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Affiliate marketing for beginners a 7 step tutorial to get you going quickly

September 7, 2019

do you want to spend more time doing
what you love rather than the daily grind I think most people have been
there or still are they’re really starting your own business in my opinion
is the best option well that runs online is even better
then again I am biased because that’s exactly what I did so how do you go
about starting your own business that runs online well let me explain because
we did just that we started a business that leverages the power of the Internet
you don’t need stock don’t have warehouses
we don’t have bands nothing physical it’s all done by someone else it sounds
great hey so are you interested in learning some more if you are keep
watching ok let me explain the concept and the education system last time you
opened your laptop or mobile and ordered online did a person sit with you and
assist you I doubt it you did it yourself right ok this is
because you have the power to go onto a website any time of the day it could
have been any day even a bank holiday when all the shops are shut and place
your orders right ok so as you know the internet is a very powerful tool when
when you use crappy and this is where the business model comes into play and I
can teach you it right let me explain to you how it works
the business model is called affiliate marketing you may have heard of it
before so how does it work you find products and services that you like or
think will sell well and basically market those products for the companies
you market the products and services online and get paid a commission for
marketing simple this model has been around a long time and only a few people
seem to know about it and a very few actually monetize it fully if you search
affiliate marketing you’ll get a ton of information about what it is and it’ll
take a lifetime to under and there really will this business
model is perfect if people have no product or business idea to start with
as these companies have products or services you can market as you research
you would find out that there are tens of thousands affiliate programs out
there to choose from literally millions of them almost so we are the Mac Pais
and we love shiny objects and we prefer to run programs that have a high ticket
value and that is our education and training niche in other words we pick
products with a high price tag so we get paid
bigger commissions when the sales are made simple bigger money in bigger money
to us the magic to getting this to work is to become really proficient at
advertising and marketing with these skills you can market wherever you want
literally whatever you have the whole world at your fingertips
fingertips that’s the only thing you need to start the master granted that is
something you learn not learn in one lesson it takes education implementation
practice however anyone from any age can learn these skills people have just left
college your way through to people in their 80s and 90s and of course you can
run this along inside your your day business your day job and just slowly
build up your knowledge over time as you improve your skills your income results
will increase and you could get to the point where your current income replaces
what you’re currently doing so you could quit your current day job if it’s
something you don’t particularly enjoy or you can just use is an add-on and the
greatest benefit is that you can run the business from anywhere and run it during
the time that suits you best you could be the boss you choose to do what you
want when you want if you find the non-physical nough strange we did at
first you can start your own e-commerce store selling physical products you
could import them from China or abroad and then basically sell them online
personally I’ve just completed the import experts training with the digital
experts Academy and I got a certificate for it
and actually it’s my first willing mini fifty-two years of young the tools
provided in the system we use are simple to use yet if you are on the outside and
not seeing them and use them currently it may seem overwhelming
I believe it’s over time with effort and a bit of time that they become super you
understand them all so we’ve learned everything from one place Mac places the
digital experts Academy we would recommend you listen to our mentor
stuart and jay and register for a video series to learn a lot more that’s what
we did they explain in simple terms what to do and we’ve been working them for
with them what now for years and we can’t be happier with the results we
really can’t we totally recommend their training and the education company the
education company again is the digital experts Academy also it’s called the six
figure mentors the video series that we’re recommending you to watch
basically will explain how you can start a digital marketing business or an
e-commerce store and you can easily get a setup within a month or so we have to
stress this is starting a business and starting it online like anywhere else is
not for the faint-hearted it’s a true business it takes time effort and
investment and it’s your business and you need to love it nothing is for free
unfortunately you must invest if you want to start a business and this this
is no different to starting a business such as a high street shop or a
restaurant it takes time and it takes dedication so do not apply for this
really because there’s limited places on the Academy if you haven’t got the
desire to do this and actually complete the training there’s nothing worse than
starting and stopping halfway through and calling it you know terrible or
rubbish so as I say the best time to start a business was 10 years ago and
the next best is today so take note we can’t stress this enough if you are
after something that takes no investment and little to no work then please go
find another internet marketing startup business really there are plenty of them
out there they’re silver bullets giving you the
impression the wrong impression that you can do something quickly and overnight
you can’t we want to be totally upfront about this this will take time and
effort from you so if not for you please move on it is for you please come on
over now register for the complimentary video series that you can learn all
about the system thanks for listening we wish you the very best for your future
whatever that entails I’m keV along with Richard and Ryan we
are the Magpies and having started our own businesses we’re enjoying the
freedom that entails anyway guys click the links I hopefully see you soon on
the other side bye for now. Affiliate marketing for beginners a 7 step tutorial to get you going quickly

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    Another voice saying how well affiliate marketing works whilst offering to train people to do it, just what the internet needs.

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