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7 Websites To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

October 15, 2019

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you seven websites that you can make
money as a freelance writer and I’m also gonna share with you a single trick on
how you can have tons of content written and fast, all you have to do is stay with
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alright freelance writer it’s probably one of the most popular freelance works
that you want to get started with online and I’m going to share with you a really
cool trick today on how you can get started even if you are a beginner so
how you can actually have more content written and fast so make sure you watch
the whole video here so you don’t miss out on any important information and if
you are interested in making a full time passive income online you definitely
need to check out my number one recommendation right here below at the
end of this video of course alright with that being said let’s get started to
have a look at the seven websites that we can make money with as a freelance
writer let’s get started alright so the first site that we are going to have a
look at today is a writer com probably one of the easiest sites also as a
beginner to get started with and by having a quick look here we can just go
to write content what you need to do is you need to fill out an application you
can see here that they only accept writers from North America South America
Europe and Australia they will review your
application and email with your decision within with their decision within two
weeks here so really simple you just have to go to sign up fill in the
application there and you can see the rate so it definitely depends on what
you’re going to write okay so I mean if it is articles it’s definitely you can
see that they charge four hundred and fifty words one and forty if you’re a
premium writer you can make three dollars so this is the lowest entry
point here okay if we’re talking about rewriting Oracle as you can see that
there are different rates we’re talking about blog posts so it definitely
depends on what kind of writing you’re going to apply for also okay and what
you can do of course so there is press releases there is ebooks you can write
for and Kindle books as well you can see here for Kindle books for seven thousand
words and you can actually make as an elite writer two hundred and thirty
dollars and as I said I’m going to share with you how you can have tons of
content written actually without even have to type it so let’s move on to the
next site here it is text broker text broker calm another very popular sites
that people come to when they want to have content written so we want to go to
the section where it says I write content and we can clearly see here if I
just scroll down a little bit let me just pull that away so if you have a
look at the payment here for example you can see here that they do pay one cent
per word here so we can actually do this let’s say that you’re a free store
writer and you write thousand words that means that you can make actually ten
dollars if you become a four-star writer you can
actually make $14 four thousand words and if you become a five store you can
actually make up to $50 per thousand words for a thousand words
Oracle okay so of course you need to build up your reputation here it’s not
so easy when you start out but if you’re passionate it’s and you do this right I
can guarantee you that you’re probably going to become 5 star real quick one
thing actually a good tip could be to be specialized in a particular area or a
niche so let’s say for example that you’re specialized in weight loss you
can actually tell them that I only write about weight loss because this is my
expertise and if you have proof of that people will definitely pay you for
$50.00 for 1000 words no doubt about it but you can also get stored there at
with the low entry in the beginning until you build up your reputation for 2
or 3 star writer here all right let’s move on to another site which is people
per hour okay people per hour so you can actually
search for freelancers we can search for offers here so let’s say that we want to
have writing content writing okay and you can see here that there is tons of
writer here in all different areas some are more experienced some or less
experienced and some might be specialized in some particular niche as
I said earlier here you can see you write the proof it shows here on English
British pounds actually so you can have to you have to convert this to US
dollars if you’re in the States but you can apply here this is a very very
popular site if they do pay per hour here more so that is why it’s also
called people per hour so if I have a quick look on how it works people post a
project here you discover the in freelancers you should be one of them of
course and they introduced some offers here they show you a little bit but have
a look at it for yourself how it works more in detail this is definitely one of
the most popular sites people per hour dot-com
let’s move on to this site has been around for many years actually but
they have more freelancers in overall okay so it’s not only for content
writing but for other things as well so if you think that you can apply for
anything else you can definitely do it here but you see here the section that
we are interested in is writers and translators you can see your designers
and artists are very popular also at guru but we want to go to the writers
and the translators so you can see you’re finding high writing and
translator freelancers so there is tons of people that have signed up here so
you don’t have anything to lose all you have to do is to get started with it and
sign up for an account here as well the next one probably one of the most
popular freelance sites is up work up were calm and they do have all kinds of
categories here for freelance works that you can apply for online hear anything
from writing video editing design creative and making logos customer
service data entries whatever you can think of actually online I think you
will find it on up work you see that I’ll be trusted by a big companies here
like Microsoft Airbnb automatic and so on so if I just
type content writing sorry that you can see that there is for example the first
one that is around here is from Italy translation and writing services she
charges thirty dollars per hour then we have
been who probably is more experienced than 2k and more five jobs here he
charges $55 per hour so there is definitely a lot of variety here both in
HSN content and pricing rates of course also so do your research well and sign
up for also all right let’s move on to another very
very popular site also so it works really simple you just sign up for an
account here also so let’s go here that we are interested in writing okay let’s
go for article writing here so you want to search and see what is available here
by writing there you go alright so you can see that there is tons of jobs that
signs up that’s are available right now and 615 jobs here and the first one that
we see here someone wants to have an article rewritten it is 500 words native
English article writers only so they do have some specifications here and what
you need to do is to go through here and see if you are eligible for applying for
this job then you will definitely need to bid on it okay so that is how it
works here and of course pretty similar also on up work so a big tip here that
I’m gonna give you is actually make sure that you sign up for all the sites
create a daily routine like 30 minutes one hour maybe maximum go inside and see
what’s new every single day and apply for those a bid for those jobs there
okay that is how you get more work done has
an article writer also alright freelancer calm and finally the last
sites that is very very popular I always share this
as a freelance site it is so don’t think that you only can make five
dollars because you get paid actually much more if you write more content of
course so you can see here I will write original articles it starts at 9 euros
and 37 cents which is approximately around 710 a US dollars I’m sorry so you
can see if I just open the profile here that she probably has some other
packages so 4,000 words she charges 28 euros
around 30 dollars and for a premium service it is actually 84 should be up
to 95 dollars or something like that could be hundred dollars also for 2500
words content okay so you can definitely make much more here so don’t think that
you only make 5 bucks there all right now let me show you also the cool tip
and trick which I have shared in the past but if you’re new around here you
probably have not seen this what you do is you go actually to Google Docs you do
that by having your Gmail account of course and you go to Google Docs and you
go – let’s see here formats – tools I’m sorry and you go to voice typing ok so
when we start actually to hit that we can have our content written period new
paragraph now this is actually a perfect way to have tons of content written and
we can have it fast period new paragraph all we have to do
is to be creative write some unique content and actually speak it loud and
we can correct this afterwards period new paragraph Google Docs highly
recommend there to have more content written and fast period new paragraph all right I’m gonna stop it right there
so I just came up you could see how easy it was to have content written so even
if you’re totally new you can actually have tons of content written and you can
correct afterwards all right that’s it’s seven websites on how you can make money
as a freelance writer now keep in mind you do need to put in some effort here
sign up for all the sites go in create a daily routine as I said start a bid on
as many jobs as possible and I can guarantee you you will have a few jobs
there and to get started as a writer all right make sure you watch my number one
recommendation on how to make a full time passive income online you’ll find
it right here below if you got some value of this video I really appreciate
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for watching and I’ll see you soon

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