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5 in 1 ultimate FOLDING tool table, HOW TO turn the bedroom into a wood workshop WITHIN 15 MINUTES

December 2, 2019

Hi I am Thomas, welcome to my bedroom which
I will turn into a woodwork shop hopefully without getting killed by my spouse. [Music] Someone might ask now, why am I doing this? Well, we are living in an apartment based on two
floors. There is neither a basement nor a garage or
a free room where I can do my woodworking. And that’s why I’ve ended up with this mobile,
tiny wood workshop. With my inauguration project I want to push
this table immediately to its limits, in order to see how far can I actually go. So I am gonna make a hammock stand, which
is a huge object. But I want a stand which can be set-up easily,
without any additional tools. So I am gonna build it without any screws and
bolts, only wood and wood-glue, so let’s start. The following scenes are more focused on the
workstation and it’s tools and less on the exact chronological order of
the build. But from time to time I’ll catch you up on
the project So, when it comes to woodworking with power tools inside
your bedroom and if you are not looking for a divorce one of the major concerns you
have to deal with is dust collection. I am taking care of this below and above the
table. Above the table I am able to cover the saw blade
and the other tools with different types of hoods. And below the table I have created a special
box made up of 5 pieces, which can be taken completely apart. Just in case you are wondering
where I am keeping my shop vac? Well I am using two, and I am keeping
them inside our old kitchen room next to this bedroom, way to small for wood-working but
big enough for storage even of this mobile folding workstation. And this work-station, I was looking for a
way to continue making stuff because the room where I built it will be soon turned into
a bedroom for my younger son, then there will be no further free space left, but when I
made these first cuts with the table saw I knew that, I’ve found this way. But let’s focus more on the table-features now. This object which looks a bit like a cross
bow is my approach to cross-cutting, I am calling it the cross-cut push bar. The bar is fully adjustable, it is running
inside the t-slot in the middle of the table, and additional adjustable wheels on both ends,
supposed to run along the edges of the table are keeping the whole system completely stable. well and the classic miter gauge, for all
the different types of miter cuts The next tool which played an important role
for the realization of this project is the router. The challenge is a hammock stand without any screws
and bolts made up of four main elements which are simply sticked together. I’ve never seen and
never made something like this before. I have a plan in my mind, but all the decisions about
dimensions, angles and positionings of dadoes and slots, I am taking on the fly. For the assembly of these elements various
grooves, dadoes slots and angle cuts are necessary. The perfect job for the router. And with the router, another dust collection
hood comes into play. This hood covers a large area so there is enough
space to move under with the different work-peaces. For all the routing across the grain, once again
the cross-cut push bar is just the right choice. The work peaces are quite long here. If I had used the miter gauge for this job,
it would have been more difficult, to keep everything stable. With this bar due to its wheels mounted on
both ends which are running along the edges of the table, the work-peaces are perfectly
stabilized. And for the grooves I am using the fence. You may have already noticed this angle peace
here. It is a simple but quite effective solution to support the fence on it’s upper end and
keeps it from moving even under higher pressure. The jig saw another indispensable tool for
this project. Mounted upside-down under the table and together with
a blade-guide this tool is quite similar to a band-saw. With all the accessories I made up for the work-
station I’ve always tried to gain maximum flexibility and I’ve always looked for a way to
provide multiple usage of the supports. The blade-guide for the jig saw is fully adjustable
and works from every angle, and I discovered possibilities, I wasn’t even aware of, while
I built it, like this angle cut. And here we have a smaller version of the crosscut
push-bar. Once the cutting and routing was done, I had
to glue up several the peaces. And this was a real challenge because guess what,
I did not have enough clamps. Luckily I had some packages with hardwood
floor boards inside which helped me out. Anyway for the next project of this dimension,
I’ll have to triple my current amount of clamps. After the gluing up I faced the problem of
misaligned edges. So I needed a way to joint these edges. After a 30 minutes hack I came up with this
simple circular saw jig, which did not work out that well. As I wanted to joint the edges of the lumber
but not mine, I did some more engineering and finally
ended up with this solution. Well and I could not believe it, I was actually
jointing lumber inside my bedroom! The problem with the first solution was, that
I wasn’t able to apply constant pressure against the work piece, keeping it flat against the
jointer jig. First I thought, to make a couple of feather
boards, but I wanted a much more flexible and more scalable solution. So I came up with this, I ma calling it the
bench super flex flat bar, the length of the flat bar in between the
two mounting blocks is adjustable which gives you endless flexibility, long story short from
now on I won’t need feather boards any more finally, for some finishing works, like sanding, rounding the edges. And this was the moment, when I changed the
name bench flex flat bar into bench super flex flat bar. Because
it really is super flexible! And here is the result. Well building all this, with my new work-station,
was just an amazing experience! And before we go on and setup this stand, let
me tell you something about the cost of the mobile woodwork shop. As I am keeping track of all my expenditures
I can even show you something about this. As expense tracker I am using a super tool
called MyMicroBalance. What we are seeing now is the mobile app. There is also a free windows application. To maintain transparency, let me clarify these
tools have been developed by me my brother. That’s why the video is marked with powered
by MyMicroBalance. These tools are free. Links can be found
in the video description. But no further promotion. Let’s talk turkey! We are inside the statistical part of, I called
it, the tinywoodworkshop project. The total amount of money I spent so far is
a little bit high. And I really hope that my spouse will never
find it out, otherwise I’ll be in big big trouble. Anyhow, that’s because power tools consumables
and supplies still included. If we are focussing only on the work-station,
the cost was about 900 Euros. And these expenses can be divided
into three sub-categories. The mobile base with the folding table-top,
the accessories (like Fence, dust collection box, and hoods, miter and cross-cutting push
bar, jig saw support etc.), and the shelf unit. What we can see is, that the cost of the accessories
slightly exceeds the cost of the mobile base with the folding table-top, about 400 Euros. Breaking down the mobile base and the folding
table into its further sub-categories, we are getting raw material and hardware. What can be noticed is, that beside the raw
material I spent a substantial amount of money on different hardware stuff. We can do the same with accessories. Here the cost of the raw material has been
relatively high. Finally, lets focus on the raw material only
which cost me about 630. What I mostly used was 21 mm 17 layers plywood
of good quality. I am sure that if I had used e.g. MDF instead
for parts of the tiny wood workshop, I would have spent far less money on the raw material. But now, after my first project, I could not
be happier with this investment! I did not make any plans for this table. The
whole project has always been more a work in progress kind of thing, more like you know painting a picture. But I am really looking forward to share this
project with anybody who is interested. If there is enough interest, I’ll try to figure out a way,
reverse engineer everything and provide these plans. In the mean time please, like this video, share
this video, subscribe to the new channel, thank you for your attention and finally lets setup
the stand! [Music]


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