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5 Industries That Are Getting Crushed by Google in their SEO

January 20, 2020

– Google is becoming more
strict each and every single day when it comes to certain industries. The kind of information
related to these industries can have a lasting
impact on people’s lives and Google doesn’t want to be guilty of people consuming bad information when it comes to sensitive
areas in their lives. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to
break down five industries that are getting crushed
by Google in their SEO. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. Look, as Google continually grows and dominates the web even more, sometimes it’s going to be at
the expense of other industries and you can’t blame them
and you can’t get mad. It’s their company. They should be able to
do whatever they want and yeah, of course, privacy
and all that kind of stuff, and of course certain
things need to be regulated but in general, they should be able to control what they want. The same goes with
their algorithm updates. You may not like that
your traffic goes down. I may not like that my
traffic goes down but hey, my traffic when it goes up, it’s great, when it goes down, it’s sad, but in general Google
has done a great thing for the world because it’s
helped us turn a lot of traffic and a lot of sales. So here’s five industries
that are going to be crushed by Google in
terms of of their SEO. The first is travel agencies. Travel agents are likely to be
one of the biggest impacted, negatively impacted by some
of their latest updates. A few years ago Google
introduced featured snippets. It made it easier for
searchers to find the answers they were looking for
at a click of a button, without having to scroll
through a webpage, digging for answers. Now although this improved
the experiences for searchers, it didn’t stop there. Google also made it where
you can start buying products and services, directly
from Google search results. Now you may look at that as a bad thing, but as from someone who’s a searcher, that’s a great experience. As a marketer, of course,
I’d rather have people on my website. In theory, great update, but in reality, businesses will loose traffic and potentially sales from this, especially if you’re an
industry that’s offering flights, hotels or
anything related to travel. Google itself has virtually
become a travel company. Now of course they’re not
offering all the same information that you can find on or Expedia, you know they’re not just
scraping everyone’s information and displaying there without
you going to the website in and of itself but in theory now, you could end up clicking
and booking a listing, directly on Google. Now to give you an idea of
how big of an impact this is, according to forbes, Expedia
even ousted their CEO, due to poor performance. In other words, it’s hard for anyone in the travel industry right now. The next industry that
Google is really shaking up, a start-up business. Look, being a start-up in
today’s online atmosphere can be incredibly
difficult and intimidating. Marketers in Google are becoming
more and more saturated, making it harder to ever rank
for competitive key words. The ability to compete with businesses who have built authority in
the online world, you know, it’s just getting harder and harder cause some of these have
been around for 5, 10 years and they dominate the listings. Even in terms of pay per click, the cost per keyword is so high, most start-ups these
days are raising money for sales and marketing, the money is not really
going towards development. It literally is going
towards sales and marketing. Another big factor is
Google Favors Brands, right? Because there’s all this fake
news that’s being published, so one of the things they’re
doing to help fix this is really pushing hard on brands. Because if everyone does
the SU equivalently, they’re all building links, they’re all building on page SEO, but one brand has 10 times more queries, they show Google and tell,
“hey, people prefer this brand”. But you know what start-ups lack? They lack brand queries. No-one is searching for their
brand, they’re a start-up. They’ve got to build it from scratch. You know how hard that is? SEO is not going to
help you build a brand, content marketing is not going
to help you build a brand, you got to go above and beyond. I do really well with the Neil Patel site, not just because of all the
Google algorithm updates, the Google algorithm updates, some of them have been hurting me, some have been helping
me, but Ubersuggest, that’s what’s helped me
because I built a brand, I built a product that’s
just getting a ton of traffic that’s not necessarily reliant on Google because I get all those brand queries it helps the overall site do well and that’s why my traffic’s gone up. It’s not because of an
algorithm up date here or there, it’s because I’ve really
focused on building a brand, not just my personal
brand, but a product brand and that’s helped me through all the algorithm updates as well. And as a start-up, they’re
going to struggle with that. That means you’re going to
have to guest post more. You’re going to have to do podcasting, more videos, more social media marketing, you can do SEOs, speak at conferences. You’re going to have to do a
bit of everything to do well. The next industry, the health industry. Due to algorithm updates,
including the big one in 2018 labeled as a medic update, medical companies and health companies are consistently taking hits. Google introduced EAT,
which stands for expertise, authority and trust. This is a new standard set
across all content types. Because they don’t want
me, Neil Patel, a marketer, talking about medical
information on cancer treatments or nutrition information. They want a doctor to speak
on medical-related stuff. They don’t want a marketer like me to speak on medical-related stuff. In other words, they’re really picky about who is releasing what content. This is one of my favorite updates, even though I have
medical related companies that we do marketing for and
health related companies. The reason being is, this is really good for anyone who’s searching. People shouldn’t be reading
information out there that can hurt them and Google
is really trying to crack down on false information like people saying “don’t get vaccines,
it’s bad for you”, right? And hopefully, as they clean this up, it’ll help everyone live a
healthier and better life as well And another thing that I noticed, cause we deal with some many companies is sites that were labeling
themselves as health sites but were selling products everywhere. A lot of them saw big hits in SEOs because really are you health
site providing information or are you an e-commerce site? Now if you got hit by this EAT update, the way you beat Google is by creating authoritative,
credible, author personas. What I mean by this
is, if you’re blogging, put in your bio within each blog post. Let them know that you’re a doctor or you’re certified in nutrition. Link to your social profile. If you also want to be more
well-known in this space, speak at events, speak
at other conferences that are going to help put
you above everyone else in your competition. That way it also increased
your brand query. If you’re also going to
be in one of these spaces that are going to be impacted by EAT start guest posting on other
well-known sites in your space because again that’ll help beef
up your profile as an author. All this will help with your
rankings in the long term. Short-run, definitely not,
long-run, definitely will. Another industry that got hit really hard is finance and legal industry. See there’s something called YMYL, and content that’s about
Your Money, Your Life, that’s what YMYL stands
for, has been hit a lot. When you’re talking about your money, if I started giving advice
to people who are retiring about savings and stuff like that, like what do I know, I’m
not a financial advisor. Or things that could impact
your life and your well-being. What do I know, I’m not an expert on those types of subjects. Google has just created an algorithm, not just about ranking the best content, it’s about making sure the
content they are ranking aren’t impacting people in negative ways and hurting their lives. So if you’re targeted about YMYL, you need to make sure the
stuff you’re releasing is really good for people, helping them. Is it better for them
to read my information or is it better for them
not to read my information? Is the author that is
creating this content really helpful and knows
what they are talking about? Versus just phony people
that have no expertise. And last but not least,
tech gadget companies. Look, big hardware companies
out there like Apple, Samsung, they’re popular for a reason. People love their
products, they’re amazing. But, their products are really expensive. Especially in the international market. Currently, the lowest
iPhone costs roughly $699. That’s a lot of money when you’re in places
like Brazil or India. Google themselves is
dominating the tech industry because their products
are really affordable. They’re trying to offer
high quality products at affordable prices and they
may not be as good as iPhone, but they’re still high
enough at a really low price. And you’re probably wondering, “wait, how is this going to affect all the other tech companies
and stuff like that?” Well, few things, one,
if you search for things like “cellphone” or “cellphones for sale”, Google Pixel comes up first. That’s going to help them
get the sales over the iPhone or any other device. Plus they’re collecting so much data and they’re trying to
create this ecosystem with their own gadgets,
that they want you to use Google home, their Google
devices like their phones, their ChromeBook and
all this kind of stuff and stay within their ecosystem. Which is going to make it
harder for some of their other bigger competitors
to compete with them. If you need help with your marketing, check out my Ad Agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you have questions,
leave a comment below and I’ll try and answer it. If you enjoyed the
video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.


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