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30- Deutsch Themen – B2 (05/02/20)

February 10, 2020

Good day, what would you like
I want to take a bouquet with me Send fleurop
yes, how much can the bouquet costs
about 20 euros they know that there are still fees
be added yes the flowers should cost 20 euros
a colorful summer bouquet similar to this one here
Good please come with us to the computer
enter everything there following data
and address of the recipient receiver
exactly when the bouquet will be delivered should
and whether a message is sent okay that goes to doris kielmann
she lives in the and now an important news from
forestry office because of the persistent drought and
the very high temperatures prevail Forest fire warning level 5 in all forests
best brandenburgs are the forests therefore closed to all walkers
inference is about increased attention asked
do not violate the ban avoid near the forests
open fires and don’t throw them cigarettes in nature
report to the responsible fire brigade immediately if the smoke development or
watch fire that’s a great snow sculpture
where is the photo from dan kasab oro in japan there is that
snow festival under foot teams from different countries
against each other and build sculptures the team wins with snow
most impressive sculpture wow we are building such a large sculpture
are all sculptures buildings no there are not only buildings
characters and film scenes but i like this building on
best that’s why i have it on here it combines my smartphone for me
traditional japanese architecture with the modern
for real specialist hello hello my name
you are there I would like to ask you to do one
they could transport the piano tell me roughly how expensive it will be
that comes on the transport route and exact circumstances
where should we pick it up at schillerstrasse 17 in altona
which floor is there a big one elevator on the second floor without
elevator a
and where should the piano be taken become
to Bremen in a villa So it should be there on the ground floor
but I wrote it down and will one for you this afternoon
Get a quote by email to let
what is your email address so benjamin
here is she advises she is already here
very fit for those who are still paying attention
so must only feed again this evening
to get until then you can only give her water to
give drink the wound had to be sewn
the seam stays with it every evening anoint also make sure that
do not rick them on the run want earth because there must be no dirt on it
the wound succeeded rick will bring you in ten days
once over then I pull the strings Many thanks also to Mrs. Siebert good evening my women and men
welcome no matter janz arena die again today thanks to you thanks sold out
is I welcome you to the Bundesliga match
against hertha bsc berlin we are called the team of hertha
welcome and of course the accompanying fans but also in the
upper tier in middle and lower tier Welcome fans from Bavaria
Munich the impartial of today’s game
comes that frankfurt and is called peter jonas support him martin bauer tim
Schneider and Paul Venker now wish I have a nice game for all of us dear listeners
welcome to the artist in conversation my today’s guest the well-known
fashion photographer in daniela wicke good and good evening
I would like to start with one The provocative question is fashion photography
because actually art photography is art
why not fashion photography is made to sell clothes
is not an end in itself you can also breastfeed
sit for artistic fashion photography
exist the same aesthetic claims as for artistic
photography in general Your photos are characterized by this
that they are normal people primarily women show
starved models in supposedly sexy outfits and without any flaw thanks
photoshop can be found in her photos in vain
even if it might pay off I just wouldn’t like it
this terror of beauty this identify perfection industry
thieves are also exposed to increasing criticism is
yes, times are changing luckily otherwise I would have
probably not professionally either success with my way of photography
then I probably would have continued food for supermarket advertising
have to take pictures or maybe my job
changed the most personal of these
beauty and terror naturalness for me it is the man
died which is set by it everything not in a very specific
The ideal of beauty simply no longer fits david sheehan is considered beautiful
picture editors everything that disturbs he survives no violence
freckles no small love handles
that has catastrophic effects women and men who deal with this
ideally compare and even if you don’t do it like that
you stay in this comparison annis has to get involved, for example, because
the current fashion only at extreme slim people looks really good
how do the models feel about them? work your way together
taking photos I know from my conversations with you
that they feel accepted with their special appearance
special personality I want them the way they are
and don’t sit down after computer to make something else out of them
do this makes them feel free
and if the chemistry is right often arise absolutely fascinating
photos visit fashion shows often
hardly any watch a new model at work
to get to know a new photo model a fashion show is unsuitable
it is a completely different ambience are also facial expression and
movements so stylized that I no idea of ​​the real ones
possibilities of the model can make interesting mrs vicky thank you
cordially for this exciting conversation hello in my studio today they are
student kim guten bach and andreas müller from the employment agency
we want to spend semesters abroad for students speak
So according to the latest surveys, three quarter of european employers
the application candidate is worth it have international experience
but it includes all sorts experiences so both practitioners
Erasmus stay or others stays abroad
Indeed today the young people just have
also a lot of different ones possibilities
have you ever been abroad? H
with the erasmus program in sweden besides I have a few credits
brought a lot of new experiences and really good as an extra bonus
learned swedish that you also speak the language of the host country
mastery is not a requirement because the events are so much
i only know in english Yes
therefore win apart from the english native speakers all erasmus
scholarship holders but also more routine in the English because you have to at the
complete foreign university courses for us students, fries is wool
but neither the learning nor the career planning it’s just exciting
to get out of the daily grind and somewhere else in another reality
to be able to hatch really everyone do
participating sometimes I have the impression that
a fashion out of erasmus programs is attended
I mean you shouldn’t just do that do because it’s just hip
trend or not it applies today at least not as a specialty
experience abroad at the workplace bring
I would like to emphasize that at the job search can also score differently
by networking well it has been shown that well networked
students even without experiences abroad offer real opportunities
have applications that’s no good news
connected people always have as first the information about free
future positions and then others one step ahead
it’s been like that forever in a newspaper article that stood around
the 25 of the students according to their rasmus has a new relationship with
someone they have during the got to know
I think it’s a spicy one by-product of the european
exchange is understandable is that you are in
another country is assuming great parties and events
and in the middle 20 that is yes also not so surprising
I don’t know if these statistics are correct we even questioned them there
at my age, many are at university looking for a partner
why not also in the erasmus program to ensure the reliability of the statistics
one would have to check in the newspaper look up
after the broadcast i can give you the we have to give our data
unfortunately today’s roundtable break up
thanks for listening I warmly welcome you
our information evening about drones as bernhard kessler and i become one
give a short general introduction in the second part it should be about the
go to the leisure area and there will be us simply the current one
explain the legal position drones are fascinating because they are
allow us the world from the understand bird’s eye view
they are used in ever new ones areas and always offer new ones
functions we can expect from the future
is not in sight they are in traffic monitoring
already widely used mainly because they are much cheaper
and more agile than helicopters pictures are broadcast live and one
computer immediately gives one recommendation to
if and in which street intervene is necessary
transmit situation to drones information also about other places
are difficult to access and thus enable the use of
fire department police mountain rescue water rescue and better coordinate others
another large area of ​​application is the Agriculture
goes from simple inspection of the fields Planting sick plants through early detection
towards finding missing cattle Already every third US farmer leaves
without flying for yourself almost a third has the purchase
eyed by drones and only about 30 percent show up
uninterested I even read about a drone
which pollinates like a bee rial manufacture of such a drone
could be the world’s most threatened support bee colonies in their work
but the area of ​​currently worldwide they have experienced a real boom
amateur drones there are always new products
they will become a market and some things later still get to see
at the same time, this trend also has new ones regulations made necessary
for example, camera drones are allowed Only fly over residential plots if the
owner expressly allowed or drones weighing over two kilos
You have to be allowed to fly be at least 16 years old and one
possess knowledge for men must take a theoretical exam
this legal regulation would be was necessary much earlier
because you read about accidents again and again or almost accidents with drones
in addition to the numerous car accidents it has recently been spectacular
accident in a ski race a five kilogram drone
suddenly crashed onto the slopes and missed only a hair’s breadth
skier apart from the fact that the drone
would not have flown over the runway experts may still ponder why
the drone from one moment to the next has stopped working
but I don’t want to anticipate further because now we come to the second part
our evening


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