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8 Low Cost Home Business Opportunities For Late 2019

October 10, 2019

What’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you eight low-cost home business
opportunities for late 2019. To find out all the details all you have to do is
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whole video so you don’t miss out on any important information on these eight
opportunities I’m gonna share with you here today
and if you’re interested in making a full time passive income online build a
sustainable online business you want to check out my number one
recommendation right here below at the end of this video of course but for now
let’s have a closer look at this 8 low-cost home business opportunities
that we can get started with today all right without being said let’s get
started ok so the first opportunity that we can
do is actually e-commerce and I’m actually referring to drop shipping
because it is a low cost opportunity in my opinion because all you have to do is
actually more or less go to a platform like Shopify calm as we can see right
here and all you have to do is find products of course that you can drop
shape you don’t need to handle the shipping or anything else
you need to promote it through this site here so you upload the products more or
less at the description and the price is there and it is a perfect probably the
number one platform I think actually that is very very easy to get started
with you don’t need to have your own website either so super easy to have a
look at it go and check it out on Shopify dot-com to get started they do
have merchant account and everything is included in here so definitely a great
way to get started with it and it can be tons of product that you can find on
Alibaba for example you might find something on eBay and whatsoever there
are so many resources to get started with e-commerce actually so that is the
number one way that it is a low cost home business opportunity to get started
with something else that you might be good at you might be good at writing and
you could be a writer so it doesn’t require any special costs there either
because you’re working from home and all you need is an internet connection and
of course a computer and by just giving you a quick idea there are so many sites
that you can sign up for here but text broker could be one option here you can
see here if you are a three store right there 4000 words you can earn $10 if we
go a step up for four we can earn $14 and if we go to a five store writer we
can actually earn $50 and people are paying these amounts if you are good at
writing and cover at what they need actually so let’s say
for example that you are specialized in keto diet for example okay and you are
good at that and people will definitely pay you for a good Oracle a unique
article there another side this also eyewriter calm and there is tons of
other freelance sites also which we’re going to have a look at real soon here
so let’s move on to another opportunity and that is actually to be a virtual
assistant there is tons of companies they don’t want to have people in-house
there so they want to work with virtual assistants it could be like call centers
or something like that and one of the most popular sites I like to go to is
virtual assistant jobs calm I already shared a video actually only for virtual
assistant jobs here so you can have a look at it in my channel if you’re
interested in this but just to give you a quick idea here ok I just typed data
entry and you can see that there is tons of options to be working full time for
time flexible and all different rates here and if we just type in all Center sorry you can say there is 166 matching
records here okay so this is definitely another low costs home job opportunity
some requires you maybe to take calls to talk with people
others might require you to chat for example so definitely a great
opportunity let’s move on to something else here and that is to become some
kind of a Tudor and he fioor good at teaching you can actually have the
opportunity that you can do some Skype some zoom calls online teaching personal
training and it doesn’t only have to be English I mean how about if you’re good
at Yoga for example you can teaching yoga
you can take personal classes actually you can teach personal classes there
there’s tons of people who don’t want to travel and so on and they prefer this
method so it is super easy to get started with it all depends on your
expertise I mean I don’t know what you’re good at
I just took yoga for as an example it might be something else you might be a
fitness expert or something like that well you can definitely get stored there
to work from home with it as well okay just by teaching people on how they can
get fit and so on so if you want to work as a tutor you can go to shag calm or we
have the VIP kid teachers you can see here you can earn $22 per hour by
teaching English online and it works pretty much the way that I talked I
shared with you earlier here they might have their own platform that you will
have to sign in for and started teaching there so recording teaching what you can
do also is actually a great low cost home business opportunity is to create
and sell your own courses so I have created to this day
you actually I have daily list profits which is about affiliate marketing it’s
about the email list building and I do have audio-video mastery where I teach
people on how to edit audio and video like a pro there but this requires that
you need to be good at copywriting you need to set it up so a quick and a good
way to get started with it really low cost is to go to one of the most popular
platforms online like and there is also scale share so there is
tons of people who comes in here they want to learn so if you’re specialized
in something I mean you can see here there are tons of web developer bootcamp
complete Python specialized in something you can definitely get started with this
okay all you have to do is more or less do some screen recording probably just
like I do right now and start the talk out loud make a plan of course so it is
a good course you can have a look at what’s already available in your niche
there and you do something better so it doesn’t require much more actually a
skill share works pretty much the same way there is a few other platforms but
we have to move on here so I’m just going to leave it for now but it is to
give you an idea on how you can create and sell your own online courses there
all right the next thing that you could actually do from the comfort of your
home is to be some kind of a social media manager what you can do is you can
manage actually social media sites like Facebook pages probably for local
businesses this is one route that I would go because they don’t have time
you know if I have a little store with some clothes and so on they are pretty
busy all the day and they don’t want to outsource it they prefer to outsource it
to someone who knows and our expert in that so if it is something that you’re
involved in all you have to do is actually find some clients which is easy
just go and ask and you can get started to manage their social media accounts
otherwise another option is you can go to a site like Mod Squad comm and you
can actually be some kind of a moderator here okay it can be a forum moderator or
some kind of a social media account moderator Direct PLUS you could also be
a social media evaluator on app and calm another very popular sites and basically
it I think you probably have already guessed you go in you check out and see
if some ads or something like that or available on Facebook and so on there so
it could be another opportunity also to get started with all right so we have
the freelancer which is definitely another low cost home business
opportunity and here it totally depends on your skills there so what you’re able
to do we have which is one of the most popular and also and
don’t think that it is only about five bucks because you definitely make much
more but there are so many opportunities and so much you can get started with
here I don’t know what you’re good at might be good at logos creating logos
graphic design you might have a good voice you can do voiceovers you can do
editing video editing data and three jobs or so many opportunities that you
can go here and get started with and of course up work is pretty much the same
thing here as a freelancer so let’s move on to the final low-cost home business
opportunity which is affiliate marketing and this is my favorite one this is
probably the easiest one also to get started with because really simply all
you have to do is just grab a link on a product that you want to promote and you
get a commission you don’t need to create the product you don’t need to
shape you don’t need to do anything with invoicing or something like that all you
need is grab the link and promote that and you will earn a commission so that
is also why it is the most popular method to get started with and one of
the most popular platforms is Amazon really simple because they do have
millions of products that you can promote here to earn a commission from
and what I also like about Amazon is that they have a 24 hour cookie so when
people get in there let’s say that you promote a computer and they buy a pair
of headphones you make a commission from for the headphones to so that is really
cool I’ve seen some crazy things that I never actually promoted that I got
commission from so that is what I like about Amazon and I did a video also you
can do a research here on my channel about I go where I go in-depth actually
about how to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing there and another
platform which is very very popular is a Clickbank comm they have also thousands
of digital products here courses and stuff like that it’s super easy to get
ordered with because all you need is to create an
account go inside depending on your niche what you’re
going to search for hear anything from make money online woodworking plans or
whatever it’s going to be and you can grab that link and get stored to promote
it straight away so there you have 8 good low cost home-based opportunities
that you can get started with in late 2019 now if you’re interested in have a
closer look and making a full time passive income online with affiliate
marketing and much more I do have my number one recommendation right here
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and I’ll see you soon

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