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7 Ways to Make $10,000 Per Month Online

September 12, 2019

Hey, what’s up fam? So, in this video, I’m
going to be going over 7 different ways that you can earn $10,000 per month.
Working online. Now, I have a lot of friends. My entire network is people
earning seven, eight and nine figures online. And I’m going to be showing you the
7 different methods that you can use. These are the best business models you
can possibly go after. And I’ve actually done 5 of them to earn over $10,000 a month and I’ll show you how you can as well. You won’t want
to miss number 6. Let’s get it. So, the first business model that I
actually started earning $10,000 a month with was marketing
agency. Now, this is actually a great way to start as an online business person
because you get to learn on OPM. Other people’s money. So, how I was able to quit
my job was I actually was a marketing agency. In 2012, I was working for a
marketing agency. I was getting paid $6,000 a month but I quit
because I was able to get my own clients. My own marketing clients to overall pay
me over $10,000 per month. I was making more on the side than I was
for my job. I quit my job. So that was how I first got started and it’s a very easy
way. You do marketing for other people. And that can be graphic design. that can
be managing ads. That can be doing Facebook ads. Google Ads. That can be
putting up websites or blog posts, web design, web development. There are all
sorts of things and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do any of this.
You don’t need any college degree. All you need to do is be good at reaching
out to people, meeting people and have a service of value to provide for others.
Now, the next business model which I did which was able to earn me
over $10,000 per month is affiliate marketing. Now, what affiliate
marketing is is affiliate marketing is selling other people’s
products and earning a commission. So, the difference between running a marketing
agency is you’re getting paid a flat fee. In most cases for providing a service.
Whereas affiliate marketing you can get paid anything. You’re paid purely on
results and how many customers, how many app installs. How many leads that you
send to a particular business. Now, I was able to scale my affiliate marketing
business to doing hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. And if you google
me, you’ll find a Forbes article that details. Its back in 2015
or 16. I was able to make over $500,000 a month with
affiliate marketing. Pretty cool. Okay. So, the next business that I dabbled in is
consulting, okay? That’s the C. Consulting is where you get paid to advise other
businesses about a particular subject that you are an expert in or you simply
have more knowledge than they do in. So, now the main difference between
consulting and running a marketing agency is where you’re running a
marketing agency you were actually providing a service for the client.
Whereas when you’re doing consulting, you are simply just advising the client or
the business owner on what they should do. You’re sort of like a coach. Now,
what’s great about consulting is that there’s zero costs associated with it. If
you are an expert in whatever field you’re in, then… And people who are
willing to pay just for your brain or just to talk with you once a week or
once a month then you’re making all of that money without any costs whatsoever.
Now, the reason I did consulting was sort of simple. It was because people were
messaging me all the time and asking if I could advise them on what marketing
agencies they should hire how they get into affiliate marketing or how they set
up an affiliate marketing program. And they offered to pay me some pretty good
money. I was able to make over $10,000 a month doing this. The
reason I stopped consulting is because it took a lot of my time. The clients the
business owners that paid me constantly wanted more and more
and more time to speak with me and to help them out in their business.
Now, the next business I went into was I try to put my knowledge down in a video
course and systemize my knowledge. I realized that people respected me for
being a good affiliate marketer but I didn’t want to pay to be on phone calls
and get in meetings every single week and every single month. So, what I did
next was I did number 4. A digital product. A digital product is basically a
training course. It’s an educational course teaching people about a
particular subject. In my case, I was teaching people how to do affiliate
marketing because people… Again, they were willing to pay me up to $10,000 a month to teach them about affiliate marketing so I figured, “Okay,
why not just make a digital product. So I save all of my time. I give the clients
who want to pay me a cheaper price because it’s all just on videos.” That way
instead of having to repeat the same things over and over again, it’s already
on a video course. I still sell digital products to this day. It’s actually a
large part of my business. And I really enjoy teaching and it’s part of the
reason why I have this YouTube channel. Because it allows me a way to help teach
others and I get a lot of students. And I’m able to see a lot of success stories
and a lot of change in people’s lives. I personally believe that digital products
and digital education is the future of business education around the world and
I’m hoping to be at the forefront of that. Now, this business also currently
makes me over $500,000 a month right now. So, the next business that I’ve gotten
into which I’m currently developing and we currently are doing revenues of over
$10,000 a month already is software. Now, my software isn’t actually created yet.
I’ve pre-sold my software for because people are interested in buying my
software before it’s created. It’s essentially like clickfunnels for ads.
It’s a marketplace. So, you can easily post ads to and copy ads that are
working to Facebook Google and YouTube. And that’s the next big business that
I’m going into. But we’re not doing that much money yet. Where we just have a few
you know, about 80 different customers right now that are trialing our software.
This next business is one I haven’t actually done before but I know plenty
of people that are making hundreds of thousands millions even tens of millions
of dollars a year doing. And in fact, you’ll be working with one of the
biggest companies in the world with this business model. It’s called Amazon
FBA. Now, what Amazon FBA is, is you are selling products on Amazon and FBA
stands for fulfillment by Amazon. So when you have a product let’s say this marker
that you are selling on Amazon, you would ship a hundred or a thousand of these
marketers to Amazon’s warehouse and they would do all the packaging, the shipping,
the fulfillment, the box stuffing, everything for you in all you’re
responsible to do is order the product from China, ship it to Amazon’s warehouse
and list the product on Amazon site. Now, if you’re interested in learning more
about Amazon FBA and you want to start a business with Amazon, then what you
should actually do is subscribe to my channel, enabled notification so you can
catch my live streams. And there’s a free mini course from my friend Tanner J Fox
in the free mini courses area which is four videos long and will teach you
about how you can figure out what product you can you know, you should
start with on Amazon, how you should sell it and how you can use this business
model to make a lot of money. He’s currently making a little over
$100,000 a month with Amazon FBA. He’s a pretty smart guy to
learn from. The last business model is an interesting one and
it’s networking. And no, I’m not talking about network marketing. Although maybe
it’s sort of similar. But what I’m talking about is hosting masterminds and
bringing together people from various industries. I actually recently joined a
networking group. It’s a mastermind group called the hundred million dollar
mastermind and it costs $100,000 a year to join. But the
benefit of being in it is I have access to people and other business owners who
are doing a hundred million dollars a year. You know they want motivated you
know people that are interested in learning from them. Now, this business
model is was talked about recently by Tony Robbins. And I don’t know if anybody
saw the launch that Tony Robbins did with Dean Grazi OC and Russell Brunson.
But it was a huge launch. And Tony Robbins has his own networking group
called the Platinum partnership. I believe that you know kind of as a lone
wolf internet marketer. You know, many people are running businesses all over
the world nowadays and there’s no singular place to bring people together.
I believe helping people come together in masterminds or groups or conferences
or conventions is a great way to start a business. and networking doesn’t just
mean starting a mastermind. It can be starting a conference. Starting a forum.
Starting an event that brings people from many sides of the world together
and helps them learn from each other. So, these are the seven business models that
you can do to earn $10,000 a month or more as I showed you five of them. I’ve
done myself and two of them are notables. I hope this helps you out. If you could
let me know in the comments below which of these business models did you find
the most interesting. Was it marketing agency, affiliate marketing, consulting
digital agency, software, Amazon FBA or networking. Let me know in the comments
which is the most interesting to you. and I’m going to try to do a deeper dive into
that business model in future videos. And as always, make sure to slam that
subscribe button enable those notifications if you want to watch live
streams or live Q&A s with me. Give this video a thumbs up and looking
forward to seeing you in future videos. Share this video with somebody else if
you want to help them get their start in online business by helping them learn
the 7 big models of starting an online business.


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