned
$25 category this is lead so it could be through the lead generation when someone
opts in second page see see credit card submit so you won’t
get paid unless they have of course purchased MVS media so they decide they
explain actually about the network here but you could see here that I already
shared with you at two or three different variations on how you can find
offers here or you could actually go straight to the networks and see what
they offer so let’s say max bounty is one example these are all the offers
they have tons of offers and max bounty is one of the top and most popular there
you have anything actually a lot of offers not anything but they do have a
lot of offers ok let’s move on the next idea would actually be to go to
clickbank comm which is a super popular they have thousands of products here
they are specialized in digital products and courses a lot of niches involved
here so it goes the same here if you really don’t
an idea on how to get started you can just have a look around and see what
interests you so let’s say that you’re interested in cooking you can have a
look at the cooking food and wine for example or if you’re fanatic in fitness
or something like that you could go to the health and fitness and this is very
popular niche I mean it’s all about the diet weight-loss and stuff like that so
basically what you can do you can search here by popularity so you can see that
these are the most popular products another way to do it all so you can go
via the gravity so the gravity means that there’s been a lot of sales there’s
a lot of competition but that is good because when there is a competition it
means that there are sales made so do not let that scare you so you can have a
look and see that you get pretty similar results actually neither if you go via
gravity or popularity so flat belly fix and we can have a look at the details
more about the affiliate section here so let’s say that we decide that we want to
promote flat belly fix here ok so here they explain actually about the details
you can click and you they want you to sign up probably somewhere here below to
find out more about a specific product so if you’re interested in this you can
click for email swipe and you will be redirected to see some email swipes
there as well another way that you could actually have
a look at and find offers let’s say that we are we want we know that flat belly
fix is a good product we like the product and we want to promote it but we
can’t find who actually and what network it is under what you do is I will give
you a super simple idea you go to the google here you type flat belly fix and
affiliate boom that you say so you will get the result actually okay so you just
go to Google type in the product now it would be too broad actually if I go to
like keto diet affiliate programs but you can go in here keto diet affiliate
program look at this perfect keto feel it we had a look at that earlier that
product keto box affiliate program diet doctor affiliate program so you can see
that you get tons of results or if you keep it here you can start the search
here for products that you can be affiliate for so this keto diet bundle
if we open it in a new tab that you see now I have arrived at the keto diet
bundle if I just take I can go to the main site and see what this is all about
first and then I can go to have a look at the details to affiliate or I could
actually also contact them another idea could be actually that let’s say that we
have the affiliates and have a flat belly fix I’m sorry so this is the sales
page okay if you usually scroll down at the bottom here look at this affiliates
you can just go here and you will be redirected to the affiliate page so that
is another good idea actually to find offers to promote and finally another
one I actually already shared more than 3 but they consider them as a bonus here
another way of course could be to go to Amazon and now Amazon we know that they
have anything from books they have products tons and thousands of things
that you can promote so you basically just go and sign up as an affiliate so
you can start to type in let’s stick with a keto diet here keto diet so you
can find anything here do you want to promote this book you can do that this
is a bestseller so you can add this for example at your blog and say that this
is a perfect read for a keto diet beginners and what you do is you go here
really simple we open this in a new tab and of course we need to be
does an affiliate and there is something called the side stripe here now I can
get the link text link image text plus image or a custom link so let’s say that
we are satisfied or we want to have text plus image you can just come here and
you can grab this link here okay you can see text plus image so we’ll grab this
code and paste it in my site and every time someone clicks through that link I
will actually get the Commission also what I like about Amazon is that I get
cookie you get a cookie so when I purchase something else you can get a
commission for that too so let’s say purchasing a machine or something so how
we’ll get a commission on that – if I purchase that book for the link or
something else actually so that is really nice with the Amazon and there
are all really no limits okay I just showed you books here but you could
actually promote let’s say that food I’m not sure if there is anything of course
there is this is the noodles for example miracle noodle very popular I heard a
lot about this I never tested him but who doesn’t say that you can’t promote
this or the organic cocoa butter you can do a video or something about it and
they just say that I use this organic cocoa butter really nice good taste blah
blah blah etc so on highly recommended hive a look at it at
the link below here in my description just like I do when I do the videos here
so that is another way actually to find offers to promote I think actually I
have given you a lot of ideas hopefully here that you can find offers to promote
so there are no limits it all depends as I said in the beginning on the niche and
the way that you drive traffic to the offer alright hopefully you got some
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