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February 24, 2020

**SMACK** Sorry, but you needed that after clicking
on a video with the title like that one… So this is gonna be a brutally honest
and highly valuable video. Look there’s a lot of opportunity on Amazon, but if you
are so short-sighted that you think being handed an exact product to sell is
going to lead to your success, then I have some bad news…
And before you completely give up on this video, while I’m not going to tell
you literally exactly what to sell, I am going to lay out 5 things to look for,
5 areas where there are massive opportunities. And look Amazon is a
competitive business model to go into so if you were going with the same product
as a bunch of other people that watched a video about exactly what to sell, what
do you think would happen? Your fears are exactly what would happen. Everybody
starts selling the exact same thing, everybody fights to the death, nobody
makes money, everybody loses. So instead of looking for a product to be handed to
you on a golden platter of exactly what to sell, instead watch through this video
with 5 categories / 5 areas of where to look for emerging opportunities. And
first off, and then we’ll get straight into it, let’s help the YouTube algorithm
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those things really help get this video out to potentially new people number one
story driven products what does that mean products where you can tell the
story of a product as a marketer so for example if you were selling say a
replacement wheel for a desk chair that is a product that has very little story
that’s a product that somebody needs out of a sort of desperation because they
just broke their desk chair and now it’s slide it’s stuck on the carpet or
whatever and they’re just looking for a very particular item that is a product
that you’re not necessarily going to have a very involved product journey and
experience meaning this is a product you’re not going to get hyped up about
over months of watching videos and content and all of that brandable sort
of aspect and the reason this is key is that products that are so generic and
interesting are very very competitive everything’s very very competitive its
2020 a lot of people are doing e-commerce a lot of people want to be
entrepreneurs it’s the cool thing to do and it is causing a lot of competition
but a lot of people are short-sighted so by selling these things that have low
barriers to convince people that yours is the right one it’s just blown out
with people all doing the same exact things versus if you have a product that
you can really tell the story it fits into the customers journey they’re
trying to achieve something they’re trying to change something about
themselves they’re trying to feel a certain way they’re trying to solve a
specific problem and your product fits into that journey that is a product that
you can tell the story of with content with advertising with your product
photos with lifestyle photos and videos with copywriting and those are gonna be
absolutely core things when it comes to breaking through the noise and getting
people to purchase your products and this also sets you up for a scalable
brand which is the key to all of this meaning you start building up your own
audience you start selling more products that are related more products that fit
into the same customer journey and that’s how you grow a big business
second area to look most gurus will tell you not to sell this but there’s a
massive opportunity here because a lot of people stay away from it and there
are some downsides but only because there’s a pulse of massive upsides see
all of these product opportunities are basically risk versus reward and while
this one might be a little bit higher risk because it’s probably going to take
a bit more inventory investment it’s actually lower risk in a way because
there’s probably a lot less competition and to cut to the chase I’m talking
about expensive products so a lot of people will tell you to sell a product
that is 15 to 30 dollars and that’s kind of been the range that everybody has
been preaching for years I think there is massive opportunity almost the higher
and higher you go for example I think 50 is better than 30 and 75 is better than
50 and if you’re selling a $150 product then then I’m really really excited
about it with these product there’s less
competition it does generally require a bit more of an investment because if you
want say a hundred units of something that cost you a hundred dollars you can
quickly see how that adds up but because of that there’s usually less people
playing that game and each individual sale nets use so much more
fit that you can do so much more marketing to acquire that sale if you
have a product that only Nets you $2.00 then by the time you do anything in
marketing you’re losing money versus if you have a product that Nets you $60 or
even you know 20 instead of 10 or 30 instead of 15 then you have so much room
to play with your marketing and funneling people into your product so
expensive products great place to look currently a lot of people are avoiding
it I think it is untapped third is the holy grail of physical products online
and this is selling products that are recurring or replenishable and what that
means is a product that you sell to a customer and they’re either going to
have to buy the same product again in a month or two or six months or they’re
going to buy another product that goes along with it such as another accessory
or another way to use the product if they get this this and this but these
are massive opportunities because the cost to acquire a customer for say a $30
product might be the same for a product that you sell once versus a product that
you sell five times and even if it cost you more well you have four more sales
coming from the same customer so products that have replenishable or
consumable or accessories stuff like that is a massive opportunity and look
honestly this might be the less beginner friendly option on this list maybe this
is your second product in the same brand maybe this is the second brand that you
go after a little bit later on but this is where big dollars are made so think
about how a printer requires ink replacement or razors require new blades
or supplements require you to potentially keep taking them every month
or food products that you might eat every week because you’re obsessed with
it these are brands that are worth a lot because they have a lot of recurring
customers and they also make a lot more sales and continue to grow very nicely
just because not only are they getting new customers constantly like any other
regular business but they’re also getting additional recurring customers
building up forth is something to be very careful with but emerging trends
are a massive opportunity and I’ve talked a lot on this channel about
avoiding fads and avoiding short-term trends and things that are super hot
right now and I a hundred percent stand by
that but I think by saying that so much a lot of people might be taking those
words too seriously and thinking I’m not looking at things that are on a general
upswing in a general upswing where you can ride the wave of a growing industry
of an interest or a specialized thing that is growing and increasing month
after month year after year then that that is absolutely should be a piece of
the puzzle regardless of any of these opportunities and the risk here is that
the faster the trend the more hype the more it’s going to get blown out very
very quickly so this is why fidget spinners and all of those fads in the
past have not ended well for most sellers but they’re absolutely our
industries where things just emerge over time so for example the sleep industry
has really been amplifying the last couple of years and will continue to
maybe that’s already a little bit late but that’s an example of something that
is a long-term trend is people valuing their sleep more and an incredible
resource for this is a service called trends I really really enjoy it I do pay
for it but it’s really valuable and gets a lot of ideas going for me it’s from
the guys that put out the free newsletter the hustle I think it’s a
couple hundred bucks a year I’m not sure but it’s really cool and they send you
these emerging trends and it’s always extremely thoughtful so I’ll put a link
to that down in the description fifth one is absolutely the difference between
you ending up a year from now exactly where you are currently versus
potentially massively altering the course of your life and this is the
realistic product and what I mean here is that the only way you’re ever going
to get anywhere with any of these is by picking something that ultimately you
can have a handle on and you can get it done so the more you complicate and have
this grandiose vision of completely re-engineering this product from scratch
you might just never get it done and while differentiating your product is
crucial if you have such a crazy vision that you never get it done well then
you’re no better off than somebody that just never even started in the first
place because you didn’t and I’ve been thinking a lot about a quote that Tim
Ferriss mentioned on a podcast I forget who originally said it or the exact
quotation but it went something like why would you waste your
best business idea first and what it means is that your first execution is
never going to be your best so it’s important to pick a product that you’re
actually going to do versus plan and plan and plan so so so much obviously
the planning is important thinking about the downsides is important having
everything laid out is what’s going to make this a success but you can also
overdo that to a point of crippling yourself and not doing anything so the
product that you’re going to do is going to lead you to either some success now
or from learning and having a success next time or the next time so execute
and get better over time and your first product is never going to be what
absolutely makes or breaks you you have to take a long-term strategy – this may
be your second or fourth product is where you really start taking off maybe
your first one absolutely sucks but you learn so much that your second one
crushes that is a common story so get in the game and then keep learning and
improving if this video was valuable to you which I hope it was give the
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you’re absolutely ready to just dive in I do have my zero – brand course linked
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