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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – 6 Simple Basics YOU Need to Know

August 12, 2019

– Hey there, how are you doing? It’s Chris Njigha here
from and in this very exciting episode today we are talking about affiliate marketing for beginners, alright? In this video, I’m going to reveal to you six simple basics that you should know if you’re going to start
looking into getting into affiliate marketing, alright? Are you asking yourself, hey, you want to make some extra
cash, you wanna get into and you’ve heard that
affiliate marketing would be a really cool way to make
some extra cash on the side, maybe a couple hundred dollars a day, maybe an extra grand a month,
but you don’t really know where to start and what it’s about, then hey, stick around, because this is exactly
what this video is about. Let me give you six simple
basics you have to know that I wish I had knew that will help you get started in this process, alright? (upbeat music) So if you haven’t already, hey, definitely give this
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and actually help you, just empower you with the mindset and the marketing skillsets to
get results in your business and finally hit that
breakthrough, alright? Alright, so we’re going to get started, we’re not even going to
waste any time, alright? Six simple basics you need
as an affiliate marketer if you want to get started
that every beginner should know, alright? So what are they? Let’s get right into it. Number one is the definition
of affiliate marketing itself and I’m gonna describe to you,
describe it you in a story because I think some people
don’t realize how powerful affiliate marketing
is, and how you low-key are probably doing it right now and not taking advantage of it. So let me share with
you a story real quick that might help you bring
it all together, okay? So, there’s a good friend of mine I know, let’s call her Jane, alright? Jane is the kinda lady
that when you see her at work, at the workplace,
she likes to talk, she likes to be social, she likes to get to know everybody, and
you know what the one thing Jane has to have when she comes into work? It’s her cup of coffee. That’s right. She’s a big fan of Starbucks, okay? So you definitely know
you can’t talk to Jane in the morning if she hadn’t had her cup of coffee at Starbucks. But one thing about Jane is
that she loves her Starbucks. I mean, she loves it so
much, whatever it is, A frappa cappa cappa cappuccino, whatever it is, right? (laughs) She has to have it and
she loves it so much. So much so that she’s a huge fan of it and she’ll tell everybody about it. Like, oh, did you see this? Did you taste this new
mocha mocha cappuccino they got at Starbucks? It’s so good, you gotta
have it, you gotta try it. And she’s such a fan of it
that she tells the story on it so well and just shares
her excitement about it with so much, with people,
that a lot of the times, they want to get them a
cup of coffee too, right? Even people like me, I
don’t really drink coffee, but I might be influenced by her and say you know what? I might try a cup. And she gets people buying a cup of coffee every single time. Now, imagine this. Imagine if Jane, every time someone went over to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee, a frappa cappa cappa cappuccino,
or whatever it is, right? And every time they went and bought, and the reason they bought was because they went and talked to Jane, right? And it’s because they talked
to Jane, Jane sent them over and they went and bought a cup of coffee. Imagine that when they paid for it, Starbucks took a portion of that payment, put it in their pocket,
and then the other portion, they gave it to Jane. Yeah, see that right there my friend is affiliate marketing, right there. And you see Jane probably
doesn’t even know it. She doesn’t even notice
she can be getting paid for referring people to
drink Starbucks coffee, which they’re already gonna do it any way. But at the same time she could get paid for something they’re gonna do anyway? And that she loves
talking about it, as well? See, she probably doesn’t know that. Now you do. Because that’s essentially what affiliate marketing is, right? Affiliate marketing is basically you partnering up with a
company, a manufacturer, a business of any type that
has a product or service that they are promoting. And essentially, every
time you send someone over to that company, to purchase
a product, to use a service, whatever it may be, and a sale
goes through, is transacted, that company is gonna take a portion of it for themselves, right? and they’re gonna take a portion and give it to you in
the form of a commission. And that is essentially what
affiliate marketing is, right? You are an affiliate. You are a partner. You are a, whatever you wanna call it, you’re just a partner is really
the best way to describe it, or an affiliate for a
particular company or service, and every time you make a sale, every time you send
someone over, and they buy, happily make a purchase on something, like say Starbucks for example. If Starbucks had an affiliate program, I don’t know if they do, but if they did that
would be awesome, right? And I’m going to explain to you why that’s another tip
I’m gonna share later on. Why that it wins for everybody, but essentially you could make sales from just doing exactly
that, promoting the things that you already like and
you already use anyway, that people are going to use anyway, and getting paid for it. That is affiliate marketing. Okay, tip simple basic number two for affiliate marketing
for beginners is this. Is that affiliate marketing is generally, if you ask me, and probably most people. It is the best way for most people to start making money online right now. Why? Because affiliate marketing, if you listen to the example I just gave with Jane, is, offers so many benefits. Number one, you don’t have
to have a product or service to sell, right? Because that’s what the company, the manufacturer, does for you. They create the product,
they have the service, right? You don’t have to worry
about marketing of it. They have the marketing tools and all these things like that. You don’t have to worry about accounting, they do all the accounting. You don’t have to worry about overhead, they take care of all that stuff. You don’t have to worry about
distribution of the product or fulfillment of the
order to the customer. They take care of all of those things. All you have to do is find, take that product and promote it, and when people buy and
purchase, you get paid. It’s as simple as that, really. One of the simplest ways for any one person to
start making money online on the internet right
now, affiliate marketing. Number three simple basic you should understand about affiliate
marketing for beginners is the affiliate link, okay? So this is how you get paid. So when you partner up with a company, a revenue of your choosing,
they’re going to say hey, great, thanks for coming onboard. I’m gonna give you this special link, it’s a special URL link, that whenever someone clicks on this link, and they go in and make any
purchase or buy anything, then that will be associated
to you, and your account, and whenever they make the purchase, the company’s gonna take a
portion of it for themselves and then the rest of it in
the form of a commission, is gonna be handed to you automatically. So think of the link as the way to keep track of who it is
that they’re gonna pay to. So, when they, ’cause they
don’t know the difference between you and James
and all the other people. The only way they know the
difference is by the link that is clicked on, the affiliate link. You wanna make sure
that you have your link and that you have it close to you and that you put it in
the different places wherever you’re promoting so
that when someone is there, they can click on it and make purchases and you get credit, alright? Number four simple basic
for affiliate marketing for beginners is the commissions, right? How do you get paid, right? So one of the nice things about affiliate marketing is that you can. Every company is different, so every company is going
to offer a different service and product and their program, affiliate program is gonna be different. Now, some programs will offer you a range, a variety of ranges of commissions. It can be as low as five percent, right? A lot of Amazon’s products, and some are like that,
they tend to be low so what that means is
that whatever the price of the product is and when a
customer makes that purchase through your affiliate link. When the transaction goes through, Amazon in this case is gonna
keep 95 percent of that, of that sale and then give you
five percent of that, right? So it’s not a whole lot,
but there are other programs that will give you 10 percent,
15, 20, 30, 50 percent, even a hundred percent commissions. That’s right. So don’t worry, and stick around, I’m gonna definitely put
a couple videos together pretty soon that are gonna share with you some of the top best affiliate programs that you can get involved in
and that will pay you the most. But essentially, you
wanna look for ones that, in my opinion, you wanna look for ones that have a good payout ratio, You’re looking about 30
percent and up is pretty good. Of course Amazon is always
a good option anyway, there’s definitely ways to get, to make that work because hey, it has advantages that a
lot of programs don’t have, and one of them is it’s really simple to get started in it, right? Some other programs, you kinda
have to qualify to get in, so that also kind of makes puts
a little challenge in there. But for the most part most programs are pretty easy and simple to get started. It really just kind of
like you put your name in, and fill out an application. Sometimes they want you to
have a website kinda thing like that but before you
know it you’re good to go, and you are set up to get paid, alright? And then in number five tip
for the affiliate marketing for beginners is just to
think about the fact is that, hey, this is a win-win-win for everybody. You win, the company
wins, the customer wins. Why? Well, the company is winning because, hey, they have a product and they have you selling it for them. They’re making a profit, right? Hey, of course that means at the same time they do have to give up
some of that profit to you, but that’s a customer that
they would have never had if it had not been for you, right? So they’re definitely happy. Most good companies right
now are really very happy to give up a chunk of their profit and give it to you, 30, 40
percent in exchange for a sale because they know that the
lifetime value of that customer is not just from that one sale. It can be from many, many, multiple sales and it’s very much worth it for them to have you help them do that. So that’s why they want you to win. In fact, you’ll notice
that most good programs in affiliate marketing, or companies that have affiliate programs,
are doing everything they can to help you win. Because they want you to win, right? The more sales you’re making,
the more money you’re making, the more money they’re making. It’s a win-win relationship, right? You win because, hey, once again, you don’t have to come
up with the product. You don’t have to come up with the idea. You don’t have to be the
one doing the distribution or handling all the
traditional business challenges that come with having
a traditional business. You don’t have to worry about that. You just show up, promote, and get paid. So that’s obviously a win for you. And then who else is winning? The customer’s winning. Because guess what? If they see you and you’re
promoting something you’re, you know, you’re really
promoting that Starbucks frappa cappa cappuccino. (laughs) Right? And you’re like, and you’re telling them about this new cup of
coffee or newest thing that’s going on or something
that they didn’t know about before that you’re truly passionate about or you’re, or that you like using, is getting you results for you. Then they’ll be happy to hear that, hey, you got something to share
with them that could work. We all do it all the time, right? If you think about it, we all do that. We’re always sharing good
stuff that’s working. Hey, just the other day
my boys are in daycare and I’m really loving
the daycare they’re in and I was like, hey, you guys
have an affiliate program? Because I know a couple
people who have kids who want to put their kids in day care and this is a great program. I could just tell them about it, but hey, I want to find out if they
have an affiliate program so that if my friends do get
signed up, I get paid, right? It just makes sense. So they’re winning because
they’re getting service and recommendations from you
that they would otherwise would have not heard from you. You’re winning because
you’re getting paid. And the company is winning
because they’re getting customers and making sales. Win-win-win. And then the number six last but not least marketing best simple
basic you should understand as an affiliate marketing beginner is that, hey, you gotta promote. That’s really all you’re doing now. You’re recommending products to people and you’re promoting. Promoting. Now what does that mean, to promote? First you gotta decide, hey, who you are and what you want to do. What you want to talk about? You know, hey, are you
like Jane, the coffee lady? She just loves her a cup of coffee. She’s a coffee guru, right? So if that’s the case,
then you gotta decide, hey, what kind of products can you sell? So there’s a lot of
different opportunities and one best place is I
already mentioned one of them is Amazon, right? You can go on the Amazon
website, go to their Amazon associates program. Click and get, set up a free
account, just like that. And then you can quickly
start finding products because Amazon has everything, right? By the way, they’re like a one trillion dollar company, right? Like with Apple. So they’re pretty massive
and they have everything you could look for. If you’re, for example,
a coffee person, right? And let’s say you got,
you want to start selling coffee pots and coffee
roasters and coffee beans and coffee makers and all coffee cups and coffee mugs, right? All kinds of things you
could do if you’re the coffee cat or the coffee lady, right? In this example, for example,
as you could get links for all of those different products. When people click on
them and make a purchase, you get paid and oh, by the way, if people buy stuff, multiple things
when they’re on Amazon after clicking on your link, you get paid for all of those things too. Nice little bonus, by the way, alright. Yeah, another option is ClickBank. ClickBank is another
website that’s a really good way to have a ton of different
products and services that you can choose from. You find the ones that kind
of fit you and fit what you’re promoting and what your style is, and you go ahead and just
sign up for that particular product and program. Get your link and then start promoting. Well how do you promote? Social media, right? Blogs, right? Podcasts, things like that. You’ll want to put your link out there. Put some content out
there because content is the best way to promote,
and that’s helpful for people and people
will, when people find it and jibe with you, and are,
and they like your energy, hey, they click on the
link and they start buying. You start making money. A couple hundred dollars a day. A thousand dollars a month. Hey, how awesome is that? So I hope that was helpful, alright? That right there is affiliate
marketing for beginners, right there. My six simple basics you
should definitely, definitely need to know. I hope it was helpful, alright? And if you did, hey, definitely give this video a like, alright? Definitely subscribe to
the channel, alright? And oh, by the way, hey,
if you want to learn how you can take your
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of this video, alright? It’s gonna take you to my
number one program that’s going to take you from
nothing to knowing nothing to being a marketing pro,
making hundreds of dollars in your business every
single day, alright? If you put in the work. So, I hope you, if that’s
something that you want to learn more about, hey,
definitely click that link and I’ll see you on the
other side, alright? So, that’s it, my friend. This video’s been on affiliate
marketing for beginners, it’s six simple basics you
must know if you want to successfully affiliate market. That’s the end, until next time. Be blessed. Stay hungry out there. And I’ll see you on the
next exciting episode. Bye now.


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