99% people can’t watch – Cringe Tuesdays #2

September 30, 2019

(Inaudible Screaming) (cringe intro) What are you insinuating showing cringe clip from me because that does not exist *reading comment* Stop trynna make cringe Tuesday happen Felix, it’s never gonna happen CRinGE TueSdaY Is HapPeNing No one stopping cringe Tuesday’s it’s a thing now. Every week. Now let’s get into the cringe. Cringe time. Let’s go. What is happening? Is one of those where they just scream like crazy? Yep! (Felix Laughing Hysterically) Look at the judge. (pewd’s laughing) (Lady having a seizure)(pews laughing) Oh, Please stop If I’m competing I guess I’m like you can win like oh my god, you’re so annoying like Jesus Christ REEEEEE Next prey This one is called bad customer service the manager at this restaurant refused to understand me because I mispronounced the word Entree the first time I said it he said “what? what is that” then I said it again entry (pewiepie laughing) Lol, he said I don’t know who that is entry entry Oh you mean entree? Yeah, well are you the guy I just spoke to on the microphone? Yeah. Alright. So, uh, how do you pronounce that again? entree. Okay, entree? Alright, so like when I asked you the first time when I said it when I said entry to you, You didn’t know what it was at all. Right? Entry? Ya I figured it was entree. Oh, you figured it was entree? Yeah, cuz it was yeah. “right right like tomato tomahto yeah, that’s that’s crazy man” I just need me to order something man, and you don’t have to be a smart ass about it, man (Them talking each other and fighting) Can I have the entry? Give me the entry please. He uploaded this thinking you’re right. That’s amazing. Twenty four thousand dislikes 150 likes so many delusional people out there that get called out. Thanks to the internet. Thanks in your name (pewds clapping) (the men at the restraunt fighting over dumb stuff) damn damn What an idiot what a… next cringe. Next cringe time. cringe time. Oh god, I’ve seen this one. It’s amazing What is his name Piers Morgan, is that his name So he I don’t know if this is real or not because they clearly fake a lot of their Sketches that he’s trying to call out this love island actress for being stupid and he asked what’s the Pythagoras theorem which is a2 plus b2 equals c2 But he confuses it with PI so he’s like, what’s the first digits of Pythagoras here, you know Pythagoras theorem to the nearest 5 decimal places, do you? Oh God three point four seven. It’s certainly the first digits You don’t know the first couple digits of detective clearly. It’s easy to mix a mess it’s a 3.14 15 now thank God 3.14 15. Yeah Tibbs what is your deck name? It flies you guys so so far. I’m really halfway there It depends on who the you is referring to Can’t you at least chuckle I don’t understand what happened there? WhAT HaPpenED You fly you dies, it’s not that funny either, okay like come on It depends on who the you was referring and he’s not wrong It depends on the who than you is referring to maybe she dies. Maybe you dies. That was a joke could you laugh, please just laugh Kind of want him to just throw a fit just go like, you know if you your jokes sucked. Okay, I don’t need you And in accordance with God’s will you do now confession we’re still good Please sirs leave. Oh, please Anywhere other than here This is a solemn assembly not a photography Please move Or I will stop oh I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way This is not about god damn it, he’s a photographer he’s supposed to take photos. Oh man This is my nightmare me – – getting married. This happens. Goddamn. It’s two of the idiots out there. There’s just too many idiots The teacher was hiding as a student and he thought he would be slick Ah, that’s so great Oooh no Oh wow that’s so cool wow Look at him He was a teacher all along I would keep the cyberbullying Keep it keep the cyberbullying. I mean the best advice I would keep the cyber bullying Yeah, what do you got? Tell the cyber bullies That’s right bullies, ok, I’m sorry haters. I’m so sorry Cyber bullying just say something sdgadsgnbvnjcdbfgk It’s like something wants to leave your body for the record I get it. standing in front of a crowd Getting stuck getting nervous your body freezes up You’re stuck and you can’t think everyone’s been there in a while except me. That’s right Angry Wednesday coming up tomorrow. You better look forward to it cuz I am getting ANGRY All right, what is this algae. Chloe what’s for dinner tonight? This is reason Chloe, come on. Okay. Chloe is not gonna talk to me. Chloe doesn’t like me evidently Chloe Am I ready on my wash rinse cycle? Wow Chloe seems like such a great product Even robots have bad days. No, no no fix your goddamned stupid voice-recognition BS Okay, and stop selling us the advices god. Damn I’m so glad that happened because that’s how it is when you buy an Alexa or whatever ALexA hbfjhksfn That’s how it is like okay, I just saved you 40 pounds. You’re welcome Okay, it’s a woman shanks ball golf ball into crowd twice Jesus! That’s gotta hurt But you’re not gonna apologize at least check if they’re all right Jesus you could kill someone how are they still standing there Go away. Oh no Don’t do it. Oh my god. make her stop! Oh, Gosh I can’t even. Ah Stop just stop Golfing Yeah everyone backup this woman is crazy This is what I’ve been saying all along women not golf I say it and they don’t listen some guy in the crowd laughter Jesus Christ what a Savage that guy must be watching cringe Tuesday’s am I right? Smash like if you wan’t another episode of cringe Tuesday’s doesn’t matter because it’s coming up. Anyway, Cringe Tuesdays. It’s a thing Thank you guys for watching Cringe Tuesday. I’m gonna go lay down. I have a little nap and maybe then I feel better Thank you guys. Bye. Bye What! Tuber simulators becoming relevant No, no, don’t leave No, please sponsor Eagle, please do something! Yes!! Y E H E H A H A A H H H H This game is still relevant god damn it! Thank You to all of the people creating subtitles!

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