90-Day CBD Challenge Review. Can I Really Start A CBD Business From Home?

September 29, 2019

okay welcome to my 90 day CBD challenge
review first of all start by telling you exactly what it is
so the 90 day DC 90 day CBD challenge is the brainchild of Chris record and Peter
Sorenson these guys built the 90 day ecomp challenge which in which they
referred thousands and thousands of people to Shopify and they actually
convulsed that they received the largest monthly affiliate check for that Shopify
has ever issued so these guys know a thing or two about business and online
building a business online and they also know systems and essentially what this
is is a marketing system for a network marketing company called tempers or my
daily choice now with that being said the people will be coming in to this 90
day challenge and there will be a link below this video where you can actually
sign up for the 90 day challenge and what happens is you get 90 days of
videos that teach you how to build a CB business on one now week one is CBD
websites and week 2 CB CD legalities knowledge marketing branding advertising
Facebook Ads Instagram ads list building CBD distributors CP worldwide CBD
dispensaries and there’s a bonus week of the news now so there’s a lot of value
here and like basically if you haven’t heard if you haven’t heard CBD oil you
you I’m not sure if you’re living under a rock or whatever but it’s CBD oil is
really big right now and that’s a partially thanks thanks to the
legalization of marijuana in certain countries and areas in CBD oil etc so in
2017 it was curved of currency 2019 it’s going to be CBD oil so now with that
being said these videos are dripped on a daily basis so you get day one you get a
video for 90 days you get a video however if you upgrade as a executive in
hemp works or my daily choice all these videos would be unlocked and you’ll be
able to build a build your business faster and
get going faster and earn bigger Commission’s when you refer others to
the system now now if we go over to the affiliate dashboard here you’ll see that
right away there’s ten straight days of affiliate training now I’ve watched 1 2
& 3 of these videos I’ve only had the system for a day so less in the day so
so I’ve been really soaking this up but it’s pretty pretty amazing the videos
are full-length like the first one here is an hour they’re at least half an hour
long and the value in there is just phenomenal I’m not sure if these will be
unlocked for free people or if it will be only for the executives the people
who upgrade but trust me if you were to buy these videos individually or from
someone else you would be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars so that
like it’s I can’t say enough about these videos the mindset mastery beautiful
like amazing personal development so key if you want to build a business the
vision and comp plan video will actually really can’t explain everything to you
because because when you do become an executive and become a member of this 90
day channel so they’re gonna ask you to do certain things with your hemp work
business that seem maybe counterintuitive especially to people
who have been in network marketing before so the one thing they say is to
to set your binary leg to the left which is the power leg which most people if if
that legs being built you would probably want to build the other leg but they
really explain it really well in this video and in other videos what she
mentions during this first video but the vision here is just the reason why
they’re doing it is because you’re gonna see a lot of people coming in below you
you’re and when you refer people to program they’re gonna see a lot of
people coming in below them they’re gonna see that volume and that that
volume is kind of a trigger to get them to buy and get them to up
so I mean so far I can actually go over to my my dashboard here you’ll see I
have 21 20 148 people below me and 55 of those people have paid and not graded so
that’s that’s pretty phenomenal considering and and the cutoff date is
coming up this Thursday so I imagine a lot more of those people will upgrade
and there will be a lot more of them so yeah this what what they’re doing
actually makes sense and when you watch that first video about the big vision
and comp plan you’ll completely understand what’s going on so yeah with
that being said a lot of the stuff hasn’t been rolled out yet but it will
be as of tomorrow I believe so yeah the tomorrow being December 10th sorry if
you’re watching this as a later date anyways like I said the value in this in
these videos is phenomenal I haven’t even went through day one yet
because the last time I checked I don’t think it was even here but yeah so
anyways like this as soon as in my opinion it’s it’s exciting to be in the
CBD industry right now a lot of people are jumping on board and yeah you did
definitely I recommend at least go down below this video click the link create
your free account to get in on the 90 day challenge and you will you know at
least check it out have a look around see you know go through the lessons and
see what see what you think of the system and you know temp works is a
really respectable company when it comes to in the CVD industry so yeah with that
being said I will keep you posted on any updates coming down the you know in the
future and yeah I just hope to see on the inside so thanks

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