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5 DIY Sewing Projects | Ep 3. Moneta Dress, Simple Sew Cocoon Dress, Burda 12/2018 #109, Neenah

February 20, 2020

Hi guys it’s Hila here from Saturday night stitch! thank you so much for tuning in. Today’s post is 5 sewing projects, episode 3. Kicking off this episode is the Seamwork NEENAH Dress from Colette patterns. Now this was actually a turtleneck dress with long sleeves and it’s knee length but I obviously lengthened it to make it a bit longer. I was in the mood for a long dress during the winter. It’s made it a light grey Ponte fabric which is comprised of 62 percent cotton 36 percent polyester and 5% elastin and it’s a whopping 64 inches wide so you actually get a lot of fabric for your money. The pattern is available in sizes XS to 3x L and I sewed up the size medium and I think it kind of looks like what I expect it to look like based on the pictures. It definitely needs a broad shoulder adjustment I totally forgot that most Colette patterns they don’t fit my broad shoulder very well but it’s not a real big deal with this particular dress I love how it turned out it was really dead easy to sew up and I tend to prefer to wear it with a belt for the most part up next is the Colette Moneta knit dress. Now I have made this sewing pattern about eight times already and this time I made it in a lady McElroy viscose Jersey which is absolutely delicious it has got the most beautiful drape and I love the dark floral colors .So I have made this I think this is the ninth one that I’ve made now I probably should give the pattern a rest but I love that neckline. The adjustments I’ve had to make to this pattern are a broad shoulder adjustment as I mentioned with the Neenah before I totally forgot that most Colette patterns they drafted for a narrower shoulder than mine so this one I did a 5/8 of an inch broad shoulder adjustment and it was just right and the other thing that I did was I lengthened the bodies by about I think it was 3/4 of an inch so that it could sort of just sit a little bit below my natural waist the other change I made to this particular person is I used a Knick band on the neckline so sort of like imagine what you would do on a t-shirt but it’s got pockets because pockets are everything and I just love how this interest absolutely moves and swings around sometimes I’d like to wear it with a belt but that’s not often though I do tend to forget to put the belt on but it does look just as lovely with the belt and I’m showing you the inside out there it is classified as a beginner pattern by Colette personally I wouldn’t say that this is a beginner beginner pattern I probably say it’s more of an adventurous beginner and that’s because of the shearing at the waist so that skirt is a gathered skirt and I think that would be very tricky for somebody who has just started with sewing but I love how this turned out and I love all of my previous iteration so much so I am beginning to think that I could probably survive on a closet full of Monetas I think the collective term for having a lot of Monetas is a coletterie of Monetas. By the way let me know which one’s your favorite in the comments box down below, I think mine is the rainbow one. Anyway moving on up next is a Simple Sew Shannon dress and I made this in the absolute craziest zaniest sweater jersey fabric that I got from Minerva and basically it’s a panel whereby you’ve got the big face zebra on one side and then you’ve got the many zebras on the other side and each panel is about 1.2 meters long or y-ya 1.2 meters long and it’s about the normal width of a normal sweater knit so I was able to get this dress out of one panel but it was just something that really attracted me so I knew that the fabric had to be something simple. Obviously because the fabric has to just be allowed to sing because it is just so zany. I honestly had never come across Jersey panels before and I was not at all disappointed a in the quality of the actual textile itself. It is very comfortable and very smooth against the skin I finished the neckline with just a simple strip of the same sweater fabric this was a very satisfying project in the sense that number one it’s a super fast project to sew up I kid you not this probably took me about 40 45 minutes to sew it up because it doesn’t have any sleeves either you just have to do your hems and it took me a little bit longer to do the hems because I was using a cover stitch machine so number one it’s a super fast make and then number two it’s incredibly comfortable as well which i think is a great thing to have in your wardrobe the pattern itself also comes as a collection so I think it’s actually called the Shannon dress collection so you get a t-shirt passing a dress pattern and you also get these really cute sailor wide-leg trouser pattern that can be thick that you can make into trousers or shorts as well so that’s pretty awesome I mean if you’re wondering I sewed the size 10 based on bust waist and hip measurements now I was quite happy with the fit and as you can see from this video it would look just as great in a solid as well I wanted to take five to show you how simple those sleeves are to sew up so I basically sewed up the dress together first and then I did the sleeve him last and it’s a drop sleeve so it just came out really really easily up next is a simple soku-kun dress okay heads up I love this pattern and I have made it twice already once in a linen chambray fabric and once in a Nani Iro quadruple gauze I believe , and it feels like I’m wearing pajamas when I wearing the Nani Iro one. So when I got this barkcloth fabric it’s a Cloud9 barkcloth fabric I loved the vibrant print I loved the accents of the oranges and the yellows and the really pseudo 50 the style that I got from the print so I knew that the pattern had to be a very simple one that didn’t have a center front or a center back seam and so I decided to make it into a cocoon dress and I’m very happy with that now the fabric itself has got very very little give across the grain so unlike the lenient version that I made before a man Annie I wrote gold version they tend to give across my hip area but this one had absolutely no give at all consequently it’s just a little bit just a tad bit snug around the widest part of my hip it’s fine if I’m not moving if I wanted to take a pinterest worthy picture and just stand there then yeah but you make garments that you can move in you know so I had to add those slits at the side just so that I’d be able to walk with my wide stride what has become clear to me is that I’m gonna need to chop this dress sadly it will have to be chopped big with the inside out view you get a really good idea of how big the pockets are and you can see how the bar closed because it’s such a textured fabric it’s sort of sticking to my leggings but when I’m not wearing the leggings it doesn’t stick to me at all like that and there’s a facing there and for the facing I used a lady McElroy cotton lawn lawn fabric I think it’s called Botswana Woodland it was a leftover from a Giselle maxi dress that i made and because it had a facing i had the opportunity to put my tag on there which is something that i absolutely love doing so I’m just showing you here how this is gonna have to be cut to make a top that has got pockets side seam pockets and I think that that is going to work for it I’m just going to cut it straight across the widest part of my hip where it is the most snug and that’s the best way I think that that I can save this project I have considered sort of opening up the side seams and then inserting some more fab Rick but [Music] [Music] up next is from BURDA 12/2018 dress number 109. Now this dress guys this was my first time sewing in silk and heads-up spoiler alert it is not a hundred percent perfect. I tried my best I had so much fun with it and I am so glad that I pushed myself to actually try and sew with silk which is a fabric that I had been scared off for the longest time so two things that I really love about this dress that fabric honestly that fabric feels so gorgeous and lush against my skin if there is ever a fabric that made me feel like you know it’s a clouds kiss this is what this fabric feels like so consequently the word that I think of when I described this dress or how it makes me feel is it’s sensuous this fabric feel the skin feel of the fabric is very sensuous and I’m just pointing out there that because of the drape of the fabric the invisible zipper you know it’s made out of polyester and it’s plastic it’s a little bit stiff it really shows up with the stiffness and I think that you know if I were to work with this fabric again I would probably make something that is bias-cut that doesn’t necessarily require a zip or anything like that because it is such a gorgeous fabric and I think the style also looks good with a belt too and just so you know this is a BURDA and I cut it in a size 38 because that’s my BURDA size I also did a sewing tutorial for this actually which I’ll put in the description box down below so it’s got the step-by-step sewing tutorial and you can see there the side seams the side seams looked different because during the tutorial I was showing you the different ways that you could do a side seam and of course there’s the invisible zipper at the back there are also some shoulder dots at the back that give it some shaping and some bust debts that give it just a little bit of shaping on there and that flounce oh my gosh that flounce is just so sweet and too cute for words it is cut on the bias so it does look a little bit wonky sometimes the style itself is more twenties flapper style so you could add shaping to it but I actually really like it the way it is and you can see there the armhole facing and the neckline facing overall I’m very happy with this [Music] hi guys thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed the video that you found it entertaining and useful and informative and if you did give it a big thumbs up down below if you aren’t already then please do subscribe I put out sewing related content literally every week sometimes twice a week as well I would love to know which one was your favorite of the garments that I showed you today and do remember if you’ve got any questions at all give me up in the comments down below and until I see you next time guys keep sewing keep smiling and keep finding joy in life [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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