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Affiliate Bootcamp Review : Simple Guide to Become Super Affiliate

February 13, 2020

Hey everyone, this is Yogesh. Welcome to my channel utilize your business in this video. I’m gonna talk about Affiliate bootcamp. It’s a program run by a click funnels for all affiliates who was to become successful Who wants to follow someone and on top of that they have made this program free? How are you gonna get it and where you have to go? You’re going to find out in this video. Let’s go So when you’re into the landing page for affiliate bootcamp summit Say the first thing you to notice is you get a message from Russell Brunson. He’s a co-owner of click funnel and where he talks about where the click funnels I pay roughly 52 million in commission as an affiliate, but the downside is 81 percent of active affiliates made less than $200 at month over month so their large majority of click funnel affiliates are making less than $200 and He wants to know how to Help these people who are making less than $200 what to do what to do How to help them out thus came up with the affiliate boot camp program and they the good thing about this is it’s free So you don’t have to invest anything you get going into the affiliate bootcamp now Let me tell you a little bit more about what you’ll get once you’re into the boot affiliate boot camp You get to your video off top 16 affiliates. They teach you their game plan for next 30 days what to do to become but there’s actually strategies so that in order for them to become a successful affiliate and you can follow that what I recommend is other than you know falling each and every day just pick and watch each and every video just pick the person that you could relate to and Follow their strategy, so to follow one of the strategies. So talk about Steve and Jay Larson these are all six figure income earners in the affiliate marketing and They are from different part of the business. Some of them are and you know affiliate foundation offer creation Relationship and talks about if you’re an SEO they talked about great. Jeffrey talked about Jim Edwards ping Chang talked about how to leverage and build lists, and then they also talked about dream 100 YouTube those of people who want to get going into YouTube also talked about Webinars local so there are a variety of different Ways people have made income and you can follow them with them? So once you click on this it will ask you for your email for where they can send video now The thing is the video that they sent it. It’s only for 24 hours So after 24 hours the video goes away now There is an upsell in this what the upsell is the one funnel of a challenge where there’s an investment of? $100 if you’re getting want to get the physical hit or there’s investment of you know Just a digital which is a lower investment. Yeah, if you get that then you have access to all these videos for a lifetime so which what I think it is really worth it for you where you can get the One phenomenal a challenge and this or the one price and you get access to the video anytime you want to watch it So what videos you have it now? I took that to offer So I have access to all this video whenever I want to so the videos you get from Russell Brunson Steven Larson talks about how to create an irresistible offer nearly impossible for customer to say no Goes behind the scenes then you can pick a lot of other people’s to their talk about if Gambier Rachel I talked about Jim Edwards he Actually is you’ve heard about? Funnel script, so he actually is the corner of the funnel funnel scripts. Great, Jeffrey Sky’s made Six-figure income from the SEO and the his idea is the longtail keyword So these are all the videos that he goes on talked about spencer Meachem affiliate who is make Six-figure on just promoting click funnels itself and and top of that. These guys are all dream car winners So they’re actually the cars been there’s a program called dream cars run by click funnel and if you have a hundred cows under you you get a Part of the payment through monthly Payments for the car paid by click window and on top of that. You also get the affiliate bootcamp ebook. This is all What this is all whatever people have talked about it You actually can get a download the e-book and print it out and get a hard copy of it at the same time So those are the things that pertain to me The affiliate bootcamp is one of the best thing to work on on top of that it is free Now if you do have a lot of time and you can consume as much as possible in the next four days We’re meaning every day you need get some videos and they’re going to go away by all means do that but the better decision will be if you if you take one of their Upsell which is the one funnel of a challenge and you mess on that And you get access to all this video for life So you have access to that and also one photo of a challenge now, what is one funnel or a challenge? It’s a program by click funnels and one of my video will tell you a little bit more about it And I’ll have a description under the video on top of that those of you who do try to invest with a Affiliate bootcamp and and they did take upsell. What I’ll do is I’ll throw in some cool bonuses For you, so they’ll help you out bonus. They suggest the three courses for the click funnel There is a group convert If you run a Facebook group, you have the software that collects all the emails from your members There’s a tea fire Soph mega social parental So if you get that, you’ll need any other tools for the link tracking shows of proof et cetera on top of that I’m also going to help you with the click funnels Template so you don’t have to start from the scratch or making any other templates paint will also give you out to the you know affiliate programs recurring Program and also the ad swipe copy so you are able to get all that once you invest in affiliate boot camp and hey Coderre upsell, which is the one fun of a challenge so There’ll be a link below this video for that and also on top of that they’ll also be email. So once you Invest on that email me back and I’ll send you all the bonuses. Alright guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe like the video and Hit the bell notification for new videos. Bye guys

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