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30 THINGS I HATE ABOUT LIVING IN PARIS | Swedish Expat in France | Gaby in Paris

February 14, 2020

Hej hej Youtube, Välkommen till min kanal! Welcome to my channel my name is Gaby and I’m a Swedish expat living in Paris
France today we’re going to be very very very negative I’m going to give you 30
really I did 30 30 reasons why I hate to live in Paris okay just for the record
this is going to be a video with a lot of negativity so if this is the first video
you’re seeing from me and you want something more positive click on the
link down because I made a video last week about the 30 reasons why I love to
live in Paris. Okay, so first off, Paris is a very noisy city and
this can annoy me a lot sometimes because if you’re walking around,
I don’t know, talking on the phone. I do that quite a lot because you know to
keep in contact with people from home you hear a lot of noise and a lot of
police cars often and this is is just very tiring second reason why
Paris is a very polluted city and this is very annoying because if
you’re going outside it’s like you can feel it on your face sometimes
and also when you’re going, you know, a little bit outside and you’re
looking over Paris you can see that it’s a kind of a little cloud over
the city and that’s the pollution and it has just gotten vert worse I think you
know especially because I live up in the north and when I do have to bike down to
the city because I love biking and I have to bike up on the top next to Montmartre and that’s on a high point so when I come up the air just gets so
shitty and oh my god I just want to go down straight away. Paris is
also a very humid city and keep in mind that I come from the north I come from
Umeå so when it is summer it’s very hard for me
to be here because it’s super humid but also when it is winter because often we
don’t even have snow so it’s not a winter for
me but it’s true that when it gets to minus three sometimes there is very
humid switch feels much colder than it does in the north when it’s like minus
10 and it’s just so that is pretty annoying about Paris
so going on from the heat the humid you know everything the summer is also
unbearable when it’s 30 degrees outside and and you know it’s so humid I
can’t even walk like I just sweat and I lose my personality and the other reason
Paris is a very dirty in dirty city and this is not often sometimes you see when
you’re watching Paris films of Paris and movies etc but it is true it is a very dirty City
but it’s Paris. So I also wrote down the micro aggressions and I actually got
very inspired from this by Not Even French, she is amazing. I have probably watched every
single one of her videos I’m gonna link one below but it is true that is a
city of microaggressions and I mean it goes for everyone like taxi drivers
bikers like I remember one time I sat in a taxi and a guy biking next to it and
the taxi driver he just got very passionate and very angry so he kind of
just hit the the biker, he is not allowed to bike here. He got very
upset not all people are like this of course another reason that kind of annoys
me sometimes and it’s funny because I always have to remind my friend who
is visiting me quite often visiting me quite often Moa
you know who you are about this and that smiling in the streets and I have to
kind of explain this better because otherwise, people are gonna think of
course you can smile in the streets because you can but compared to my
country Sweden, we put different value into facial expressions and what
you’re saying in Sweden and what’s more important it’s what you say, what
words you’re using compared to the French. They put put
a lot of value in the expressions that you make on your face and so on. A
difference could be when you’re saying no if you would say no and be smiling
in France it could be like you know maybe she’s saying yes but if
you would say no and smile at the same time in Sweden it would be a no-go
and I think this could be very confusing for people that come here from Sweden
remember my friend Moa she always gets people coming up to her
talking to her and I have to tell them to go away and then she’s like go away smiling I’m like Moa stop smiling, “Sluta le” in Swedish, Well but that can be quite…
Another thing is that stranger equals danger often and I have had many many
times where people have tried to take my phone they were actually taken my phone
one time as well and I have my backpack and have a tendency to use it more in
the front than the back paperwork and bureaucracy this is also something that
is pretty annoying I’ve talked about this before when I talked about the biggest
differences between Sweden and France can give you an example trying to kind
of get my tax number because I want to pay taxes in this country and it’s been
very complicated to get it I still don’t have it so I’m sorry I want to pay my
taxes but the system just don’t allow me to do it yet another reason why I hate Paris
is that people are always very busy and everyone has their own life so sometimes
it’s very difficult to kind of get people together and that’s definitely
something that is pretty inconvenient there is no nature in Paris and this is
annoying and you have the beautiful big gardens
that I love but there’s no forest good luck you’re not gonna find one and
yeah another reason there are no mountains and I love the mountains
going snowboarding going skiing enjoying the snow
having a good winter life that it’s not gonna happen here it is true in Paris
you don’t have the mountains how do I explain this next part well I wrote the
critical mindset of people and it is a cultural thing that you kind of
don’t understand in the beginning for instance and the French have or the
Parisians they have a very critical mindset to everything so if you’re
saying something that’s very positive like oh my god I love this I love this
movie I loved it…. expressing my joy
someone is always going to say yes but… however, I do appreciate this because it
is true that they have this strive for perfection here so they kind of
putting it down so it can become better so I think in a global big sense I like
it but sometimes it just makes me very frustrated
the next point kind of comes with it it’s a big reason why I love Paris but
also sometimes I can go crazy everything can be debated this in this
city sometimes I don’t want to debate it it’s true sometimes it’s very tiring but
at the same time I do love it too so it’s a big reason why I’m here another
reason my family and my friends they’re very far away I would say if I
do want to go to the north to you it’s quite far and it costs money and
this is just a shame that I cannot go over the street it always has to be
planned and structured. In this city you will find a lot of microaggressions
and something that I hate about Paris is that it also brings out this of me like
I’ve become more negative here and or maybe that’s healthy sometimes I think
because it may be okay it’s the next point I made a video about this the
strikes maybe it’s something that’s very important everyone should be able to
strike it’s a this is why we’re living on democracy but sometimes in my
daily routine it’s very annoying I think we’re very good in Sweden to
make a lot of it vegetarian options kind of especially all
these good fake meats and fake sausages and that are very good and
very delicious so when I arrived here for the second time I was a vegetarian
and this was very very hard because when you’re going to the supermarket you
don’t really find it this a lot and when I did arrive here back then it
was a few years ago and then it was even harder to find I think it’s
something that’s growing this vegetarian feeling, veganism
etc but it’s still hard to find fake meat products in the supermarket
another thing that I find very very sad about Paris is there is a lot of
beggars and people who are sleeping outside,
homeless people and this hurts my heart I mean and it’s just very sad
especially in the metro I take line 12 quite often and in
the metro you see a lot of homeless people coming begging for money. Next point doesn’t
particularly annoy me today but it used to annoy me in the past when
I was more of a sporty person no but gyms here they closed quite early on
Sundays and you know they don’t have really long opening hours and I find
this very annoying or I did used to find this very annoying when I was going a
lot to the gym because sometimes you want to go like Sunday, Sunday evening
because it’s true that in Sweden we have more of a gym culture another thing that
annoys me in France or in Paris particularly is that people
cannot stand in line and this is very annoying especially because it takes just
so much longer if you would just stand in line I think that you would
save a lot of time and this is especially in the supermarkets
especially now in our supermarket here we have SUPERU that it’s not very far
I love SUPERU n by the way but they kind of try to install these
automatic cashiers kind of so it’s electric you just go there you
leave and they’re not really working most of the time but
people are just very confused because are we gonna stand in line or two
lines so people just end up skipping the line and it’s just take such a long time
and this is just annoying me a lot I also hate stepping in dog poop there’s a
lot of dogs in this city I love dogs but they poop everywhere and people just not
don’t necessarily take up the poop after them and this is something that annoys
me because why do I have to wash my shoes all the time
why why I also hate the metro line
for I really do I do hate I’m sorry people there’s a lot of nice people out
there in the world but I just don’t like that metro line I think you just go under
the ground and it’s just dirty and oh my god I don’t like it at all and I
also hate that it’s not a standard to have double vitrage be cash, two
glass windows you know and this is not a standard when I go home obviously
we have a different climate it’s a lot of snow so we often had three or four
even but here it’s not even mandatory to have two and we have one and this is
frustrating because air comes through and it gets very cold and plus the
electricity costs so it just costs more money another reason why I hate Paris is
that electricity is very expensive in this country seriously, I
remember I used to live in like nine no wait I think it was 13 square
meters if I’m not mistaken and I still paid like 25 euros per month in
electricity can you imagine that’s 250 Swedish
crowns each month this shit is expensive here another thing
that I very very much dislike about Paris is that people always move away
and this is just, I get a bit sad when I think about this but it’s just so
frustrating that you make good friends that you love and you have a good
life with and then they move away it’s just very sad so please if you want to
come don’t move I think it’s also when you’re living
abroad people often come here and they live here for one two years and
then they move back to their home countries or somewhere else and so yeah
this is just the way it is but for someone that actually wants to live here
for a longer time and kind of make a long life here it can be very
frustrating sometimes and often of course it is very sad that I have been to
quite a lot of goodbye parties and it’s just sad why can’t be
like welcome to stay parties instead
so don’t go! I’m gonna hate a bit on the rents because the rents are
very expensive and we have been very lucky with ours because we have 35
square meters which is not a lot I know and we pay like thousand 40 euros so I
think that’s a pretty fair price for Paris and however I mean I’ve been
looking because I would like to live in a bigger place but the rents are so
expensive it’s like if you want to up a little bit you have to be
paying 1,500 euros 1000 like 700 euros it’s just a super expensive city and
I mean that is very annoying another reason I would also like to hate a
little bit on the living status is that it is very difficult to get an apartment
because it’s a whole system to it you have to have a “garant” which is
someone who most often has to be French, a person that is kind of giving
their salaries and show much taxes they pay. So, they’re kind of saying like okay
this is the money I have so if Gaby doesn’t pay her rent I’m gonna pay for
her so you have to have that you also have to have your birth certificate
it’s a whole dossier a whole package of documents that you have to
have and it’s just complicated to have it so if you’re a foreigner trying to
find an apartment here good luck get some help because it’s gotta be a long
way I’ve always had a dream I had a dream to buy an apartment in Paris it’s
been something I want to do for so long but it is so freaking expensive if
you don’t want to buy a 9 square metres apartment that would be like, I
don’t know, the prices are just going up too – it’s 100,000 euros which is
1 million Swedish crowns more or less but if you want to buy an apartment
that you could actually live in it is very expensive and that is just
frustrating because I really want to do it but I know I can’t. The water is full of minerals and this is annoying
especially for us because we have a shower that’s a glass window and it
just gets all these small minerals on it all the time and it’s just
difficult to wash it off this annoys me a lot. Thank you very
much for watching I hope you liked this video and I hope you’re not overly
scared to go to Paris or to move to Paris or be here because I do love this city a
lot but some things make me crazy so if you like what you’re seeing please give
me a thumbs up you can always click on follow me if you want to see
more and yeah I’ll see you next time Hejdå mina vänner, hejdå!


  • Reply Amal Markhouss February 10, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Hahah the poop thing is sooo true😫

  • Reply frida hellström February 10, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    Hahahaa hearing this takes me back to all the frustrating moments <3 it's kind of like a love-hate situation living in Paris! So sorry for leaving you hihi ;*

  • Reply ugodevil February 11, 2020 at 7:30 am

    I agree on everything. Even the windows, it is soooooo right I hate the combination of bad window quality and humidity

  • Reply ugodevil February 11, 2020 at 7:33 am

    About the water, it dépends on the cities. So you can dislike the water in Paris but like it in Nice for example !

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