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8 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Phone

November 9, 2019

Oh, hey there. You probably see me on my
phone think I’m messing around but I’m actually making money. And in this video,
I’m going to show you 8 ways that you can make money on this thing. Just mess
around on your mobile from… From almost any country in the world. The 8
methods of earning money are going to be surveys. Taking surveys on your phone to
make money. Saving receipts and earning money. Getting cash back. Bitcoin mining.
Testing apps to make money on your phone. Playing games on your phone to make
money. Watching ads to make money and selling products all from this little
thing. You can turn this into a beautiful, little cash machine and I’m going to show
you how. Stay tuned. Hey, so John Crestani here and I’m
excited to talk to you about this. I’ve been working online for years. Made
millions of dollars and if you are excited to learn about these ways,
smashed that subscribe button because I’m going over ways you can make money
all day long and hit those notification bells because that way, you’ll get tune
of my live streams. Where I’ll go over sometimes more things and just stuff
that’s going on around. So, let’s check out the first way to make money on this
device which is taking surveys. And one of my favorite sites for that is feature
points right here. So, you can check that out. Feature points. It’s an app you can
download on the iPhone Store or the Google Play Store right here. And I’m on
the desktop side of this. But basically, you can make money and earn rewards from
taking surveys on your phone. And once you sign up, you can get rewards such as…
See, they’ll give you gift cards for Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox. Or you can
simply get cash, payouts to your PayPal account. Making it very easy to earn
money no matter where you are in the world but you will be either a PayPal
account or you can get free money to spend on these different sites. 2nd
method is saving receipts. Being responsible never paid better. So, this
site is called If you can see it up here, it’s And let me spell that out for you. Okay, there we go. I spelled it out
receipthog. And basically, you take pictures of your receipts and you earn
money. And once again, this app is on the iPhone store and the Google Play Store.
So, no matter, whatever device you have you can download it, just search for it.
You can earn cash, okay? Just by taking a picture of your receipt. Take a picture
of your receipt. You can get bonuses and you can redeem those coins or the
receipt points for prizes. Now, the way it works is each receipt you get is worth
something like 10 points. So, I think it’s not a lot of money. I think
each receipts you take a picture of is about 5 cents. Something like that. But
you still earn money and it’s a very easy way to earn extra money taking
pictures of receipts. Now, I’m not sure if you can actually go around take pictures
of other people’s receipts but that would be really cool. I haven’t used it
much because frankly, I’m a millionaire. But I’m sure you could find ways to
really make a lot of extra money with that. The next thing is you can earn cash
back on purchases that you’re already making. So, if you’re already buying stuff
you know, in your everyday life, whether that’s diapers or your buying towels or table cloths or whatever, you can earn cash back on your everyday
purchases with an app called ibotta. I’m really bad at pronunciation.
But right there. And you can download that on your phone and use it to make
money. And you can get cash back at more places instantly. So, instead of buying
online from… You know going directly to the site, you can basically earn cashback
from all your favorite retailers here and kind of how ibotta works is
they’re they’re what I call a super affiliate. So, they have affiliate… These
are all companies that have affiliate programs and ibotta is simply making
money because you’re buying through them and they get the referral
commission and then they pass along some of that filly it fee over to you. Let’s
check out how much money. So, they’ve paid out 526 million dollars has been paid back to savers and counting. So that’s huge, okay? And you can
get paid through PayPal or you could get Amazon gift cards with ibotta. So, that’s…
That’s a huge amount of money, okay? So, I bought a new freezer to put on all the
food I’m saving money on, okay? So, you got lots of ways… It’s on Google Play and
the Apple App Store. Easy. Easy. Kind of dead simple, right? Now,
this next one is actually pretty interesting. Now, it’s a little
controversial but this is Bitcoin mining. Now, if you don’t know about crypto
currencies and whatnot, they’re kind of the new big thing. It’s the new way of
where you know Facebook’s releasing a crypto currency. Crypto currencies
arguably the future of all currency. The way Bitcoin and all these other crypto
currencies are kind of supported is not through a central bank but it’s through
the computing power of our computers. And this little thing is a computer and you
can use the spare power on this to actually support Bitcoin and create
bitcoins for yourself and make real money. So unfortunately, this is only
available on Android devices because the Apple Store has banned all
cryptocurrency mining apps. But this is an app called BTC Safari. Right here, you
can see right here. It’s a free app which you can use to put on to install on your
Android device and use it when you’re not using your phone, it can mine
bitcoins for you and make you money while you’re not using your phone. Really
easy, right? Really simple way to make money and really start earning Bitcoin.
And there are mining apps for Android devices. But this is the one that I’ve
heard has the best reviews. Pretty cool. The next method is testing apps. All
software companies need people to test their apps. There’s thousands of apps on
the App Store. They work differently on every different
phone. So, you can be one of those testers to go through an app and actually see if
something doesn’t look right or if there’s a bug or if you click on a
button and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. So, the app I recommend
for making money by testing other apps is called user testing. And basically,
you’ll download and install their app and test other people’s stuff. And you
get paid to test right here. So, you get paid to test. Now, you have to sign up.
There’s a sign-up process. But you can earn up to s$60 per test. Again,
a lot of the tests, they’re looking for particular demographics. They want to see
you have a certain type of phone, they want to see or be a certain age. But
there’s thousands and thousands and thousands of tests because there’s
thousands and thousands and thousands of things that people, you know… Apps or
websites that people want to try out. Now, user testing, you can actually make money
not just on your mobile phone but you can make money on your computer as well
by testing different websites or testing all sorts of different things. Software,
etc. So, this is a great place you can go to earn money for testing. Whether you’re
on your phone or you’re on your computer. Man, you want to play games and make
money? Well, it’s actually… I love playing games but you can make money doing it.
And I don’t know how much money to be honest because I haven’t done this. You
know, I have a business and I’m too busy to play games. I imagine you can’t make
that much money. But regardless, if you have spare time and you’re sitting on
the toilet, you can make money playing games. Here’s an app on Android that
allows you to make money playing games called mistplay. You get gift cards
money or virtual rewards playing these games. Now of course, getting gift cards
and free money is fantastic, you know? There are a lot of good reviews on this
app. As you see, it’s overall positive which means people are earning money. And
they’re paying out and this is not a scam. There are some scams out there
that’ll say, you know, you can make money playing games but they never pay out. But
this is one of the legitimate ones. And if you want to use this, check it out. Now,
the last 2 ways you can make money are watching ads and selling products. And
the one you can make the most money on is
probably selling products. But we’re going to get to that in just a second here.
I’ll show you how. So, small cash which you should see on my screen right here
is a way you can earn cash rewards simply by having ads show on your screen.
So, what it this does is you install this app and basically get more ads. Your lock
screen becomes an ad, your home screen becomes an ad. You get more ads on your
phone and frankly, it’s going tO get pretty annoying. I have not tried this out. But
what’s exciting is you make money, okay? So, if you’re broke you just want to get
paid, you can do this and get some money. I’m not sure if this is on Android yet.
But overall, they’re quite a few positive reviews and you can read the rest their
reviews but it’s overwhelmingly positive. Which means people are making money.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing that. And last but not least is a great way to
make money which is selling items. If you have junk lying around your home, here’s
my money gun, you know? If you have stuff that you don’t want, you can actually
sell those items on eBay. You can download the eBay app and simply just
take pictures of things that you don’t want. So, check that out. It’s a very easy
way to make money. Another easy way to make money with the ebay app is you can
go around. If you have friends or family members who have stuff that they’re not
using and they’d like to earn money from it, you can make a deal with them and you
can say, “Hey, let’s do 50-50. I sell the product for you I’ll give you 50% of
whatever I sell it for and I keep 50%.” Very even thing. You say, I take care of
all the work and you let me sell it.” That’s a great deal to make and you can
go around your neighborhood and just sell junk that people that aren’t using
anymore and make money from it. No risk to you. Who knew this could be so
lucrative? There’s lots of ways to make money online but you just have to start
somewhere. And if you’re watching this video, keep in mind you’re not going to make
any money watching this video unless you actually go out there and take action
and put one of these things into use. And also keep in mind a little slight
warning here. All of these methods with the exception
of the very last one are not necessarily going to make you financially free.
They’re only going to earn you a little extra income on the side. If you want to
start a real business and do online work or play around on your mobile phone for
a living then what you need to do is you need to find a scalable business that
you can grow and expand. Now, selling products and finding a scalable way to
get people and sell their products on eBay can be one of those methods. But if
you want to start an internet business and go beyond that, check out some of my
other trainings. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the
notification bell. Like this video and watch some of my other videos that I do
because I discussed it to people how to make money online. I’ve made millions of
dollars myself per year online and I’ll show you how to as well. And please, let
me know in the comments which of these methods you found the most interesting.
Was it taking surveys on your phone? Doing receipts? Getting cash back? Bitcoin
mining? Testing apps? Playing games? Watching ads? Or selling products from
your phone? Which one did you find most interesting? Put it down in the comments
below. Love to see your interaction and love to see what people like the best.
Talk to you soon.


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