Affiliate Marketing Explained – How Does It Work EXACTLY?

October 9, 2019

Hi guys it’s Oberon here and today
we’re talking about marketing – what is affiliate marketing? But before we do
that, I want to tell you about our free Facebook group make sure you come and
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it’s forward-slash The PartTimers. We’d love to see there! So ‘Affiliate Marketing’ – what is it? Well it’s quite simply you getting paid
for recommending goods, services and businesses to other people – it’s as simple
as that! Now I’m gonna have to stretch this into a full video …. kidding kidding!
So yeah that is it; let’s have an example okay, we’ve got a cool new ice cream
parlor has just opened up in town and you go down there and you have your big
ice cream sundae….with your nuts and your sprinkles and all the good stuff (and
the diabetes doctors rubbing his hands next door) but you think it’s so
awesome so you take a photo of it (obviously, because everybody takes photos their
food) you share it on Facebook and all your mates go down to the ice cream
parlor and have the monster sundae (the ‘diabetes special’) and the ice
cream parlor gets hold of you and says ‘Hey! you sent so many people our way so
we’re gonna give you a free ice cream cone for every single person you send
through our door!’ There you go – that’s affiliate marketing! Only we like to get
paid in money not ice cream (because I’ve tried paying my Virgin bill with ice
cream and it doesn’t work) so we want that good good cash! That’s what we
like! And this is why you’re here; because you want to find a way of making money
online – you know real money, not ice cream. So here we are. So that’s how it works.
It’s quite simple. now most places will have affiliate marketing schemes. They
might not call it ‘affiliate marketing’ though. For example, all the
Instagrammers that they’re taking their duck-pouty photos in front of things and
scoring free holidays for it they are they like to
call themselves ‘influencers’ but what they’re doing is essentially affiliate
marketing. They are showing you goods, services, a lifestyle, a new makeup
palette – whatever – and in there somewhere they will have a link for you to go buy it.
Now they get paid every time you go buy it. They are affiliate
marketers, simple as. They just do it with a lot more makeup and probably fancy
lights. Even Amazon which let’s face it owns
EVERYTHING. If it’s not on Amazon, it probably doesn’t exist.
They’ve got an affiliate marketing scheme, only they call it ‘Associates’
(because that sounds fun) but if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of
Amazon it says there ‘associates’ – that is their affiliate
marketing scheme and again, if you just send people their way (although God knows
why they need it because surely everybody goes on Amazon) but there are
people out there who make a very, VERY good living just recommending products on Amazon. There you go, that’s affiliate marketing. So that’s
what it is okay, this is the important thing
that I want you to take away from this – it is not a get-rich-quick scheme okay?
No way, No how. For a start, on a practical level most places take 30 days to pay
you anyway, because they don’t want to have to try and claw back if a customer gets a refund or what-have-you. So they’ll hold it for 30
days and then once they know the customers not going to send it back or
whatever, they will then pay you. So if you’re looking for something to pay the
bills next week, honey, you probably need to find something else – go get a job
frankly, because affiliate marketing is NOT going to pay your rent next week!
However what it will do, and this is something I found in my career, is I’ve
got videos that I did two/three years ago and they’re crap! They’re awful ,but
that I’m STILL getting paid off those, because they hang around FOREVER. So the
thing with affiliate marketing is that it takes you some time to get the
traction going when done right, but it will carry on paying you for quite a
long time. I’ve got a friend of mine and he will go away for a couple of
months, he will come back and he’s STILL getting paid – even though he hasn’t done
any work. He knows that that he can’t do that forever, but it’s nice to be able to
step away from the business, go on holiday, do your thing, come back and
find that you are still being paid for work that you did six months ago. That’s where the passive angle comes in. A lot of people like the idea
of passive income (which is where you get paid for doing no work essentially) which
is only HALF the story. A lot of people who you might see; they’ve
got the big rented Lamborghinis and the Jets and you know they’re always off on
cool holidays and stuff…What they DON’T tell you is that they are getting still
getting paid for work that they did a year/two years ago. It’s not that they suddenly stepped into this lifestyle and are
making money. They work their asses off for a couple of years and now they’re
reaping the benefits of it. But this is something
that I want to really want to take you to that point – where you don’t
have to grind this out. I HATE that word ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’.
Don’t ever say those words to me ,because I think they’re awful words. There is no
reason why you should be just constantly 24/. You will have a period when you’re
an affiliate marketer, where you have to do all this work, but it should be fun
you know? There’s ways of doing it that are fun and I’m going to show you how to
do that but if you are having to constantly feed the Machine, if you
like, then that becomes no fun and me personally – I don’t have time for that. As
you know, I’ve got three kids. We’ve got the ice hockey training, we’ve
got a house that doesn’t clean itself, so I really do need to make sure that I’m
maximizing the amount of time, which is why I’m an affiliate marketer – because I want
that long-term passive income. So yeah, that is affiliate marketing. Now if you
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