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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 64 – Clickbank : 4 Simple Steps to Building Quality Links

August 12, 2019

in this lesson we’re going to cover a
four step process that is going to give you a head start when building your own
powerful backlink Empire the link.. building is like working out for
physical fitness it doesn’t excite everyone but it’s important for the
health of your website and the only way to succeed is to put in regular
manageable amounts of effort that way you will build your healthy rankings and
page authority over time so let’s get started shall we
there’s no way around it anymore with each Google algorithm change another
cheat link building method die is a painful death you can’t afford to ignore
it as buying links spamming links or any form of artificial link building is
punishable by loss of rank in a Google ideal world all links are organic the
best are genuine organic backlinks from around the web and links gained by
convincing high authority sites that you are worthy well I hate to tell you but
both of these types of backlinks are produced only via a base of quality
content if you struggled to create content that dominates the competition
in a manageable time frame pay attention because this lesson covers valuable
tools and tricks to make quality content building easy for any affiliate now when
you’ve created this content you need to find the best platforms to get it out
there with linking back as you go yes that does mean you can’t just create
this quality content exclusively for your website you have to leave your
affiliate cave and venture into the vast possibilities of the online world we’ve
made step 2 of this lesson your map of where to post for any Content type so
you won’t get lost the sites from step two or fine as a platform and a place to
drop a link but your audience reach will only go so far without social media
sites blogs and forums social media naturally multiplies the reach of
content to other interested parties via the sharing phenomenon one person is
interested in something so she shares it with her friends and those friends are
much more likely to have a common interest than any random
online forums and blogs become their own social platform with their comment
section everyone has a say and people love to know what others are thinking
that’s why in this lesson we cover how to harness the power of each of these
social platforms from this link building process with some insightful pros and
cons it doesn’t hurt to supplement this content-based link building process with
the best of the traditional methods but you have to be careful some may still be
useful for the time being but some have slipped so far that using them now will
actually hurt your website’s chances in search engines and will navigate this
minefield together so you can make smart choices to improve not impair your
rankings and page Authority and so it begins to make this whale of a topic
more easily digestible I broken it down into content media options for the two
main audience types after all their attention and links are what all of this
is for the think as we go through what will suit your strengths as well as the
interests of your niches target audience let’s start with the information junkies
of the Internet they’re looking for interesting informative and easy to
digest a fast food information they will tire quickly of long-winded paragraphs
of poorly structured meatless waffle so what do you give them you have options
starting with infographics they’re fantastic they’re visual they’re
conceptual you can pump them full of facts without having to write a single
screen of filler if you can find or create interesting facts or statistics
for your niche audience via simple online searches but you absolutely hate
writing this option is definitely for you it doesn’t even matter if you have
no design skills whatsoever because there are tools to make this easy as pie
going to WWE Sol Y will take you to an incredibly useful infographic creation
tool simply click on start fresh to begin your own project you can select
visual themes or themes which are already designed for you
as well as objects backgrounds shapes and text just select or drag them onto
the canvas to begin moving them around and pumping the most relevant
information and stats from your internet searches to create your own
professional-looking infographics that will impress audiences now for extra
information on making infographics try the article the do’s and don’ts of info
graphic design revisited at Smashing Magazine comm the next type of media
suited to information junkies is articles and informative blogs now these
have been around for a long time as the staple source of information on the
Internet which means the standard is set high so how can you compete without
spending hours feeling frustrated and getting nowhere well you can either
learn to efficiently write your own or pay someone with the creative goods to
cook something up for you to write your own do a little research on the best
methods and it may seem like more work than just launching straight into it but
a little research does save time in the long run start your copy bloggers useful
guide for writing an article in 20 minutes for a full comprehensive guide
either for how to write articles or how to choose and use writers online at
sites like eyewriter com try a fillo blueprint if you really just want
quality done-for-you content for profitable niches consider a fill o
jetpack these content types are the major ports of call for information
junkies but you might also want to look into webinars and ebooks
if they catch your attention and webinars are a dynamic video medium that
provides a personal element to convey information via a presenter ebooks are
longer than articles but for someone looking for in-depth knowledge on a
topic they’re a real go to if either of these interest you there are a variety
of helpful guides on the internet about each I’d suggest starting with the ten
steps for planning a successful webinar article on or the
Copyblogger article called how to write a high-quality ebook in 30 days
the other major audience type is entertainment enthusiast so the next
few media styles are based around them visuals are an easy way to absorb a
concept at a glance so it’s no wonder that images are a massively popular
medium on the Internet and speaking of the Internet mass image
sharing has led to a media trend called memes memes are viral images and short
gif videos of trending catchphrases and concepts that are used across the
internet particularly for comedic value an example of one of the most famous
memes is the locat a simple google image search for low cats shows me millions of
results where people have put captions over funny pictures of cats memes and
images that invoke these emotional responses like humor thoughtfulness or
sympathy are a powerful method of growing an audience in that audience
you’ll find people who have valuable backlinks to offer
so let’s impress them Adobe Photoshop Elements contains all the basics of
regular Photoshop without the extra cost and advanced features so it’s worth
getting for image based media creation now you can buy it on eBay for an
affordable price and learning how to use it is as easy as pie with all of the
video tutorials on YouTube now one thing to be careful with when using this form
of media is that you aren’t using copyrighted images as your base that’s
why you need to use a quality free stock image website like free images calm now
sometimes you’ll have to take your own pictures to work with or pay for them in
a pinch but there are plenty of great free stock images to be found simply
search for whatever it is you think would make a good visual addition to
your content and haul it into Photoshop to adjust as needed if you are looking
for topic inspiration try doing a google image search for your niche name or
keyword plus an emotive descriptive word appropriate to your niche such as funny
or cute or thought-provoking to see what others have come up with
as for memes you can keep up with trends at know your meme calm browse this
website to see what memes others are using and decide whether you could apply
any of them as a comment or a current topic for your
niche a specific locale example is action cat and here’s how it’s been used
on the original is in the top left corner but the cat has been put
into other famous images to create the hue Cat Man Wolverine desperado and –
Kong – curious this action cat meme is a perfect
concept for the muscle building niche memes aren’t meant to be quality
pictures it’s all about the concept so basic Photoshop skills can get you in on
the action if you can apply memes to relevant concepts like this one you can
attract the attention of frequent Internet goers the other main
entertainment media type for entertainment enthusiasts is video short
concept narratives and video blogs or vlogs are a daily source of
entertainment for millions you don’t need a Hollywood budget and film crew to
create this media either you can easily make videos with the simple webcam in a
pinch you can even record videos with a phone as the quality required for basic
entertainment videos these days is met by the quality of most phone cameras to
show you just how important blogging can be let’s take a look at one of the most
popular vloggers on the Internet jenna Marbles started out video blogging about
topics like makeup tutorials her 2011 video how to trick people into thinking
you’re good-looking had over 5.3 million views in its first week while she now
has more than 13 million subscribers to her channel and every post she does gets
millions of views within a few days just imagine how many people link to her
videos and how much traffic is through to her blog website obviously we can’t
all be jenna Marbles straightaway if we could we wouldn’t need to do affiliate
marketing but this does show that there is a definite audience for vlogs as for
getting you started I’d suggest watching how to vlog from
the vlogbrothers he might speak incredibly fast but he does make a lot
of great points about video blogging and my favorite quote is do not be afraid to
try I know that failing is something stings
a lot less if you didn’t really try hard but it’s also a lot more likely if his
gift of the 100 miles-per-hour gab is a little too much for you try how to get
started with your first vlog at jacksgap comm now there are plenty of helpful
tips there as for recording with your phone camera the article making the best
video possible from a cell phone video recorder at video maker com should be
very helpful as a starting point now other types you could explore
include comic strips and written blogs that are written solely to entertain to
play around with comic strip creation try the tool at bits trips calm it has a
lot of elements that you can add to make simple narratives to express an
interesting point about your niche now for entertainment blog writing the copy
blogger article three ways to spice up any blog post is a great guide for you
the ultimate content strategy for those who are confident in their abilities is
to combine the two main arenas we’ve gone over research or development the
most informative content and then find the most creative and entertaining media
to get your point across to your audience if you can master this you will
become a traffic powerhouse having great content is the base to this strategy but
it won’t mean anything until you get your content out there so you need to
know where to go and what to do these suggestions are high quality sites but
there will always be more out there for you to find don’t feel like you can only
use these suggestions now I’m going to start with videos and we’ve covered
video creation from webinars to short narratives and vlogs
the main platforms for posting videos are and Vimeo com simply
create an account on either of these sites and upload your videos as you
create them in the description place a friendly message detailing what your
video is about and then a link back to your website to make sure to also have
valuable content in the descriptions in order to attract attention and hopefully
organic links from anyone browsing through these sites next
we have images let’s take a look at some media platforms for posting infographics
memes comic strips and conceptual images for infographics try daily infographic
calm and visually for posting your creations remember to include a link
whenever you can in the description or profiles but make sure to include other
information as well you want to come across as a provider of useful
information rather than just appearing spammy now there are so many image
sharing websites on the internet that you really have to find the best one to
visually promote your brand to get backlinks imager com for example is
ideal for conceptual images memes and comic strips anything that will
entertain its vast audience the front page always has the most viral images of
the day which attract a variety of visitors but the general audience is
internet savvy youth now however is more like virtual
scrapbooking its audience is a lot more varied and people commonly pin things
they like to boards to keep and reference later this makes it a great
media platform for posting images as well as articles and linking back to
your website so what about written media again there are a multitude of sites for
posting the likes of articles and blogs hub pages are fantastic media platforms
for written articles and blog posts it’s the same process as sharing other media
to create a profile and upload content with a link back to your website if you
can include a relevant link in the article or blog itself feel free to do
that also but remember not to spam be natural about it the last platforms I’ll
show you are for e-books Kindle and book baby calm or both
exceedingly popular ebook websites now when uploading ebooks for links charge
on the lower side of what you think your ebook is worth look at similar ebooks to
get an idea of price they aren’t trying to make money directly off the book
sales although there’s no harm in that but the main incentive is to spread your
links so if you can provide quality at a great value you’ll succeed
you can even put a few relevant links to your website if there is a natural
placement for them in your content those reading on Kindles will only be able to
view the links but anyone reading on another electronic device such as a
tablet or phone will be able to click through to your website from the book as
a quick final note if any of your content can be made into a PowerPoint
presentation particularly informative written content then it’s a great idea
to do so and upload to web sites such as or author stream com
remember to include a link back to your website in those descriptions so you
have quality content all in place but how will people know that it’s there or
where to find it you need to promote all the media you have uploaded to these
websites by using social media blogs and forums as your megaphone this is a
double whammy as not only will you entertain or educate your current fans
and followers you will also be kick-starting your
presence on these social networks and so begins the third step amplify your
audience with social media let’s take a look at the pros and cons of major
social platforms starting with the online network to rule them all
facebook facebook has ridiculously large amounts of traffic circulating
constantly if you can direct even a tiny portion of that traffic to your site by
snagging attention with your media then you increase your chances of organic
backlinks Multimedia posts are commonly shared this way on Facebook whether it
be YouTube videos or the funny pictures of the day when people share these posts
on their own timeline and then some of their friends do the same it becomes an
automatic link multiplier across Facebook itself unfortunately Facebook
links are nofollow which means they won’t directly get picked up by Google
for the purposes of ranking but they’re still valuable more so even than do
follow links from a website with a bad reputation these Facebook links identify
your website as a real contributing entity while spreading your reach and
potential for higher quality organic links
the only difficulty is that popular places have high competition which is
why that quality content is so important for standing out in a crowd
next we’ll take a look at Twitter the home of bite-sized social interaction
Twitter is right up there in the big leagues with Facebook and it’s similar
in that it has a big audience to tap into but also a high level of
competition the links are nofollow and there’s no room for longer content but
that doesn’t matter when you can link to your media on other
sites just make sure to have captivating headlines to convince them to go through
because the communication method of tweets is so light on words you can
create a lot of them without much effort Twitter also has a hash tagging system
which means that your links are distributed to the most relevant
audience if you wrote a tweet that said check out my video of hashtag funny
faces then anyone searching for funny faces would be able to see your tweet
and the attached link not to mention pass it on if they like
what they see the third major social media website is Google+ and it’s a
little different from Facebook and Twitter it may not be as user popular as
Facebook and Twitter but links posted on Google+ are crawled by BOTS almost
instantly if you can get people to click the +1 on your post which they will if
you’ve got quality content then your rankings can really improve you can also
post longer content here than you can on the other social platforms so you can
even use Google+ to post full high-quality articles with links
incorporated now I’m going to quickly go over blog and forum commenting the
audiences of blogs and forums in your niche are relevant to you as they are
already interested in your topic commenting on these platforms enables
you to get in on the action on some websites like imager which we mentioned
earlier the comments are rated and sought after as much as the media
they’re commenting on the top comment on this post about brushing off the office
flirt saying +1 for being faithful received 3666 votes within the day it
was posted you can use these systems of commenting to generate your own link
juice but you have to be smart about it or you could
do more harm than good so let’s cover how to succeed of this strategy firstly
make sure all of your comments cater to your audience on a site like imager make
sure your input is an entertaining comment about the media on blogs and
forums that people visit for information contribute information or positive
opinions that viewers would appreciate become an authority in your niche now
wherever possible make sure you have a signature link that attaches it to the
bottom of your post that way when people like what you’ve contributed they can
click through to your website you can even send them to content that you have
created and distributed by putting the specific link into the text body of your
comment but make sure to only do that when it’s the most relevant and useful
option it might seem like a lot of links to get in very little time but if you do
this when it isn’t helpful or in every comment you can lose Authority you will
irritate people and could even get banned from important blogs and forums
so comment wisely now that we’ve gone over good content where to post it and
how to share it we’re going to cover what traditional link building methods
you should still give your time to and which ones you can’t touch if you’re
aiming to rank in search engines the first one to look into is relevant
directory submissions website directories are like phone books for the
internet but if you get your site listed in a low-quality directory that accepts
any old submission from dodgy web pages Google isn’t going to be impressed you
want to find high quality directories like dmoz org if you put the effort into
building a quality website then you increase your chances of getting
accepted by these higher quality sites and the backlinks are so much more
worthwhile another technique can still be used for getting backlinks is reverse
engineering then you’ll need a tool like the link finder in the fillo tools which
can be found at WWF Alaura mcoms slash tools click on links under the research
section in the left-hand sidebar menu enter a keyword for your nation to the
textbox and click find links to see what websites are
rained for it now these could be viable quality backlinks for you to pursue
select the most relevant sites and message the website owners personally
offer them links to any content that you’ve created that their audience would
find valuable or create something new that could be of
interest for one of their pages such as a guest blog post in exchange for a link
back to your site once upon a time creating one link
written article of whatever quality and placing it all over the Internet was a
way of generating link juice Google has gotten wise to this duplicate content
strategy and now dismisses it as a thing of inferior value it is not worth your
time to use this technique now buying backlinks is also a thing of the past
in fact it violates Google’s quality guidelines and will negatively impact
your rankings stay away from purchasing backlinks to give your website a shot at
higher page Authority that’s it for this four step process create that groundwork
of quality content launch it via media platforms spread the love across social
sites and watch your organic links grow from there rinse and repeat to build
another link with every new post as well as increase your presence as an
authority in your niche so now it’s up to you to select a type of media that
calls to you the most and create something to build links with use the
suggested sites to post your media and make sure you have accounts on Facebook
Twitter and Google+ so that you can let people know what you’ve got if you still
feel overwhelmed by content creation try a fillo jetpack which comes with quality
content already done free

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